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documed transcriptionists

Posted By: landroverlady on 2008-10-14
In Reply to:

HI.  Are there any Documed transcriptionists out there?  I am a new employee and while everything is going fine, there are some questions I have that I am not getting any answers to.  TIA!  

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why do so many MQ transcriptionists
on the boards seem to be having such a hard time with keeping up their line counts? I am getting ready to send them my paperwork today and I'm getting really nervous. Right now I average anywhere from 1400 lines to 1700 lines, however, I'd like to get that up to 2000 per day....what's the deal with MQ????
MQ Transcriptionists

To the Administrator:

Since MQrs are practically occupying the whole main board,  and it seems this company has the most transcriptionists in the MT business, may I suggest that an MQrs Board be set up for MQ so as not to waste the time of MTs who would like to be informed of other matters on said board.

We, who are not MQrs would like to know more of other MTs' problems with other companies and not only with MQ.



Some of these transcriptionists are

so ignorant. They don't read anything other than MT stars. They constantly bitch and moan about MT companies that offshore but they're typing on a computer that was made by someone in a foreign country...they have a ragedy imported vehicle sitting in the driveway......they have a Japanese vacuum cleaner, etc...  Yet you come to this board and state how dirty and poor these people are.

Intelligence says a whole lot about a person no matter what part of the globe they live in. All of the offshore MT's who work for the company I QA for are college educated (4 year degrees). They may be poor but they are doing everyting they can to make a better life for themselves. They are not lazy. They don't call in sick every other Friday. They are dependable. They are loyal to their employer.  They would NEVER come to MTstars or any other forum and berate and belittle their employer like many of you do. Most of you people don't know what the word loyalty means.

Offshoring is nothing new. It has been done for years and will continue to be done. Nearly everytime you purchase an electronic item you are supporting offshoring.  You're just too stupid to realize it. You are no different than the MTSO's who offshore. The MTSO's who offshore are looking for the same thing you are when you buy an import-QUALITY. 

Perhaps they have transcriptionists that they-sm
know frequent this site and they don't want those transcriptionists to know they are hiring editors or any other personnel. just a thought.
Is it just me, or does 100 transcriptionists
seem like way too many for 1000 beds?  Would hate to see people sitting without work...
No, you are NOT transcriptionists....if you were...
you would take more time to learn the ENGLISH LANGUAGE and how to use it *correctly*. Studying in a large institution doesn't mean squat if you put out poor work for medical records. It scares the bejeezus out of me to think that you might be transcribing a record of mine! I've seen some of the stuff that comes out of your country - not sure which institution taught the *stuff* I've seen but have serious doubts about it being MIT! So all in all, you've lowered the standards of the medical records field, you've brought down our pay, and you've put fear in Americans about the security of our personal information. Don't ask us to feel sorry for you, and consideration won't be in the bag, either. Generosity? I guess you've already achieved that by undercutting our field in ribbons. We're hoping for somebody to stop this mess, and I'm working feverishly by bugging my elected representatives to achieve just that.
No more transcriptionists
If there are not enough transcriptionists, perhaps they are still at Precyse Solutions stuck on 100% QA.
any steno transcriptionists here?

I use a steno machine to transcribe with and was wondering if any of you do too.

I'm getting ready to start with Medquist and wondering if there are any tips for me.


Not all managers were transcriptionists.
I know of one manager who used to be in marketing. She is still there now. She is and/or was not very well liked because she was not a transcriptionist. There is no teamwork. I tried teamwork, until the manager put an end to it. They could care less if you get a lunch break as long as the work is done. You only know about your manager and co-workers. You would know nothing about other account managers and their employees. They changed their name because TSI has a bad reputation. They were losing accounts. They laid off people. They can't afford incentives. The insurance premiums are insane.
happy transcriptionists!
It's really sad that someone who is obviously a disgruntled EX-employee would bad mouth a company that treats it's transcriptionists so fairly and with respect.  There are 34 girls that would be more than happy to say how much they love their jobs.  Being the relatively small, but incredibly busy, group that we are, we are honestly one big happy family and I plan to make sure that it stays that way!
Why don't ya try giving the transcriptionists

a limited number of doctors to learn in the areas they were hired for?  NOOOO....gotta know 15 doctors.  Then you folks want us to fill in on an emergency in a field never tried before by the transcriptionist...the Transcriptionist tells you she's never done that but you say....ahhh...you won't have any trouble...please???  She says yes and tortures along trying to figure it out for pennies on the dollar.  Two days later she is still struggling along, has told you several times, but you say you're doing great...Two days later you send her an e-mail saying that if her work doesn't improve you'll have to dock her pay.   Stick it man.

Lets see....doctors specialize but we who make peanuts have to be able to transcribe ALL specialties or are punished.  Wake up.



travelling transcriptionists
I am new to this site, and not sure this is the proper place, but does anyone know anything about travelling transcriptionists?  Worth it?    Are there many companies that hire travelling transcriptionists.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
WebmedX Transcriptionists

Can anyone give me any information about WedMedX.  Is this a good company?

I hear they pretty much watch your every move, when you are punching in, when your away, when you punch out, etc.  Is this true?  Do they have a lot of ESL?  Any info would be helpful.  Thanks.

Hiring new transcriptionists?
I have a friend who completed a transcription course through a 4 year college and wants to find a company that will allow her to work at home. I can mentor her having 20+ years experience in the field. Does anyone know a company that will hire new grads and allow them to get some experience that way? I have told her about doctors' offices, but we're very rural here and there are not too many doctors around. Any help would be appreciated. I have been searching the job board here and MTJobs also, as has she, but we can't find anything. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
Sorry - but BS!!! - no shortage of transcriptionists!
There is in fact not a shortage of transcriptionists in the United States. I don't give a hoot what the companies say. There are very qualified and willing transcriptionists trying to find work right now and cannot, while the work is being offshored.

The problem is that they can pay less to the transcriptionists when they are offshoring, not because they cannot find transcrriptionists!
Traveling Transcriptionists?

Thought this sounded interesting to somebody.  A place called KForce evidently has job openings for transcriptionists.  Hope the link works:


A Question for TransTech transcriptionists!
TransTech has a job posting and lists an array of benefits, and at the end it says "much, much, more."  I'd like to know what the "much, much, more is."  How is the starting pay?  Is there a low-premium major medical health insurance that covers any state in the US?    Thanks yall.  (From the South)
I hope it all comes out in the open soon!
Any TransTech oncology transcriptionists

I started working at TT almost 2 months ago and was told they were inundated with work, but after working for about 2-3 weeks, the work has steadily dwindled.  I am scheduled to work the weekend but there is never enough work to get my hours on Sunday.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Also it seems to me that I don't get the line count there like I have with my other jobs.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  Would like to hear what you think of the account and the company.  Thanks for any info.



They told me the same.. that they would always have transcriptionists in both countries. sm
Remember the lovely talk not too long ago about the sale of the company, and how even if they did sell, the new company would want to keep MTs and QAs who knew the accounts?


Then all got quiet for so long. We were supposed to hear by December... then February... nothing from Paulik. I knew something was going on. They were too quiet.

Then supervisors started getting extra whiny about every little thing, changing everything, work dropped off.

I can't wait until everybody gets theirs. Wait until they outsource the supervisor and HR jobs.
Bad news for Medquest transcriptionists

First off, yes I mean Medquest and not Medquist. 

To any Transcriptionist still working for Medquest Associates based out of GA,

If you are not in any of their transcription pools that they have set-up, then sorry to say you will be losing your jobs.  As they put it, they want typist that work for 9 or 10 cents a line and are going for a more cost effective approach....... whatever.

She is posting on Guru now for transcriptionists
to do the work. Guru does not force vendors to pay the employees for doing the work! Instead, they just stop them from doing any more postings. So then dear Robin will move onto Elance and start her little game there... and the cycle will continue and she will never have to pay for anything she has done wrong. Great world we live in right?
Just ask me, and I will give you names of transcriptionists
I can provide you names with transcriptionists who have worked with me. They have all been happy. Never had one quit.
Questions for any seasoned transcriptionists....
I am supposed to do a typist and word processing test tomorrow for a place called KCS Psych Type in Illinois.  The reason I replied to the job was because it advertised work-from-home, which I desperately need right now due to family matters.  Anyway, I am debating on whether this is worth the trip right now because its a 2 hr drive each way, and I have to get a rental car, and for some reason the lady isn't answering my questions about the rate of pay.  She also said in her last email for me to keep in mind that if I am hired, I would need to commute to Bartlett until I am trained; when I emailed back immediately to ask her how long training would usually take, I have received no reply.  Should I do this?  I really can't decide!!  Help!!
company run by lawyers, not by transcriptionists...
for what this at is worth.
That's when the transcriptionists turn into editors - nm
Oh no! Remote transcriptionists put on mute! That's a whole new low to sink to!
So sorry for you, though I can relate.  Ah, I'm sure their ad really fooled us all, huh? More than just a number!
Transcriptionists with years of experience - question for you

Since there is currently no standard of pay across company borders, is anyone who has recently started with one of the major companies willing to say what rate of pay you were hired at? I have been working for the same company for more than 10 years, but I have no way of knowing if my pay rate is competitive or not - and I have nothing to back up a request for a raise by saying that other companies would pay me more if I were to move on.

Since this board is anonymous, would you be willing to give your rate of pay that you were hired at, assuming that you had at least 10 years or more experience in acute care? I don't care what company you work for - just whether it is a national or a small, privately owned company and how much experience you were hired with. 

Just a question - if you don't like the question, don't respond.


Anyone know of companies that hire orthopedic transcriptionists..

I liked to find a company that has a great ortho account and needs help whether it be FT or PT, IC or employee, but it seems hard to find anyone that has any good ortho accounts.

I agree with all the above. Know how to treat transcriptionists, and I don't just mean on holida
Time for Transcriptionists to Take Back Transcription
It is my personal opinion, that we as trasncriptionists are an elite bunch. We have wroked hard, we work hard, our work is technically and physically and mentally challenging. I have a problem with others capitalizing on our skills, knowledge, training and expertise. Not only that, hospitals are closting transcription departments one by one and outsourcing. I am protesting outsourcing. Why give our money to services when we can work directly for the hosiptal under an intentive program and keep our benefits and earn more than the service can earn, and put the money back into our pockets instead of theirs. We are people, not machines, not a commodity, we should not be for sale.
SOUTH FLORIDA transcriptionists - PLEASE READ

I have been trying to respond to people from south Florida who applied with Sage Street Staffing for traveling transcription. 

The emails are kicking back as undeliverable.  I have tried from multiple email addresses, and they are all kicking back as undeliverable.

If you sent a resume from the email address ************, please send an alternate email address so that I may respond.

thank you



Question for long-term TransTech Transcriptionists

I have read so many wonderful things about this company, but no one seems to talk about cpl.  I know what they offered me is about average for nationals, but I also was told they do not give raises.  Is this really true.  Does that mean if you are an excellent transcriptionist, and more reliable than normal, they would never give you a raise?  That doesn't sound good to me.  Would anyone care to say if they have gotten a raise while working there.

Your help is much appreciated.



Well I work on an account that probably about 4 part time transcriptionists on it ...sm
There is hardly ever enough work. Never get a full day because the account is overstaffed. There are 2 doctors on this account also. It might not be as bad with you because you only have you and 2 part timers. But on this account there is a handful of MTs. Ridiculous!
For seasoned, fast transcriptionists, hourly would be a step down ...
I agree with your post. I've given a lot of thought lately to whether hourly would be more fair (given the extras that we have to do), and I've come to the conclusion that it is not. In the spirit of honesty, if I were to take an hourly position, my production would suffer for it.

As an experienced and fast transcriptionist, the amount of time I spend looking up unfamiliar terms is negligible, and I've reached a point of knowing what mush-mouthed blanks I won't get, after listening six or seven times.

The only thing I ask for is pay commensurate to my experience and knowledge. With a decent line rate, I could accept that there are other things that go into my job and that my line rate doesn't just pay for my production - it pays for the emails, and the instant messages, and figuring out line counts, and spending ten minutes every so often looking for a doctor's address.

As it is, at 8 cpl, those things are not worth the amount of money that I'm making. They seem superfluous and cut into my real life.

So, in answer to the first question, with 12 years of experience, an ingrained attention to detail, and all the knowledge of this profession that 12 years can bring, I believe my worth is 13-14 cpl. That's roughly $47,000 a year at 1500 lines a day. I think, given the intensity of our work hours (and the fact that, unlike other jobs, we don't get to spend an hour talking to coworkers or daydreaming or resting for any reason), that's a very, very fair wage in this day and age.
Sage Street Staffing - South Florida transcriptionists

I have been trying to respond to people from south Florida who applied with Sage Street Staffing for traveling transcription. 

The emails are kicking back as undeliverable.  I have tried from multiple email addresses, and they are all kicking back as undeliverable.

If you sent a resume from the email address *********** please send an alternate email address so that I may respond.

thank you

New, naive, desperate, carpal tunnel, slow transcriptionists... I don't know.
Are there not enough physicians in India to keep work plentiful for their native transcriptionists?
I just can't imagine with India being such a large country that they are not swamped with MT work that can stay in their own country. I have always been curious in this regard. So tired of these large transcription companies using the shortage of U.S. MTs to get away with offshoring our work for slave wages. LET THEM TRANSCRIBE FOR PHYSICIANS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY AND FOCUS ON THEIR COUNTRY'S HEALTH CARE AND QUIT BOTCHING IMPORTANT MEDICAL RECORDS THAT BELONG TO U.S. CITIZENS WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS PRODUCING THE REPORT.
Documed ...sm
I have searched the archives, and there isn't much there...can anyone tell me ANYTHING about this company?  I believe they are out of NJ....TIA
Any feedback on Documed out of NJ?
I had posted a question about Documed a few days ago and never got a response either, but I would love to know what the deal is with them.
Thanks for the info! BTW - what is a cherry picker?
Does anyone know anything about DocuMed????
Could I please hear from someone/anyone who has worked with or is currently working for Documed in NJ? TIA.
Just wanted to know how you got along with the office staff. They seem like quite a nice group of people.
Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.
Re: Documed.
I do currently work with Documed and have for about over a year.  Excellent people.  I just love it there.

Does anyone know anything about this company, or where they are located?  I can't seem to find much on them.


actually, the documed in Google is a company that makes medical supplies.  however I did find the other one.  Does anyone know anything about it??

All this m.t.'ing must be making me crazy.  When I Google it brings up the company which does formats, etc. and when you look under opportunities it is all about engineers!   

I have been with them for the past nine months and I love it. The work is easy, always lots of it, and the staff are super. Pay is pretty good too, except they only pay for spaces, no headers/footers, tabs, or returns.