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what kind of proof do you want:?

Posted By: I had many problems with KS on 2006-01-09
In Reply to: of seeing the same things over and over with - SickAndTired

and still have proof of it ALL after 2 years!  There will always be those who have a good experience at a company and assume that it is the same for everyone at that company.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is not the case. 

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Do you have proof of this buy out?
Very interesting stuff here
That is no proof.
There is proof - as there was proof for OSI
There is validity to the MTs on this board. They provided the proof for the administrator to oust OSi from here, and if need be, they will be able to provide proof regarding Transcend. You just have to weigh what is important to you. I personally will not give my time or talents to any company not willing to go with 100% US based help. That's my preference, yours is up to you.
100% proof
Actually, you are to proof 100% but you are not requird to proof to voice 100%. However, I always did that anyway because if my name is going on it, it is going to be correct.
You have proof?
I'd love to see the proof. I heard they use US MTs only.
Do you really have any proof of this? I think if not, you are getting a lot of people upset, especially with the holiday season coming up. On the other hand, if you do, please provide what you know so others can make decisions about what to do.
I think you need some proof that it is bad -
you are probably going to have to deposit it at your bank and wait for it to come back to you. Be forewarned though, your bank will charge you a fee when it is returned (usually between $5-10). Then you can take it to the magistrate court and take out a warrant for a bad check.

Good Luck!
How about they added an ad. I proof all day, can't seem to
do it when I don't have to. 
Where is that published? Need PROOF!
Do you have proof that they offshore?


Yes and it was not a claim..have proof. Thanks
I have no proof but believe they do. I used to work in QA and the
work was so bad I had to almost completely redo the reports.   That was 3 to 4 years ago, and an owner of another MT board asked if they offshored.  I don't know what she knew that made her question it.   I wouldn't be surprised if they offshored because they can't keep U.S. MTs. 
There ya go, proof positive!
Recession proof job
In these uncertain times, just curious how everyone sees the outlook of an MT? With voice recognition, how do you see the job market in 10 years?  I am an instructor at a local small community college that teaches basic transcription and this is a topic of discussion.  Any help would be appreciated!
Recession proof .. ??
I think that you need to tell your students we are in a situation now that eludes all reason as tight money makes us all possible victims of this recession. If hospitals or businesses cannot borrow money in a fluid way then payrolls become a problem. Otherwise, MT is not going away, but it is changing and to stay relevant you have to change with the time and the technology, which drives the train. A dose of realism is often the best way to make a point.
As for recession proof sm
I feel pretty recession proof.

I have 2 jobs and will make more as an MT this year than I have ever have. I don't work as much or as hard as you might think. I am break taker and if I actually spent 8 hours a day physically typing I would be surprised, but I will still come up over $45K this year. It is my speed and accuracy that allows me to be the break taker I am. When I am at the keyboard, I AM ALL IN and when I break, I break.

I am also aware that MT is changing, but not going away. I don't feel taken advantage of and I don't feel I am underpaid. I don't think that corporations are squeezing me or that I have overseas competition. I feel that as MTs go, I am sitting right up there at the top of the heap. If either of my companies start reducing staffing levels, I will not be one of the ones they let go. In the one case, I know I would be the first on the list to be retained. I don't actually worry about having a job or finding a new one when needed. My problem is usually fielding offers and deciding which one to pick.

This is not most of us though and I understand that. I worry for those of you who are not at the top of this profession and will have to worry about where it is going a lot sooner than I shall.
Proof that WMX reads here.
Like I said I don't proof every post on here. As far as my work goes,-sm
I proof everything I send in. I retract my statment about you being an embarrassment to the MT community; you are actually an embarrassment to the human race.
Kudos to you Admin!! Ty whoever had the proof too!


I guess I'm living proof

that past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior.  Did you ever have your days in the beginning when you could have been one of their cheerleaders?  I know I did.  Yet, I still saw those unhappy posts and, rather than automatically think they were lying, instead I wondered how they got so unhappy.  I think I found the answer.

Only if administrator of board can be given proof.
Proof of statements made
Can this be backed up by some proof?  There are a lot of good companies out there and great MTs.  It would be a shame if you prevented them from an awesome partnership from these statements that may or may not be true.
I proof all day, as far as I know the moderator/owner

doesn't require us to proof here. 

My bad! I meant there are..Glad I proof! nm
LOL No proof b/c it didn't happen. LOL
Yes, it is cherry-picking proof
MTs are forced to work on jobs in the order they are due back to the customers. There is no way to send a particular job back to the pool.
I don't think there is such a thing as a recession proof job... sm
but I sure can tell you this...I have been doing transcription for 13 years. I have done it in house and at home, at home since 1998. I have worked for so many companies I can't even remember most of them from Lanier to Medquist to Spheris to Cardioscribes to Transform. I could go on and on. My three children are young but not so young anymore that I can't leave them alone for a while during the day now. My oldest is in high school now and all I can say is that I have had enough with this transcription bullcrap business. When I tell people what these transcription companies have done to me, their eyes bug out of their heads. I had gone to work for Cardioscribes leaving a very good paying job only to have them tell me that they weren't going to pay me because, as a salaried account manager, they felt I didn't work enough the two weeks before. They decided to pay me for only five days of the pay period instead of 12, took their sweet time sending the check, and then fired me. Now I have a really pretty $400 phone bill from conference calls that I get to pay with no paycheck. I had one company tell me after working 90 hours in a 2-week period and after sending in my timesheet, Gee, quite frankly, we really just can't afford to pay you this kind of paycheck for QA so we are going to change your pay from hourly to a cents per line salary retroactive for the last two weeks. They took my paycheck from $1350 to $500 then fired me two days after I received my almost $800 short paycheck. MDI you ask??? I currently just got hired by them. My training was to start on Oct. 7 and you know what... they don't even have enough work on the account to get me through my DQA training, which lasts for two weeks where you can only type 20 minutes per day, and the liason went out of town so I was told not to bother to type until Monday!!!! However, when they hired me, they expected me to commit to so many lines per day and I had to commit to working at least 3 holidays and one day on the weekend, and this is all as an IC!!! The other company that I was just hired for took three weeks to get me hired and now has sent out 3, either broken or the wrong foot pedals. I have spent these years as an MT hanging around all day waiting for work (sometimes for weeks and months) and some, if not most days, getting no work at all. I worked for Focus Infomatics as a SWAT QA and watched them fire 50 people in a weeks time for absolutely no reason at all and most of those people were just hired within a week who left good jobs to go work for them. I had one company tell me on a constant day-to-day basis that there just wasn't any work available. This went on for three months until they finally decided to put their work into a pool. When I got access to viewing the pool, you should have seen the work available but I sat for three months with no work at all and no paycheck either. I complained to the payroll person about the lack of work and she said she didn't understand because she was processing some really great paychecks and as far as she was concerned, nothing had changed within the company so she couldn't understand why I had no work. I was an IC for that company and everyone else was an employee. The owners knew everyone because they worked with everyone while in-house at a big hospital before the MT manager decided to open up his own MT company. All of the MTs at the hospital decided to go with him so he gave all the work went to them, although I was told by them that my work was excellent. They are now being investigated for cheating the MTs on their line counts, I believe. I have had QA people send screaming e-mails regarding work that I did telling me that the dictator was a truly horrible dictator but that I did a horrible job and that they don't get paid to fill in the words or phrases that I couldn't get. Last year, a month before Christmas, I got axed by CBay as a QA as they eventually ax everybody they hire. I couldn't even buy Christmas gifts, not even one. We had to purchase one gift for each one of our children and we had to put those three gifts on a credit card. I am now extremely overweight, smoke like a chimney because of massive financial stress and the stress of having no life, have absolutely no friends and absolutely ZERO social life, and I am virtually financially ruined (credit score is less than 500). I have had it with this field. It was ok to do this when my children were very young as I had no choice because I couldn't afford daycare for three kids. My husband works very hard but there is no way we could afford $400 a week for childcare back then. The key words here are I had no choice. I do now though I am getting the hell out of this crap before anyone else has the chance to screw me over. It seems to me that the ones who are making more and more money only make it because they are putting in more hours...not because their cents per line has increased. I have read on these boards that MTing is the only job where the salary goes down after years of experience instead of increasing and that is the absolute honest truth AND THAT IS JUST WRONG!!! I have interviews set up, one with a job just about a mile down the street from where I live, and I just can't wait! I can't wait to have a normal paycheck every single week. I can't wait to not be screwed over anymore! I can't wait to make friends again! I can't wait to be out of my house every day and be social every day with human beings and be glad to come home at the end of the day! Maybe this year I can even buy my kids some Christmas gifts. Every person who asks me about MTing I tell them, don't you dare go near MT work. It will ruin your life. As far as your questino about a recession proof job, there really is no job that is recession proof, but after reading my post and hopefully realizing that this can happen to you too as it does so many of us MTing, do you think that a recession is what you really need to be worrying about? YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THE DECISION YOU MADE TO GET INTO THIS FIELD!
Thank you to those who came forward with the proof I needed. It is appreciated.
I have no proof of this, but it seems these must be tough dictators for the money they are willing t
cannot get experienced MTs with the low pay, hence the turnover is rather substantial.
OSI - how to ck line counts & proof of skimming
If you do control S for a job and click on statistics you will get a number of lines. If you are on OSI's very own line cheating Xpress server, that number will be much lower than the IChart line count. Do this. Do only one job for the day then write down the correct line count using the above method. Go to IChart although it may take hours to show up so you may want to do this on a day off. There is your proof. The reason the correct statistics are disabled on the XPress server is because OSi is skimming lines and don't want you to see the correct number. OSI is diligently trying to eventually get every possible account on their very own XPress server so they can cheat on all accounts. Rest assured that they are billing the client for the correct line count. I could not make any money with OSI because of their dishonesty. Dictaphone Extext is a good system but OSI could change how it was set up and rip the MT's off.
Is their platform cherry-picking proof? TIA NM


Maybe you need to improve your (proof)reading skills.
The ad clearly states that she pays weekly. What is so wrong about being upfront about how much she is paying? If that is too low for some people, they do not need to apply and do not need to waste anybody's time. What is so wrong about being honest and asking for honesty? With this type of ad, you know from the start how much is paid and do not have to go through hours of testing just to hear how much they offer.
Proof positive that the evolution of technology
Manual Typewriters: At least they work during a power outage. And having to leave the keyboard to return the carriage by hand can help prevent some computer injuries. Downside - you had to hit the keys really hard, and they were slow.

Electric Typewriter: You could actually do things like make the document LOOK GOOD, and easy-to-read, not like the wrap-around cr@p our final product turns into at the receiving end. Downside - Power failures, and the memory writers never had enough memory for me.

Mag Cards: (You forgot these!) Even though they were older than the IBM memory typewriters, I really love my Mag-Card, because you could just keep feeding cards into it, so the memory was limitless. Easy to do normals on them, too. Downside - they were HUGE!

Straight Transcription: Produces a better, more-accurate record. I've done enough 'normals' and templates in my day to see some truly incredible mistakes because the doc didn't bother to pull the right template, or even read what it said. Straight transcription is also a lot more interesting to do. Downside - docs get tired of talking, and tend to go a mile-a-minute through the physical exams.

VR: It has its limited uses, but having seen the trash it produces, I think it has no place in medical or legal documentation. Upside - it makes for a lot of uproarious laughter when you're watching the Evening News with VR-produced, closed-captioning.

EMR: Again, it has its uses, for example, making it possible to immediately look up, or send, a patient's entire medical record, or to use the computer to find a specific part of a long, complicated record. But point-and-click yes-and-no sounds tedious to ME, and I work with words and tedium for a living. Imagine a busy, impatient doctor trying to do it. I think it would drive most of them nuts, and probably leaves them wide-open for major mistakes that could impact patient safety.
Unless you have DEFINITIVE proof that MQ has sold, DO NOT post innuendos here.

All posts referencing a so called MQ sale have been removed.  Posters should be above pettiness by posting rumor.  FACTS speak volumes.



Whoops....Guess I should of proof read that! Been a long day.


Do you have proof that JLG outsources offshore? If so, please email the Administrator.
Has anyone ever found out their account went overseas and were you asked to proof it. Just curious
since it seems like a lot of them are sailing across the ocean.
If anyone has definitive proof that OSI is outsourcing offshore, please email the Administrator
and I would be most interested as the owners of OSi say differently.  My email address is admin@mtstars.com.  Your responses will be held in complete confidence.  Thank you.
CindyMT: I would suggest you watch what you're posting. Unless you have proof
that you are being ripped off, which you don't, you are slandering the company. Do you really want to be doing that?
Sorry, I work 15 hours a day 5 days a week and 5 hours the other 2, when I come here I dont proof.
I wonder if you would be kind enough to tell me......
exactly what constitutes "good reason" for my home phone number to be given out to anyone by Lee as it was?

I'm sorry. I went to work and then had to come back to ask this question. I even looked up *confidentiality* in my Webster's trying to find the loopholes.

Thank you.
She was very kind
and all, but Lee or someone should know that she is misrepresenting herself. She should know that it's OK to say, "I am new to Keystrokes and feel that this is a great company to work for" instead of lying and saying "I have worked for Keystrokes for X amount of years and they are great" when she had only been working there a few days. There is no need to lie to people.
I am using one, but it must be the right kind
At some point, and I think it was when I installed Express Scribe, I could configure my footpedal. Try to do it, and if it won't let you - then you don't have the right kind of footpedal (it's either 9 or 13 pins, I can't remember which).
What kind of pay for V/R? nm
What kind do you like and what don't you?
Is is the work types, or the dictators? What I don't like are the long pauses in dictation. I have heard a couple of the dictators seem to hit a pause button, but most of them don't know how to do that.
What kind of changes? nm
What is the use of this? I have been getting this kind of
run around also, but why would companies treat MTs this way... no loyalty breeds no loyalty in return. I hate to say misery loves company but seems like more than we have had this happen. How to stop it is another question. IMHO.
Actually, I kind of see it although we
did it to ourselves. Suddenly, you were supposed to be Super Woman, it was the new version of Once Upon a Time. Get a degree, get a job, earn the bacon, fry it up in the pan, etc., somehow you end up being the one who gets the kids and hub up and out the door, taken to the doctor, drop off the dry cleaning, excel at work and keep a clean house and by the way, don't forget to look spectacular at all times. of course, if you are in a bad mood, your hormones must be at fault. Been there, done that, got the bumper sticker and the T-shirt which I now use to dust furniture!
you are EXACTLY the kind of sm
person I am talking about! Was there any point to that? I am not whining. I am stating a fact that there is no point in folks reacting to other people like YOU are reacting. Sounds like you are attacking! The ability to disagree and just down right nasty are two different things and you fit the latter.
May I ask what kind you have?
Maybe it's just Hughes, because my experience has been pretty crappy. I do know that an ex in Missouri had some little rinky dink company; he paid half what I did ($39) and had a signal that was twice as fast as mine and didn't seem to have the fluctuations. I assume that rinky-dink got its feed from one of the big ones but was never able to figure out who. There has to be something better than what I've got now, but few people even have internet in my area except some of the city dwellers with DSL(where populations get up to about 723!!!)
I have a car but if I said which kind
I am sure I would be called management which I definitely am not.