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Looks like junk mail to me, the kind you get out of newspapers!

Posted By: K on 2007-12-21
In Reply to: Possible offshore company on jobs board? - USA Transcriptionist


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I don't like all the junk mail. This trims it significantly..sm
I also don't like having my credit report hacked. Too much ID theft these days, and my financial advisor said it is the only way to fly these days. One of my credit cards was hacked a few years ago, so this extra precaution is something I'm willing to do to protect myself even more. And, no matter what, ultimately MTs should be hired for their skill and experience, not how much debt is being carried.
This is great! We should also write our local newspapers in the... smsg
form of letters to the press. Ask the people of your community if they are aware that their medical records may be in India, or elsewhere, at this very moment. Make the public aware that their SS numbers, phone numbers, home addresses, and very personal information may be on a computer offshore at this very moment. Educate your community! In conversations with many people, even those just in my neighborhood, as we exchange comments about our professions, when I inform them of the possibility that their medical facility may be offshoring depending on the transcription service they use, their eyebrows become raised and they are shocked. Most people are not aware of where their medical records that contain very private or delicate information are being sent. We all need to act in some way. I personally, would not go to a medical facility where my MR is offshored! I ask first! People do have the power! MT Smith, GO TO WASHINGTON!!!!
i get it that's junk!!
Junk platforms
Yep, me too.  Walmart, here I come!!! lol.  I think I may do well on the night shift! After all, I'm used to it!!!!!  HEEEE
ASR and VR probably where the newbies go and you get the junk dontcha think
Oh, I've been the recipient of that junk too.
I've worked many, many evening shifts doing all the dictators and junk everyone skipped or logged off and left for me. But, it's my job to do whatever is assigned to me. But I'm not like that - I know those people have hurt us, as a whole, but I genuinely was very ill and the room was spinning while I was typing. From a quality standpoint - I hope they double-checked everything I typed that day, because I really was so sick. I've typed with clogged ears while battling a cold, coughing my brains out with bronchitis, even running to the bathroom with you-know-what, but this UTI made me so feverish, lightheaded and in pain from urgency and frequency, that I debated going to the ER ... it was that bad. Literally, I sat typing with tears running down my face. NO job is worth that.
Have all the emails go to Junk so you don't see them. Keep calling until
I got out of that junk company a year ago - SM
Best move I made in my career! I was with Cymed before they became SPI. I left last February and went to Keystrokes. I'm more than glad that I did! They were still calling me almost every week up until August asking me why I wasn't working! What a bunch of idiots!
If you think you dont get more of the junk work when it is picked over by VR or ASR you had better
think again. The best attendings will be gone to VR and you will get the leftovers. I have been doing both for a year and I can guarantee you your CEO is full of it. Dont believe a word of it. You will either make less money on ASR or less money on the leftovers. Take you choice.
They have tons of ESL-lots of overflow junk. nm
TT new account is cardiology, procedure junk that you cant get lines on.
So, it is working for nothing practically.  Just a new account on board for TT.
She is talking about QA and money is not tops. It is line pay for junk work.
They need to pay by the hour like they used to.
I thought it was just me, glad to hear others aren't making much with all the junk you have to ad
check both inbox & junk (turn off spam killer, if any)
How do I access MQ Internet mail? I'm registered on Q-Net but don't see any e-mail thingie the
I didn't get the e-mail but I just sent you one and gave you my e-mail addy so (sm)

you could manually type it in and resend me the info.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.

Yes - regular mail and my reg mail stinks, so let them know.
I wonder if you would be kind enough to tell me......
exactly what constitutes "good reason" for my home phone number to be given out to anyone by Lee as it was?

I'm sorry. I went to work and then had to come back to ask this question. I even looked up *confidentiality* in my Webster's trying to find the loopholes.

Thank you.
She was very kind
and all, but Lee or someone should know that she is misrepresenting herself. She should know that it's OK to say, "I am new to Keystrokes and feel that this is a great company to work for" instead of lying and saying "I have worked for Keystrokes for X amount of years and they are great" when she had only been working there a few days. There is no need to lie to people.
I am using one, but it must be the right kind
At some point, and I think it was when I installed Express Scribe, I could configure my footpedal. Try to do it, and if it won't let you - then you don't have the right kind of footpedal (it's either 9 or 13 pins, I can't remember which).
What kind of pay for V/R? nm
What kind do you like and what don't you?
Is is the work types, or the dictators? What I don't like are the long pauses in dictation. I have heard a couple of the dictators seem to hit a pause button, but most of them don't know how to do that.
What kind of changes? nm
What is the use of this? I have been getting this kind of
run around also, but why would companies treat MTs this way... no loyalty breeds no loyalty in return. I hate to say misery loves company but seems like more than we have had this happen. How to stop it is another question. IMHO.
Actually, I kind of see it although we
did it to ourselves. Suddenly, you were supposed to be Super Woman, it was the new version of Once Upon a Time. Get a degree, get a job, earn the bacon, fry it up in the pan, etc., somehow you end up being the one who gets the kids and hub up and out the door, taken to the doctor, drop off the dry cleaning, excel at work and keep a clean house and by the way, don't forget to look spectacular at all times. of course, if you are in a bad mood, your hormones must be at fault. Been there, done that, got the bumper sticker and the T-shirt which I now use to dust furniture!
you are EXACTLY the kind of sm
person I am talking about! Was there any point to that? I am not whining. I am stating a fact that there is no point in folks reacting to other people like YOU are reacting. Sounds like you are attacking! The ability to disagree and just down right nasty are two different things and you fit the latter.
May I ask what kind you have?
Maybe it's just Hughes, because my experience has been pretty crappy. I do know that an ex in Missouri had some little rinky dink company; he paid half what I did ($39) and had a signal that was twice as fast as mine and didn't seem to have the fluctuations. I assume that rinky-dink got its feed from one of the big ones but was never able to figure out who. There has to be something better than what I've got now, but few people even have internet in my area except some of the city dwellers with DSL(where populations get up to about 723!!!)
I have a car but if I said which kind
I am sure I would be called management which I definitely am not.
Thanks so much and that is what I was kind of
afraid of.  I applied for that one on the job board because of loads and loads of orthopedics experience but they want you to have Dictaphone or the equivalent.  I do not have Dictaphone and not sure that I have the equivalent, I have never worked on it so I am not sure what they are looking for.
Feels kind of right, what your saying
"The other troublemaker"
Sounds kind of
Well I did that kind of production too.....
Until going on the VA account. It's a whole other ball game and a totally different story.
What kind of problems
did you have with your LD service before you got Vonage? I am switching from Vonage to Verizon Freedom because I have been getting disconnected a lot and heard it was from Vonage. Hoping I'm not making a mistake.

That's kind of cryptic. What do you mean by that? TIA
What kind of accounts do they have?nm
what kind of proof do you want:?
and still have proof of it ALL after 2 years!  There will always be those who have a good experience at a company and assume that it is the same for everyone at that company.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is not the case. 
OK... I really want to see some kind of link here. sm
I don't believe this for a second. I believe this poster is just trying to stir things up. If this were really true, then the OP would have posted a link or would have provided the source of the information (the news source) so this could be verified. Otherwise, if no link/source is provided where we can verify this, I would just assume this poster is a troll.
What kind of experience do you have?
If you are having these kind of problems

I would have to ask why?  So many happy MTs getting their direct deposit every other Friday like clockwork, and you are having issues every payday.  Plus you mention checks, and we get DD.  I can not imagine having to call payroll every payday.

Thank you so much for the kind words!
I want to thank you all for your kind words SM

and suggestions.  It means a lot to me.  I'm a pretty optimistic person, so I believe something better will come along...but it feels good to share my frustrations with those of you who have been there, done that, and got the T-shirt!

I better go to work!  Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

Just Me

This is kind of silly, isn't it?

I agree with the poster who said that people are entirely too quick to use the term racist.  At any rate, I think enough has been said.  

what kind of reports sm
$1.20 is OK for plain films, but stinks for MRIs, angios, etc. IF there's a good mix, you're OK, if mostly long reports you'll be working for peanuts. Also, if you'll be typing patient info and headers, that takes so much time. just my opinion.

What kind of information are you looking for?
This is the kind of pay that makes QA
just fall to the bottom. I love mentoring, but please pay me an hourly wage to do it and I don't mean $15 an hour!! I am assisting with my 30 years of knowledge to help a fellow MT become an asset to the profession! Being paid by the line to mentor a new MT is disgusting. I have mentored many and have been a QA specialist for a number of years and in our profession for more than I would care to think and every day I wake up and look at these boards and read the pay, I become more disgusted with the field.
True and kind of not.

I do think that was meant as the laidback lifestyle.  I see it as more of a convenience factor in setting the hours most of the time, lack of having to commute, etc.  Yes, we should all be professional all the time, and for the majority of us, that is the case.  However, there is always a bad apple or two throughout the ranks no matter where you go or even what field. 

I agree with what most of the recruiters are saying as far as presentation.  Why someone would apply for a job without a resume, I have no idea.  Secondly I completely and totally agree with not using cutsy e-mail addresses.  I was a hiring manager (not for an MT company), and that was one of the first ways we narrowed candidates down.  Those were immediately pitched.

One othe comment about the AAMT.  They set a guideline.  The client sets the standard.

what is Beyond TXT? Is that some kind of platform?
Well see, that's kind of what I'm talking about ...
people in this industry are so scared of losing their jobs, and so quick to turn on each other for the slightest thing, even a post that makes some suggestions and speculations about why things are the way they are. Most MTs seem to prefer to just bury their head in the sand and pretend all the ills in this business will just 'go away'.

When I talked about women-dominated medical transcription, I wasn't referring to management, owners, or above, but those who actually sit down and DO the transcription. And that is mostly women. Women are exceedingly difficult to organize (I've been trying and failing in that endeavor for years at my old hospital). And it's because they've had it pounded into them (sometimes literally) that we're lucky to have jobs at all.

I know I don't have all the answers, and don't recall saying that I did. But I CAN say that divisiveness will not help this (or any other) field in the slightest.

You're right about the government, but that's for another post and another board.....
have you ever done this kind of work before? sm
It is quite difficult and very tedious. People talking over one another, sometimes a lot of research on the internet that you would have to do just to find certain studies and authors. Quite frankly, I do not think $50 an audio hour is worth it. That breaks down to about $12/hour +/- $2/hour, depending on how good you are.

On the other hand, he is being quite generous with the pay, because there are transcription services that are paying $25-30/audio hour for the same kind of work!! That breaks down to $7-10/hour! And there are people that will do it!!

That is just my 2 cents
Thank you kind lady.
What kind of questions?

I once had to take a handwriting analysis at a job interview.  Very strange.  I didn't get the job but was actually relieved.