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Posted By: jd on 2006-07-16
In Reply to: DSG - Nasty superviser, endless account specifics changes, no support - nm - no name, no state

I agree, they are unprofessional and rude. They throw you into a pool that they have overhired for and there is not enough work to go around... then they cry and complain when youre not hitting your production. They set impossible standards.... unless youre a brown-noser, in which case, see those peoples posts as the ones who would say anything positive about DSG. Its like the movie Mean Girls, and the mean girls are running the show there.

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Dont know who died but Oh Brother has my vote.
How is it that in less than 1 year Medware goes from the best company to work for to the worst?

Let's hope AAMT does a better job of picking the next company of the year!

Worst company to work for. Read the archives and you'll
be hard pressed to find anything good about this company. 
I dont work for this company, but I do want to say...
I read all of the replies to your question so far, and it is nice to see all the support from your coworkers. All had very thoughtful and well thought out replies. Must be a nice company to work for, and I think you are fortunate to work there.

Good luck improving your line count.
Getting the worst shift and worst work are two different things...
If you are new, you may not get the best shift, but everyone should share in the difficult work. No one person should be stuck with ESLs because they are new. Maybe the new hires won't get first pick of holidays...things like that, but shouldn't get stuck with all ESLs. Doesn't make sense.
I dont know what that means. I am an SE. I dont sit and wait for work I come back in when it is
there so I never had to deal with Amherst when there was no work because I just stopped working and did other things. My feeling is if this doesnt work there are other jobs out there.
If I cant make QA, dont give me work. Dont dock
You obviously have the wrong company. If they dont IM you, then you dont have it on..
I smell management. Nothing you said makes sense unless there is another Focus out there.
I also vote for Webmedx - used to work for the Q, left long ago sm
Have not worked for Transcend or SoftScript so can't judge. I agree with the above poster; pay good, shift diff, PTO, decent bennies. Lots of work. Keep in mind there are two parts of Webmedx - the one on Enterprise platform and ChartMatrix; the ChartMatrix side seems to have more negative reviews.
Worst Company
I too feel your pain about losing your account to India, but unfortunately it will be inevitable that everyone will lose their account to India at some time or another with this company. It seems with them, they use the US MTs to gear those accounts up for the client, make their work look really good, while in the background training the India MTs to take it over one day, and they usually do. Spheris is the worst company out there. If every US MT would just not work for them anymore, it would be a perfect world...wouldn't it!! Unfortunately, that will never happen, hence Spheris living on and screwing yet just another MT over and over again in the process. My sympathies to all MTs that have to stoop to try make a living at Spheris, I will only hope for you all that you find a better company that appreciates you and your hard work one day!!
Worst company ever!!!
I worked for Cymed for almost 2 years, but they were bought out by SPi in the summer of 2006, and things really went downhill after that. I left a year ago, and it was the best decision I have ever made! I hear that things are even worse there now than they were when I was there. They treat their MTs horribly and don't even pay for spaces. There are MUCH better companies out there to work for! You will get totally screwed over by this company.
Worst company I ever worked for.
Sounds files are horrific, worst ESLs ever (and I'm very good with ESLs and do greater than 85% ESL), all kinds of internal problems, etc.   If you look back for previous posts you do find an occasional good post about them, but you'll find 10 bad ones for 1 good one.   There have even been people who ignored all the bad comments and went to work for them only to come back here and post that the bad posts were right and they were sorry they didn't heed them.    There is always work because there is such a turnover in MTs.   I also worked in QA and was offered a management position with them and the quality of the work I saw was so bad that I had to pretty much retype every file.  
I second that-worst company I ever worked for also..nm
They are also the abSolute worst company. nm
SoftScript the worst company ever!!!
Are they a perfect company, No..are they better, probably, but are the worst, definitely not.
Overall, I'm happy there. I have tried other job but thus far no one has compared to them in terms of benefits, and I love the leads we have. That is why I stay.  If there was a perfect company out there, we'd all be working there but they are pretty close and have a lot of happy employees.
Worst company I have ever worked for
I recently worked for Central Transcription Services (CTS) out of Michigan.  My account manager was great.  The pay was great - when I finally got it.  I don't know if they have cash flow problems or just poor management, but they NEVER  paid on time.  My last check there was 12 days late, which is why it was my last check....I quit!
Worst company out there. Horrible sound
quality, horrible ESLs, system not user friendly, loopy QA.   I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. 
POLL:Worst company you ever worked for and why?


Worst on-line company ever worked for
There is NO communication for MTs, between supervisors, QA, or anyone else. Company is highly secretive. QA is very rude!!! Receiving paychecks is consistently late. I would not advise working there for anyone.
Absolutely the worst company I have worked for. SM
Extremely disorganized, outdated platform (in terms of MedRiteXL), unprofessional management.
This company is the pits! They have the worst program
to work on - supposedly a wonderful automated computerized, integrated with voice recognition, state of the art, etc., that is so far behind the times that you spend 20 minutes trying to just figure out how to do the demographics on each report.

NOTHING is automated. Nothing is uniform.
You get multiple types of reports from multiple accounts to work on, but you have to have the instruction sheets open at all times because there is nothing uniform about which block the date they want for that report goes in (like playing the game where you find the nut shell that the pea is hidden under), so just to be sure you got it in right, put it in all 3. Then make sure you select the right reason that there is a problem on the report. There are probably 20 reasons, several say the same thing, but you better pick the right one (and do not ever suggest they remove the ones you should not use, nor suggest that they only have 1 box to put a date in, or anything else about this program, because it can't be done.) You have to go to a minimum of 5 different screens just to finish the demographic garbage.

The problem is that management has gotten too far away from transcription. They sit in their ivory towers and do not realize how much clerical work the MLS has to do to complete a report. They are not open to any suggestions, always the same old story of we have always done it this way.

Technical support is a total joke. You can sit for hours and never hear a word on how to fix the problem. And when you do hear from them, it is always your fault.

Not sure if they have fixed any of the not-so-automated stuff recently, but I doubt it - they probably just created more boxes for the MLS to complete.

So do yourself a favor and find a different company. I found one that wrote their own program and it is great. You rarely have to do anything with demographics. Everything is quick and easy with good and SENSIBLE keystroke commands (ones you can relate the command to the letter of the alphabet, not something like using control+T to enter a patient name or whatever stupid command Transcend assigned to that field.

Editing is an even bigger joke. The team leads take all the good editing jobs and the MLS is left with the crap. And cherry picking is rampant.
I worked for this company and it was the worst experience of my career.
I would advise you to search the archives on this board. You will be able to make your own decision based on that info.
What company is good in your opinion if Spheris is the worst? (nm)

SS is the abolute worst company on the face of the earth.

The sound quality of their files is horrendous, their dictators are mostly ESL and the absolute worst ESLs I've ever done and I do ESL all the time and am very good at them usually.  I found their platform very time consuming, tech support wasn't very good, QA was an absolute joke.    If you take this job you can forget the coffee, you'll need Valium.   If you read through the achives there are many posts stating basically the same thing so it wasn't just me.  There are even a couple of posts where people decided to take positions against the advice of many of us and they have come back and apologized that they lasted only a month or two and we were right, that it was the absolute worst company out there.  

I don't know anything about the other company.  I don't know if they are a new company or have changed names because I've only seen them mentioned on here a couple of times. 


company is bad but the Tennessee management team is the worst. Run! -nm
QT gets my vote! I love it! Gross line pay, on time, 1 account, steady work! Great place!!!! nm
But you dont have to stay at a company where you
They dont outsource...THEY ARE AN OVERSEAS COMPANY
check out www.spi-bpo.com  you will see that they are 100% owned by the Philippine Telephone Company now.   The US venture holder sold them.   I know they have lost many accounts over the last year or so.   I know they also have a lot of turnover in management.   I'd steer clear of these folks.
I dont know this company but I would absolutely hold into a job I had until I was sure these
companies arent playing games.  I dont trust any of them anymore.  
No one is stuck with the worst. The work is not pooled like MQ. It is by account and FIFO. nm
You dont think any company wont save a penny anywhere they
you work there dont you? You tell us
Dont even work there

I worked there for few months and realized that its not a good place to work at all. Specially the Owners of the Company is the biggest problem to work there as he is not a professional at all. They are loosing clients recently and not good to go there

I dont work for MDI-FL but I would certainly hope
that the rude poster below does not work for them. I would not want to work with people that rude. The original poster just asked a question, isnt that what these forums are for???
hope you dont run out of work-- nm
Dont work there but you know they arent doing
Oh I wonder what happened to those MTs then. Dont they have work now. Are all the

MTs running out of work.  I wouldnt think many are happy if there is not enough work.  I know I am  not.

Why dont you do the work for 6 cpl and keep all the profit for yourself but
I expect you cant do it so you try to hire people for 6 cpl that can do it.  I bet you didnt get hundreds of applications this time.
Agree, lol. I dont even work there & I can tell
If you think you dont get more of the junk work when it is picked over by VR or ASR you had better
think again. The best attendings will be gone to VR and you will get the leftovers. I have been doing both for a year and I can guarantee you your CEO is full of it. Dont believe a word of it. You will either make less money on ASR or less money on the leftovers. Take you choice.
I dont work for TransTech, but I have noticed that too. nm
I read somewhere that certain routers dont work with VPN. SM
I believe it was a certain Linksys brand.

I would like to go wireless too.
Just curious, where do you work if you dont mind my asking. nm
Well, seems to me if you work you dont get paid eithr - sm
I do understand the dilemma, but honestly, start looking for a job that does pay during this period.  I know of many companies that unfortunately play games with your pay and I've been watching one do this for five years now and remarkably he is still in business because while he does eventually make good on his promise to pay, he wreaks havoc on those who work for him constantly.  People like this should be shut down, but as long as his contractors keep playing along with him, he will continue. 
I dont think you will make more than that for clinic work.

I make 10 cpl at the Q, but have been there 12 years and was at that rate when my prior company was bought out. 

There are people who make that, but not for clinic work and probably not for just starting at a company.  I have been applying like crazy and the best I came up with was 8 cpl for Basic 4 and 9 cpl for straight OPs.

Thats 15 years experience.

You have to wonder if the supervisors that dont care about no work are always
getting new MTs because they quit all the time. 
my antidepressants dont even work anymore.
Dont work there but noticed few weeks ago they
I dont cherry pick, never did. I dont do that to my coworkers on my account.

What is the new status. I dont understand what it means. I dont need their benefits nor do I want