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OTI - Had us pay big $$$ for equipment and then "oops" changed their mind

Posted By: Way better off on 2006-07-14
In Reply to: POLL:Worst company you ever worked for and why? - ashleyM


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Obviously their equipment policy has changed

I started working for them in October 2006 and they loaned me a C-phone free of charge at that time, for a radiology account. I worked there until the end of February 2007 so the policy must have changed since then.

Internet accounts are much better. I found using a C-phone a real pain in the you-know-where, mainly because (at least with this account) there was no way to go back to the previous report and double-check the dictation if you had a question after you went on to the next voice file.

But that's just me.....

Changed my mind
I changed my mind too sm

I thought it was just me. 


She offered me a position, but I chose not to accept the position because she was very rude.

Just tell them you changed their mind. Not a nice
thing to do but what they did was not nice either. No other explanation is necessary in light of the circumstances.
Transcend-changed my mind
I had previously posted on here about how disappointed I was with the training process at Transcend.  I wanted to come back to this board and let others know about my experience.  Because of how one employee was not doing her job as she should, it made me feel as though the whole company was that same way.  I want to set it straight that you cannot let just one person/employee represent how the entire company operates.  After venting on this board, someone within management at Transcend seen my post and emailed me to offer assistance.  She turned me over to another person and they have straigtened everything out for me.  I had 3 people following up with me on a daily basis.  They really made me feel that I was valued as an employee and wanted to make my experience there as enjoyable and productive as possible.  I am so glad that I decided to stay on.  For you people who are thinking about working for Transcend, I think that you should give them a chance.  The management there really do care about their employees and want you to be happy, have plenty of work, and enjoy the account you are assigned to.  I just wanted to set the record straight. 
I thought about it but changed my mind after
the ADHI gathering in Florida a month or so ago when I overheard some supervisors from there bragging about how many people they fired recently, including one who was sick and on treatment (she called it drugs, so who knows). I wouldn't want to be treated like that and won't let some supervisor get her jollies by firing me when she gets in a bad mood.
Where'd you get the changed her mind about the position part??
The recruiter (JC) was SO rude and obnoxious that I changed my mind.
Dont set yourself up.

CyMed is hiring. If you want Cardiology, I know of a place hiring. Go elsewhere from Transcend, please. save yourself!
You called the owner a liar just because she changed her mind
about a position. What about that constitutes a lie?
Already corrected this above with the "Oops" post.
The owners haven't changed, MT supe hasn't changed
I've been in their office. I know the people. It is a sweat shop and you will never be paid a decent amount or get respect. You won't know which is a good or a bad day for the person you report to until you literally get yelled at.

They have to offer bonuses because their reputation is that bad and nothing has changed. You may get work that has been recorded 3 times from some of the worst accounts you could ever imagine. They take accounts no one else will touch. That hasn't changed.
They changed buildings so maybe the phone number also changed...
They are still going strong...
You can rent a C-phone or Lanier unit from them, but you have to provide your own computer. You have to pay your own LD charges. No benefits as we are statutory employees. I've been with MDI for 18 months and have been very happy there.
Just hired.  They require a $40 dollar lease payment a month for special pedal needed.
You must use their equipment, for which there is $200
No, I have all my own equipment. sm
My checks were short and late from the very first check.
I know that KS just stopped providing equipment. I asked my lead why and she told me flat out that it was taking a FT person to keep track of it, the shipping costs were getting out of hand and they were no longer going to stock endless supplies of it all.

When they made the decision, the owner contacted us all and offered it all dirt cheap: Pedals were $50, c-phones $100 and Lanier machines $200.

I have worked for many, far too many IMO, MTSOs and have always had to have my own equipment. It is part of being an MT.

I have been with KS for 2 years. During that time, they have been fair to me, have paid me on time and correctly and have always provided me with enough work to pay my bills, send 2 kids to college (2 more years and I am done!!!!!) and no have to depend on an ex-husband who does not always remember that child support is not optional.

If someone did not have to pay for their equipment, perhaps they worked something out with the office; I am sure if someone could not afford to purchase, even with being able to break it into 4 payments, the owner would have made special arrangements and probably just gave it to them. They're like that there. They look out for their own.

This is your job. You need to have the necessary equipment
A fax machine is standard equipment in the year 2007.  If you work from home, you need to have the basics.  Either that or pay the $1.50 a page and DEFINITELY do NOT complain to the company about it. 
Equipment is now on the way...
I'll get it 30 something days after hire. So things are moving...just veeeery slowly.
Equipment - SM
All accounts are on different platforms and require different equipment. Some of them will require that you have your own C-phone or Lanier system with unlimited long distance. My 2 accounts are internet-based, so all I need are my transnet/Dictaphone pedal and my other acount just uses a USB wav pedal. They supplied me with the Dictaphone pedal when I started a year ago, but I already had my own USB pedal, which I use for my backup account. Each account is different, so you will want to ask them what equipment you will need. You will need your won computer, however.
Precyse Solutions provides equipment.
MQ equipment....sm
Your friend shouldn't have to pay for the shipping. If MQ wants their equipment back, they need to send pre-paid UPS boxes.

I left MQ about 8 years ago. I held onto their equipment for at least 6 months. I contacted them several times. I was moving and didn't have the space for it anymore. Since they neglected to send boxes, I finally tossed the hard-drive into the back of a Rumpke garbage truck. I made sure I witnessed it being crushed to cover my a$$. The system was DOS and they had just transitioned onto their web-based platform, which is probably why they had no use for it.
They only provide the foot pedal...no PC. They also sent me Stedman's electronic medical dictionary and spell checker software as well as quick look drug reference software.
TTS also requires you to buy Word 2003 out of pocket.
What equipment do I need?
I can't go into more debt buying pedals and systems that won't work with them. So far I have a wav pedal. Anything else?

I've heard such mixed reviews from them, I don't know what to think. I just know I need a job.
I never heard of the FOB, either.

You do need a specific foot pedal to work on Bayscribe. There are tons of foot pedals and not all are configured to work with every platform.

I agree that the Baycribe platform was simple to set up, and there were rarely any technical issues with it - only when it was down for maintenance by the owner (not Landmark).

Landmark did have some accounts that used ExText and that would require a different foot pedal.
Companies =can use my own equipment?
Any suggestions on companies where you can use your own PC.
Spheris equipment

Looking for current info about their computers/equip.  Do they rent theirs, or can you use yours?  Deposit? Rental fee?  I see different things in the archives regarding this.  TIA

Spheris equipment
You pay a deposit at start (a couple of pay periods). If there are any problems, you call the Help Desk (available 24/7). If there are any major problems, they send you a new one.
They do supply equipment for a (sm)
nominal lease fee.  No weekends unless you want to work them.
don't they provide equipment...sm
even if you are an SE. I know I worked as an SE for them before, and used their equipment.  So, why were you providing your own?
Upgrade equipment
Upgrading your equipment, I cant make enough money to pay for upgrading the equipment!  I have been sitting here all day, since 7:30 this morning, trying to get a decent line count and Im still only at around 500 lines..hardly any work all day..just about the worst I have ever seen it.  If and when I decide to move on, Im gonna have to go with a company that supplies the equipment.  Right now, this pay check I probably will just about be able to pay my bills and I need new tires!  LOL!  Well, I will be sitting here tonight till about midnight, hopefully some work will build up in the system.
Keystrokes Equipment
It's true, and it is a new policy, Keystrokes no longer supplies any equipment.  You have to have your own C-phone or Lanier.
Do they make you pay for equipment? sm...
Thinking about applying.  Do they have an equipment rental fee?  Do they reimburse internet?  Do they require unilimited long distance or is it all internet based?  How is the pay for radiology transcription?  Weekly or biweekly pay?  Anything? or everything? for someone who knows. Thanks much!
lol it didn't say anything about equipment
maybe she is trying to find someone who is using the same equipment as she has...sm
and inadvertently addressed the post to the company.
Precyse Equipment
I was just hired by Precyse and they provided full computer setup within 2 days. Not sure if you HAVE to use it or not, but my equipment was extremely nice.
Sometimes it is necessary to buy equipment if the company sm
does not supply it. We find that most MTs have either a C-phone or a Lanier X-writer or both.
testing equipment

It is a transcription test.  You have to have some type of wav player.  I had to download express scribe which was free.  You also need to have MS Word and a foot pedal. 

Equipment -- reply
I think a few do, but also they charge you so much per month for the computer...think it depends on which company in regard to how much they charge.
Charge for equipment
Well if they don't charge for equipment rental just how recently did they stop. I just started working for them last month and have to pay $20 month. As for the incentive, doubt I'll ever see it because all I seem to get are ESLs, financially a disaster.
Equipment costs?
They sent me a footpedal and give the license # to use the Expander program. I would never had accepted a position with them or any other company with this much of an investment, I don't think anybody else would have either. This is just ludicrious and I don't believe it.
Keystrokes equipment
They asked on my application last week if I needed equipment whether I'd be interested in renting it from them, on loan. They just don't provide it free of charge.
What kind of equipment do you need?

Do you need a C-phone?

Do they provide equipment?
Also, do they have IC positions?
Is it possible to type clinic work only?
I'd say if you aren't using their equipment it is known of their

business.  I do see an issue if you have their equipment and are using that equipment in the second job. 


computer no, equipment yes
MQ does provide equipment
Precyse provides equipment.

These used to provide equipment
Medquist (NJ), OSi (GA), Transcend (GA), Amphion (WI), Transtech (TX).
Axolotl provides equipment