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Their 9 cpl accounts are a mess, and should pay

Posted By: a LOT more than 9 cpl ! -NM on 2009-05-31
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    MDI is a mess
    Work kept running out, system went down when there was work, have to make lines when you can (which is whenever you can), and they tell you nothing. Bottom line - no way to make a living. No, nothing good to say. Look elsewhere.

    I began working for Cymed in October last year and was loving it until SPI took over. Now there are staffing changes all the time. I can't get anyone in HR to call me back and when I do actually get someone on teh phone, I am told they no longer work here. Phone numbers are disconnected, e-mail are retruned as undeliverable, etc. The icing on the cake was when the contact for the account I have been working on was not renewed and now I am out of a job. NO WARNING WHATSOEVER!!!!!!! I signed on to work this morning and checked my e-mail and low and behold, the account will no longer be with SPI. SPI is saying they will try to place me on another account and I can apply to the company who has taken over my old account, but other than that, it's a good luck sort of thing. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Do they not realize people need to know these things in advance? I have a 7 month old baby and no help. I cannot afford this crap. A fellow employee has told me this is not the only account they have done this on. My advice is stay away from SPI at least until they have stabilized a bit.

    She seems a mess to me
    Just a mess - sm

    See this page, below, on further info regarding SeaScript.  I am staying far away.

    VR a hot mess
    I can type faster than editing the hot mess that VR puts out. And it does not learn at least not the way they portray it. Yes, there are those out there who claim they love VR but those are people who had worked for the same facility before it went VR and they were accustomed to the docs, demographics, etc before they even started. And don't get me started on that! Bottom line, most of us can type faster than edit because of the mess it makes and the time it takes to clean it up and don't tell me differently and expect me to buy it.
    I have been here for the whole hot mess...
    you specifically said you would hate to see how she and her house look in response to a comment saying you need to represent yourself at your best at all times. You even somehow equated that to decency. As I read it, this all stemmed from the fact that, in your words, she used MT's incorrectly 10 times.

    Meanwhile, in your perfect posts, you have misplaced a comma, confused a hyphen and an apostrophe, misspelled catastrophe, and you have been superior, mean-spirited, and rude. If a decent person is decent even when no one else is watching, where does that leave you?

    you are a complete mess!!
    Focus mess
    Amen brother Ben!! My situation exactly, never could get started, the trainer worked in India, well his time and my time of course never coincided. Told them times to call to get started and he would call 4 or 5 hours later, and it was night my time, so never could get started, and glad I found JLG!!!
    No, I am NOT an MTSO. in the mess just like you are
    In 2006 I grossed 55,000.

    In 2007 I grossed 42,000.

    In 2008 I grossed 35,000.

    And each year I worked MORE hours to make less money.. go figure..

    It is just that you cannot get paid more than the clients are willing to pay the MTSO.... SIMPLE ARITHMETIC
    I had a mess with them, wouldn't do there if they
    before I was supposed to start, they hit me with all this crap about needing a 3rd phone line, a fax machine, all kinds of crazy junk they didn't bother to tell me in advance.  I had dialup at the time and that day, after 2 months of reassuring me that dialup would work, they said dialup was being phased out within 6 months, which meant I'd be without a job?  Don't think so!
    Front end VR is a mess
    A radiology group went that way and they had to hire more IT people and one more MT to fix it. Not as successful as one would think. EMR point and click takes 20 minutes versus a few seconds to dictate. Plus more IT people.
    I do not agree -- they can struggle through the mess just like everyone else. sm

    Someone will never learn to do the difficult dictators if they don't tackle it and send it in to QA with a gazillion blanks, if necessary.  Only way to get experience.  At TransTech, you can look up sample dictations of any dictator and obtain other reports on the same patient and sometimes get a better clue as to what the doc is saying.  Unfortunately, many people nowadays seem not to want to take the time to learn and grow.  It's easier to just slough it off on someone else.  S

    Sorry for the bit of a rant.  I guess it is just one of my pet peeves.  I started as an MT over 30 years ago, learning on the job at a teaching hospital with hundreds of ESLs/residents/etc, and I would go at home at night and CRY because I thought I was going to get fired because I couldn't understand what they said, but my supervisor worked with me and gradually I was able to make my quota.  There are still horrible dictators that make me cringe when I hear their voices come on the line, but it is unthinkable to skip over it and just take the easy stuff so my coworkers can do the dirty work.  That's not teamwork. 

    And now, she steps down from her podium ........ (smile). 


    I was incorrect. ETC did not mess my friend over.
    Her money was wired into her account since the deposit was done nicorrectly.  They are very reliable.  I'm glad to say that only TRX has messed with my money or that of a good friend.  M
    I apologize for the mess, I actually was stupid

    Yes. It is the most unorganized and chaotic mess I have ever seen. nm
    Don't waste your time - they're a mess
    It is a sticky mess with no resolution to the pay problem.
    If anyone at this point thinks things have gotten better or different, just let it be known that you were warned!
    The point of the entire mess is that a person, any
    then spend about 30 years in that occupation, which, according to the person, was responsible for nothing but misery and failure and losses and misery and failure and losses.  Yet, and this is the key point, this person stayed in this occupation of which she obviously was NOT successful, i.e. a failure at this career.  If she were not a failure, she would have been successful. She herself blamed MTing on every item she listed - she blamed being an MT for losing her marriage, her health, her son, everything.  And then after she became so physically disabled and crippled from MTing and the lack of time to take care of herself, she RETURNS to MTing, only to come here and rehash the horror of her life, blaming it all on MTing. Oh, for Pete's sake, where is the sanity behind this?? And now you're here blaming me for pointing out the obvious, that this woman is not a success as an MT. As Dr. Phil would say, It ain't working for her.  Move ON!! She was able to fully reflect every incident in her life and that it was the fault of MTing- she should have gotten another JOB 30 years ago.  Where are you not seeing the common sense in this? After 30 years of her own personal failure in an industry where most of us ARE successful, she's blaming the industry and you are backing her.  Talk  about enabling someone. Bet somewhere along the line her husband wanted her to quit. Anybody care to take bets on that? I'll bet somewhere along the line her son asked her to quit MTing if she never got to spend time with him, or missed 8 out of 10 Christmases. She herself states she was holed up in a closet typing her fingers off. Well, she should have QUIT and done something else and maybe she'd still be married with a close son/mom relationship. Something is wrong with HER career choice, and that does not reflect the average human being - no matter if you're a lawyer, doctor, MT, McDonald's clerk or a garbage man. If it doesn't work for you, and its killing your life in every single area, do SOMETHING ELSE.  I ask again, what's wrong with you all who are sticking to this and making poverty wages?? Do something else!! I just don't get it and thankfully never will. I'm the nicest person in the world in real life. I'm a wimp. I'd give the shirt off my back to help someone. I've spent many a night crying over coworkers who got a bad deal with one big MTSO, but I would never sit and listen to a coworker who had ruined her life because she was not making it as an MT. I would help him/her find a career that was right for them.  Never just give praise to such a catastrophe. Obviously this person needs prayers, and direction, and guidance in life, but I think its way past pity after reading her post. Its way past that. 
    that my dear is what you call an unorganized MESS.sm
    she did the same thing with a friend of mine....
    Yet, second company thinks it should work and not mess up other platform (sm)
    I will feel better when the actual technician sees about loading it. Not that the recruiters don't know their job, just nervous.

    I had others report they are using 1 computer for 2 different companies and maybe having to use a second pedal. Let's hope we are lucky.

    do you understand? It's the well versed US MT editor who cleans their mess up. SM
    It's called business sense. They hire many Indian MTs and a few good U.S. MT editors to clean up their mess. Hence, a good profit for the company. I've been there and lived through it. There are many top notch U.S. MTs out there. Trust me, they are not working for these large nationals who are out for the ultimate buck. We've been around the corner. Not bragging, but I lost a long time local client (15 years) and sent resumes to some large nationals, and smaller MTSO's. I was contacted for testing and offered 4 jobs in one day. If you have the experience and skills that it takes in this profession, you would not even have to mess with the companies who are outsourcing and settle for this bologna. MTs with years of experience and knowlege, stay the heck away from any company who outsources work out of the country. You are selling yourself short if you do so.
    I'm sure because the work is coming back a real mess..sm
    These companies think they can breeze by with their overseas MTs, and sure they can if they have enough back up by seasoned US MTs and editors. Once the proportion becomes unbalanced, and they have more overseas MTs and less US MTs, the mess will start to pile up. It really does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. In time, it will come back to kick these companies in the rear. That's why I always say an experienced MT makes a much better transcription service owner because they would never put themselves in this situation; clearly able to decipher fantasy from reality and not just the big $ signs. I am not referring to this company, but any MT company in general.
    Just curious -- did getting paid from Canada mess up your taxes in any way? sm

    I have a friend in Toronto, and we were talking about me trying to do some work for them (they pay 18 cents per line!) but wasn't sure how complicated it would be taxwise.


    Paid 50% of already deflated MT wage to clean up somebody else's mess...nm
    Yes, PS HAD a good rep in the past, but they're a mess now. Stay away. nm
    I agree. Transcriptionists have turned into a big whiny mess who have inflated egos. sm
    Look at the economy. There are very few jobs out there that have not seen wages go down. Costs are up, wages are down, jobs are not as plentiful as in the early 80's. IT people have seen their salaries cut to less than half of what they were 15 years ago and they need more knowledge than back then. Nurses, physician assistants and CNA's fight to have jobs because everyone thinks they can do away with them. Teachers are at the poverty level in many states.

    Get over yourselves. I personally chose to send work offshore because it is less expense and guess what? The people WANT to work. I don't have to pay for insurance or take out taxes. I don't worry that deadlines will be missed because they know that I will replace them and they need their jobs.

    When all U.S. jobs are gone, you will all wonder why and the reason is that YOU let it happen.

    I am not making excuses, simply stating facts. Greedy MT's who want the world force MTSO's to look for alternative solutions.
    Are they losing accounts. Do most of their accounts stay for long period of time. I have
    heard pros and cons about the quality of their work.  I guess it is much cheaper than other companies can offer.
    Because the girls that monitor the accounts in the office were told the accounts either go on DQS or
    move on. All accounts to be with MQ must be on DQS and no more different platforms. ONE ONLY DQS. They can send more work overseas then.
    MDI-FL but not all accounts. Only the internet-based ones. C-phone accounts are fine.

    So, yes, let me clarify before everyone gets in an uproar.. There is work IF you want to use a C-phone. IF you signed up for an account that is internet-based, you will be disappointed. Not enough work to go around. Just my personal preference.. I have no desire to do a dial-up C-phone account using my long distance.

    Some do and have good accounts and fully loaded ESL accounts
    Take a look at what is happening in India. For the first time, workers there have money to get themselves into debt by buying high priced items (cars for example). They now protest lower castes being allowed into universities at almost double the previous allowance. Wait until they are highly in debt, begin to feel entitled to a wage equal to that paid inthe US and then, try to form unions, get tossed out into the street and sit back with some Ben and Jerry ice cream and watch the economy collapse and all that dictation come back across the ocean. Timing is everything.
    Find out which accounts they are hiring for. They have some ESL accounts that are extremely
    difficult to do.  I dont know how many accounts they have altogether but as I say, a few are very difficult and I actually dont have a problem with ESLs but these accounts are almost totally ESL.  I dont do them anymore.
    Well it sounds like no work happens a lot at DSG. How are the accounts as far as decent accounts
    and their QA. 
    Different accounts have different platforms. Most accounts require sm
    high speed but I am not sure if satellite is OK.

    I don't think that they're hiring right now. I spoke with my lead on Thursday, who said they are focusing on making sure everyone has enough work and moving PTers to FT, eventually moving towards FT only with only weekends as PT. Not 100% sure when that is though.
    Hmm..well it goes to show how different it can be between accounts. My "high" ESL accounts s
    at WMX are pretty easy in my opinion as well. I wish I had a better answer for you. Hang in there if you can. You have to do what is right for you.
    Six accounts?!?! That is nuts! I am on 3 accounts. nm
    MQ accounts
    You are assuming that MQ has not lost any accounts. Yes the accounts were transferred with the transcriptionists, buy one of my accounts left and went to another service and yes, once an account goes up on the new platform, it is free game for everyone.
    I believe they have two ER accounts - one is .09 and one is .10 -

    the owner is wonderful to work for, also.

    PS:  Hi Connie!



    How many accounts do you have?
    When you get 6 accounts, can work on any of them at any given time, sometimes all in 1 day, and still get less than 2% DC percentage, come back and tell me you're better than me.  You're still wet behind the ears and probably don't even realize what a big can of worms you just opened.
    Are the Rad accounts going VR?
    VR accounts
    Does anyone find that you can get more lines or make more money on VR accounts?
    RE: VR accounts
    How did you get three accounts?
    ????????????????????????? No wonder you have plenty of work - you have three accounts. Duh!!
    Their accounts are about 90% ESL sm
    And I am talking heavy ESL.  Also, even though most of their MTs are ICs, they make you give them a schedule and they bug you if you don't work it.  Pay is okay.  Work is very sporadic. I have two friends who left there because the work kept running out.  QA can be very rude, as well. 
    You might be better off just getting your own accounts rather than
    trying to look for a service that has them. If you feel you must go through a service, then more than likely a small or very small MTSO would be the most likely to have these types of accounts.
    Your own accounts (SM)
    I read over the other posts today and agree that many of them were brutal, unpleasant, condescending, and unkind. Do not let these types of responses deter you from your goals, plans and visions.
    I had my own accounts before I even took
    a medical transcription course. I got into MT by accident. I started a home-based secretarial business doing typing and bookkeeping for people. One day, I got a call from this guy wanting to know if I could do his transcription. Sure, why not?! I had repaired transcription machines in a former career field, so what could be so tough about transcribing? I did fine. I've had his account for 8 years now. I also picked up a physical therapy account with four dictators before I finished my MT education, but that account was el cheapo on pay so I dumped them as my skills grew more in demand.

    In my opinion, it's easier to have your own accounts because you're doing the same people and the same reports day after day. You can use your Expander to the max. They'll notify you of any corrections or style issues they'd like you to implement. You make more money per line while saving them money versus in-house staff or a national. Make up some business cards and an intro letter on your computer and start sending them out. Forget about all the negative people who are telling you that you can't do it. They're not the boss of you. You are in control of your own destiny. YOU can do it!
    You are a pet, get best accounts.
    There is no QA on your own accounts. YOU are QA.
    QA shouldn't have to catch your versus you're anyway. QA shouldn't have to correct basic skills.
    Where was that hop to? Your own accounts?