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Precyse offshores, pay is based on numerous

Posted By: what I know on 2005-12-29
In Reply to: Global Transcription Network and Precyse?? - testing for both... TIA :o)

things - years of experience, shift, CMT, etc.   Pay is average. 

I don't know anything about the other company.




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Precyse offshores.
no message.
That happened to me numerous times with numerous companies. sm
I understand how you feel and what you are going through. I have been there myself many times. It is very frustrating. Keep your chin up and keep looking. There are companies out there where you can just do OP Reports, but you need to find them. Tomorrow will be brighter!

It is exhausting, but you will find a perfect fit soon enough.
She/they were emailed numerous times by numerous MTs
Welcoming emails and actually responding to those emails are apparently two entirely different things.

I think there are numerous "nm"
that come on here. How do we know who is who?
numerous accounts
Yes - I definitely have the same problem. I have a few different accounts, all with different styles (i.e. DO NOT number medications, number medications always, or number medications only if they say it). Stuff like that and it is very hard to keep them all straight...
KS has numerous accounts on....sm
many different platforms so I don't see how this question can honestly be answered. And there's no way of knowing which accounts they are hiring for until the time that you actually talk to the recruiter/HR.

I also see how one MT will love a platform that makes another MT pull their hair out!

So bottom line is, I don't think there is a definitive answer to the question!
I see the numerous complaints on here
This is pertaining to work, not my home life but pretty much of a recluse because that is how I like it, love being able to do what I want and when I want. People gripe on here about their companies. I like the place I work for, have no complaints. Most can say we are all in this together. Not me. Others can get lawsuits, try to hold MTSOs responsible for every little thing going wrong in their lives, have at it. Ok, I donít really live for myself, I have animals around here also that I care for, how about that? Hubs is pretty special also but other than that, work is way down on my priority list.
Numerous posts below and in the last few weeks.
That is where numerous Spheris MT's are moving. They are getting a very
There is message board made of Spheris employees, which now has recruiters from Webmedx on encouraging people to quit Spheris. Believe me, Spheris is no bed of roses, but going on another company's board is hitting pretty low.
Heartland has lost numerous accounts before
nothing new! I trained on new accounts and then was told that a) they went to India because they could keep up with TAT and b) they no longer have that account..... time to start looking!
Scroll down and read the numerous posts over the
last week or so.  Also dozens of posts in the archives. 
YES! I will get numerous reports from the same ugly dictator

8 times in one night -- these H&P's being 6 plus hours old, and each dictated with plenty of time in between, my knowing that there were other dictators dictating in between his -- so know that they have been holding them for me after the day shift gets off. They don't delay H&P's getting out for this many hours, so it is so very obvious what is taking place. I don't like companies manipulating the system for their favorites.

I absolutely despise this practice by a company.

Funny, I've been there 8 yrs and thru numerous new accounts sm
and I'm STILL HERE WORKING FULL-TIME! I know last year there was a problem with hiring too many people before a couple of accounts started, but it isn't like that now.
Numerous times I have been told our wages are lower because
we are now competing with (almost third-world) countries, who think 2 and 3 cents a line is a LOT. Therefore, to stay competitive, we must now work for a lower wage.

There are times there have been actual threats that we would lose our accounts, if we do not comply as hospitals would just take their accounts overseas.

Leaves a lot of room for corruption, i.e., whether it is true the hospitals would actually go that route (I think they might, considering CBay and how huge they are) or whether it is the MTSO duping us into accepting lower pay.

We are in a similar situation as in the 1800s (Funny you can almost substitute these people with 'MTs' and 'India', if you know what I mean:

(From Wikipedia) ...between 1830 and 1850, as the Industrial Revolution gave way to the Second Industrial Revolution, sweatshop production of inexpensive clothing displaced members of the tailors guild, and replaced them with lower-skilled workers performing piece work at lower wages and in inferior conditions. The trend away from tailors was accelerated by the advent of a practical, foot-powered sewing machine in 1846.

The terms sweater for the middleman and sweating system for the process of subcontracting piecework were used in early critiques like Charles Kingsley's Cheap Clothes and Nasty, written in 1850. The workplaces created for the sweating system were called sweatshops, and variously comprised workplaces of only a few workers, or as many as 100 or more.

In the sweatshop of 1850, the role of the sweater as middleman and subcontractor (or sub-subcontractor) was considered key, because he served to keep workers isolated in small workshops. This isolation made workers unsure of their supply of work, and unable to organize against their true employer through collective bargaining. Instead, tailors or other clothing retailers, would subcontract tasks to the sweater, who in turn might subcontract to another sweater, who would ultimately engage workers at a piece rate for each article of clothing or seam produced. Many critics asserted that the middleman made his profit by finding the most desperate workers, often women and children, who could be paid an absolute minimum. While workers who produced many pieces could earn more, less productive workers earned so little that critics termed their pay starvation wages. Employment was risky: injured or sick workers would be quickly replaced by others.

There you have it...Nothing will most likely be done until there is another type of revolution in this country.
I have been down numerous hours this year due to storms. 3 times with mandatory

There are probably lots of MTs still down due to Katrina and Rita.

Don't believe weather can't impact your life in a big way.  Be prepared to know what your options are with your job.


They can't afford to bother you. You are too busy toggling between numerous screens in
typos on this board are to be forgiven, but new company's numerous errors and the picture they

painted for our first impression of someone in whom we are required to put practically our entire life details in an email back to them left much to be desired in my opinion (by this MT).

OSI offshores - sm
That's old news, they have been doing it for a while. They got caught at it over a year ago, but no telling how long they were doing it before the news leaked accidentally. They then had to own up to it on the OSi homepage for employees.
No one really knows who offshores
Why do you think there was a post stating that management knew weeks before this DRC take-over and conference call?  It could be in the works no matter company you work for as far as I'm concerned.  As far as saying I won't work for a company that offshores, well that to me, is like saying I am giving up on my profession.  The ones that won't work for offshoring companies are giving them the satisfaction of the take-over and offshoring.  In other words, you are prejudiced, against anyone transcribing other than a born in America MT.  Has it ever occurred to anyone on here that there may be American transcriptionists who are originally from India or China?  Come on this is 2007.  Get with the times!  Do you only buy American made products?  Bet not.  Okay, I feel better now.        
OSI offshores.....
Definitely offshores
All Type...definitely, definitely
I don't know if TRS currently offshores, but they
have been training women in the Trinidad and Tobago (I think) for several years.  If there were a need for transcribed MR a US company would not need to train them, and why train them if they aren't going to have any work.  Get the picture. 
to India. They joined up with Healthscribe a few years back and are using the Healthscribe office in India for transcription. I know for a fact that they are about to lose a major major account in California because they did not inform the hospital that they were offshoring the work and crap hit the fan!
when a company offshores - sm
they tend to send most of the work offshore because the company makes more money for their pockets. They use the American side just for the minimum amount of work necessary for the client and also to "offset" the client figuring out a lot of times that it is being offshored. Diskriter does this also. they will use both American and Indian and charge the client the same rate and hope that the client doesn't catch on.
...but tries to keep it quiet and asks the American MTs to do the Indian's editing...
OSI offshores. Someone that posts
here often (can't remember name) works for DR and she says the pay is low, but the platform is easy and she can make her lines very easily.   If your friend was constantly running out of work, etc. that would be enough for me to stay away. 
CyMed offshores, pay so-so, don't know about other.
Medware offshores
You get the leftovers. Between Thanksgiving and New years, the server was done daily, frequently several times a day. ..Their sweet little *team leaders* don't spend well at the gas station or the grocery store.

Good luck with this company. Their work is NOT consistent, there was no incentive pay worth mentioning, and they really don't care about quality - just get those lines out.
Diskriter offshores
Turned them down.
Yes, Transcend offshores a lot
Someone had the article and posted it here a few months ago.
Focus offshores
Sorry to say your information is incorrect. As a matter of fact, there is a hospital that will be completely offshored by the middle of July. I had been working on it for over a year before getting this news last month.
Spheris offshores too nm
Transform offshores

Worked for him for 3+ years.  He does offshore.  Be careful about linecount, espcilally spaces. My linecount was  off  and when I called his hand on it it, he hand-counted it and it was off.  He               owed be $1759

Any company that offshores, lies about it like they did and then
gets caught is an unethical company.  I don't care if they pay better, no ESL, etc.   If you want to work for a company like that more power to you.     My ethics won't let me work for a company like that. 
Will never work for a company who offshores
And I bet I won't have to eat my words.
Medware definitely offshores, so does Focus
In fact, Focus Infomatics is OWNED by an Indian company.

I have worked for them both. Be Ware.
Just found out my company offshores,
Cymed offshores and pay isn't very good.
I have 20 years' experience and was offered 8 cpl/ 8.5 cpl over 18,000 lines, which is my average line count. 
Spheris offshores some accounts
OSI also has this account & definitely offshores it to India
Cymed offshores work and their pay isn't great.

I have 20 years' experience, can do the most difficult of ESL and they offered me 8 cpl and if I did 20,000 lines then 8.5 cpl.

Many posts in archives about TRS and how difficult it is to get lines and their formula takes a rocket scientist to figure out.  They are also looking into offshoring to Trinidad, also supported by Cymed.

Transolutions - lots of negatives in the archives, not sure I have ever seen anything positive.

Don't know about Silent Type, but read the archives.



Every company I've had contact me offshores
and all that is left is the garbage, even had one company let slip that they sent the good stuff to India.
Cymed offshores, pay is average, vacation/PTO
kicks in in 3 or 6 months (can't remember now, but the recruiter made a big deal about it).  I was told lots of opportunities for bonuses - of course you have to work more hours to get it - not worth it to me.   I don't remember about platform, because I was done with them as soon as the answer to my do you offshore question was yes.
Don't work for a service who offshores. Let them find someone else
I used to work for a company that offshores -doesn't mean I do now (sm)

Do I sense some some sour grapes here? 

Cymed offshores. I have 20 years' experience and
they offered me 8 cpl, 8.5 cpl if I did over 18,000 lines a pay period. 
Opti Script offshores some of their accounts
SPI heavily offshores to India and Phillipines.
Superior offshores, Pro doesn't have a good

reputation.  I can't see anything good coming out of it. 

Healthscribe linked up with Spheris and has an office in India. I know this because I worked directly with both companies but not as a transcriptionist. Personally, I think any Transcriptionist would be better off going somewhere else.