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So what is the suggestion if all nationals are going to VR for these reduced rates. I suppose a lot

Posted By: MT2 on 2005-08-14
In Reply to:

of people will just stop coming into this profession as I expect they already have and others will train for other jobs. No sure what the future holds thats for sure. Seems like no money so that will move a lot of people out of this. Who needs all the aggravation that we are given for no money.

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I find that those with experience with any nationals or many nationals
usually are invaluable if they have many years of experience.  The more nationals they have worked for, they have been exposed to many dictators and that is a plus!  I say send on the resumes if that is the case.  I also find that many hospital employees whether it be for 1 year or 10 or more usually are limited in style issues, but not a major disaster. 
AND they just reduced their pay rate to 3.5 cpl
or 4.5 if you are on a certain account, or 5.5 if you aer on a certain account. Cut my pay by over half.
on some accounts, yes, but they reduced their
even being paid per page, it still works out to about 7 cpl as an IC. They used to be a good place to work until M made it her little candy store. Don't count on getting the work she promises you.
EMR has not reduced my job in any kind of way
Still doing the same job as in early 1990 and EMR brought in. We were told about it. No change at all for us. I donít know what the big deal is about.
They only reduced the rate of ASR , but pay is still more than other places. Plus, sm
contrary to another post above, there is no lack of work at all. Only around the holiday time was it a little slow but that is usually the way it is at other places too.
I feel your pain...my pay has severely been reduced.
If my pay this period is $500, I'll be lucky! And I agree with you, it isn't fair that they have severely overhired, especially for the MTs that have been with them for a long time. In my opinion, during times like this the work should be distributed based on seniority, but obviously that will never happen. It just stinks all around.

I too have been testing for other companies during all this downtime. I'm even thinking of painting my living room, that is if I can afford the paint. LOL!!!
OSI reduced header/footer size but still keeps
Yeah, it reduced me to tears. Talk about frustrating
You had to open up so many screens just to get where you were going. Thus, you got nowhere FAST..
Does TranTech have speech recognition and is rate reduced?(sm)

Also how would you rate their SR program as compared to Medquist SR? 

To the people at Transcend that had their line rate reduced by 40%, have you checked with any
attorney to see if this is legal. I didnt realize a company could just reduce your income like that with no advanced notice and that be legal. I know I would be checking with someone on the legality of doing that.
I suppose

they would have told me by now if they were unhappy with my production or my hours.

suppose i should
would like information regarding employment w/ this company. not interested in gossip... would like information that would help me decide whether this company would be worth considering an offer from.
IF VR is suppose to be
better quality, faster, then the facilities and transcription companies are already ahead in the game because their MTs will be able to do more, so why decrease their pay at all since they will be getting twice the amount of work and better quality.  Is that what VR is all about?  Did MTs pay decrease when they moved from standard typerwriters to electric typerwriters from electronic typerwriters to computers?  Since when does better technology mean decreased pay? Is this really better technology or continued lack of value for those who do the work? 
she is right, she is not suppose to cut sm
you a check without your SS number. She has to have that to cut you a 1099.

If you make less than 600 you don't have to claim it anyway.

If it were me, she would not get a computer back until I got my check!

Curiosity, why did you NOT sign any paperwork? Why would you agree to that?
I'm sure I'm suppose to be an example
probably thinking that I'm a retiree I can't afford to defend myself.  LOL  Fortunately I have a good attorney.  He's also a personal friend. LOL
I suppose 4000/mo is too low for you?
What world do you live in?
Fired you too, I suppose?
Believe everything you read, huh chickenneck? We got you again, and proved our point again. She starts this week, and a nice healthy rate as well. Jealous, I know...stop wasting your valuable work time spread rumors and gossiping and you too may be one of the lucky ones! HAHAHA!
No, you are a recruiter. I suppose that does
and I suppose they are HIPPA
compliant? Cannot wait for EMR.
Are there a lot of people leaving MQ right now. Seems like that is all I see and I suppose many more
where they came from that dont come on here.
ok lets suppose you make
9 cpl - and I'll average that on 1200 lines a day, that amounts ot 13.50/hr. Thats not worth sitting in your chair for 8 hours now is it? 10 cpl - 15/hr. and I seriously doubt you make more than that. Thats a lot of busting butt for such a low wage. On a good platform with fair counting system an experienced MT should be able to type 2000 lines per day, thats with breaks, and going along at an even pace.
Suppose nobody will see this now since it's off main page. NM
If they point, I suppose she's young.
actually not MDI, but I suppose there are insensitive managers everywhere! nm
I suppose it depends on what accounts you are on
All of my accounts have been over loaded with work this past month. I'm currently doing 2500 lines a day. Maybe your friend should ask about getting more backup accounts added to her queue.
I suppose it is too much to ask. Sorry for trying to get impartial answers.
Don't you suppose they realize that - have you asked for a backup? (sm)

I feel like I have sung this song before.

I suppose it depends on which accounts have openings. nm
Suppose it just adds to the hominess. One big happy
I suppose if CEOs had their way, we would be eating worms
and be thanking them for paying us the few pennies to afford our tasty worms, lest they give us another cut in pay while increasing their profits...
Do you happen to know which companies HUP outsources to other than MQ. I suppose the best thing
would be to call HR but will they give out this information. Not sure who to call at these hospitals.
Seems a pretty selfish attitude ... I suppose you also choose sm
the work types you want to do and leave the cra* for everyone else.  If you don't want weekend work, type for a clinic.  Otherwise, you should pull your share of the load with the rest of us.
that is true about the bonus money, all works out in the end, I suppose. nm
Depends upon how your company counts things, I suppose. sm

I like both platforms.  Bayscribe is easy to use, and the Expander emulates PRD+, which I was used to.  The spellchecker is kind of clumsy -- that could definitely use some tweaking.  The thing I liked the most about Bayscribe was at the end of each report, you saw the line count for that report and how much you made, plus a total of lines for all reports and the total number of lines you had made for the day.

I am currently using ExText, and it is also easy to use.  I have to go to ichart to view my line count, though, and you cannot get it on a report-to-report basis.   The CTRL+I feature is useless to me since my employer does not count headers or footers.  I quit using it because I hated to see what a big difference there was at the end of the day.  I could do 300 lines per hour on Bayscribe.  With the current setup, maybe 250.  I can do 300 if I just sit and type as fast as I can with no breaks, but that cannot last for 8 hours solid.

Either platform is okay.  I still kinda miss WP51 -- think DOS-based programs were faster -- but you can't hold on to a dinosaur.  And, obviously that is just my opinion.  Hope it helps. 

No argument about AHDI sucking an egg, but I suppose it is just personal sm

preference.  When I started transcribing 35 years ago or so, I had never heard of AAMT or anything like it, but the people in the Medical Records Department (which of course his now referred to as HIM -- why keep things the same if you can change them constantly for no rason) who transcribed the reports were called transcriptionists.  The machine I used to access the dictation was called a transcriber. 

Of course, it is no big deal and I shouldn't get so hung up with labels.  I worked briefly for an Indian company (felt like I was sleeping with the enemy but that's another story), and they called us transcribers Ö ugh.

I suppose it probably varies with each account. My primary has been slow sm

since the holiday, but I am able to get my lines.  I'm hoping it picks up soon.

Hope this helps.

My suggestion sm

Since you are not having any problems expressing yourself with management and don't feel it is an issue, discuss it with management.  Ask them if it is appropriate for you to work your schedule around your lifestyle if it differs from the one you have already committed to.  Ask them if it will cause a problem for production or account management if you don't show up to work when they expected you to, even if the volume is high, because then some of the work you say came in the morning and didn't get done until the afternoon might possibly have gone out of TAT.  That is exactly what management is trying to avoid and that is exactly what management was talking about when they sent out the company-wide email discussing this very issue you say that you can get away with.  Why is it that you can get away with it, but others are sent emails specifically instructed not to do this if it isn't a problem?

I didn't post to cause an argument. I just posted to begin with because there is obviously a discrepancy with what some can do and what others can't, and what may be a wonderful experience for others within the company doesn't always ring true with everyone and should not be dismissed or eluded to as simply not true.  If the sun is shining outside your front window, it doesn't mean it's shining outside mine.  But just because it's raining, it doesn't mean I'm going to pack up and move either.  I'm going to wait for the rain to stop and in the meantime hopefully be allowed to speak about it raining without others saying it's not true.

My suggestion:

I was feeling the same way...so, I did what I felt I needed to do.  I talked to someone in the management position about all the things I have read on here.  I WA sick of all endless chatter about how awful OSi is.  I feel that I did the right thing, as I no longer have that "sick" feeling.  I have been reassured and I know that my job will be here for as long as I wish to work at OSi.  Another suggestion I can give is to stay away from MTStars.  It is nothing but a bunch of lies and gossip.  These people thrive on making others miserable and lying about other companies just to make them look bad.  More than likely, the ones downing OSi have had past employment and were unable to make it and now are holding a grudge.  You know who I mean, the petty ones...and you all know who you are.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I passed third grade a long time ago, why do I feel like I am right back there when I read this board? 

So, if I haven't quieted your fears, talk to someone in authority at OSi.  If you don't like what you hear, then you can move on to wherever you feel you need to go.  Hopefully it won't be MTStars.

My suggestion would be, if you don't fit the sm
hiring criteria for a company but would really like to work for it, ask to take the test anyway, and ask for feedback on the results. If you did well on the test, maybe the company would waive the criteria. However, as you know, it is really better to have the experience before tackling this kind of work at home all alone. Good luck to you!
Did you try the other suggestion and go through
I would suggest getting another job. That's what I did. Here's the interesting thing. Both companies use the same platform, and same line count, yet at OSi I was getting a major cut in the count. Now I'm actually getting paid for what I type and have plenty of work. I was skeptical before I left but appears to be a wise decision.
Thanks for the suggestion. No, (sm)
the disability was not due to a mental health issue. I appreciate your reply.
Actually, your suggestion about going to the
download ExpressScribe, which I believe has a free version, and try to locate a cheaper USB footpedal from E-bay or some such thing. to test, this should be all you need, plus your skills, of course. good luck.

Instead of bellyaching on a public anonymous board about all your company complaints why not address them to the people who pay you to work, then you might get some action for your gripes. 

And... if you are bellyaching on company time when you should be doing your job, shame on you.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely apply and I really appreciate the information. I hope my previous posts did not sound like complaints, they were not meant as complaints. Today is the first day I have posted on this site.
My only suggestion would be
that you insist on a back up account from day 1. While I like working for Keystrokes, I am disappointed at the same time. When I was hired, I was told there would be plenty of work. We run out of work almost daily on the account I am on and I have asked repeatedly for a back up account and so far have not been accommodated.

As for pay, I don't know of any accounts paid double for more than a 2 min dictation. They do usually pay a premium rate for certain types of reports, but I think it can vary from account to account.
Are you suggesting that the poster start a new thread asking what sort of time off others receive with their companies? I don't see how we could possibly know what other co's offer without pursuing other opportunities otherwise.
Here's a suggestion
Talk to OSi first - see if they are willing to see you side and compensate you. Be nice. :) Then if they say, no, you will leave knowing you tried to work it out. If they say yes, you can wait for a calmer moment to decide about leaving...

I worked for them once - left over payroll issues as well.
This has been posted here many times before. Look up and you will see the 'Google' search bar. Make sure the little dot is right next to 'MT Stars'. Type in 'weekly pay' or 'pay weekly' or 'weekly' and you will find your answer.