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They only want FT MTs but the work load sm

Posted By: SunnyGal on 2009-06-28
In Reply to: ETranplus - vera

for me was a PT load and of course at the lower end of their tier system. I had to jump ship.

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Don't know about radiology work load, but we have been scratching in the dirt for work for a numb

of months now.  They hire, lose account, hire again before new accounts comes onboard, then have overhired, having to put new MT's on the current low workload. 

Can anyone tell me how the work load is at MDI-MD? nm
QA/work load
I too was with them for about 1-1/2 months. Their QA people were great, easy for me to work with, very helpful. The owner is easy to work for. I left for personal reasons, getting out of this field for awhile. I would go back if I did this work again.
Work load at TT
Crystal...how long have you been an MT? Why I'm asking is that if you've been an MT for any length of time you KNOW that there are certain periods during the year that things will slow down JUST briefly. Labor Day and school starting times of the year is one of them. Another is Christmas and Thanksgiving. Transtech usually has an over abundance of work and all you have to do is take advantage of the times when the work is really booming with the bonuses they offer, etc. and these times when it's a little bit slow you can sit back and relax a minute...and I mean a minute, because it's going to pick back up with a quickness.
How's the work load been at MDI -MD lately? Enough or
TT work load
Maybe they're expecting. I work 2nd and have only run out of work twice in a year for a few minutes at most.
Work load
I personally almost always have work, although this morning was very slow, it picked up in the afternoon. I know work flow has been an issue for some though.
Work Load
Oh for goodness sakes, don't you know that work flow varies from day to day. As a rule TT usually has plenty of work if one is willing to work on more than one account. So many seem to complain but if they would get out of that little comfort zone and learn other accounts they would have more than enough to keep them busy for 8 hours. TT has a really good track record. The ones that complain probably don't want to work. They'd rather get their lines on message boards.

Work load
Well, have you ever considered moving to the shift that DOES have work then? Geeeeee, what a concept.

Feast or famine. Always a different work load every day, and you often run out if the work gets
Anyone work at Diskriter, who can tell me how it's like, pay, work load, supes, etc. Thanks
When the work load is low how to you still manage to

You're here just like the rest of us.  Are you one of those that manages to work in addition to your 8 hour shift to get it when the work is low?

Spheris low work load
Thought I would respond to the post about Spheris at the top as soon we would be booted off the page.  Yes Healthscribe did outsource to India all along.  As a matter of fact they were very proud of that fact.  They did not send all of the work over there and seemed to keep plenty for their US MTs, however, that is exactly why Spheris took over Healthscribe is because of the India link.  That is the main reason they bought Healthscribe, which is exactly why they are letting all the good MTs go and not paying them, etc.  They want them to quit.  Cheaper than paying unemployment when they eventually let them all go as all they ever wanted out of that deal was the link they had to India and India employees.  That is no secret and is exactly why they are all being nudged out of work.  The work is there.  Your work is there, it is just being sent elsewhere and where as it should be illegal, well it is not.  It is just morally wrong and not very American but I think those types of things such as morals and being proud to be an American get thrown out the window when these companies see $ in their pockets.  Good old fashioned American pride is not important to these people anymore and thus the results we are seeing.  It will be lost for our children and even worse for our children's children.  That is why it is so important for us to stop going to hospitals or write to our hospitals that outsource and to get everyone you know to do it as well and make a big stink.  That is why it is important for every American MT to rebel and not work for these companies, for their slave wage, etc.  They will always need some American MT for that one account who does not want their work overseas and I know Spheris has a few of them, and if they cannot get an American MT to work for them, well, ....I guess they loose that account eventually, and as they get more that want their work brought back to the U.S. and they have no MTs from the U.S. to provide that to them, they lose another account and so on.  Eventually the work will get sent to the companies who do promote strictly U.S. work, where it belongs, and the goal of being the largest company, which is what Spheris is striving to be will slowly start to shrink and then American people, we have one.  Give that some thought!!
Amphion Work Load/QA
I have never been on these chats before but in checking all of them out I am in quite disbelief.  I see people complaining about having to do OT and QA issues if you have a bad QA.  Are you seriously kidding?  You have a job at home, a computer given to you, and you are there if your kids need you, are sick, etc.  You don't pay for gas, don't have to worry about the weather, or OT at an actual office.  Most people out there are looking for a good company and now people are complaining about having too much work.  This is a first for me because in my situation I always have bills, things cropping up for school and X-mas coming up as do most people  I know.  Remember what do you have and how good you do have it.
Work load is back up.
Most are too busy to post, I guess.
How's the work load at TransTech? Have there been
What is work load and pay like for Diskriter?
Extremely low work load right now
Supposedly new accounts are coming on board soon.....I sure hope so!
How is the work load at Transhealth? I'm thinking of
Focus Infomatics...low work load

I have been working for Focus Infomatics since January....just trying to build up my experience.  Hard to make money at this at 8 cpl and often no work load whatsoever.  Anyone know anything about them? 

I know the MTs that work this acct. load them from a pool. However, sm
I think that is a very good idea - batching docs and/or specialties together.  I wonder why they don't do that, and I am going to ask!  Thanks!  If you saw my post above, there are a total of 37 specialties on my list, made up of approx. 4-5 docs in each specialty, so I'm looking at learning well over 100 doctors in only 40 hrs. of training?  That's a joke. 
Many variables affect work load
Sometimes I have run out of work.  Sometimes my accounts are swamped with OT, while other accounts are caught up.  Some platforms have more work/accounts than others.  Some specialties are overstaffed, some are understaffed.  Its pretty much the same at other companies.  Its just that people speak in absolutes on this board about their experience.  You have to take it all with a grain of salt.  I have come to understand that everyone's situation is so different that maybe we all should put a disclaimer that my situation is this and not make blanket statements using words like always and never, nor argue with one another about who's reality is valid - they all are.
Economy affecting work load
Is anyone else out there who may be struggling for lines thinking like me; that it may be people are just not going to doctors or electing for treatment they can possibly put off because they cannot afford it?  My accounts have been pretty slow over the past 6 weeks or so, and when I hear that some people, especially the elderly who lost or suffered a huge reduction in their retirement when the stockmarket went down the tubes, are forgoing medical care in order to buy food or heat their homes, it makes me wonder how huge an impact this could eventually have on our jobs as MTs. 
No, you won't make more money unless you do triple the work load. sm
Instead of transcribing 1200 to 2000 lines a day, you will need to edit 4000 to 5000 lines a day.

That is very difficult most days, the most I did, and this is with 5 years experience, was 3800 a day, and that is not consistent.

So, 3800 lines x what are you being paid 5 cpl = $190. I have to tell you 3800 lines of editing a day is tough to do most days. I had days where I could barely get 2000 done. It all depends on how recognized the dictator is and how many small errors are in the report.

So is the work load at MDI-FL picking up? I've talked to them before....sm

about coming to work for them when it does.  They said they'd get in touch with me and so I really don't want to contact them back first.  However, I'm probably going to move on if I don't hook up with them soon.  I've seen here that their work load is down and perhaps they've overhired (?), but they'd be my first choice of where to go from here. So is their work picking up, especially the VR? 

Anxiously waiting for work load to pick up -- LOW, low n/m
Every time the work load goes up substantially, they SUBCONTRACT..
The past 2 days are a perfect case in point. ***** work yesterday, scrambling today--with 5 accounts...While we all know MT companies could not care less about their typists, that 2-faced CEO of ours, who was the head of whatever morphed from AAMT, MUST BE TRYING TO ELIMINATE US...BUT KEEP HIRING, BABY. Fortunately, many people in India speak English.
Used to work there? How would you know what their work load is like now? I transcribe
150 radiology reports a day in 8 hours and there is still work in the system when I sign off.
Any MTs here work for Proscript, and how is your work load? NM
Old posts show they want 1200 lpd and that the work load was very uneven. nm
Downside is that there's rarely a steady/even load of work everyday unless there's always a ba
Is Lee Perfect hiring, and how much do they pay? How is the work load. I'm tired of running out o
work with the present company. It's getting old and I cant survive on low work.
Ah, a random work load can really kill production. Can they be routed
Any current information on Medware such as work load, pay, benefits, etc.
Thanks for anything you have.. the good, bad, and ugly.
Why is work load at Webmedx suddenly low during peak flu/RSV season? sm
Accounts that were on OT for a couple of weeks now have single-digit jobs pending, not all, obviously, but most.
Friend has been there for years, only makes 7 cpl, work load very uneven. Looking to leave,
Need current info on ETransPlus i.e. work load, line rate (ballpark), cost of benefits, SM
and overall treatment of their MTs.  I found archived opinions but all old.  Is anyone there now that can comment?  Thanks!!
The ESL load has been mentioned as being a very
What a load of poop
When I put a space in a report, I'm pretty sure that's MY thumb that hits that space bar - I have the tenosynovitis to prove it. Therefore I should be paid. I think if that were the case we would have to send in reports with no spaces just to prove a point. OMG - just let me hang on in this industry long enough to put myself through nursing school!!!!
Can I load the Spheris program on my lap top? nm
How to load Express Scribe
If you already haven't found out how to do it, save the files to a folder on your desktop, then go into Express Scribe, click on Load or load files (I don't have it on this computer, so am doing this from memory), then click Browse, then click on C drive, then click Desktop, click on the folder, then click on the files you want to load.  In my experience, Express Scribe will only load a job if it has been saved in a folder.  Hope this helps and good luck
If IM is an employer requirement, just load it and put on your..


I see a load of crap when it is posted

 This IS an unineducated statement.

Really. Uneducated like you not reading IRS regs?

Stuff like paying (giving them) them an interest free loan (business loan) to pay for their capital improvements-

I didn't improve their capita. They had it down pat before I came along.

they want you to use their PC and want a way to pay for it interest free. 

Old news. BTDT the last 15-plus years. p.s. their PC is actually as server. Look it up.

This is bull. Plain bull. 

Old news, accoriding to you.  Facts please.

Hey you want to pay for some things that will only work on their PC, go ahead. Hey jump at the chance.

No jumping involved.  Same ole', same ole', been going on since you were born. I just learned how to make it work for me, how 'bout you?


Do Diskriter MTs have to use a company machine or will they load yours? Thx. nm
sorry...a 60% ESL load for that acct. No website, just a recruiter's name
Do you still have to rent their equipment from them or do they load program on
People have said the ESL load with FN is very heavy AND they don't offer DD. nm
You can always delete Vista off and load XP with new computers (nm)
Shine templates take too long to load sm
Isn't too bad if you can go straight into it and start typing, but the account I do you have to go in and fill/fix the template after it loads before you can start typing, so it can be time consuming.
Sounds like a load of bull to me. Some companies have old
reports that you can look up in their system.  My company has samples from various docs posted in a database, other companies will fax/e-mail you samples.   I find it hard to believe that all those companies are in violation of privacy issues. 
That "aging population" excuse is sure a load of
done at home, and requires lots of experience, older MTs are an asset, NOT a liability. Shame on them for using such a lame excuse.