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Softscript! Horrible sound quality, awful dictators, bad management, and late paychecks...nm

Posted By: Bouali on 2006-07-14
In Reply to: POLL:Worst company you ever worked for and why? - ashleyM


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DSG2 accounts are awful..dictators and sound quality.

Sound quality horrible, the worst ESL dictators
I ever heard and I do probably 80% ESLs, poor management, poor support, pay sometimes late.  I can honestly say I wouldn't refer my worst enemy to them. 
SoftScript is the worst - horrible accounts, horrible management, don't go there! nm
Horrible accounts, horrible sound quality, etc
The only time SoftScript would not be wonderful is if you aren't doing your job. They are an extremely professional company. Sounds like someone may not have lived up to their standards.
The ESL dictators are horrible. Management is very mean and nasty when things
are not going perfectly. Stay away.
Post from 2 yrs ago said very bad sound quality, low pay, & very difficult dictators. nm
Horrendous dictators, poor sound quality, system
not user friendly, management issues, pay not on time, many complaints over line counting.  MTs who have asked for and no heeded advice have come back to apologize because everything that has been said repeatedly was true. 
horrible sound quality.....
and they tried to blame it on my equipment!  Also agree with lack of communication and horrible ESLs.  I'd look elsewhere if I were you.
This ex-DSGer agrees, especially with the sound quality and that awful DocQScribe..nm
Years ago, sound quality was HORRIBLE...sm
still in contact with a few MT friends there and nothing has changed.  I wonder why they always had such poor, muffled sound quality? 
I worked for them PT briefly -- nice people but sound quality was awful. sm

That was a long time ago, though, and things could have changed.  If I remember, they paid decent wages.

Good luck. 

Let's see...lousy sound quality, dictators with no skill, unavailable QA, running out of work.nm
It was archaic before it was even written. Sound quality is horrible,
all static and scratches.  Full of glitches.  System is alway broken down.  It is definitely not streamlined and was probably written for 1990 era transcription.  Line counts are bad, you do not get paid for anything in templates.  It is typical of what Transcend will shove down your throat and try to convince you is wonderful, just like they think 4 cpl for editing that garbage is a big deal. 
When I worked there sound quality was horrible and no one ever answered my emails..sm
Really the only good thing I have to say about them is their platform was great - DocQscribe.  I had no problem getting good lines.  But managment was rude, sound quality was awful on all 3 accounts I worked on, and they don't answer emails.
Yeah, but the sound quality is horrible on all accounts. Good luck with that!
Late paychecks. sm
Company I work for always behind. Paydays supposed to be 1st and 15th, and pay from 2 weeks behind. Invoice on 1st is paid the 15th. They now say payday is 4th and 20th without saying anything ahead of time. With wait on first class mail, I average a paycheck about every 25 days. It is terrible.
Late paychecks

Small MTSO's sometimes use company funds to pay their personal bills as well, so if they have a lot of bills or something unexpected happens, there goes the payroll money! 

Horrible company, horrible dictators, ESL
at its absolute worst, sound quality horrible.  The MTs I did QA for were horrendous.  They made up words, obviously didn't use a spellchecker, couldn't get the hang of something as simple as copying and pasting Preop diagnoses to postop diagnoses and would type same again and again.  QA manager would send out updates for new drugs, equipment and have things misspelled, frequently got e-mails that evidently were sent because someone wanted to feel important, absolutely no useful information, management problems, lots and lots of turnover, including management.    The CEO has no clue about transcription and is in it for the money.  After talking with him you feel like you need a shower. 
RE: Breitner late paychecks

I have worked for BTS for 2 1/2 years now and NEVER has BTS been late with my check or deducted lines.  They pay for exactly what they said they would pay when I was hired.  You have to take into consideration the mail system.  BTS can't do anything about that.  Why didn't you opt for direct deposit?  It's a wonderful  and sure thing.  My money has ALWAYS been there on time every time. 

YES, BTS is hiring and I strongly recommend them.  I have been there for 2 1/2 years and have NEVER run out of work.  If I'm low (which is very rare) I'm given another account to help with.  The account manager is very understanding and accommodating if you have sick kids, appointments or whatever.  I've worked for sevral MT companies and I have to say this is the best one that I've found.  Thank you BTS .  Oh I must add, I have recieved a Christmas gift every year too along with something for MT week. 


So, after all of the hoopla about JLG paychecks being late, sm

are current employees satisfied with the outcome/explanation/etc.?  More importantly, would you recommend that someone take a job with this company?  I always heard good things about them in the past, but that was a long time ago. 

Speaking of late paychecks....
What is generally the cause of late paychecks? MTSO says their big client has not paid, thus delaying payroll. But I have to wonder if there are more things going on than what they say. Thoughts? Experiences?
I've never had a problem with the paychecks being late at all. sm
What I do have an issue with is the tech person, who's very nasty, the nasty and threatening VP e-mails and the line counts are really fishy. Other than that, I don't have a problem. I just ignore the nasty e-mails and reject jobs because the tech guy won't fix my sound.
You are not alone. I had the SAME problem with them. My paychecks were always late and SHORT. sm

My first 2 paychecks were "without spaces" and I had a lengthy dispute with them that I won only because I had asked about them earlier on this board and was told by someone else to save all of my emails . I had saved the email in which they told me the line cout included spaces and when I provided it they cut a check for the "disputed amount", but it was also short (in their favor).    My last paycheck was also short and very very late (several months) .  

There was also a lot of downtime.  You will get a lot of  "No work tonight" emails.


Breitner....late paychecks and short. sm
Pay day supposed to be 1st and 15th, checks always mailed 5 days later plus you have the mail wait. Have a 25 to 30% reduction on your overall lines every pay period to cover header/footers. I counted every report and headers/footers covered 5 to 8 lines a report (average 333 characters). They substantially dip into your actual production. Just a heads up because they are advertising again.
has anyone else get late paychecks from Meridian or is the negative just from one sour pus

I really would like to know before accepting a position with them.

I would like someone besides the poster from below to answer please. 



Awful dictators

Awful dictators.  They cannot keep people on this ortho account.  The sound is so muffled, you cannot understand even an otherwise very clear dictator.  They do not have a website.

They offshore, sound quality not great, quality
of work coming back from India is bad and they don't pay enough for editing it. 
Are you sure the sound quality was the platform and not your sound card? Also, I don't know of ma

services that pay "down time" if the platform is inoperational.  ALL software has its share of problems.  It's the nature of the business.  When you were hired, did you sign a contract accepting the terms regarding PTO?  If so, what could you possibly complain about since you did, afterall, sign the agreement?  Did you have a good relationship with your QA Editor/Team Leader that you could ask questions about account specifics?

My understanding of the VR is that it has been in development for a number of years not to be released until the fine tuning was complete.  It would seem to me, and I am in no way affiliated with Transcend, that provided that VR is good then earning a line rate as an Editor would be beneficial, if that's how Transcend is planning to compensate.

All in all, I would say that if anyone is interested in working for Transcend or any service for that matter, make sure to ask the services Recruiter specific questions.  If what you're hearing sounds good and makes sense, go for it.  If what your'e hearing is not all that you thought it would be, move on.  However, you MUST take what you read on forums boards with a grain of salt.  While some posts regarding various services may be legitimate, others may not be.

Good Luck!

MT Manners

Of course it's good, but with the awful dictators and the trash dictation we get anymore, this ki
Horrible company. Bad dictators,

platform has got to be the worst thing out there.  They are run by a bunch of people who don't know what they are doing.  They all tell you to do something different when it comes to the account specs.  Impossible to make any money there. 

Two years ago I was offered .075 cpl. Horrible dictators!
I disagree. The pay is awful, the quality is
awful, and the potential for lawsuits is high. The only purpose is to make higher profits for MTSOs. Fortunately, not all companies are that greedy.
Switched once, all together 6-7 accounts, awful quality
QA could not have been nicer, could usually fill my blanks, but when you can't get a handle on a dictation from the first sentence and it's all downhill from there, I didn't want my initials on those reports. I emphasize all the positives I stated about the company. If someone wants a real challenge with every report, and expects it to take a while before comfortable with the dictators, it could be a nice home. I just could not make enough to pay my bills.
Voice files that was sent to me were of totally awful quality!! sm
Would not touch it with a 10 foot pole and I have lots of years of experience.
How do the accounts seem. Decent sound and dictators do you think. nm
You cannot be serious. MQ is horrible. See MQ board. You must be management.
Only management would even be able to type such an answer.
SoftScript is a horrible company, would not be on my
top 10 companies.  I haven't worked for Transcend.  I hated WMX too.  I had heard lots of good things about them, but I sure didn't see it.  There have been lots of bad posts about them lately. 
Sound quality
The sound is great. That has been resolved and it was not the system but the phone lines from the facilities. No need for technical support, but I have never had any problems reaching someone and had an immediate response.
Sound quality
I was wondering about the sound quality.  Have you found it to be pretty good?  TIA!
Sound quality
Never had a problem either. Everybody perceives things differently. Best thing to do is check them out for yourself.
DSG sound quality
Is anyone else getting tired of the horrible sound quality with this company???  If it's not some nightmare ESL dictator, then it's a doc with the microphone pushed up to his lips so hard that it's nothing but static or slurring his words so badly that it sounds like he's half drunk!!!  Aggghhh!!!  Just had to vent. 
sound quality
I'll bet you are using Transcriptionist headphones. Lousy sound quality always. Got myself some cheap stero headphones from Big Lots and only have to change to my Aiwa sound cancelling headphones on rare occasions. The worst cheap stereo headphones are better quality than anything that goes in your ears, stethoscope headphones are the very worst.
DSG sound quality . . .
I always thought the same thing when I worked there years back, but management made me feel like it was all me . . . that it was impossible to have a difference from account to account or day to day. Sounds like same thing, different day.
Low work volumes, horrible sound

What is going on with Transcend?

I am about to leave also and I never thought I'd see myself type that!


Worst company out there. Horrible sound
quality, horrible ESLs, system not user friendly, loopy QA.   I would not recommend them to my worst enemy. 
P.S. - Sound Quality Sucks!!
I, too, found that the quality of their sound files were awful!! and that's being nice!!  They all sound like they are talking with the phone down their shirt, in their mouth, etc., and that's every account!!  I don't know what kind of filters, if they use any, that they use, but they need better sound quality to get quality reports!!
Yes, the sound quality is definitely the platform.

Over the past few months they have had post after post on their own company board regarding the bad sound quality and all the problems the VR software has been having.  They rolled out this platform WAY before it was ready and expect the MLSs to just deal with the problems while they "work" on them.  These same problems have been going on for months.  So yes, while we agreed to terms on PTO, we only earn so much PTO per pay period, which is not even close to the amount of time lost due to the technical problems.  It is one thing to accept employment and realize that the company doesn't pay for downtime, but any reasonable person would assume that the downtime would be short-lived.  Not months and months as this has been.

The sound quality issue...

There is one account that the voice is uploaded from another system and it's only the voice files dictated on 2 specific ports there, not all of their dictation.  The company is working to get the problem resolved with the client presently.  I'm holding out because overall I don't think the company is bad. 

Transcendite MT

some of the sound quality is horrific -
However, I truly believe that is due to the way the dictators are using their handhelds since many feel the need to scream into the receiver and distort the sound or speak just above a whisper, so that you cannot type and hear them at the same time (beware of the ones who alternately scream and whisper!) I have been on this platform for years, so I know it is not a platform issue - it is a dictator issue that they refuse to address. Other than that the company seems okay.
The sound quality is terrible with FC. nm
yes, sound quality is excellent. nm