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My husband got a raise to cover his increase, the lucky bum. nm

Posted By: mlstoo on 2008-01-21
In Reply to: We have insurance through my husband's company and this year - me


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That is MTSO PR b.s. A raise is a raise in line rate. A bonus or incentive is just that. NOT sm

a raise.

Asking for a raise isn't going to do it. There is a policy for raise increases.
Lucky You ... I was not so lucky to work with that platform
Meditech - it was awful. I kept getting promised that my account was going to ChartMatrix, but it never happened and the Meditech system was SO slow. I loved TH, the people, etc. - so if you can get an account that is on ChartMatrix - hop on it. But, avoid the accounts that are on Meditech because I don't think they are EVER going to convert (and I waited quite awhile - couldn't take it any more).
Cover yourself
I would call and email Human Resources and confirm that they are aware of your last date of work with the company. This way, if they have heard that info from your supervisor, they will start the ball rolling.
I cover

myself with 2 services.  One I'm an employee with excellent health benefits, fantastic PTO, and other perks.  The other I'm an IC.  I work about 45 hours a week.

I'm in central PA but am single so living off of $30k wouldn't work for me.

I wouldn't even consider an hourly gig.

cover that
My contract is only for 1 year. It renews each year. Once upon a time, I had my own service and contracted with the government for a while. They teach you very quickly how to guarantee you're a contractor :)

I think it's horrendous the posts like the one above who don't care that they are in an illegal situation as long as it doesn't rock their boat. THis is why I have no faith that this JOB will ever be elevated to a profession.
Your bank should cover you for the
fraudulent use of your card. In the meantime, please file a police report on your daughter's friend. The ATM should have photos of her. Good luck to you--that's awful.
YUCK, ought to about cover it.
Everybody take cover! Here's comes the TT bashing again. nm
Cover letter
I have been offered 7 jobs in the past year so take my advice for what you will.

The sentence: Please consider this letter as my formal application presenting my background, education, and experience. I would take it out. Your resume outlines your background, education, etc. This sentence is just fluff.

Rather than saying over 4 years, make it 5 years. Lots of companies want 5 years, and if it is only a matter of months difference, it won't matter.

I would include more types of imaging and take out some of the medical terminology, labwork, etc. They are more interested in your radiology background and expect you to know anatomy, etc.

This sentence: I am highLY self-motivated and produce excellent work, both in quality and quantity. Anybody can say that, and it sounds liked canned text. Do you have a QA score to back it up? How many reports do you average an hour? More specifics than a general statement.

This sentence: May I arrange an interview to further discuss my qualifications? Don't ask. Tell them I am very interested in this position and look forward to hearing from you. Then give them a phone number and email to contact you.

Good luck

You really don't need a cover letter.
Send your resume. We are smart enough to figure out the rest. Most times a cover letter heads straight for the trash. Who has time to read it? Unless a company specifically asks for a cover letter, don't bother.
Cover letter possibly?? nm
At our company, we all work together...MT's cover for each other
if you don't do that, the only other option is a float person. Then when you want extra work - it's not there. So we work together to cover each other's vacations, sick days and other mini-crises. I sure wouldn't expect an MTSO to be superwoman and be able to cover an influx of dictation plus an MT who needs the afternoon off, after all!
Cover yourself w/that arbitration page!
You should not sign that arbitration agreement. That's making you give away your legal rights and allowing them to get away with breaking the law should they choose to do so.
However, if you MUST sign it, put CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT above or below your signature. That way, you are covered if it ever comes up that you have a suit against them; they aren't giving you a choice in the matter, and if you don't agree to their robbery/theft of your rights, you won't have a job.
Not all hospitals cover all specialities.

  I don't think that was a silly question to ask. 

cover letter-need feedback/help

Hi all-

My hospital recently outsourced its rad transcription.  I was able to get on the with the company that took over, but ended up taking a 50% cut in pay!  I am in the process of sending out resumes in hopes to find PT/prn (preferably IC) work to supplement.  While I can write a rocking resume, I am absolutely terrible with cover letters.  I have drawn one up (based on examples from the net) and was hoping that I could get some feedback (content, format, grammar, etc) from my fellow MTs.  Any help would be great!  I am fully open to any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.  Please see the letter below and thanks in advance for your help!


Dear Employer:

In response to the open medical Transcriptionist position with your organization, I am enclosing a resume for your review. Please consider this letter as my formal application presenting my background, education, and experience.

I have over 4 years experience in radiology transcription; and I am well versed in the areas of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, labwork, and surgical procedures.

I have considerable experience in transcribing all types of medical imaging procedures, including Interventional Radiology and Mammography.  I am high self-motivated and produce excellent work, both in quality and quantity.

May I arrange an interview to further discuss my qualifications? I am available for an interview at a mutually convenient time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.





The reason they charge a fee is to cover
cost of equipment.  Most don't charge a monthly fee, but a deposit that is spread out.  When you return equipment in good working order you get  a refund.  There are some people who have accepted a position, gotten the equipment, and then immediately quit without returning equipment, so this is a way for company to try to eliminate that.  Some companies will send you a foot pedal or a C-phone at no charge, but you are expected to return them if employment terminates. 
You cover for each other in times of crisis? sm
I did not even realize we were allowed to talk to the other regular MTs, even though team leads have told me that other MTs have been in the same boat and I am not alone.  I have often wished I could talk to the other MTs that I actually have something in common with.  I only talk to the team leads, so I know they cover for each other, but as far as talking to a non-team lead for support or questions or friendship I thought they tried to prevent that?  Now I really feel out of the loop. 
A pay increase.
Ins. Increase
OK, you can panic or you can check into other things. Go ahead and call other companies and see what their insurance is costing the employee and the benefits it offers. This is going on in ALL insurance companies. Everyone and I do mean everyone I have talked to in the past 2 days about this has told me theirs has gone up, too. One of my friends who works for a very well known company pays over $108.00 a pay period for single coverage and basically the same benefits as my Aetna plan with TransTech. This is not some remote thing. Even my husband's insurance went up for all the plan options. He is now going to be paying $8.17 more a pay period than I am with Transtech for single employee only coverage. The cost of health care and medications are astronomical and they are having to pass this on down to the consumer. It's nothing new. It is time to wake up though. Inflation is not getting any better, only worse by the day. As for me, I will gladly work 45 more minutes a day to pay for the increase in my plan with TransTech. I would like to suggest a company though for those of you who have children and want a good insurance policy for them. My husband is ordered to provide health insurance for his daughter from his previous marriage and we took out a terrific policy on her with Midwestern Life of Tennessee. For a PPO plan that pays just like a group plan with your employer we pay $98.00 a month. This is for an 18-year-old female. Might be worth checking into. They will also take it directly from your checking account every month. They pay their claims well and on time and we've NEVER had a problem with them. Good luck to you all.
They would have to increase it by about 30% , that is
if they want to keep the MTs and want the MTs to type those spaces... LOL
Resume and cover letter question. sm

This may be a dumb question, but the last time I applied for a job and sent a resume was 10 years ago, before everything was done online.  (I remember the test tape being mailed to me, and I had to mail it back within... 48 hours, I think it was.  Seems so archaic now!  LOL)

My question is, when you are asked to cut and paste your resume, do you *just* put in your resume, or do you put a cover letter *and* your resume? 

Also, do you worry about the formatting of your resume if the formatting looks messed up after it's been pasted in? 

Thank you!

If an IC there was no taxes taken out to cover unemployment insurance
RE: VR..anybody been able to make an increase in pay doing ME?
I more than doubled my production editing voice recognition drafts, and I am completely happy with the pay I receive for my efforts.
VR..anybody been able to make an increase in pay doing ME?
Webmedx MTs, 30% increase with ASR?
I keep hearing this is the productivity percentage an MT will see with ASR at Webmedx. What has your experience been?

Please share:

How long you've worked at Webmedx

How long you've been on ASR at Webmedx

If and how your production has changed (numbers/percentages if you have them)

I'd like to know how much of this promise of increased earnings is truth.

Thank you.
I think you might be wrong about a 30% increase sm
maybe a 30% decrease for ASR reports is correct. I don't know for sure though.
I got a significant increase when I

went to this company.  Pay is based on experience, like anywhere else.  You get adjustments based on quality score.  I got a raise the first quarter.  Regarding the negative comments about demographics, they were time consuming to me at first but CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE to eliminate a lot of the data entry on the unpaid screen.  I don't spend any more time on demogs now than I did at any other company. 

LPH and increase speed

As I mentioned before, I am struggling with speed.

I am curious what most people start out typing (LPH) and how quickly you increased to your max (many mentioned they are 200-300+) lph.  Anyone who will share on this?

I appreciate it!

That's a shame about the increase
excited to be getting to work for that company.  Keystrokes has a high plan too and are looking into it, but I've read that on here for over a year now.  I guess I have nothing nice to say, so I'd better be quiet.  Sometimes saying too many good things can jinx us!  
Try 9 for decrease and # for increase.
Have you asked them about an increase for the
Can anyone help me increase my lines?? sm
I've read how some of you produce 250-300 or more lines per hour without VR.  I'm wondering if you have the same docs every day who say the same things over and over so you use alot of normals and shortcuts. I mostly type for 1 hospital, not that difficult of an account, use many shortcuts but can't seem to produce more than 175 lines per hr. I've been doing this for quite some time and am getting discouraged at the end of my shift.  Any tricks of the trade would be very much appreciated.
Should I ask for an increase or just be glad I have a job? sm

I know with the economy the way it is, I should probably just keep quiet and be thankful I have an income.  I realize there are many here that are without jobs and my heart goes out to you.

I have 18+ years of experience working in this field.  Six months ago I was hired by a national to cover a cardiology clinic account at .08 cpl.  I'd say at least 70% to 75% of the dictators are either ESL or mumbling/speedy Americans on a good day.  Today I have 100% ESLs!.  There are probably only two or three decent dictators in the whole lot if you can find one in the queue.  Turnover on this particular account has been so bad that cherry picking is actually permitted!

I've already applied for a other accounts within the company (that were advertized on various job boards) and haven't had any luck yet.  I probably won't get the opportunity to move because they can't keep this account covered.

With that being said, would it be unreasonable to ask for an increase to at least .09 to stay on this account?  The only other way I have a chance of making any money is to type for 10 hours a day.

Sorry I couldn't give you the short version! TIA!

VR does not necessarily increase
your speed. If you are making lots of corrections, then you will actually lose ground.
Dang - that's just a bit more than increase in
See link below for online calculator that lets you see what $x in a certain year should be worth today. I plugged in $14 and 1999, and it shows it would be worth $17.79 today.

That means that your 10 years of loyalty, seniority, accumulated knowledge about your platform and client sites, etc. are worth 21 cents.

Here's the calculator:
Cover letters! Brings back memories!

I remember preparing my very first resume...fancy stock paper with watermark, with the obligatory short-n-sweet cover letter included, even a reference sheet if I was feeling ballsy, all mailed in a manilla envelope the same size as the paper so there were no creases!  Now everything is done electronic and it's SO impersonal!

I'm such an old fart.    

Please don't panic. Read the cover letter with the rates.
This may not be the final choices, TT CEO and HR are working really hard to find other alternatives. You guys should mention that here along with panicking so that everyone who reads these boards gets the full picture. These may not be all the choices. Also, I just came from another company and their UHC cost more than even these expensive ones, and I was stuck with it. Their rates went up too and so, it is not just us, it is the insurance companies.
Please, wait and see what happens before you all decide in your mind there are no alternatives. There are, we just don't know what they are yet, and the boss did say in all fairness they are working on it.
very true... MT wages won't cover holiday work and sm
grocery stores, nurses, those people usually VOLUNTEER and are not forced into their shifts. Some people want to work on holidays and get DOUBLE or TRIPLE pay, not 9 cents a line to do an ESL that makes you $10 an hour. And what does Obama have to do with it?
20% increase in production - haha!
haven't they been repeating over and over to you that you WILL see a 20% increase in production RIGHT AWAY!! after you conquer DQS then they're going to throw ASR at you and swear up and down that you'll have a 25% in production and they're going to cut your baseline rate by 20% to become a Medical Editor -- doesn't that sound just peachy!! i recalculated my last check with my MT work and my ME work and it came out to be $50 less because of the 20% decrease on my baseline rate for the honor of doing ME work (i have until 10/1/05 before the cut takes place). Oh, but you have your choice of doing 100% MT work and keeping your baseline rate, but guess what you'll be getting the docs that the voice recognition system can't do, therefore, you will probably see a 25% decrease in production. Heck, now as it is, the VR program can't pick up the little words like an, and, in, etc right and it's even leaving out very, very clear words that a very, very clear dictator is saying, so you figure how you're going to have a 25% increase on production when you're pecking nonstop on the keyboard like when you first started typing on a manual typewriter?? Tell me again, how grateful we're supposed to be for working at MQ? And, yes, I know I can go to MTJobs.com and find another job, but you know what, there's principles and if we just walk away from how we're being treated we're just going to be treated like that at another MQ-like company. Something needs to be done so they know that we don't appreciate being treated like someone with a 5th grade education.
What is the line rate for IC's, does it ever increase? nm
promised rate increase
I have to 100% agree with your statement as I personally experienced just what you stated.
I think OP meant an 30% increase in productivitySM

I don't think the original poster meant a 30% increase in pay, but a 30% increase in productivity! 

Has anyone seen a line increase in the last 2 days?

Interesting, working the same but lines have increased by about 200 per day.

I did ask that, it would increase accuracy, productivity, TAT....sm
She took me off one of the two clinics so now I only have about 35 docs and maybe 10 specialities, but I believe this is only temporary since I am having trouble familiarizing.  I just get the impression that I am not up to par where I should be and I'm surprised, as I'm a quick study.  And to pour salt in it, my two QA people on our Messenger List notated next to their names yesterday that they were typing ___ and listed my account name.  These ladies only type when backed up.  So I think I'm bogging them down:(   I feel so inadequate, and for less than 8 cpl.  Oy.
Do you love their insurance increase as was
What you need personally to cover your bills should be the deciding factor. And what you MIGHT earn
Worked for an MT service that had a mistake on the cover of Employee Manual (sm)
That is bad. 
Yeah, out of work this a.m. ALREADY -- Transtech overhires to cover their rears!
We have been running out of work consistently for the past several months.  You have to work every hour of the day to get your lines, always asked to FLEX your schedule, yet they DEMAND that you work your schedule!  LOL  They have really overhired within the past couple of weeks and we have NO WORK AT ALL NOW.  Very hard to get your line count or make a DECENT PAYCHECK now.  Hope that helps.
in Michigan it IS illegal to publish a check that you do not have the funds to cover
Fuzzy math. A 40% cut in pay is not offset by a 40% increase

in production.  

To break even in this picture, you would have to have a much greater increase in production. IF you currently do 2000 lines a day at 8 cpl, and your new "blended" rate pays 4.8 cpl, you would have to do 3,334 lines to break even, or at least a 67% increase in production.  Do you all really think you can do it?