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be creative

Posted By: xx on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: What is the company, Ny ??? Please, please help us out here. nm, - Curious, suspicious

Search Google and use key words, outsourcing, india, etc.

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Sorry you will have to be creative
I am not falling into a pit of an anonymous person, wish could tell you but I know you understand why.
Yet another creative way to get more, for less.
It's depressing that robber barons who probably make nearly 6 figures get paid to sit around and think up new ways to make more money for less.
Just another example of companies getting creative
Creative writing at its best

I have NEVER read such unmitigated untruths (polite way of saying lies).

At least you had the courage to sign your name-----I would be afraid (and ashamed).

Thanks for the creative ideas. I will do that. My acct. mgr....sm

already e-mailed me today with a concern over production, as if they're surprised it is so low.  Perfect opportunity to respond with my own concerns. 

just more creative manipulation of our wages

It's facinating watching THEM dissect our pay in the most inventive and --don't forget-- cost-effective ways. 

Most unusual is the tiering of wages related to lines produced, and, of course, the *visible black character* and *not paying for spaces* continuing controversy, among the glut of other insidious ways they have their hands in our pockets. 




AWESOME! Very creative writing.

Just wish it would happen.  I do believe that management should take a pay cut also!  There is no reason that they should not have to do more work for less pay like the rest of us.  After all, this is a very tough economy we are dealing with and we have to keep the clients happy.  That is our number 1 priority! 

Some people don't like the truth, I love to shout it out LOUD. 

To the other poster who keeps bashing the original poster.... anyone can obtain an account.  That is the easy work.  The hard part is keeping them, and I believe that is the job of the MT.