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Very happy. Great supervisor and more than enough work. sm

Posted By: Alice on 2007-05-16
In Reply to: Any comments on Transcend? NM - Thank you

Pay is good compared to other companies. Plus, pay is always on time.

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I love it there. Tons of work, great people. I am 100% happy.
The supervisor may be great -- not disputing that BUT
the recruiter is the first contact a potential employee has with a company, and therefore, the recruiter has the responsibiity of making a good first impression.
Great pay rate on a 55 ccl, great lady to work for and work is not tough. sm

It is all IC work, although you still are expected to give a schedule if you are doing stat coverage.  Only major drawback is the big wait for your first check -- almost a month from the time of your first invoice.


Good luck!  

The happy MTs at the great companies
are to busy working to post on the board, that's why you see all the negative. You see I'm on here, wondering the same thing myself!
If you're happy there great, but it is
the worst company I've ever worked for. 
Great if you are happy with status quo and
than that. That's your choice - one could say that this is just a job for you to be with your son, while for many of us it is a career as well. The vast majority of us want more than decent money. Decent money is great, but not progressing any further year by year is not acceptable to lots of us. We want what we deserve. We aren't slacking, we're working hard and want to be compensated accordingly.  I don't mind that you slack as long as you don't mock us out for wanting more out of MTing than you do. That's the point.  i could point out that those with your attitude and lack of wanting more has been largely responsible for the bosses to take advantage and -- punish - the rest of us for wanting our just rewards. As long as so many women are happy with their jammies and just decent money, as long as they can slack off, it damages the rest of us. This is a real job, after all. It really is if you just look at it as a professional.
Well I am out of work but my supervisor
I guess you must be happy there since you say it is a great company...
I just had an offer and am thinking of jumping. I work for Q now....any advice?
if we have our own accounts we do not have a supervisor, we do all the work.
More careful about running out of work? HA! I once had a supervisor (sm)
that said, Should we ___ them reports?  Please, people, use your heads.
You are pathetic! I have a great life, loving family, work for a great company.
You might want to fix that.

You really don't have to shout (angry person), but yes you are wrong!!

That is my last word to you!

I will add that getting a great pay check every other Friday from Medware really puts a huge smile on my face.
No work, my supervisor was horrible to work with

I worked for OSi for about a month, and during that time, I had little to no work.  They kept saying things were going to get better, but I didn't have the time or $$$ to wait it out.  I was just glad I left my old company on good terms, because I had to back so I wouldn't starve.  I am also a very easy going person, but didn't get along with my supervisor at all.  I felt she tried to stir up things, and never got back to me when I asked questions.  Maybe their work has picked up since I was there

YOG - Lots of work, great office staff, great money. NM
Yes it is! I got mine today -- think it is great. I'm happy to be part of such an amazing compa

I feel like I have FINALLY found my home.  :-)

older and wiser, can you email me the name of your supervisor/acct you work on Thanks!
It's a great company -- lots of work and great pay. sm
Web site is www.mditrans.net.  If you need anymore info, feel free to ask. 
Great people to work for, but I had to leave due to lack of work. Hopefully that has changed. SM
Most of us who do not live in California had to go IC. When I was there, they did not have statutory status, although they told me they did when they hired me. Their pay for VR is VERY low, not a living wage. Many of the folks in the office are ex-YOG and great to work for/with. Good luck.
1200 lines daily is great if you have the work, personally, I never had enough work so
I left and have NEVER been sorry!
Webmedx fits that bill, great company, great benefits, great pay and always on time. NM
Great place to work. LOTs of work and (sm)
as the other poster noted, somewhat flexible.  Make your lines and they pretty much leave you be.  Communication is great, QA is great.  The platform is extremely easy.  There's plenty of work to go around and then some. 
That's sad. I work for them and I have been happy
and have not run out of work but that huge account that they did get is supposed to be starting soon (I might switch to it) so if that made you nervous, that is sad. Some companies do not falsely advertise.
I work there, I'm happy with them.
Happy where I work
I have been a MT for many, many, many years lol.  I work at Keystrokes.  I make good money, type radiology reports, have plenty of work, can work weekends.  This company has grown, made lots of changes for us.  I have worked for companies that make promises, tell you that the accounts are great, plenty of work and most of the time not true.  I plan on retiring with Keystrokes.  This is my opinion, as I know not every company can make every person happy.  But, this company makes me happy and I pay my bills on time, which is a good thing. 
Well thank you. I am quite happy and often have more work
than I need allowing me to pick and choose but always find it a challenge to try new companies and platforms and new work types. I was interested in DSG because of their platform which is excellent.
I work for Proscript now and am very happy. sm
They are very nice to us and value their employees, and they have the quarterly bonus like MQ had ($50 for 10,000 lines, etc.). They are an up and coming company that does not send to India.
Accept it, and be happy to have work! nm
I work for TransTech and am very happy there. sm

Work is plentiful, the pay is okay (there is a nice incentive tier), the benefits are good, and the management staff is terrific.

Good luck.  I have ended up with jobs I hated, and that is definitely an unhappy place to be in. 

I work for JLG and very happy, no complaints! nm
Could u please tell me where u work PT that u r happy? I need to find a new job too! nm
Work for Shapin and absolutely HAPPY about it!!
Finally found my place.
I work there and am very happy. Give 'em a try!
Very professional, accommodating, and fair.
I work with MD-IT Louisville Division, very happy-sm

I started working for MD-IT in October and it has been a fabulous fit for me!  I work in the Louisville Division, there are several others.  The work is steady, sometimes overwhelming, but manageable, at least in my accounts.  They try not to overstaff the accounts.  MD-IT share their transcriptionists across the board and if your primary and secondary run out, they can find you work elsewhere rather quickly.  The people are wonderful to work with and friendly.  Pay is average, but it is fine for me.  There is very little ESL, and what ESL there is is fairly easy to understand.  Your coordinator is just an IM message or a phone call away and very helpful.  I hope this helps.      

Sten-Tel...any QAs here work there? If so, how is it? I'd be happy to hear from ya:D nm
I work at Webmedx and am very happy there. Check them out! nm

Happy, didn't you work at Transtech? Or
Actually, I'd be happy to work for 80s wages -- I made a lot more then. nm

I work for Keystrokes and have assigned doctors. I'm very happy. sm
I believe you can get overflow work if your doctor does not dictate on any given day, if there is any overflow work on that day.  My pay has always been on time.  I highly recommend them.
exactly....all of the people that I know that work for Keystrokes are happy and love their job...
move on if it is not the right fit for you...there are plenty of other companies out there...
Must be MDI-FL. Has its moments. Either too much work or not enough. No happy medium there. Moved on
No thanks.
I work in Meditech for KS and am VERY happy. I average 300+ lph. I prefer it as sm
it is like WP5.1, which I loved. To each his own.

There are also two types of Meditech, Magic with is like WP5.1 and Client, which is a Word-based program.
Great company, great boss, great account!!!nm
I am not her spokesperson just happy with the company I work for and upset that people can be so sm

misleading because the fit was not good for them. 

If you have been on these boards a while, you would know that she always posts her name.  I emailed her today to tell her what was happening on here, and the response I got back was she does not even look on here as it is too upsetting and has promised herself not to come and look.  She has too much else to do with her time and defending herself and her company is always misinterpreted.  She basically told me I should spend more time working or with my family than spending time on this soap opera.

It is better to not care and let people form their own opinions.  Everyone takes the postings with a grain of salt anyway.  I think it is sad that she has to be so tough-skinned.
Does Happy OSI'er ever work? She is too busy posting on MTStars!

10 cpl? That's great. And I'd rather have too much work...sm
than to run out of work.  I'd gladly work weekends to make 10 CPL.
It's great you are doing so well. Are you doing all work
I work there now and they are great. sm
Pay is always accurate, on time thru direct deposit. Emdat is a little strange to get used to, but not that bad. I think they'd like 300 lines a day minimum, but you need to check on that. Its 150 LPH required though. Hours are flexible as long as you tell them what you want and stick to it. They are wonderful ladies and I'd never leave if I didn't have to due to tax issues in my state. Give them a try.
And they are GREAT to work for! nm
No, she is GREAT to work for...sm
GREAT dictators, but just not enough work, unfortunately.
Can the happy MT at Stat-Med post a contact email for them? The 2 on their website don't work. An
Great place to work!
I came to Phoenix after having worked at the 2 large nationals over the past 4 years. I'm SO glad! The do not pay for spaces but the headers/footers more than make up for that. The work is steady, same account (or accounts) and never runs out. The staff are great to work with, helpful and very thoughtful. Great place to work!
Great company to work for...
Spheris is a terrific company to work for. They NEVER run out of work. They are extremely helpful. You use their computer set up. Direct deposit. Shifts you want. Need I say more? Oh, yes, the people there are terrific.

Ex-Spheris employee - hope to go back some day.