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TT new account is cardiology, procedure junk that you cant get lines on.

Posted By: TT low work on 2008-04-09
In Reply to: You must ask for the new account as a secondary - TONS and TONS of backlogged work

So, it is working for nothing practically.  Just a new account on board for TT.

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These are cardiac procedure notes that will only be 1-liners or 2 on a horrible new account.
That does not even begin to compensate the MT for the demo fill-ins and the time that it takes to type those short reports.  But hope some TT MT makes money on these reports this weekend.
Anyone working on the new cardiology account for Archivus out of NC?
Looking for info on platform used, percentage of ESLs, number of docs, if there are templates/headers/footers?
Not just cardiology, other things. You might be talking about a different account
Perhaps it is a different server (there are 2 for regular 1 for rad), and that is why you are not getting the information. Why not just e mail your sup to ask to be trained on something else too. I did and that is the reason why I am working. They need to know if you are willing to learn new account specs, or go to another server, probably. But the new one I am working on I am getting fine reports.
My cardiology account is actually my lowest paying.
On the Job Seeker's board, there is a cardiology account

for a company TOS.  Does anyone know what TOS stands for and who they are?? Thanks

Anyone working on cardiology account for Superior Global out of TX?
those "phenomenal" lines on the Onc account
I also work there and would be interested to know, cause I don't find them so phenomenal on the Onc account; also low on work.
lol, and make sure they know the procedure was clearly spelled out by the recruiter. nm
SOP means Standard Operating Procedure.
I am not FT hours but FT lines. It depends on the account. sm
I know that my Basic 4 account is number of lines within a certain time frame. It wouldn't hurt to try!
To state that an infertility procedure is "completely unnecessary" is 110% OPINION... sm
Would you tell a childless couple that are suffering emotionally if not physically, financially, & spiritually (like we did)that having a family is a totally elective concept that is completely an unnecessary part of life? Please try to have some compassion. Unless you've personally been there, you would know that struggling from infertility effects every aspect of your daily life. For me it was also a mental issue and it took counseling for me to have the ability to let it go. I'm glad my counselor did not tell me that my maternal desires were elective and unnecessary. My husband suffered from performance anxiety because we had to schedule intimacy, so it was a mental issue for him to.

There are 10 major body systems, the reproductive system being one of the most complex. Who is to say that someone with a nonfunctioning reproductive system shouldn't have the same right to health care/insurance coverage as a diabetic (endocrine) or patient with Parkinson's (CNS)??

pregnancy is a disability when you have complications/C-section/ and even child birh is a procedure.
So just because you didnt get money for your pregnancy, then just get over it.

I had a horrible time with both of my pregnancies and could not work even though I wanted and needed to.

People can get off of work for 6 weeks for drug treatment, mental angious, etc. Those are not disabilities but are conditions that warrant time off.

I think someone is turning green with envy and doesnt handle life well.
i get it that's junk!!
Junk platforms
Yep, me too.  Walmart, here I come!!! lol.  I think I may do well on the night shift! After all, I'm used to it!!!!!  HEEEE
ASR and VR probably where the newbies go and you get the junk dontcha think
Oh, I've been the recipient of that junk too.
I've worked many, many evening shifts doing all the dictators and junk everyone skipped or logged off and left for me. But, it's my job to do whatever is assigned to me. But I'm not like that - I know those people have hurt us, as a whole, but I genuinely was very ill and the room was spinning while I was typing. From a quality standpoint - I hope they double-checked everything I typed that day, because I really was so sick. I've typed with clogged ears while battling a cold, coughing my brains out with bronchitis, even running to the bathroom with you-know-what, but this UTI made me so feverish, lightheaded and in pain from urgency and frequency, that I debated going to the ER ... it was that bad. Literally, I sat typing with tears running down my face. NO job is worth that.
Have all the emails go to Junk so you don't see them. Keep calling until
I got out of that junk company a year ago - SM
Best move I made in my career! I was with Cymed before they became SPI. I left last February and went to Keystrokes. I'm more than glad that I did! They were still calling me almost every week up until August asking me why I wasn't working! What a bunch of idiots!
If you think you dont get more of the junk work when it is picked over by VR or ASR you had better
think again. The best attendings will be gone to VR and you will get the leftovers. I have been doing both for a year and I can guarantee you your CEO is full of it. Dont believe a word of it. You will either make less money on ASR or less money on the leftovers. Take you choice.
They have tons of ESL-lots of overflow junk. nm
Looks like junk mail to me, the kind you get out of newspapers!


I don't like all the junk mail. This trims it significantly..sm
I also don't like having my credit report hacked. Too much ID theft these days, and my financial advisor said it is the only way to fly these days. One of my credit cards was hacked a few years ago, so this extra precaution is something I'm willing to do to protect myself even more. And, no matter what, ultimately MTs should be hired for their skill and experience, not how much debt is being carried.
She is talking about QA and money is not tops. It is line pay for junk work.
They need to pay by the hour like they used to.
I thought it was just me, glad to hear others aren't making much with all the junk you have to ad
check both inbox & junk (turn off spam killer, if any)
They want to know about cardiology exp, SM
since that seems to be another speciality of acute care now. Also, oncology, since they are always looking for people who are proficient in that.

What do you think is the highest paid specialty in transcription?  Cardiology perhaps?


Do you think the cardiology specialty offers more income and job stability than rad, ortho, or other specialties?

Spaces are not taken into account with gross lines....a line is a line...sm

if there seven words on a line.

or two


or a full line of typing...all of the companies that I have worked for define a gross line as 1 inch margins, 12 pt courier font....does not matter what we type in margins or font.....we convert all reports to the 1 inch margins and courier 12 font and then count the lines.  not the blank spaces between the lines.

Hope this helps.

Anyone offer just cardiology! The more I do it, the
Looking for employee status.  Thanks!
i dont know if it would be the best, but i like cardiology
we need cardiology MTs at my company.
Cardiology or multispecialty? sm
The pay is very good. The cardiology platform is quite technical (Gemms)and sluggish to type in. They have other accounts where you can work in Word and they pay by the gross line. The work was easy though, including the ESLs. When I was there, the invoicing was monotonous - detailed spread sheets. They do invoicing twice a month, but are slow in mailing paychecks - I got my checks 2 to 3 weeks after turning in an invoice.
Cardiology doesn't pay more, but ...
You don't make a higher line rate - at all - doing cardiology, but I have noticed that cardio (at least studies and consults and whatnot) tends to have more templates/macros, so that's where the good stuff would come in.

I used to work for a company a few years ago - had two cardiologists (who did a lot of studies), a couple of pulmonologists (who stunk, but I didn't have to do them much), and two internal med doctors (who both had 40-line macros that rarely had to be adjusted).

My line count was consistently 550-650 an hour, and I was making 9.5 cpl.

Man, I miss that account.
Mid-Atlantic Cardiology?
Do anyone have any informantion on which MTs does Mid-Atlantic Cardiology?  Would be interested in a part-time cardiology position.
Not on cardiology acct, but do work for SGS.
Can I help?
I have been typing cardiology exclusively
now for quite some time.  I would love some info as well!!! Count me in too, please.
cardiology transcription positions
here's the deal guys - we are totally slammed.  however, i don't want to overlook anyone so i am posting this reply to the board in general.  any of you who have cardiology experience and are interested in speaking with me about a position with our company - please send your resume to me directly - tonya@mediscribes.com.  alternatively, if you would rather call, you are welcome to do so within reasonable hours of the day - my number is 210-858-5867.  either myself or our recruiter will be happy to speak with you at your convenience.  hope this will help answer a bunch of questions. 
7 cpl for 5 yrs cardiology/10 yrs acute care?
They gotta be kidding.
I see MD-IT is hiring again for cardiology. I would not recommend to anyone
applying to this company. Their recruiter is very rude and she lies, lies, lies. I found their interview extremely misleading and underhanded.
15,000 lines per pay period. 8 years with KS, 6 years on this account! nm
Not going anywhere else!
New cardiology job post on job seeker's board....
anybody know what company this is?
Any info on CTS: Cardiology Transcription Services out of NY?
sorry..that was Cardiology Transcription Servces (tired)
Not sure if they are hiring, but if you like cardiology, CardioScribes is terrific! sm

WestTran is also a good company for clinic work, although, again, I do not know if they are hiring.   Both companies are IC work.  Good luck in your search!


CardioScribes. They just do cardiology clinics, which is great for me sm

since I was the lead MT for 8-1/2 years for group of cardiologists here locally so I am quite familiar with it all.  And it is a nice break from acute care.  Of course, just because it is the perfect fit for me does not make it right for everyone.  As they always say, one man's Heaven is another man's Hell.


current info on Cardiology Transcription Svc please
Eeegads! I don't mind more detailed but don't like cardiology! :( but thanks for the response
Anyone working for Superior Global out of TX doing the cardiology studies?


1800 lines is easily achieved. I average 300-340 lines per hour. nm
10 lines per minute = 1500 lines for 150 minutes - average. nm