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Just my preference.

Posted By: question on 2008-01-28
In Reply to: What is the big deal? - ??


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I prefer Independent MTSOs as while they have multiple doctors, you can work on one doctor a day, sometimes more than one depending on their volume and your ability/preference.

At nationals you are usually looking at pools of 100+ doctors of which you rarely get the same doctor for more than one report in a row and sometimes you may not see the same dictator for a week or more at a time. Just my opinion.

I find that I am much more productive with my MTSO. The pay is a little less per line, but I make a lot more per hour due to my production going up. I have a group of about 10 doctors that I float on, but I do one doctor's dictation for the day or 2 or 3 doctors' dictations for the whole day rather than 1 or 2 reports per doctor. I have nearly doubled my LPH. Again, just my opinion:)
Religious preference
Your religious preference should not even be a factor for employment.  If they even asked, I wouldn't work for them.
Not at all! They shouldn't get preference over
regular MTs when work is low.  They should be basically just another MT; line up for work like everybody else and run out like everybody else.  We have lead MTs in our company too, who get paid extra to perform the lead duties but they don't take preference over the rest of us, i.e., they don't get work before/instead of  anyone else.  In this company, editors edit, not MTs (lead or otherwise). 
If they even asked your religious preference
they would be in violation of federal law. As to the person who runs the other board, she once banned me for reasons I never knew. She just has this thing about who she allows where. Sounds too control freakish for me.
It all depeneds on the account preference.

I have one account who does not use pulse ox and they want it spelled out pulse oximetry.  I have one account to where subcu or subq is acceptable and another they want it spelled out.

It is our job as an MT to adhere to the clients' preferences.  Whether we think it is correct or incorrect, if they state to do it a certain way, that is how we do it.  They are paying my salary as long as the company I work for has their account.  If I do not abide by what they want in their reports because of personal preference, then they will not keep the account with my company and I will have no job.

preference poll ~ DocQscribe or Extext