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Is everyone in the Amherst office being run out of work or how are they dealing with this situation

Posted By: sm on 2005-08-24
In Reply to:

if you are out of work. Anyone with any experience with this at Amherst that can shed some light on what to expect at this office from what you have experienced. Thanks.

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Which office are you in. I am in Amherst and always out of work along with everyone else. What good
do the incentive plans they bring out do if we have not work. Isnt that crazy. You get x amount of money for x amount of lines but no work and now they will give employees more leeway to get their lines in so we will all be fighting for lines at all hours.
Is this the same office as Amherst. Why do they constantly run you out of work at Buffalo with no
explanation. Well, a lot of offices that are closing are shifting to Buffalo so I will be very unhappy if I lose my accounts and I will be long gone. Are you losing a lot of MTs at Buffalo because of this.
Does anyone work for the Buffalo/Amherst office of MQ and do you get bounced around a lot on
accounts or do you have a main mostly. What can you tell me about these people.
Can you tell me about the Amherst office as I just got transferred there and alrady seeing my work
disappear. Where does it go.
Well here we go running out of work at Amherst again. Does this go on all the time at this office as
I just started there. How many accounts do you need to have work there. This whole thing with MQ is ridiculous and they keep hiring. Must be getting ready for something.
But they go to SO many shows, they're never in the office dealing with any of that! LOL nm
Sorry this is the Amherst office of MQ.
Amherst MQ Office
Why is this office allowed to operate this way?? Why is nothing done. I wish this office would be closed and we were transferred somewhere else but it seems like any office in the NE that is closed, is sent to Amherst.
Amherst regional office
i hope that you are not referring to the amherst office, that has to be the worse office in the northeast--let's hope that the regional office is somewhere else
MQ Ohio office closing-why not Amherst

What I don't understand is why they are closing an office that is obviously run very well--I don't think I have every seen anything but good about this office and yet they are closing it and continuing to leave the Amherst office open. What is wrong with this picture!!!!


Something is not right here but yet nothing is being done

no answers, but correct, not out of Amherst office.
This office may be soon joining Amherst and Foxboro so not sure about that. I have not heard much
good on here about it.
Does anyone happen to have the number to call Amherst MQ office. Thanks much.
Are we all from the same office. I am from Amherst and they run such a tight TAT time anything runs
us out of work even a doctor coughing a few extra times and we are out of work.
Warminster office is about ready to close its doors. Our accounts unfortunately went to Amherst. I
understand they are going to have a national system not regional where when there is a hospital that needs help people out of work get work in it. I would rather have a main account or a few I know so I am not sure about this new deal. Maybe they are going in with Spheris.
I don't work in the office and never claimed to. I am just saying that since the new office open
October with everyone of the admin staff in one place, these problems do not occur any more.
Amherst and no work
It does not matter if it is the end of the pay period or not, I am always running out of work since I was transferred to the Amherst office. Too may MT's and not enough accounts and yet they are still hiring. My girlfriend was lucky enough to be transferred to the Ohio office and actually had an incentive for this week end--go figure
Amherst/No Work
I was transferred to Amherst over 9 months ( I was tranferred there from Foxboro because there was no work there) ago and I am having the same problem since I started there. I really think that no one cares. I don't care how many times you call the office or email, nothing is never done. It seems so unfair because the other MQ offices have work and we seem to have the only office that is run like this--AWFUL!!!! Is there anyone out there that works for the Amherst office that never runs out of work and if so, how many accounts do you have??? Why doesn't someone in Corp helps us and get this office run right
You must not work out of Amherst
I am required to work 8 hours a day, being fulltime, and required to type a certain amount of lines per pay period. If I get my lines in before the 8 hours, I cannot stop working until I have worked the 8 hours. They are watching. Why do I have to do both?

It does not make sense to me. I DO NOT get paid by the HOUR. I get paid by the LINE.

Does anyone have an answer to that one?
Amherst and lack of work

How do you deal with it?? You try to get someone at the office to listen to you and then you start the endless list of 5 or 6 accounts that you bounce around it, trying to meet your line quota in fear that they may take away your insurance and now that the MT's from yet another office closing have been transferred there, I somehow do not know if this will even end. If MT's are out of work, why does the hiring continue?????? Or as someone has said, are they trying to get rid of the higher paid MT's, afterall MQ did say in their SEC report that they expected thier revenue to continue to decline with the loss of accounts and with new accounts coming in at a lower rate due to competition. One of the MT's that was transferred with me to Amherst, actually we have been transferred twice since the closing of our office, has started to do some ASR and was wondering if her pay scale was going to change. Her supervisor made a comment, "I don't think your rate will change, I will let you now" , has anyone had their rate change since doing ASR?????


Does anyone know how many offices MQ had 2 years ago and how many they have now?? Just curious as this was one of the things mentioned in the SEC filing ---about more offices closing--are they going for the Big Four--I was surprised to see that the Atlanta office was closing as I always thought that was one of the Big Four 

I have been with MQ Amherst now for 3 weeks and have continually run out of work. I know this has
been hashed out on here many times but my question is does anyone expect this problem to ever get resolved or should we simply expect to keep running out of work at Amherst forever. I know when they call me about the new pay plan and tell me it is incentive based I plan to tell them they better make sure we have work or their plan is a joke. What can I expect with this office and what can be done to correct it. I dont plan to have to work 8 accounts to get my lines in and have them QA me on accounts I have never done besides. If this problem is long standing and unlikely to be resolved it is time to either get out of that office or get out of MQ so I would like some good ideas and comments on this. We know it exists but what is the next step.
Has anyone ever noticed from Amherst MQ there seems to be work in the account and then suddenly
it just strangely disappears. Any clue where it goes.
Can't get paid in the office if you don't work in the office.
JLG has MT's working at home, not in the office, not to mention working out of state.  The mail is the only way to get paid since they have temporarily suspended direct deposit.  The only ones getting paid on time are the ones that do work in the office, like the management and people answering the phone. 
I have heard they will have three main offices. Is there a reason Amherst is so short of work. What
is it they are trying to accomplish. They must be losing MTs if there is no work. No the new ASR rate is not out yet. If it goes low you will see an exodus off ASR I guess so that will mean more MTs on the regular work. It will be a big shock for some of them to see what that is like now.
If you are dealing with someone by

e-mail, they you already have some documentation. SAVE THE E-MAILS in a file where you can find them again, they will have time stamps to document when they were sent - very useful.

If you are dealing with the boss face-to-face, then still send an e-mail memo summarizing what you had discussed:


Regarding our conversation this morning in your office, I will be taking time off 11/25, 11/26 and 11/27/2009 to travel to East Overshoe for Thanksgiving.  [This will be with/without pay].   I will return to work 11/28/2009.

She does not necessarily have to reply or even acknowledge recepit, but you will have a piece of paper to remind you both of what was agreed. Much less likely for someone to conveniently forget if it's in writing.

don't like ASR/VSR -- all work going that direction -- causing very low work situation for awhile
Just a little message since you asked.  Hardly any regular paid transcription work left for TT MT's (transcribing as in the old days, I am speaking of).
Maybe that's how offshore co's are dealing with the competition -
Just because we can't see it doesn't mean mgmt isn't dealing with it. (sm)
Hopefully they are still monitoring this. The only time I really noticed a problem was a few months ago, they had hired some new people on my main account and they evidently didn't like foreign accents. After a few days an E-mail came out about cherry picking and those people were gone, either to another account or company, I don't know.
tell new job where you work and situation, am sure will
Get used to the out of work situation as it is getting worse.
Low work situation again this a.m. Due to what Holiday? n/m
I work for another company with this situation
keystrokes work situation
you must be on a different acct than me.....
Keystrokes work situation
I work on an ortho account...maybe just depends which account you get. Sorry not working out so well for you.
What's the work flow situation at TransHealth these
I was referring to the no work situation and getting in lines. nm
I liked the program too, and love Joann's idea for dealing with cherry pickers
or people who skip reports - assigning the MT who skipped a report 3 reports by the same dictator so they learn how to do them.
made type -- SO UPSET OVER TT and their NO WORK situation way TOO LONG now

sorry about type, but very, very upset with the TT has lost any concern/care for their MT's who make their paychecks for them.  Dictatphone doesn't pay you your salary, nor pay for your raises.  Your MT's allow your paychecks the remain the same and allow you to give yourselves RAISES.

Leads/sups, etc are transcribing OUR WORK now and we have none to little no paychecks to pay our bills.

You who are thinking of hiring on with TT better give some very consideration to your decision.  GOOD ADVICE.

Transtech no work situation putting me in the Salvation Army food line?

This is utterly ridiculous -- NO WORK/LOW WORK.  It is not even the holidays yet.  D. giving the title of an email Census does not make that the reason for the low/no work situation at Transtech!  There are other reasons OTHER THAN CENSUS.  That is so sickening all the time.  The greatest need of us MT's is honesty from their employer --- from the very beginning of employment to the end!

Even a child could see through their excuses for NO WORK. 

Which office do you work out of.
not better if you work in the office. everyone is
related to everyone else and tension so bad you can cut it with a knife. Too much favoritism.
HOW in the world do you know what happens and what does not happen? I cannot believe this. If I were administration at KS, I would fire your patuty ASAP.

I hope you know that you are making this company look really, really bad. They don't need any help with this, trust me.
But would you want to work in an office again?? sm
Not me! While I agree that I'd rather have my records done in the US, I resent the implication that US-based MTs are unprofessional just because we work from home. It's as much of a REAL job for me working from home, as it was when I worked in an office setting (shudder)!
I work for the Chicago office

I have worked  part time as an SE for about 2 years or so out of the Chicago office.  Overall, I would recommend them.  Everyone in the office that I have dealt with is very nice.  They pretty much leave you alone to do your work, although do require you to submit a schedule.   Lately, we have had lots of work, even with a couple of bonuses offered lately, although sometimes in the mornings work will be scarce.  For about the first year I was there, running out of work was a daily occurrence and the only way to get any lines was to work at night and work multiple accounts.   

The only concern I would express is that there is a history of overstaffing of the accounts, and if you are counting on them for your only income, you might think about keeping a  backup job.  (I have another full time job, so MQ is just extra $ for me).     

Good Luck

How is the MQ St. Louis office to work for?
I think its the "Dallas" office but my work
is out of Mississippi.

I have NO idea if this is a new pay plan or not.

I do know that because I signed on as an SE, I don't have any benefits. Just pay.

Actually I work in an office and have for the last 20 years.

I work at home for six months and then go into the office for the other six months out of a year.  My point was that you are are judging everyone for saying negative things about different companies.  We express our opinions about different companies and try to help others out before they accept employment with them, or dish out a bunch of money for schooling. 

If you want positive things about companies, why wasn't your question "what is the best company you have every worked for" and "which school is the best to go to for medical transcription"? 

I happen to like my job, enjoy the people that I report to, and wouldn't change it for anything.

I work for that office, they are nice. nm
I work for the Nashville office...
I do acute care work. I had less than two years' experience when I was hired. I tested for clinic work but they asked me if I'd be willing to do acute care even though I had no experience with it. I have no idea if 0.825 cpl is a good hiring rate. I was coming from a company that only paid 0.065 cpl so it was better than what I was making.

I live in KY but work for a PA office
and haven't received it either.
I work in a doctor's office. SM
I got a $600.00 bonus.