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When did you start working for them?

Posted By: sm on 2008-11-29
In Reply to: I get $19 per hour for Focus QA - NM

Are you on escription or ExtText?

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Start Working?
How was I supposed to start working without training? I had no account specifics, and no one responded to my calls or emails. I assume that I'm not "hired" anymore.
When did you start working for them?

I didn't start working as an MT until
my kids were teenagers. I never could've done it when they were little. I admire anyone who can, but no way.
Meant to say..1st day of next month after you start working ...
Did anyone ever start working for PMT in KY? They have posted lots of ads lately. nm
Be glad you didn't actually start working there...

I was hired and during training realized what a huge mistake I'd made. The software is really outdated and complicated, and there was a lot of miscommunication and misinformation from the start. I didn't have a good experience with the gal who hired me either. Strange to be treated like a number before you're even out of the honeymoon stage of employment!

Be glad you didn't get officially hired - you saved yourself some time and money!

glad I didn't start working for them. It sm
was a mess trying to get set up so I figure the pay would have been screwed up too.
Great advice. Is people stop working for them, maybe they will start paying attention. I wonder if .
their clients know they do not pay their MTs to do the work. You can bet that Rapid Transcript is getting paid by the client. What a ripoff. Just the fact that they have an F rating by the BBB woudl be enough of a turn-off for me. Crappy business practices.
TransHealth has some that start the next month after you start work. nm
Ditto.. Over 13 years experience working in hospitals doing all types of reports, currently working
for a national etc.. and Spheris told me I didnt have the qualifications. What cracked me up was the hospital I was working at at the time contracted some of our work out to them.. What a joke..I was good enough to work for a hospital and gave them work, yet not qualified enough for them. What is wrong with this picture.
MQ same situation. No pay for working holidays, no pay for working weekends nothing. Now noone works
much anymore and so they jerk the work out of the accounts to some place that throws it back with a lot of bad bad quality. This is the NE region. I dont know what the others are doing.
working from home is awesome but working for DSG is not...
horrible dictators, sound quality is bad, no answers to emails and they run out of work consistently...that is just my experience though...
Ok. When will you start?

When do you start?
When were you hired and when do you start. Curious about how long it takes to get started.
when did you start??
Lots of inconsistencies here, when did you start?
DEFINITELY start looking!! nm
I'd start looking sm

for something else if I were you.  There are plenty of jobs on the job board.  It wouldn't hurt to start applying.


Just my opinion.

they start at 0.065, not 0.06
What do they start at on ASR (VR) nm
7.5 cpl to start

Oh yes, when do I start having fun?
We have had cable for some months with Charter. I had AT&T and got tired of paying for this and that, too much. My husband could be sold a swamp in Florida- listed to the folks at Charter, new and improved. We got internet and land phone in day before New Years and now have had them over here probably a total of 5 or 6 times since then. Do not even try calling anyone with their company- no service place uses India- I called the other day and some person named American name kept going over something I was not talking about - 3times and I finally asked are you in India. I said my question is....... what word in that sentence do you not know? I finally frustrated hung up. Not a good service place AFTER you get.
I would start looking for new job...
Just left a company who docked me pay because of not changing demographics in program (not Word). This was after working there a year, getting calls early in the am to do stats and other fun things. If you smell smoke, there is usually a fire.
where do I start?sm
I worked for them up until February of this year. Management was unapproachable, at best. Paychecks ran a few days late every paycycle and were frequently inaccurate in the line counts.

I do understand that a lot of the people causing all of the hub-bub there are now gone, and I have a friend working there who is pretty happy that she made the transition. I guess everyone's experience will be different.

Start with an A?
I think they start at 7 or 8

Yes you do not start out as a QA
Start looking
It's not what you said. I agree with every bit of it. It's how you said it.
Start looking
Is it necessary to speak so harshly to a fellow MT? I am willing to bet that a few kinds words would have been more helpful to this person that the heavy-handed diatribe. Now is the time for kindness and compassion, not condemnation, don't you think? Have a merry Christmas.
Where do I start...

Fiona, what do you know from Adam?  You have gone off on some huge rant that is totally unrelated to my post ...talking about Detroit and Repugs and all sorts of nonsense.  Just because *you* are not happy and *you* are not making a good living does not mean that *you* represent the entire industry.  I'm doing just fine, thank you.

so you think its ok to start sm

a post with I will explain it for the 100th time and end it with do you understand now

Yes I have followed all these posts and the rudeness is overwhelming!  I would much rather hire the person who asked the question that ticked x off so much than X herself!

I really don't care what you think about anything I have said but I would not treat any employee like that nor would I talk down to anyone asking  a question or posting an opinion.  It seems to me like a lot of the folks on this board just want to scream and complain.  I realize the economy stinks.  There are many places where the work load is down and its going to get worse.  As the economy gets worse and people have no insurance the demand for elective surgery and medical care goes down, thus our jobs.

What I have seen in over 30 years is that the ones who scream  the loudest are the ones that have 1-3 years limited experience  They scream about getting OP notes, ESL dictators and any other thing they don't like.  Instead of screaming about the content, MTs should decide they are going to learn to do every single type of transcription.  I realize it is different working for a hospital than a MT service.  I do not agree with all this switching around on accounts for the MTs either.  It just makes a mess.   You have frustrated MTs making no money because they can't stay on one account, frustrated MTSOs because people are complaining (rightfully so) and frustrated clients because the work is either not done or the quality is very bad.  You cannot be at top level doing 10 different accounts in a day.

On the other hand, the only solution that I know of, in this economy, is to keep it all inhouse, pay the employees benefits and a decent wage with incentive pay.  Even with that, there will be those who want and need the flexibility of being an IC or an employee working from home.

Sorry, but X did not have to respond as she did.  Makes me wonder why folks with this kind of attitude cannot see why they are not getting jobs!  It also makes me wonder if, as students, they really thought that when they went into the working world of MT IF things were going to be as they were in school, i.e., dictation, difficulty of dictation, quality of sound, etc.  Probably not.  The real world of MT is not as being taught in school.  Personally I think things should go back to on-the-job training with a minimum of 5 years experience in house acute care before being able to work at home unsupervised.  The schools that are advertising 4-6 months of schooling and you are an MT ready to start your own business have  destroyed this profession and created a whole lot of prima donnas in my opinion!


You did not start over 9 cpl at DSG
First of all, why not enter your actual name and not hide behind that name, ConnieW. Second of all, you nor your friend were hired at over .09 cpl. I think you're just trying to start trouble.
Not to start anything here but

I consider a lot of money to be a bonus at AIG or even a yearly management salary while employed at most of these bailed out companies.  Thanks guys, we are all paying taxes to support you folks and your outlandish lifestyles. 

I don't have a college degree in business but I really do think I could get one of these same companies into the same mess, not have to work very hard at all (certainly not as many hours as I put in as an MT) but get a RAISE AND A BONUS - which I certainly don't get as an MT and ya got it, a bonus.  

I would start looking
I was in a similar situation. Management said they didn't want to lose any of us. They USED us to keep the account current and then left us high and dry. If I could go back, I would have started looking for opportunities right away. As my mother always said, It never hurts to look.
Would this co. start with a D?

Where to start?
Nitpicky, micromanaging, bad leads, IMs through the roof, do 1 day this way, next day another way, never a good word your way but lots of bad ones.
I will start with KS any way and try them out. nm
Umm, does it start with an
To start with...
Professions/jobs that require a weekend day or full weekend work? Let's see...you already covered doctors and nurses, so how about:

1. Gas stations.
2. Target/Walmart/Kmart.
3. Restaurants (yes, waitressing is indeed a career).
4. Bartenders.
5. Preachers/priests.
6. Fast food places.
7. Ad nauseum.

I'm sorry, I've got to agree with MT30+ here. You want time with your kids and with your God? Well, you have that time during the week. Pick a weekend schedule where you inconvenience yourself and start at 5-6 a.m., and then you have the rest of the weekend with them once your shift is over.

As far as spending time with your God, isn't there something in the Christian Bible (I am obviously not Christian) about a 'house of worship' being any time, anywhere people are gathered in God's name or some such saying?

I'm sorry, she turned down a self-professed 'wonderful job' to have weekends off. My pity/sympathy/empathy level with her is hitting at 0.

There are too many people out there right now who DO want to work, so at least in her turning it down and showing her lack of commitment to the MT profession and healthcare profession in general, perhaps someone who truly WANTS and NEEDS to work will get the position.

when did you start with MDI?
Not to start a whole new argument, but sm
It seems awful strange that I know of at least 4 people that have left Transcend in the last 2 weeks or so from the same account because of lack of work all the time on either primary accounts or secondary accounts and now they don't have an ad posted, like they usually do to fill them back up fast.   Hmmmm, maybe they finally realized that they overhired!!!
no, not to start it all back up again ...........

Get the best rate you can when you start
because no matter how much your produce, how much you help out, and how high your quality, you will NEVER get a raise.  This was supposed to be based on a random QA review monthly but that went down the drain and now there are no reviews, either.  
I'll start now if you will

RE: Get the best rate you can when you start
If you had ever looked at the policies and procedures which is posted on the company's website, you would see that reviews are carried out, and raises are given according to company policy.
Tried to start with them 3 times
I was offered a position with them, gave notice in-house, then they called me the day before I was supposed to start and said the had lost the account. A similar situation happened 2 other times.
And how many new MTs will be stupid to start at 4 cpl?
In their ad it says 7.4-8.5 cpl, but contacts have said they start everyone off low. nm
Rad reports - $1.10 to start
Thank you, start training this
Friday and am looking forward to a productive relationship.
Start testing........
Start testing for other companies.  I think you will find that the smaller companies might make you happier <G>.  I know and hear your frustration.  I had that same thing happen and it is very hard when you want to start your day and cannot due to no work in the system.  I still think someone else is typing the work somewhere else or maybe they sub to another company or something.  For as big as they are, you should have work all the time I would think.  Maybe I am wrong, I am just guessing without the facts.
Actually, the posts start at the