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How many companies do not require you to fill out a time clock? NM

Posted By: question on 2008-01-28
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Any companies out there where you do not have to fill in a time sheet or on a time clock?
I would like to do my lines and be done, and still get my benefits.  Any companies out there that go by line production rather than hours to qualify for bennies?
No, not a time clock. You just fill out a time sheet sm
with your days and times and lines and email it every 2 weeks.

It really seems to be a great place to work so far -- the people are great and the work has not run out.  I have been paid more, but then again, I am an employee and have benefits and do not have to mess with that tax hassle anymore, so I'm happy.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

I don't think any of them do, but some of them require VERY little time to fill in.
Other companies with time clock? Thanks. nm

You fill in a time sheet
but why dread it? attitude is 60% of the challenge (or more). You might just like it better, i do.
You fill out a schedule a month at a time..sm
and you can change it at anytime.  You are not required to work weekends.  The work is pooled, they use ExText.  They are wonderful!
Time clock
I just recently started with them and so far it has not been a problem for me at all.  I have kids as well and was worried about that too.  Feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions.
PTO/time clock
PTO is lower than average per pay period.  Clocking in and out is a pain.  It does take a long time to get in your 8 hours.  Nice people.  Lots of ESL.
No time clock
You just enter in your line counts each day on the employee intranet and submit them at the end of the pay period. I don't really even have a set schedule, but I tend to work afternoons and evenings. I have 2 ER accounts and bounce between the 2 and make excellent lines. My accounts are both internet-based, so I don't have to have unlimited long distance service. I couldn't imagine working someplace where you had to punch a time clock! That would drive me crazy!
TT time clock
No time clock, but have to keep schedule. Not extremely strict, flexible.
time clock
We do not have to punch a time clock at DeVenture.  That is why I accepted a position with them.
You fill out a time sheet. If you need to make a change sm
to your schedule, you just email them.  They seem pretty flexible about everything.

Hope this helps.

? re WebMedX time clock, please. sm

Are they picky that you must punch in to the minute you are scheduled, or are they flexible that they just want you to punch in when you work, not necessarily to the minute of your schedule? 

I'm not sure I can go back to a time clock either.  I don't have a problem punching when I work, I just have a problem sticking to a very specfic schedule. 

Webmedx Time clock
Is the Time Clock for Webmedx really all that bad?  They seem good otherwise - just concerned about working at home w/toddler on that type of strict time clock...
Webmedx ??- Time Clock/PTO
I thought I read somewhere that at Webmedx you have to punch in and out for such things as looking up a medical term or using the restroom; is this the case?  Also, I know they get 6 holidays, but is there any vacation time or sick time during the first year or 2?  Any info appreciated as it sounds like a great place.  THANKS!
Does Wedmedx have a time clock? nm
and the question about the time clock,
that should have been a yes or no answer -- but a whole paragraph that left me still not knowing the answer, and BTW, THAT was an important one for me.
Regarding Time Clock at Transcend...
I saw some of you asking downthread about how schedules work at Transcend.

Please note this could have changed since I was hired, or the MDI-ers may be getting a different set of rules regarding this, but barring those two things:

You're expected to work an 8-hour day with one weekend day. I was allowed to choose the shift I would work (say 9a to 5p) when first hired, but after you choose you have to stick to that schedule. I believe you are allowed to choose a split shift (say 4a to 8a and then 4p to 8p, etc), but once you give them the schedule you've chosen, that's what you have to work.

To be fair, I do think they're somewhat flexible in terms of emergencies or things planned ahead of time - if you'd rather work 8a to 4p for a couple of days, for example, you won't get too much static from your TL if you inform them ahead of time.

However, you can NOT commit to a certain amount of lines per 24 hour period and do them anytime within that time frame, the old school IC way. You have to have a set schedule of hours and work those hours for the most part.
What are you talking about time clock?
I have worked for Transcend for 5 years since the MDI-FL merger and there is no time clock. Where did you guys get that idea?
Does DQS track your time for payroll, or do we fill in our own timesheet on-line? nm
I think they will hire PT if it is a hard to fill time slot. I would talk
to them and see. They go both by hours worked and lines transcribed since you are employee status. The insurance is First Health and the coverage is great. We had Aetna prior to this and First Health offers better coverage for less money. Vacation accrues immediately but you cant' take it for the first 90 days. I think you get 11 days the first year and it increases every year after that. I think the max is either 21 or 26 days per year.

Hope that helps.
Time clock isn't bad. You quickly get used to it. No big deal. sm
I find them pretty flexible, but you do have to work your total required hours.
There's no time clock but the leads monitor who is on and who isn't. sm
The account I am on has very strict shifts because of being radiology. I have heard that others are more flexible.
I dont have a problem with the time clock. sm
Actually I don't have any trouble getting in my time; I have a 38-hour schedule and put in probably 39 hours of clock-in time to get that. The thing is - you need to clock out when you do research or if you are surfing the 'net; otherwise it brings down your LPH average. I have a 12-hour window in which to get my time and my manager NEVER bugs me about when in that 12-hour period I am working.
I've no experience of a time clock either.
I think perhaps they mean the requirement to be assigned a set shift and stick to it.

But there's nothing remotely resembling a time clock... we just sign onto our platform and dive right in.

As an ex-TRS employee I still have the instant messenger, and I do sign into that when I'm working, but it's not a requirement; it's more of a courtesy to our co-workers, so we know who's around, especially if we need to ask a question.

My first day on the job at TRS I instant-messaged my supervisor and said do I have to sign in or let somebody know I'm here, and she said no, just log onto the platform and start working.

Of course, if they really want to track our logged-in time, the platform can keep track of all that.

But again... no, there's no time clock per se, nothing even close.
Need help with Webmedx's time clock. I am contemplating a position sm

with them and right now I have to clock in and out and hate it.  I wonder if I'm jumping right back into the same situation as I was told they, too, have a time clock.  After being an IC for so many years, I really hate this.

So, how is it? Do you find that Webmex is a little flexible at least?  I just don't know if I should keep looking or what.  Thanks so much for anyone with experience with their time clocks!

Yes, time clock. No insurance or any benefits for parttime.
I'm with you on the Wedmedx time clock. Not sure it would work out for me...too many distruptions
my day to clock in and clock out for every little thing. Thanks..
Anyone use TimeTrax as a time clock? Easy, hard,
Any input, time clock, expander program, LPH, etc.?


Curious about the platform used, LPH or weekly requirement, timeclock or timesheet, sound quality, work types.  Do you get your preferred work types.  Are you on only one primary account with backups, working primary mostly?  Is ShortHand compatible?

Thanks for any info.

MDI-MD has a 24-hour window, no time clock to punch
I agree, the nonanswer about time clock was important to me too. NM

independent MTSO; freedom without a time clock and as the others said, same docs. nm
There is a time clock, but LPH is easy to achieve and bonus is not done by that any longer. SM
Much better than E-time, if that's what the Evil Q still uses. No worries.
I know Webmedx has a time clock - with MQ I put laundry in, got coffee, loaded DW (sm)
went to the bathroom, etc. without clocking out and still kept my lines per hour up just fine.  With Webmedx do you clock out for all these little things or as long as you get lines per payperiod or per hour it works out? 
Also...do you have to clock out any time you leave the computer, i.e. to answer the door, go to the
Do any companies require less than 40 hpw for FT?
Companies should require MTs to have sm
a complete reference library as most newbies rely expressly on Google or the word help boards. This is where US MT quality has hit the skids in very recent years. The new MTs don't want to bother researching so they can't possibly realize the serious mistakes they continue to make.

All companies who require OT have to pay for it (sm)

If a company has enough work for OT, by law the employee has to record it and the company has to pay it (if the employee has been approved to work the OT).  Get everything in writing.  For MTs, OT is usually the normal cpl rate x 1.5 for OT lines, which equates to the same as time and a half as mandated by federal laws.

All companies I know of go back and forth between no work and gobbs of OT.  I don't know of any company that consistently is out of work or consistently requires OT.  Feast of famine in this industry.

I think the companies that DO require
you to clock in and out are few. 
What I said was that few companies do require it, so
most of them don't require it. 
There are some companies who only require
35 hours.  You might be able to get by with producing the minimal line counts though if it is a company that doesn't require you to clock in and out. 
A lot of companies only require line
which companies that don't require a set schedule? nm
Which companies will let/require me to use Shorthand? sm
I hope the mods will leave this since I've already researched and cannot find the answer on the job board.

I love ShortHand and have been building my Shorthand file for many years now. It's definitely tied to my ability to produce. I know of two companies that use it:

Webmedx - employees use Shorthand
Oracle - may use Shorthand (not sure if it's required).

Any others? And please let me know if required or optional. Thank you very much for your help!
Most companies require a certain quota be met
Even as an IC I committed myself to 180 reports a day. I do anywhere from 180-225. I did not sign a contract but did commit to it.
some companies require 1500 lpd -
To the companies that require cable or DSL

I have no access to cable and never will because of the area I live in.  I also have no access to DSL and do not know when that will happen, if ever.   Companies that required cable or DSL should know that they lose out on many experienced and qualified transcriptionists because of that requirement.  Like Diskriter--ever since I started job seeking a few weeks ago they have had post after post looking for transcriptionists.  I cannot apply because they need high speed internet.  What exactly needs the high speed?? Downloading voice files, uploading voice files.  I am curious.  I work for a company that I downloaded the voice files via internet, typed the files in Word and then uploaded them via internet site and/or FTP.  Easy to do and no high speed required.  Can anyone enlighten me?


I need a job like yesterday but my options are very limited.  I put a query on the board looking for companies that are okay with dialup and got only two names.  That is very disheartening.  Anyone out there with company names that do dialup still would be very appreciated.  Email me if you want, whatever, something.


Thank you all.

Most companies now require a weekend day. I
suggest posting your resume on the various job boards in addition to looking at the ads posted. 
Most companies these days require
employees to work at least 1 weekend day. T think any of them would be delighted to have someone who wanted to work both.
Companies who do not require set hours?
I am in need of an IC position that does not require set hours.  I am presently working for a company that I told I would be on line anywhere between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m., but that was unacceptable, they wanted set hours.  So I gave 8 p.m to 12 p.m. but I am not able to comply with that every day.  There are some days I would like to start earlier, and some days start later.  I would think if I gave them a set line limit that I would be accountable for that that would be acceptable, evidently not though.  Any companies out there hiring that has a 24-hour timeframe?