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Thanks for the creative ideas. I will do that. My acct. mgr....sm

Posted By: anon for now on 2007-09-04
In Reply to: sounds like poor management...sm - curious

already e-mailed me today with a concern over production, as if they're surprised it is so low.  Perfect opportunity to respond with my own concerns. 

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I lost an acct with MQ, called the hospital and they told me who had the acct. I chose not to go wi
Sorry you will have to be creative
I am not falling into a pit of an anonymous person, wish could tell you but I know you understand why.
be creative
Search Google and use key words, outsourcing, india, etc.
Yet another creative way to get more, for less.
It's depressing that robber barons who probably make nearly 6 figures get paid to sit around and think up new ways to make more money for less.
Older posts about them have the MTs bouncing from acct to acct and not being able to make
My acct mgr sent an update this morning stating a large acct sm
starting next week; another in 2 more weeks; another in early October; and another in November. This is just a normal end of summer / holiday slowdown. I'm sure other posters on this board are also out of work due to the same circumstances.
Just another example of companies getting creative
Creative writing at its best

I have NEVER read such unmitigated untruths (polite way of saying lies).

At least you had the courage to sign your name-----I would be afraid (and ashamed).

just more creative manipulation of our wages

It's facinating watching THEM dissect our pay in the most inventive and --don't forget-- cost-effective ways. 

Most unusual is the tiering of wages related to lines produced, and, of course, the *visible black character* and *not paying for spaces* continuing controversy, among the glut of other insidious ways they have their hands in our pockets. 




AWESOME! Very creative writing.

Just wish it would happen.  I do believe that management should take a pay cut also!  There is no reason that they should not have to do more work for less pay like the rest of us.  After all, this is a very tough economy we are dealing with and we have to keep the clients happy.  That is our number 1 priority! 

Some people don't like the truth, I love to shout it out LOUD. 

To the other poster who keeps bashing the original poster.... anyone can obtain an account.  That is the easy work.  The hard part is keeping them, and I believe that is the job of the MT. 


Give it a whirl. I WAS on that same acct, same pay. Asked and got put on an acct just as bad, so I
How was your acct at Amphion? I have a HORRIBLE acct...

I am new to Amphion and have this account that has a lot of account specifics, no automatic ADT (which means I have to search for the names, etc) which is not a problem for me, but there is one dictator who is ALWAYS awful, and I have been getting him back to back to back my first week with Amphion.  Did you find that you basically only had 1 or 2 dictators while there or did you have more?  Of course, I would not mind doing him occasionally but can't do this all day.  I will never be able to make any money, especially at the line rate that I am being paid.  I have 2 children of my own and 3 of my sister's children in my care.  I cannot afford to do this everyday and don't know what to do.  I work as an IC for another company making 9 cents a line, which is much more than Amphion, but really wanted employee status so was willing to make a little less, but I am afraid it is not going to work.  I do not want to have to find yet another company and start all over with them to only find out that they suck too.  Any suggestions?

Some ideas...sm


I hope you decide to look for your own accounts.  If you wait until you know everything there is to know about running a home business, you will never accomplish anything.  Do you think every entrepreneuróBill Gates, Henry Ford, Martha Stewart--knew everything when they started out? 


I have had my own accounts over the years and with some, I have signed a contract.  With a few doctors in solo practice, we didnít sign contracts and I had no problems.  I sent out flyers or letters of introduction in the area where I lived. I also called every physician office to follow up.  My first account came from the local hospital MT department.  None of the other MTs had time to do the account, so an acquaintance asked if I was interested.   So contact MT departments to see if any doctors are looking for someone. 


If you send out flyers or letters, have someone you trust who is very good at spelling and grammar proofread them before you send them out.  Remember that your language skills are what the client is buying, so be sure everything is letter perfect. 


Try to find accounts close to home if you have to pick up and deliver.  If you have clients who are far away and you have to drive there a few times a week, charge them a little extra.  Make friends with the office staff so theyíll be willing to help you out when you need them to look up patient names, referring doctor addresses, etc. 


As far as what to charge, it depends on where you live.  Remember that you have to pay taxes on what you make, and the physician will send you a 1099 form at the end of the year.  So charge anywhere from 15 cents to 20 cents per line, depending on where you live. 


I use the Microsoft word count to calculate line count, but you can buy software to do that if you like. 


Be sure to have a few backup people to help you out when you want to take time off or if youíre sick or your kids are sick. 


Make macros so you maximize your time, and always use your word Expander software, or Microsoft autocorrect, to the max while transcribing.  I include an invoice with every batch of work delivered and get paid every week.  I had one doctor in the past who was very demanding but very slow to pay.  I had to go see him and tell him I rely on that income and I need it NOW, and would not take any more work, or return any, until I received payment. I finally quit working for him because he would never pay me on time.


Good luck!


I have several ideas...
but do not want to do anything until that check is in the bank. I appreciate your suggestion. I will post a message with my name and what happens once the check is deposited. Thanks!
Or if you have any other ideas

OR..if you have a company you can recommend, I would also be interested in hearing about it.  I need to start the process somewhere immediatel (have two children at home and one in college, so down time isn't really much of an option for me).


I do have 11 years experience, and if someone can recommend a really decent company, I would be happy to go on as a referral.

Any ideas???
Any Ideas??

I know it is almost impossible to start a union to protect us against pathetic wages, but if anyone can come up with any ideas on what we can do as MTs, speak up.  I'll fund, start, do anything if the result is fair treatment and fair pay.  The organizations out there are geared for the employers to pat themselves on the back, not for us!  Paying memberships for those as an MT is just pointless.  We need these employers to come to us instead of us sending out a zillion resumes only to be told they pay 1 cpl.  I've been an MT a long time, I believe in it and I like it, but I want to love it again.   According to salary.com, the median salary for an MT is $36,000, well many MTs aren't coming close to that.  We need to do something - Thanks!

Who comes up with the ideas that
stuff like that is a good idea or a way to indicate appreciation -- I think they just look for the cheapest way out. The worst by far was the year MQ gave $30,000 to AAMT in our honor!!!!! Seriously, if they had that to give, they should have given it to those who earned it for them.
Your suggestions would be welcome, Sue. Any ideas?
Any ideas who the culprit might be?
If you focus real hard, you might at least be able to narrow it down to a dozen or so possible perps.
Where to go with this, great ideas...
So what kind of ID could we use that is known by all of us and would not be known by the company? Bottom line, whatever we would say there could possibly be reported back by an MT who is on the fence or feeling loyal to share what is being said. But, the idea would be to create a forum that, for the most part, is out of a public venue where everyone can see and everyone can monitor. More ideas? Anyone up for creating a yahoo list? I have no idea if this can be done anonymously.
Thanks, Sue. Your ideas make sense.
Any ideas appreciated and welcome. Your experience, pls. n/m
Sounds like my husband's ideas
He is always the optimist, I am the opposite. I consider him naÔve because he seems to believe most told him. I can understand what you are talking about. I have thought just in the past few years (now since I am in my older years) that if worse came to worst, at least I would have my retirement fund (the work doing now is after being outsourced from this place I will now draw funds from) and then social security kicks in for me next year. I want to continue working plus drawing full benefits from social security and the retirement- that is my goal and I hope to make it.
How do you think this new pay plan will affect that rate. Any ideas.
People's ideas of rudenss vastly different. Who is to
VA acct w/ops 9. NM
It is probably true because it is a radiology account.

which acct
which account are you currently working on, or you would say is a bad one. Thanks
What acct
What acct do you work on? If you are on BeyondTxt T mode there is no work. I don't know how you girls who need benefits are paying for them.
Thanks for replying. The problem is I did have my own account and they decided not to pay me for over a month and because I said something about not being paid they took offense. SO what can you do. Its a win-lose situation. Now I just have to hope that the check clears!
KS Onc acct
If you are working on the KS onc acct please email me.
FN New acct
Are we talking about the new acct with the 1 million lines?.  What a joke.  I'm lucky to do 500 lines a day and that is only by working on 3 different accts.  And I found out the new acct will be going to VR, which I don't do.  I'm a transcriptionist, not an editor.
KS acct

Do you know which acct you would be working on?

If it were your acct, you would already know.
They don't keep it a secret. One of mine, large hospital on the East Coast, is leaving today. I've known for at least a month. They chose not to renew their contract with us. It happens.
.06 OB acct
I felt the same way, ladies. In fact, I recently went from a .0725 (knocked down from 0.825) GROSS LINE ACCT to a .06 transcription rate acct with HORRIFIC docs - worst I've had since starting ne.arly 23 years ago. I was offered VR (with even worse docs, so basically re-typing it ALL) for .02 cpl.

I guess you can understand why I'm on the job hunt
Is this a rad acct and do they have openings? (nm)
I loved that acct too....
Typical M-Q then one day it just vanished.
my acct has about 80-90% ESLs
my back up account is worse. 
That seems like it could be true, my acct is So Cal
and most of the patients are not Caucasian or are ethnic (is that PC?), as well as the dictators.
Same here, about 40-50 regular drs on my acct, with
probably 10 of them being so awful, I can hardly attempt them. I'm happy to say that some I hated at first are now ones I enjoy, so hopefully I will keep finding that to be the case. Others though, UGH!
No, DRC is not really "atrocious acct" but... sm
It is NOT easy stuff... My experience has been lots of cutting-edge oncology in all specialties. If you don't know your stuff you'll be researching more than typing. Very few ESLs and, yes, the platform is Word-based, and, no, no need to be a computer wiz--tech support is great at DRC and so is QA support.
Your radiology acct
Are you working certain hours/days/evenings and are you working weekends?  What is holiday pay per report?
Your radiology acct
Do you have a lot of ESL docs?
TT onco acct

Can't you get a backup account?  That's what I did.  They are not all slow at the same time, usually.  I get better count on onco acct than on my other.

Well I was doing VR for an acct at 1.80 report. sm
They cut pay to 3.5 to 5.5 cents per line under the manager I was under. I know a lot of people left. Just curious as to if any are here on this board.
Ortho acct
i have been offered ortho, which i have a great deal of experience. How much would you say per hour you make at 7.5 WI spaces. I really have a lot of quesstions and if possible would like to e-mail you direct. Also can the ShortHand program be used
I know which acct you are talking about but (sm)
trust me (or not) there are TONS of work on others, one I know FOR SURE.  Have you asked for a backup??
what acct?...email me....nm
I always get a mix, no matter which acct I am on.
Just how EZ is it to get off of the DI entry acct