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Thanks, I'm looking for one that does NOT, any recommendations? nm

Posted By: question on 2008-01-28
In Reply to: I think the companies that DO require - me


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Thank you. Any recommendations for another
company, one that doesn't do those kind of things? Do you think a smaller company is better maybe?
Any recommendations?? NM
I was asking for recommendations

This is the company board, and I was asking for company recommendations from other MTs with good experiences.  I mentioned my background so that someone who might be able to get a referral fee would know something about me and be able to feel comfortable referring me. I was basically under the impression that the whole point of the company board was for networking to find out about other companies, and I was hoping to get some good information here.

recommendations on companies

Hi Everyone, I'm new here!

I have 11 years experience in the transcription industry.  Done some editing and training etc.  I'm currently looking for a new job, and have a few offers.  I wondered if anyone had anything good bad or indifferent to say about any of these companies, as I am trying to make a decision here.


Does anyone work for Transcend, Spheris or Softscript?  And if so, what kind of line rates are you making and how do you like it.  These three companies have showed interest, well so did Shapin but after reading here and hearing about rates I won't be going with them.


Can anyone help me out here.  Im totally sick of changing jobs (two jobs changes in two years for small companies) and I would like to stay put for a while.


And nice to meet you, btw!

recommendations on companies
DO NOT and I repeat NOT entertain ideas from SoftScript- do a search under SS or SoftScript and you can read first-hand about SoftScript; I speak from first-hand.

Do yourself a favor and RUN as fast as you can from SS.

recommendations for companies
I would recommend Keystrokes without a doubt, good pay, good accounts, nice people. I have worked at a few big companies and Keystrokes is the best for me.
Company recommendations
I've been out of the loop for many years with my own accounts, so I am not up to speed with what companies are paying these days.  Are there any good companies to work for as an IC for 12 cpl or employee with benefits for 11 cpl?  Thanks!! 
Recommendations for late night PT
Need recommendations for good companies for late night PT, 16-20 hours per week.  IC or employee status not important.  TIA
Recommendations on company with flexible scheduling
I am looking for a company who is flexible in their scheduling.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated plus any other good/bad info.