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Feel free to post here or email Natalie as well. nm

Posted By: OP on 2008-02-25
In Reply to: Good grief! Not secretive at all, just trying not to be redundant - on the boards. Milner MTs, please feel free to po


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no email came through, but feel free to post ?'s here
feel free to email me...
I currently work for them and I really like my account. I am able to make a good line rate and the people are very nice. There are some problems, but I have not found a national yet that does not have some sort of problems with them. If you would like more info I would be happy to answer your questions.
By the way, feel free to email me

also as I have a direct connection to the hiring in my company and I would be happy to pass the resumes on to the right people.  I know we have openings in acute care including emergency room reports.  I don't think we have anything else right now but wouldn't hurt to send the resumes to the link above.  If we don't have anything, I am sure they will contact you when they do. 



Feel free to email me.
All responses will be kept confidential.
Please feel free to email too.
I wish! None that I know of. Feel free to email me! nm


With non-MT management or something else? Feel free to email. Thx :) nm
If you want to email me, please feel free. I am headed to the beach today through tomorrow :)
I live literally 1 block from the shore and have only been twice this year due to baseball with kids, my mother being in town for 3 weeks who does not like the beach and wants to be entertained all day long and a bout with the flu. I am going to take the rest of today and tomorrow and bake like a french fry!
Feel free to post your questions here. The only criteria we ask that posters follow

is not to post other people's personal names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and no client specific information.  Regarding crass posts by others, this is an anonymous board, which means anyone can post without identifying themselves.  We do moderate the site for content, but I would advise ignoring the trolls and negative information and zone in on the positive.



Then please feel free to go away, KS Lead.
Been there and done that, feel free to e-mail me.....nm
"There are WAY better companies out there" Feel free to share!
Here's a list I've compiled. Please feel free to add to it! nm

Amphion, Charts In Time (CIT), Focus, eTransPlus, some accts. at MedWare, possibly NEMT, Opti-Script (Penn.), OSI, Professional Transcriptions (Pensacola), Rapid, Superior Global, Transcriptions South (Fla.), Transcription Systems (Ill.), TransTech, and TTS. nm

Approximately 3 days ago, I believe....feel free to E-mail me...nm
please feel free to submit your resume and we can discuss all of the above/below :)
When you start walking water feel free to critique,
but until then you're human just like the rest of it and we all make mistakes occasionally.   Maybe you're the management that made the original posting. 
Nothing is closed. Anyone free to post or not post.
All 40,000 others are free to post as often as they like also.
wonder why they feel the need to email all MT's
you'd think they would know how to email only the MT's it pertains to

and the stupid email graphics from QA are not professional at all, they distract from the real content of the message... very unprofessional plus she can't spell.
I don't think that is the fault of the MQ people. Anyone is free to post about anything at any ti
Anyone is free to post, not just Axolotl employees
so you don't know who is posting. 
Public board. I am free to respond to any post.
Email me for details. Don't feel like getting bashed on here today!
Feel lucky you didn't get a rejection email. I have over 16 years experience
and this is the first test, since the very beginning of my career, that I have not passed.  I am stunned.  I'm not perfect by any means, but this is the first real rejection. I understood it early in my career, but after all this time, and working the past five years doing acute care for a couple of nationals, I get turned out by this company because I failed the test and they do not even tell you which part. I needed this job, but I guess it's back to the drawing board.
and you feel the need to post why?

GREAT post. I feel the same way. nm
Thanks so much! I feel better since reading your post. I have had experience with
unreasonable QA in the past so it is nice to have a heads up in that regard. Like you, my primary interest is paid on time, good accounts and plenty of work. Sounds like OSi meets those basic requirements and that is all I need. Thanks again!
What a good post MTIM - Feel your pain

We all feel like that from time to time, but it doesn't matter whether you are an MT or working in any other profession - some days a job is just a job.  You sound like you work for a company like I did.  Too much management getting in the way.  That said, look at it this way.  At one point in my career I made 0.075 cpl for many years (raises unheard of).  I took that rate and turned it into $40,000 a year because I typed by fingers to the bone.  Minimum line count of 1,200 was not enough for me, but some people will only type the minimum and then quit. This is where their problem is.  It's called ambition.  Of course the pay will be low if you quit at 1,200 lines.  Being an MT for 5-10-15 years you certainly should be typing more than that.  If you are not, and it is not YOUR fault, but because of company dynamics, it is time to find a company and account that helps you reach your full potential.  Please do not cheat yourself.  The first thing I would do is not answer phone calls or e mail during your shift (do this before or after) because you are going to have enough to deal with to slow you down while you are working as you described. 

I do not move from company to company, never have, but I certainly would if I felt like I could do better than what is being offered to me, for whatever reason.  Again, no one is going to take care of you - except you, so don't cheat yourself.  Since you already have a job - go with the flow until you find what is absolutely perfect for you and you can make lots of $$ no matter what the rate ( to a degree of course).  It would be nice if we could all make 11 cpl or better.  I never have.  I have found a company and account that is perfect for me, making good money and love the work.  The kicker is, I would have taken that job for 7 cpl and because I am very good in that specialty - I could still make a decent living with it.  Don't go jumping at the first thing offered to you.  Think about it - and yourself.  What is it that you do best as an MT.  That's what you look for.  Being at this for 15 years, maybe you should just throw in the towel where you are but I think you do have the potential for something else.  Go for it - and good luck to you. 

What a hateful post. Hope your rant made you feel better. nm
Merry Christmas mlstoo!! & All! Beautiful post, feel the same!!! nm
Well, I fall above the average I guess. Would rather not post as not to make others feel bad or thin
I feel like I had my life sucked away sorting through this condescending, judgmental post. sm

While I do not disagree with some of your points, I am not sure what you hoped to gain by posting all of this.  The ones you address almost certainly will not recognize themselves, and even if they do, they will not change.  And for those of us who are NOT that way and do strive to be the best we can be in all respects, it is just a stating of the obvious. 

I am an old timer too, although I hate to think of myself in such unflattering terms.  I started with carbon paper and a Selectric typewriter, transcribing dictation from vinyl belts.  I do NOT long for the good old days in that respect, although I do miss the days when line rates were higher and being paid by the gross line was the norm ... sigh.

As we all know, the times are tough now in the MT industry, and it seems we would be best served to help and support one another rather than chastising and scolding others for their posts.  Of course, as I type this, I realize my post could be seen that way as well, and for that I apologize.  I very much believe in the laws of attraction and the power of positive thinking, and I have never seen negative energy attract anything other than more negative energy.

I cannot seem to sleep tonight, so I guess I might as well transcribe a bit more and make my insomnia profitable.  

Free enterprise. You are free to re-educate and retrain, as well!!!!
What's the complaint?!

Please post your email...sm
Would you mind posting your email or email me please. I have a few questions for you about MDI. Thanks
Try again on this post...if it does not go through may I email you please? Thanks. nm
Use the Reply By Email on the post.

Test post for email

Sorry, this is only to test.  I cannot post here if my email shows up. 

Hi! Can you post your email address please? Thanks for responding. :) nm

In case this company doesn't see this post, email them and tell them
To the person who sent me the anonymous, rude email. FYI: I AM an MT and I post answers here to di
a true response is given, not supposition and rumor. I do not know why you find it take and ignorant (your words) that I answered that Keystrokes does not and will not send work overseas, but as an MT, that was very important for me to know and part of the decision I made to go to Keystrokes in the first place.

I will not be intimidated by anonymous emails and certainly will continue to post answers with facts when asked.

This board is for everyone in transcription, not just those who think they can control the threads, and I for one like to hear from others in the industry with different viewpoints.

It should not reflect poorly on KS as you said; quite the opposite, I will only post facts and as offshore is an important topic. If your opinion is different than mine, that is your choice, but to send a rude email anonymously with a threatening tone was obviously meant to intimidate me.
Can the happy MT at Stat-Med post a contact email for them? The 2 on their website don't work. An
I feel the same way...I love working for Keystrokes and feel blessed that I have such a wonderful jo
Do you feel better now? !! Business is business, most of it should be confidential. Why post on a
Free sure. There are free on-line fax

services, in fact I used one last week.   Most do have limits on how often you can use and how many pages though.  You obviously would have to scan pages into a document, but maybe she doesn't have a scanner either.

She could have mailed paperwork back. 

Does MedWare post your score in their email to you? How high a score do you need to get hired?Thx.nm
I feel the same way. I'm irritable because I feel
and that my years of experience overall, and past few years of busting my @$$ for them hasn't been appreciated or noticed in the least.

We're all just cogs in the wheel.
Hey OrthoMT.. tried to email you back but the email was returned as undeliverable..
Basically, this is what I'd like to know.. You can email me the information if you like..First off, are they hiring for ortho? and what is their scheduling like, FT or PT, IC status or employee etc. I would like to find a company that is pretty flexible. Also, what platform do they use? I have worked at some like you were saying, took forever to get the line count and I want to work 8 hours and be done. Oh, do you have benefits, and what are they like if you have them? Thanks for any information you can give..

No, but I will email the Moderators as soon as I find the email. You know it's the truth, Becky.
Administrator- could you email me. I never posted that message about Netmed, yet it came to my email
address and I figured it out when someone from Netmed contacted me about my post. Is it possible for someone to steal and use your email address to post things. I thought there was some validation in place.
My post should say the post above not the post below, Sheryl's post to be specific. nm
Yes, it is free.
They told me that I would get a discount with steadman's and Dell, but they never said that I would have to buy anything. The only thing they said was that I would have to provide the home type of equipment (i.e. Internet, computer, foot pedal, and software for listening to the files. I received the same things you mentioned above too.