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Regarding companies that do not pay on time or get the pay wrong

Posted By: Sad time in our business on 2005-12-09
In Reply to:

I think the time has come for these companies to be named. I know there are more than one but seems to me that we owe it to each other to name the companies who do not pay on time or who get the pay wrong each and every pay day. We work for a living and we do it to get paid. Even if we just put the first initial of the company, that is fair warning for others who are looking to make a change to be aware that certain companies are dangerous as far as their paying practices.

Recently I was talking to an MT who worked for one of these companies and said to me that she hated to quit because the pay was so good. That is just wrong. What pay is so good if you have to pay bank fees and overdraft charges because the money is not there. Something is wrong with that statement and wrong with that picture.

If there are any owners who are reading this that make the practice of paying late or wrong then read away. If you are doing this you don't know how to manage the company anyhow and it is my guess your days are numbered as a business but if you think we are going to sit down and take this treatment any longer without reporting to the proper authorities then you are sadly mistaken. You can throw posts in the faces of the posters all you want but when someone does not get paid for their work ON TIME, they have every right to demand that they be paid.

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You are wrong at this time.
I have been with DR since February of this year.  Perhaps they did not pay downtime in the past, but they do now. 
What is wrong with these transcription companies
I cannot believe the lack of communication with the company I worked for for 13 years and the new one that I just quit, after not even completing training.  They show you something for less than an hour and then you are on your own, stuck in your own mess.   Then you go to quit and never hear from the manager who was supposed to call you between 24-48 hours after starting.   I had sent an e-mail asking if the person could call me and no reponse.   I decide to call and leave a voice mail and no response.  I think I am just going to give up transcription.  I had done this for many, many years and really am thoroughly disgusted. 
Are there actually companies out there that tell you what you did wrong on the test?
I have never heard of any that would do that...
Great... *** is wrong with these companies? Ugh..nm

Any companies out there where you do not have to fill in a time sheet or on a time clock?
I would like to do my lines and be done, and still get my benefits.  Any companies out there that go by line production rather than hours to qualify for bennies?
WRONG - these companies are not acting properly
encountered the same thing with SOME companies listed above. Or, there's the company who hires you, sets up a start date, and then you're e-mailing and calling, and finally receive a call from some computer tech who tells you the lady who hired you is now on vacation for two weeks. But, he'd be happy to try and help you???!!!!! What in the world is up with these companies? Don't go with anyone that does not keep in touch and respond to you in a timely manner, because that is exactly what you will be dealing with when you have questions and problems as an employee.
ANON, I AM NOT WRONG - I worked for them and had some down time
AND I DID NOT GET PAID FOR IT. It must be something new that is being set in place. Maybe the labor board got on their case again. And don't tell me I'm wrong about that because I GOT A LETTER a while back!

Absolutely wrong; MDI the very best in a very long time.
Wrong. Companies chose to or not to offshore work, nobody makes them. sm
My company does not offshore work, absolutely will not. We've actually gained/kept accounts assuring clients that we do not. We have many clients, cutting edge technology for both customer and employee, a healthy growth rate and a high MT retention rate. It's not impossible to have a successful USA-only based company. Sadly that may not be the norm anymore, but it's a choice MTSO/CEOs (whatever they may be) make and in my opinion maybe cutting some of the bottom line and offshoring is being done in place of producing a high quality of work that keeps a customer happy and not looking around for other service options. Subsequently I think these companies then suffer inferior work further because they are paying less and/or maybe have contractural obligations. Personally I'd like to think they'd still prefer high quality to low prices and inferior product. I have to wonder if these offshore companies are losing just as many accounts because of their product. I just know I am glad I work for a company who doesn't outsource, doesn't plan to, and has every intention to remain successful because quality does count.
WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! We turn down work because so many hospitals are sm
calling wanting a company that keeps work in the USA. The trend was stronger a few years ago before it all came to light about poor quality, the woman in Pakistan who threatened to post medical records on the web, 911, etc. There are hospitals who look for US-only and they are the MAJORITY not the minority. Definitely seeing the tide turn on offshore from an MTSO perspective, both MTs and customers!!!!!
Three companies? Do you ever get any time
happens all the time with all companies.
Yes, it is a way to get rid of the riff-raff. Yes, it is a way to get rid of the people who have been there forever and earn more than everyone else. It seems to be a regular business practice with most companies.
I think it must be getting to be PARTY TIME at these companies right now..nm

I think that may be one reason for the slow response from companies right now.

Any companies looking for part time QA
I'm interested in working a part time IC position (day shift) that pays a decent hourly rate. If you know of someone looking for people, please let me know.
Other companies with time clock? Thanks. nm

All companies "suck" at one time or another.
People that are running these companies are human and they have a tremendous responsibility. They have to satisfy their boss, the account and the MT. How long have you been with FN? How many times has this happened since you've been with them? We're all a little frustrated right now that work is low. We have no idea what the problem is but we have to trust that FN is still looking out for its MTs as it always has. Maybe the company has over-hired, but if it has, then we MTs have to accept part of the blame for that as well. Where were you when the accounts were so backlogged? A company does what it has to do to stay in business and they don't change overnight. A company that cares for its employees as FN does will continue to do so. We just need to ease up and give them a break until we all get through this slump.
It is really a waste of time. They same companies
they represent post ads.  Going through TM you just have to take one more test and do one more interview.  You don't get a better deal going through them and if they only represent a couple of companies, neither of them particularly that good that isn't much help.  You can get more info from the company ads. 
Anyone work for 2 companies at same time?
I have heard of people doing this, where they are heavy part-time with 2 different companies.  First of all, is it even legal?  Secondly, how does it work... do you just keep up 1 monitor and bounce back and forth between towers?  Finally, does it really help with the lack of work issues or do you tend to be out of work at both places simultaneously.  Thanks for the info.  Please feel free to email me if needed.
Companies that can't get you started on time
The famous one you're referring to, is the first initial a K?
Are there any good companies that pay on time?
These companies cost US all the time, right?

I work for 3 companies part time and....
don't have any work either. I made $50 in two weeks for one company, $40 for the other and $300 for the third. What a joke!! I do have to make a living to pay our house payment. I have been at this for almost 20 years....so SAD!!
Companies with 24-hour turnaround time

I know it has been has been posted here before, but I can't seem to find it. Is there a list of companies that have a 24-hour turnaround time for getting work back?

Also, a list of companies that use ExText or train on speech recognition? Thanks.

Are there any companies that offer part-time
employee status?  I am looking to work certain days of the week, but I'd like part-time employee status?  Is there anyone that is currently in that type of situation that could steer me in the right direction?  I have a lot experience and am very reliable.  Thanks in advance for any help in this regard.  I appreciate my fellow MTs and their opinions count in my book. 
Have to agree. Tax time hits companies, too.
Any companies hiring part-time?
I need flexibility.  Willing to do a certain number of lines every pay period.  I started with MedScribe of NJ and already they run out of work and seem to be dodging my emails about a secondary account.  Afraid I made a bad choice.....
All the companies are having the same problem. Time to find another
What is concerned full-time at which companies?sm

I really want part-time but they seem to be few and far between lately for IC..  Are there any companies out there that consider full-time 30 hours?  I could take a 30 hour position but not 40 hours.. 

I tried several other companies, good ones, but it was like regressing in time! Not worth it!
You won't be shuffling thru papers, trying to find doctors names, etc.  Its a fast platform. I never realized how much I loved it til I tried "greener pastures", which sure were not greener! Felt like the horse with my head stuck thru the fence, but luckily I got back in my own pasture! There's no place like home, there's no place like home...Good luck to you!!
Companies allowing window of time for shift

I'm interested in companies who allow you to complete your shift within a window of time instead of requiring straight 8 hours, employee status.  Any info would be appreciated.


are all companies running low or completely out during this time of year. sm
I have been working for this medium sized MTSO based in Tennessee (not TransHealth) and for the last 2-3 months there has been very low low work-- and guess what, we're expected to get at least 1000 lines to be eligible for Health Insurance paid by employer.... that is 1/2 of it.   Here it is 6 a.m. and there is no work on my 2 accounts.   Is anyone hiring now that has abundant work and pay at least 9 cpl with benefits.  I need another job. 
Are there any companies besides Amphion that hire part-time

I need a company that allows you to make your lines without demanding that you be on from this second to that second.  If it's part-time it's obviously because you have other things to do and your life doesn't revolve around a set schedule.  If I can get my work done at 3AM so why would that bother anybody?

Is there a company that doesn't mind when you work as long as you meet your quota and are accurate?

Are most part-time jobs with companies a few hours every day or are there
jobs that exist where you can work a few days during the week? If you can help, thank you!
Anyone know of any companies that let you work within a 24 hour time window? sm

I am wondering if there are any companies that let you work anytime you want as long as you get your daily or weekly line count in?  Thanks....

I have many, many years experienced and was just told a little while back, even though I am an IC, that I have to have a set schedule...And I am struggling to follow the set schedule due to family illness....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Companies close old and gain new contracts all the time. (SM)
Stop rumoring.

If you have information, share with the Administrator or myself. Otherwise, leave rumoring off the board.


Yeah, and do any companies offer PTO for part time?
How many companies do not require you to fill out a time clock? NM
Which companies consider full-time 35 hours per week? THX......nm
I wonder how other companies' plans compare at this point in time? sm
Not sure how long you've been with Wbx but this plan seems comparable to what we had previously; however, I know we are all paying more out of pocket - probably for every single plan at every company -in the last 1-2 years.

Dental - I still think it is a good plan but then I haven't needed a root canal.
Any bigger companies out there that do 10+ hours flex time?
I'm looking for a job to supplement my income on top of my full-time MT job, but really need one that allows me to log on at any time throughout the week and do, say, 2,000 lines a week or 10 hours a week or something like that.

Are there any companies out there that still offer this or is it too much to hope for? Anyone have a company they would like to recommend? Thanks.
Are there any good companies that hire part time?

I have two years of acute care experience, and I need a part-time job to supplement my current income.  If everything works out, I will need to go to full time in March.  At this time, I can only work Friday and Saturday nights.

I have been applying to several companies, but they keep giving me the run around.  One company even told me I did very well on their test and that I was put in a pool of transcriptionists to be contacted.  The recruiter called me once, and I missed her call.  I called her back and left a message, but I have not heard anything else from her. 

Any advice would be appreciated. TIA!  

Any companies needing part time help on a Lanier account?
Do any companies allow you to edit the dictation somewhat or are you strict verbatim? First time do
Can anyone recommend companies that offer IC status, part time?

Any good ones out there for IC's?  Part time?

Does Spheris offer IC status?

Any help appreciated!

What companies provide computer/equipment for part-time? nm
RE: What companies provide computer/equipment for part-time? nm
Any companies offer health insurance for part time?

companies change all the time - her info is old, she said. (sm/small message)
A turnover in managers,QA, leads, even recruiters can make an impact and happens all the time, so you never know; old info - grain of salt. newer info more reliable and needs to be found while considering.

I am having a hard time understanding why companies consistently overhire when they run an ad.
They have to know that people that need a certain amount of income are either going to quit or cut back and get a second job.  What does it gain them.  I would think this constant hiring and hiring and training would get very old and certainly has to impact quality.
Are there any companies who offer health benefits to part time employees?
Need insurance.
Any companies with part-time clinic work/daytime hours? Thanks!! nm