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Don't work for a service who offshores. Let them find someone else

Posted By: me too on 2006-01-19
In Reply to: There is proof - as there was proof for OSI - Current Transcender


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Any service that offshores has US QA people. We're the ones stupid enough to take these jobs
and clean up their mess!
I work for an all-US company and refuse to work for one that offshores. Best of luck to you. nm
Will never work for a company who offshores
And I bet I won't have to eat my words.
Cymed offshores work and their pay isn't great.

I have 20 years' experience, can do the most difficult of ESL and they offered me 8 cpl and if I did 20,000 lines then 8.5 cpl.

Many posts in archives about TRS and how difficult it is to get lines and their formula takes a rocket scientist to figure out.  They are also looking into offshoring to Trinidad, also supported by Cymed.

Transolutions - lots of negatives in the archives, not sure I have ever seen anything positive.

Don't know about Silent Type, but read the archives.



I used to work for a company that offshores -doesn't mean I do now (sm)

Do I sense some some sour grapes here? 

Focus offshores 80% of their work to India. And I heard they are headed
How many of you actually work for more than one service
and would you recommend doing so to others? I am very seriously considering working for two separate MTSOs PT. One would be day shift and the other evenings. I am wondering if others do this and find that they have better paychecks than when working for one MTSO full-time.
anyone work for D&L Typing Service?

Do they seem to have alot of accounts?  Is pay still low?

anyone work for D&L Typing Service lately?
Looking for new info on this company.  They had recent adds
Who is LK -- know TT did send some work to another service, but

but please let me know what you are saying because we TT'ers are very interested in what you are saying to us all -- I just know there is something very wrong with my line count.  I have been doing this too long to not know how many lines I can get.  I cannot put my finger on the problem -- I just know it does fall in my lap. 

This is really disturbing to me.

If you work for a service, you are more likely to have all the specialties; however,
If an MT has for example only worked in house or for one hospital their specialties might be more limited. For instance, my first in-house job was for a hospital that specialized in high-risk OB and ortho, but the cardiology procedures and neurosurgeries were done at a sister hospital.

Now that I have worked for a service, there isn't a specialty in the hospital setting I haven't done.

Another thought - maybe, just maybe they are trying to match MTs up with the specialties they like best, not just have knowledge of - Now wouldn't THAT be a plus!

Just curious, do you work for a service? SM
I would love a 12-hour window of time.
Um, who said I worked for SS? I work for no service.

I've gotten out of the MT service ghetto.  I work for a hospital.  And guess what...

There are rude people here too ----> GASP! 

Maybe I should quit my $18 an hour, 800 line minimum requirement with 0.06 cpl incentive for anything over 1000 lines a day, awesome health and dental benefits, work at home job because I shouldn't have to deal with rude people, should I?

So all MTs that work for a large service are bad MTs compared to those sm
that work for a smaller company? That could not be further from the truth. Some of the larger companies can attract better MTs with benefits, higher pay, etc than a smaller company ever can.

I think it depends on the MTs, not the service, as to the quality of the work.

I work for one of the companies the OP mentioned and the QA standards are MUCH more strict than smaller companies I have worked for in the past.

Talking about the ones who say you cannot work for another national MT service. nm
I work for MedQuest, a radiology service provider--sm
based in GA.
Transtech DID have a service help out with their work -- I know for a fact -- about a year ago.
How long have you been with TT?  Anyone in mgmt will tell you that they outsourced work to another service in the past.
did you have to purchase equipment for this service to work or do they supply - nm
Viva Transcription Company out of California. Does anyone work for this service. If so,
would you be willing to share what they pay?
I work for Keystrokes and have never heard that you had to have digital phone service (sm)
I used Embarq for about 3 months and made the change to digital because I got the letter from Embarq saying I was wasn't allowed to use the unlimited long distance that much.  I also switched to digital because it is cheaper and truly is unlimited long distance at the same rate every month.  I was never once told by Keystrokes that I had to have digital.  The only thing they ever told me was I had to have unlimited long distance. 
Surgical Notes transcription service out of Texas...anyone work there?
Do they hire employes or IC? Platform? Thanks in advance ;0
they cant "make you work certain hours" but they can find someone that is willing to work them
If not, they dont have to hire you as IC or anything for that matter. So yes it is perfectly legal.

If she hires you as an IC and it doesn't state in your contract when she needs that particular IC coverage and she then dictates what hours you work, she cannot do that.

But she can refuse to hire you if you don't provide the coverage that she is looking for.

How did you find them to work for. nm
Why do you find work for your W2
employees first?  Does this mean your ICs aren't as important? 
No work again? Find another job.
Not being disrespectful or uncaring here, but I have had work pretty consistently since being at TT, rarely ever completely run out. If I was sitting around with no work, making omelets, etc., I would be working for someone else.
Go to work for them and you'll find out
I work for SS but not on Meditech. I will see what I can find out for you. nm
Find a company with work already

darn!  There's a suggestion...  There are plenty that advertise...  Most MTs on this board swear they can transcribe anything and can do so many lines a day, so look around that's what you do.

There's no such thing as job hoppin' if the compay doesn't have enough work for you.  Find another company that does.  Take control of your life and stop letting people walk all over you. 

The statement made by the other poster is most certainly a fact...  these companies take advantage because they have MTs who take their crap day in and day out...  move on already!

Can't find any info on JLG. Anybody here work there? NM
Could u please tell me where u work PT that u r happy? I need to find a new job too! nm
I guess you'll find out when you go to work there....sm
Just be sure to not resign from Transcend until you see if this other company is truly all they told you they would be.
I work for them and find their QA staff to be quite helpful.
They are some of the most knowledgeable that I have run across but would never call them rude.  They are very nice.
Why not? If your current company is out of work, you need to find another, and another and another,
you can make a decent weekly income. I've been there and done that, sometimes 5 companies at once, until I finally landed a decent position with consistent workflow.

How do you pay your bills making less than $500 a week?
I don't think you'll find any work here..unless you have a C-phone...
Not much work here to keep me busy or even make my line requirements.
By the TT MTs. They are so busy with work, they find time to come here
Whenever you find a place to work in MT'ing that (sm)
doesn't have slow times, let us all know.
Sad you have to come to this website to try to find out anything, they are already out of work today
Work can be really low at times and I find the sound to not be the
best but it is not any worse than a lot of the other places.
OSI offshores - sm
That's old news, they have been doing it for a while. They got caught at it over a year ago, but no telling how long they were doing it before the news leaked accidentally. They then had to own up to it on the OSi homepage for employees.
No one really knows who offshores
Why do you think there was a post stating that management knew weeks before this DRC take-over and conference call?  It could be in the works no matter company you work for as far as I'm concerned.  As far as saying I won't work for a company that offshores, well that to me, is like saying I am giving up on my profession.  The ones that won't work for offshoring companies are giving them the satisfaction of the take-over and offshoring.  In other words, you are prejudiced, against anyone transcribing other than a born in America MT.  Has it ever occurred to anyone on here that there may be American transcriptionists who are originally from India or China?  Come on this is 2007.  Get with the times!  Do you only buy American made products?  Bet not.  Okay, I feel better now.        
OSI offshores.....
Definitely offshores
All Type...definitely, definitely
I don't know if TRS currently offshores, but they
have been training women in the Trinidad and Tobago (I think) for several years.  If there were a need for transcribed MR a US company would not need to train them, and why train them if they aren't going to have any work.  Get the picture. 
Lets just hope they are not overhiring lately and we will find we are all going to be out of work
especially after Summer.
I find it very hard to believe that all work types are on a 1-hour TAT(sm)
Are you talking about stats or everything?  Do you have this 1-hour TAT in writing?  I've never even heard of hospitals being on that tight a TAT.
Yea, you left out the fact that nobody is forcing you to work where you do...find a better job if
When there is a lot of work, do you find it hard to make 1100?
cause I sure do.
i don't find that to be true, i work there & haven't had problems with pay. sm
never have i encountered disorganization or rude people so far. maybe things have changed or wrong company?
Yep. couldnt tell you excited we were to find out why we dont hardly have any work. Obviously, it is
going elsewhere and so are we.
lol You'll be hard pressed to find work with