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Many times the truth is both boring and painful.

Posted By: Another TT MT on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Now you're just boring me - Yawn

Time to wake up and admit that to yourself. 

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It can be boring at times...but it's a job...
it's not necessarily supposed to be fun and exciting...it pays the bills just fine for me
No, not boring - flipping burgers is boring!
Be grateful to be working!

It has been painful to sit and watch time and time again as they've systematically picked off the old DRC employees one by painful one, then sending out congratulatory emails to the team wishing the ex-exployee well with their exciting and fun new career choice blah blah thank you for your many years of service blah blah blah don't let the door hit you on the way out...

It is my opinion that they aren't going to stop until ALL the people who were there when it was DRC are gone...that way no one can remember paid holidays, an honorable wage, loving your job...and the way it used to be when it was DRC. 


Taking a pole would be much too painful
Sure thing...M.M. Hate to trash a person personally but the truth is the truth. nm
Spoken (written) from painful experience...


The pattern seems to be no matter what they offer you today, what you sign on for and what you think you have agreed upon with them, everything from line rate to accout, will be changed - in the near future - with you getting the worst of the deal.  check the archives...much much bad news.   PLEASE BE CAREFUL...AND WISE.

Get over yourself - being an MT is boring
Glad I don't do it anymore. 
A lot of times, if they need extra help, they will over 1-1/2 times our regular rate. sm
This is the equivalent of OT but you get it even if you have not done 40 hours already. I have also received AmerExp gift cards a few times for incentives offered. I think it depends on the account.

I do know for sure that they are working on an incentive program but I have no details and not even sure if they are still looking at it.

I do know for sure that I make more $$ with Keystrokes than I have ever made anywhere else.
Ditto! Can you say boring!!
But, we are getting paid.
I have a boring last name, and when I was in school I always - sm
secretly wished a had a long, difficult to spell-and-pronounce last name, just so I could sit there and watch the teachers stumble over trying to pronounce it.
Not another TT rumble. How boring.
About that boring part...
I would bet my next paycheck (and it is a decent sum) that you are the type of person who punishes others when you are bored. Bored with your marriage? Have an affair and make your hubby pay the price. Bored with your kids? Ditch them at the mall and make them pay the price. Bored with your friends? Yawn during conversation and offend them.

Life is not supposed to be free entertainment. Get over YOUR self.
Every job gets boring at some point. nm
Now you're just boring me
You are closed-minded and refusing to absorb any other opinions other than your own. You and others like you will unfortunately find yourselves out of this profession in the very near future, and it will be of your own choosing.

I can't speak for other editors here, but if the MT is awake and alert and editing reports, your argument about compromising patient care is just ludicrous. A proficient, skilled MT will not jeopardize patient care any more through editing than he/she would through standard transcription.

You've made up your mind. I'm not going to attempt to reason with you further.

You're only hurting yourself by refusing to learn and that's quite frankly your choice.

or they know the truth and the truth hurts. NM
Free and incredibly boring! (nm)
Lots of boring discussions!
What kind of toothpaste do you use? What is the weather like where you are? If you could be any animal, what would you be? What is in your purse? These are just a few examples of the ridiculous discussions that have been held on that board!
Name just 1 job that doesn't get boring at some point. nm
that place is sooo boring; who posts there?
jobs there.  I think Spheris also has job ads there... 
I am in a pool... see inside for the boring details :)
When I started with TRS I was a 36-year clinical-only MT, and the reason I took the job with TRS was, among other things, the fact that they offered to up-train me into acute care. (In fact I applied at Transcend just before I applied at TRS and they said no thanks, don't call us and we won't call you, and they wouldn't even let me TRY the freakin' TEST, so I find it mildly amusing that now they've got me anyway.)

But I digress. Anyway... at first I was assigned to a somewhat-limited pool on a large hospital account (an account that was brand-new to TRS and in fact I think we stole it from 'the Q') and all I was doing to start with was discharge summaries and letters. Well, once I got used to all the different voices, I started begging for at least some consults and H & Ps because even though I had only done 'clinical' before, I had done literally thousands of excruciatingly-detailed consults and H & Ps for internal medicine, hematology-oncology, orthopedics, and a few others I can't think of right now, over the years.

Then, apparently because I could actually do the work (plus I got kicked off the usual 1-month mentoring full-QA program after only 10 days, because it was mostly a waste of their time to full-QA me), they started trying me on another account, which I was later told was the VERY HARDEST account TRS had in its inventory, and before long I was in the 'all-work pool.'

So now the 'hard' account is my primary, the original account (still with only discharge summaries and letters) is my secondary, and I also have a tertiary (which fortunately I don't get hit with very often because it has REALLY CRAPPY sound 'quality', scratchy phone lines or something) on which I seem to be on just consults, progress notes, discharge summaries, and H & Ps.

I am told that the 'goal' at Transcend is to have everyone working something like 80% on their primary account, with the other 20% on secondary and tertiary, with no more than 3 accounts (except perhaps in extraordinary circumstances), mostly so there would be fewer account instructions to keep track of.

I can't find out how many physicians practice at the hospital that is my primary account (short of manually counting them) but it is a 350-bed hospital where they do pretty much everything. Just on a rough guess, there might be around 100 dictators I run into. A certain number of RNs and PAs dictate in addition to the doctors.

They keep me on that 'hardest' account because I am actually pretty good at deciphering most of it. Of course there are a couple of real 'problem children' still, and they usually have as many blanks after QA gets done with them as they did when I gave up on them, so that makes me feel better.

Not only that... our people are very proactive about actually talking to the clients to try to resolve problems. One of the worst dictators was just recently talked to and she has gotten a whole lot better. I e-mailed the liaison to report that, and asked them to please pass the word along that this doctor's dictation had indeed gotten a lot better and we, the poor saps at the other end of that phone line, really and truly appreciate her efforts....

Anyway. I had better get back to the work that is actually available this morning....

Anything else anybody wants to know, just ask, and I'll try to answer as best I can. :)
This drama NEVER ends! It is SOOOOOO scary, and so boring at the same time!
Now Lee will come on, with an empassioned plea to please call her, and yada, yada, the misunderstandings. This person left, or that person left, or now a new bolt of lightning. It is getting ABSURD to have this regurgitated at least weekly on this board!  Same old, same old. I would NEVER work for Keystrokes, and can't imagine anyone falling for this saga and applying.  Something is VERY wrong in KS land.
Ditto that! Psych is soooo boring. Feel bad for people and their many problems, but not
The truth

Many good and bad things can be said about this company.  I am currently with them, going on my 5th year. 

First the downside.  They do outsource offshore, no secret, says so on their website.  Hospitals can choose either U.S. or if unwilling to pay that higher rate can opt for the offshore services at a reduced rate.  The reason they do this is at the request of the HOSPITAL, and to stay competitive with other vendors.

They have had some dishonest supervisors in the past that allowed cherrypicking to occur, now if you get caught doing so, you can be written up and terminated, it is NOT tolerated anymore and those who get caught do get reprimanded (I am on a team who has had several cherrypickers and the whole group got the nasty emails so everyone would know it was going on and that they better not do it because it hurt the whole group).

They do have clients that are soley re-record and overflow.  But, they also have full service accounts that are not re-record.  The sound quality on both is superb, only a slight difference on re-record, but not enough to complain about. 

Their pay is fair and if you are as good as an MT as everyone claims to be, you can make really good money with them.  The faster you type and more accurate you are the more you make, plain and simple.  If you know your terminology and don't have to waste time looking up things, no reason to not meet and exceed your required line counts and get that incentive.  Also, have heard that they are now paying extra incentive for 2nd and 3rd shift to get people to work those shifts - not something that used to happen.

Overall, I would suggest this company to anyone that is a quality MT, if you don't want to work hard, don't waste your time because that is how you make money in this field.  I'm not a cheerleader for the company and there may be other companies out there that are better, but to each his/her own.  No company is a perfect fit for every MT, this just happens to be mine for the time being.  You have nothing at all to lose by applying and trying them out for awhile other than a learning experience for yourself.  Who knows, they might be a perfect match for your needs.



Just the truth
Like I've said, I've never posted here before but everyone reaches a breaking point. I didn't mind lying low and minding my own business for all those years because I had 3 accounts to work on so rarely ran out of work. 2 were their worst accounts but I've never worked for any other company at home, only in hospitals. I am just so disillusioned that they would offer us a quality incentive after complaining how bad the quality was and that they were losing accounts and then for those of us that have always done good work, the money never came. And the fact that they just ignored my messages not once but 3 times is so unprofessional. I am totally ashamed that the VPs would stoop so low. I probably would have accepted an excuse if they would have replied and been upfront about the incentive thing falling through but they didn't do that. Its just too much to swallow and it makes me sad to think people would treat employees that way. They are going through so many people so quickly that soon no one will want to work there. Its a shame because I really liked 2 people that you had to deal with on a daily basis and they were always nice. Unfortunately they are not in a position to make changes that desperately need to be made.
To tell you the truth,

I really don't care whether MQ finds out I am posting comments or not.  What are they going to do?  Fire me before I can quit?  Blackball me so I can't get another MT job anywhere? 

Also, I sincerely doubt that with the reduced staff MQ has, they have enough people to sit around and monitor/read our postings here. 

some truth--but...
I agree with your point that people are car pooling, etc., which contributes to the lay offs.  Foreign cars being better than American made, sorry, that I don't agree with..but we are all entitled to our own opinion and I respect yours as well.  Maybe you had a bad experience with an American made car to give you this opinion.  Don't give up.  There are good American made cars out there as well.   Just, think about this, when you go and buy a used car, and I commend you for doing that...I think it is smart, just think about buying an American made car.   I think we need to support our own and maybe if we do things will be better for our children and their children!!  We can't change the world in a day as it took much longer to get us to the state we are in, but if everyone made a conscious effort to do just 1 thing everyday to support our economy by buying USA or even making an effort to let your hospital know how you feel about them offshoring when your American earned $ are what is supporting them, if everyone would do just one thing a day, that would be just 1 less thing to support the off-shore community, and 1 less thing per each person in the entire United states adds up to billions of less things done for off-shoring.  Now that will make a difference, and just think if each person would do just 2 things each day, etc.....It can be done!!   Just make some noise.  That is what these companies whether it be medical transcription, car dealers, or whatever, do not want!! 
You want me to not tell the truth? Why?
I made 38K as a base with added $$ over a certain number of hires a month. I was offered more by another major MTSO, but I decided to get out of recruiting altogether for reasons cited in my other post, and declined the offer.

A recruiter I know personally was paid much, much more than I was and I have no reason to believe she'd lie to me. She made a great deal with the company. Sometimes it's about who you know, or your reputation in the business. They want you bad enough, they'll pay.

You can't equate what production pays versus working a deal with senior management for a salaried position. There are QA managers and MT supervisors out there making $30K, and there are those out there making $50-60K and probably more. (I was offered 50K to supervise, but you couldn't pay me enough to assume that particular nightmare.) Bottom line is that it's all about the deal.

Bottom line: Just because you don't believe it, or haven't seen it personally, doesn't mean it isn't so.
tell them the truth and see what they say!
Ain't that the truth

Awhile ago they were having some big brujaja and taking up huge amounts of space on this forum, pushing everything else out. We asked the mod to give them their own board, and she did. Thanks...

Spheris is an okay company. I have nothing bad to say about them. I left for personal reasons. Never tried the #1 squid, but I had worked for a number of companies they ate up.




Just tell them the truth (sm)
Tell them your kids come first and you have other commitments than your job. If they want mandatory OT, if you are willing to do OT, tell them it has to be at your convenience or you will be unable to fulfill the requirement. If they are in that desperate need for OT they will take it when they can get it and when it's convenient for you. If you don't want to do it tell them you aren't doing it you have other commitments that came before the OT was instituted and you can't just get rid of those responsibilities. they will deal with it, they need you.
Boy, that's the truth!
It seems that all companies are offering 7 cents per line even if you have 10+ years' experience or more...........
Boy, is that the truth!!
I have gone through this in the years, also, and it is crap to say the least, the very least!! 
See? They tell the truth.
Boy is that not the truth...
I get a daily update on what is going on with the account and my leader askes us to work on such and such and we do. I however work earlier than I get that report and later in the afternoon and evening, so I get to make a choice about what I get done that day based on what is required. If we need work on OPs I concentrate on Ops for about half my shift adn then I might go do some H&PS and then work on a few discharge summaries. Always keeping my eye on the backlog. It is really, really, really great that I get to choose. That way I am not stuck on having to do op reports day in and day out and day in...well you get the picture. I get to have a cross section of reports and I really x3 like that. Now I am certainly not going to site on HPs or whatever if were are several days behind in op reports. I guess I just like that I can make that decision.
The Truth...
It has been my experience with Focus that they are very good to work for as an MT. They offered me a position on the SWAT team which I declined due to the fact that the hourly rate would be about a 50% pay cut from my MT pay. They came back later with a per line paid QA position which I accepted. I have been doing that for some time now, however on Thursday they called me out of the blue and let me know they were eliminating US based QA/QC on the platform I was working on. To add insult to they offered me a position with a 1 cent pay cut and a change from M-F first shift to Sun-Thurs 2nd or 3rd shift. I honestly feel that this job offer was more or less a way to eliminate my ability to recieve unemployment. Now I get to wait at least a week to get setup and trained for the new platform.
Again, not the truth sm
I have been there a year. When have I run out of work? Holidays. July 4th was okay, but nothing on Labor Day much. The only other time was for about 3 hours late in July. Other than that, I have never run out. I don't wait for anything to load, my Q is always full.

Part of what you are hearing is the pickiness of others. Many MTs at TT are cherry pickers of sorts. They refuse a secondary account. They refuse work types (although I do too) and worst of all, they refuse to do certain doctors. They are not telling the whole truth.

As for over hiring, that is not really true either. IF they do, it is not deliberate. If a hospital says we have X amount of lines per month at our previous company, then TT hires based on those numbers. If the previous service was padding lines or didn't report accurately for whatever reason, then yes, TT over hired, but through no fault of their own. They try to run initial numbers of MTs high with new accounts because of attrition.

ALL companies have this problem: Hire 20 MTs. 5 stick to the job, their schedule and their commitment to you. 5 flake from day one. 10 won't show up regularly and when they do, they don't meet their commitment. Given that a company hires based on a certain number of lines generated, hires to their minimum requirements (say 1200 lines per MT per day)...the bad habits of the majority of MTs leaves them high and dry. Either you work your existing MTs harder or you hire more. Of course, when a flake pulls her head out of her rear and starts to try to meet her commitment, there isn't going to be the sort or amount of work she wants to do.

This is why I defend TT because I work there, because I am still ecstatically happy after a year, because I have never had a problem and I am glad I didn't listen to all the dissenters. TT is not my only job and I don't keep a second because I don't have work anytime I want it. I work my second job because I love it and they love having me on the team. I am part of management at my PT job and I see both sides of this equation.

Of my dozen or so MTs, I have 1 whose work is stellar and she won't show up. I have one who is not quite the MT she thinks she is, but she is good enough and she shows up every day. I have one who is a very hard worker, but whose work is sub par. The rest are fair to passing quality wise and work most of their shifts. That one really good quality MT is 10% of my team. The hard workers are 20% of my team and the other 70% is so-so. I am not the only team manager putting up with this.

I am telling you people to grow up. Act like a professional, live up to your commitments and do your job. Furthermore, take a page from Amanda's book, the MT with the timer on the main board last week, and sit down and work! You'll find that this business is not going down the toilet. It is merely that most MTs prefer to witch, moan and complain while they do the swirly dance.
We know the truth
The truth is you work for TTD.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step.  Go ahead, take the first step.  We are here for ya! 
They just don't like the truth. nm
  OP when she hears the truth.
that is the TRUTH
those two can make a person nuts...i think they are both bipolar and forgot to take their meds....
Whether you want to believe it or not, just truth
This person has a family to support. She quit a job because they asked if she wanted the 3 days off they offered for a death in the family. That is the way businesses run whether you want to believe or not. Now she is having to think about unemployment when she had a job where she had been for 3 years. I said I sucked it up when my vacation time was taken away. Probably working from home is even worse than working inhouse. When working inhouse my mother was dying in another state. I had to find someone to come in and relieve me of my job so I could spend the last day of my mother's life with her - I was the only 1 working in my office at that time. Do not preach to me. I have been there before. Honesty sometimes is hard to deal with.
That is the truth! Maybe they should sm
all apply at the Q, work for slave wages and hate everybody! Sounds like a great mix huh?
Is it cyberbullying when the CEO of a company signs a post that way?  Not guessing who it is, they signed it for crying out loud.
Okay, here's the truth
So I inquired about this and learned exactly ONE person moved from QA back to doing MT. That's hardly a trend. And it's hardly the downsizing of the QA department that it was made out to be.

Like I said, take these posts with a grain of salt. This proved to be another rumor-monger with half-truths trying to cause a panic.
Just be honest and tell the truth.
If the service is one of integrity, they'll appreciate your honesty.

Diskriter Truth
Oh such a lady like response, Gee, I'd really want you on my team!  People are entitled to offer their opinions and experiences with various companies, and if you are unhappy with the comments, then the professional attitutde to take is one the other very professional poster did with her response, and I agree with him/her in what she said.  As far as names, we are not allowed to post names of people on these boards, but I guess you did not understand that part.  I wonder what type of MT you are!  Typing all in caps, why yell at someone for an opinion about a company that somene obviously has had a bad experience with, and I would not post information that was untrue, I would suggest you read the archives about Diskriter!  It's people like you that give medical transcriptionists a bad name that use such language!  We are professionals here, and using such language is uncalled for.  One would have thought you could has posted something much more professional and much more articulate.  Shame on you!
She's telling the truth about this one. It is
terrible, no work, system is out of order a few times a day, and they just hire more and more people when the accounts have no work on them. 
If they told the truth...
nobody would go near them.
Well, they are not telling the truth! sm
I was offered an incentive package to stay with them and that was on eScription! I turned it down and left anyway. Prefer working for Americans!
truth in the matter
I know people who still work with Transhealth and they are just sticking with it until something better comes. They don't feel appreciated. When I worked with them, the mgmt team needed to practice their professional skills. Everyone has their right to post their opinion and that is what it is, an opinion like anyone else who posts positive/negative comments about the company or any other company. It is up to the person to make the best decision and all we can provide is our opinions regarding the matter.
Exactly..please stick to the truth.
About a year ago one of the owners, Andy Renfroe was speaking for all of the owners and sent a companywide email after OSi got caught sending work to India. This is a portion of the email that he sent to OSI employees, and this is why people quit and are still quitting OSI in droves - because OSI never admitted this until they got caught! This is the truth and you can take it with a grain of salt if you want to.