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Oh so true. The majority of recruiters I have emailed (sm)

Posted By: 20th century (1982) MTer on 2008-07-22
In Reply to: I think most recruiters are full of HOT AIR, and - - (see mssg)

either don't give you the courtesy of a reply, or when they do get around to it 6 months later, you're already working somewhere else. I like your idea, but I don't think it would succeed. If they can't take 15 seconds to reply to receipt of your email with an automated message, I highly doubt they would reserve time out of their day to give attention to us on boards such as these.

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Even after years of doing this, it's NOT true for the majority of MTs these days. Look at how man
that's too bad..maybe it's the recruiters accusing others of being recruiters...
The majority
of their accounts are NOT online yet, most are still C-phone or Lanier.
The majority of them do. There are still some that
don't, but the list is growing all the time of the ones that do. 
I agree. I think since the majority SM
of the workers in this field are female, they are hesitant to take action to preserve their financial stability and just sit and wait for things to get better (they almost never do).
For the majority of tests, you HAVE to go by
BOS2. No way you can pass it if you are not following the rules.
Heartland - Majority of the US accounts
were sent to India. They lost the account I was working on (FL account) and now I am pretty sure we are going to get let go...
Majority of comments here are very negative about them. nm
The majority of them offshore. The list will be
much shorter if you ask what companies don't offshore. 
For a few works okay, but majority have problems sm
sooner or later. Can be fine one day and next day can be sick to death with vomiting, diarrhea, obstruction, on and on. Have seen it too many times. A friend I know had to stay in a nursing home for a year after her surgery from major complications. She still is not right, plus she is fat again.

I think this surgery is just a quick fix kind of thing and not anything that lasts for long. There are still too many unknowns about it and other risks over a long period of time.
It is 90 days, just like the majority of companies. (nm)
Sounds like TransTech and it's NOT how the majority of accounts are. nm
I wish the majority of sheeple in this country would wake up and
see the reality, but they won't until it's too late.
Majority of MTs say just give me the work and leave
Actually, you should be MORE amazed at the fact that the majority of our profession has been
outsourced and to add insult to injury, we are expected to survive on what is practially tantamount to Third World wages?  Not only that, but as a MT for the last 25+ years, I am livid about the fact that our medical information is in the hands of individuals outside of this country not to mention SS#, etc.  IMO that particular issue among others I have listed should be a legitimate cause for concern....
I think majority of negative comments start when work is low and
they start looking for another job. I, for one, would rather be too busy and have to work an extra hour or 2 than not to have any work. Overhiring is the death of all of us, since we do not have a guaranteed income unless you are a team leader or hourly employee.

Failure to pay on time is another large problem that will produce negative comments.

If companies were actually above-board with the problems at their company before the hiring process is completed, a lot of this could be avoided.
A majority want 600 lpd for PT. Being able to put in extra hours varies from place to
Infinity makes the majority of the foot pedals, so to

ask if an Infinity pedal will work is too general of a question.  Do you need game port, serial port, USB, 9 pin, 15 pin, etc.  They can be configured different ways so just because it is an Infinity doesn't mean it will work. 

I use an Infinity pedal but it is specially configured to be compatible with only DVI. 


You have absolutely get your lines in the vast majority of the time - sm
In other words, you cannot have technical problems one day, decide to run errands the next, and then the 1 day out of 3 you decide to work there is very low work and you cannot get your lines in they will call and/or send an e-mail asking why.  You need to be doing what you agreed to in your contract or you are going to get fired.  I think that is true at most places now.
Exactly. The majority of the population can't afford health care.
Huh.  Sound familiar?
The majority of places have you use templates and software platforms. Maybe someone can suggest a
They send a majority of the Escription accounts to India. There are a few of the hospitals that said
they could not send their work there but I suspect they do anything. In any event, yes, a lot of the easier work goes to India and they are proud of this affliation, not bad it doesn't pay my bills. Then, they wonder why we are so angry about India taking our jobs.
well she is a liar then. the majority speaks and the truth has been heard. sorry, actions speak

Type in "Interpro" on a search here and you'll see the vast majority of comments
A search of the Main Board will show salaries discussed svl times over. Majority of us are paid
Now the recruiters have gotten
Take it to the job seekers board and post away.  I don't believe you are a happy MT.  It sounds like you want to recruit some happy MTs.
Those recruiters will say anything SM
to keep you talking to them.  Come back after you've spoken with the supervisor because I am willing to bet they aren't going to be flexible other than 30 minutes either way on a shift and definitely no 12-hour window.
Think what you wish? I know several recruiters
and they make much more than $35000.
MTs for recruiters
Maybe instead of overworking the recruiters, those of us who want jobs should be hired as recruiters, MTs and QA people. At least we would know what NOT to do!!
Anyone know anything about these people? 
What's up with TT recruiters?
I emailed a resume with an immediate response.  Emailed back with question and then received a reply but now that I have emailed back, nothing for days and days. Makes me wonder.......
was it one of those RECRUITERS? lol
The recruiters for SS are just as bad!

All around smarmy situation here, worse than anything I've ever seen.  And I've been in this biz a long time... 

I loved when they sent around the memo to nominate them for MTSO of the year.    Were they serious or just rubbing in their nastiness? 

Exactly! Get rid of the recruiters, the
secretaries to the secretaries, the assitants to the assistant manager/supervisor, etc., most of the human resources personnel, even some of the so-called techs who don't know as much about computers as I do! Trim the fat in other places besides the ones who are actually producing the document which earns the company money! Why cut the ones generate actual REVENUE rather than the office fluff & executive-type positions?
Recruiters and their Styles

It seems the more telephone interviews I go through the stranger they become.  You really have to wonder how a lot of so-called MT recruiters ever got hired to recruit.  Where on this planet did these companies dig them up from?!!!  Sometimes you are asked the strangest questions.  It is usually like they don't even have your resume in front of them, never saw your test results, etc.  Ask them questions and try to get straight answers...What a nightmare...Any funny stories to tell???

I think the job of recruiters is to get people to

work for the company.  If you are qualified and past testing they want you.  Some recruiters get paid a bonus for each hire, others just need to have new hires to show they are doing their job.   I have had dealings with one recruiter who told me what a wonderful account they wanted me to work on, that people on it just loved it and there was rarely an opening so I should count my blessings.  I talked to the team leader and she told me about the account and how hard it was and that they couldn't keep MTs on it.  I had worked on that account at a different company and I knew for a fact how hard it was.   Fortunately for me the team leader was honest, because had I taken the job based on the recruiter I would have quit the next day.

I think a recruiter should be as honest as they can be because it costs money to hire and train and if the MT isn't going to stay because what she was told and what IS was to different things it doesn't look good.   I have had recruiters who are not/have never been MTs and they haven't a clue what you are talking about half the time.

I have adopted Oprah's advice - doubt means don't.   If I don't have a good feeling about a company I won't take the job.  

Have you asked their recruiters? -nm
Maybe it is one recruiter who works for several companies. A clique of one!
There are recruiters who work for more than sm
one company and they could play an obstacle game with an applicant who refused an offer from one company and applied to the other. People can be fickle and mean.
I see some QA/MT folks do become recruiters from

thread below.  Does anyone know how to break into this?  I believe I would be very good at this and I don't believe I have ever seen any ads for recruiters.

If I have never seen any ads, how do some of the recruiters who have been/are MTs/QA manage to find the positions that they do in order to allow them to change companies when some of us have never seen an ad to allow us to even enter that end of the field?

I would love to know because I think it would be very interesting.

Would you recommend just to start emailing all companies or calling them, or do you think it would be a waste of time?





Dear Recruiters: I would like to sm
know why you don't state in your job ad what kind of internet connection is needed.  Mainly, I would like to know if satellite is acceptable so I know whether or not to even pursue it.  Some do say so, but many do not.  I really just wonder why.  It wastes the time of the recruiter with useless email questions and the MT's time trying to find out. 
Recruiters: Thank you for sharing sm
I am really embarrassed for those people, but I am also having a good laugh. I bet you all really need to vent.  Do you have a network of recruiters where you can go?  I am glad to have a glimpse of your world.  Now I know why some of those ads are in caps - YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO DO THIS OR DO NOT APPLY!   Honestly, they sound hostile, and I skip by them, but at least now I know why. 
aren't we ALL recruiters for the
company we work for. Obviously we like where we work since we are employed there....and don't we all then recruit others who are in the job market....
I think most recruiters are full of HOT AIR, and -
during the recruiting/testing/hiring process, they promise a heckuva lot more than the company ever actually delivers. There are already too many 'suits' lurking on this board, as it is.
More Ditsy recruiters
A few weeks ago a recruiter from a company whose initials are SGS called me. She was not ditzy, just had no knowledge of business etiquette at all. I thought to myself that if it was this much of a pain to deal with them in a telephone conversation, what would it be like to work for them? I think a lot of these companies do not realize that the people they put on the phone are often the only chance they will get to make a good impression. This woman needed to go to charm school.
Actually, all the MTSO recruiters have been sm
at multiple companies over their careers, I don't think she is the only one.  I remember there was a Gary at Medscribe in Jacksonville who ended up at 3 other services over the years.
Glad that's true for you for 8 years. Not true for many. I love the company, but I do run out of
as do many others. Wish I were as fortunate as you.
I'm not generalizing, but some of the MTSOs and recruiters

I've dealt with this past week are the most condescending, rude, obnoxious people I've ever "met"!!!!  Most of them aren't, mind you, but I've had a run of bad apples recently.  Most of them are very nice, personable, honest people.  But lately, it's enough to make me want to get out of the business again.  Just because a person is offering a job does not give them the right to be jerks.  However, it's a good thing it came out now instead of later before I wasted my time or energy any further with them.  Some of these people have such egos.  They treat potential employees as peons or nuisances, so you can imagine what they treat their employees like.  No wonder they're hiring again.  And again.  And again.  I believe in treating my fellow humans with respect and dignity.  There's no need to be rude or short-tempered, especially when YOU are the one that made the mistake.  If it's stressing you out that much, get out of the business!  Some people are just not management material.  Please, proofread your ad to be sure you didn't misspell anything or accidentally cut off all the important details when you copied and pasted.  Your professionalism, or lack of it, is glaringly apparent.  Also, put down a wage range.  After seeing my resume, do you honestly think I'd work for $.06-.07 per line?  Remember, the person you tick off today with YOUR bad attitude may have been the friend from another board yesterday or a possible account referral tomorrow.  I used to think highly of you.  Now the truth comes out.

Please post your name so recruiters know who to NOT hire.
If you want a company who doesn't care about quality, you must be well aware already that you can't provide any.

Wal-Mart is hiring.
One of the recruiters just resigned; I don't know if I'd believe what you heard. nm
I personally doubt most of the recruiters know each other.
It's my guess they don't know who each other is.