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New, naive, desperate, carpal tunnel, slow transcriptionists... I don't know.

Posted By: ? on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: Why then are there MTs at Transtech - who do nothing but VR? nm


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It has a light touch though. I have had carpal tunnel

surgery and am very picky about keyboards.  I was pleasantly surprised that the one they went (Dell) had such a light touch. 

Congrats on the job - I think you'll be very happy. 

YES YES re: carpal tunnel, back pain, muscle tension neck,
Maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel!
Split Tunnel
It's called split tunnelling and it's a setting on the VPN concentrator at the hospital. You'd need to speak with someone there (or ask your MTSO to) to allow split tunnelling. It's a security setting. Hope this helps.
Jeff Smith
Because you are tunnel-visioned and closed minded
I've stated in NUMEROUS posts that you refuse to absorb that:
1. I took no cut in pay.
2. There is no compromise to patient care.

These are EXCUSES you've developed in your stubborn mind set to fall back on as justification to refuse to do VR, rather than admit you're scared you won't be able to cut it. It's as simple as that.

You're a completely negative force and I refuse to engage further with you.

Go ahead, trot down and apply for disability. Just more work for the rest of us who have open minds and are able to adapt to change and keep up with the times.

Depends on the account. Work on VR lately has been slow. Just like all companies, we have slow times

Honestly though, I have only had 2-3 times in the past 2 years where it was like the other day...no work... It did pick up later but I just think it's important not to make someone think we're overloaded with work all the time. That would not be fair to them if they end up with high expectations.

No - it is not always slow! Depends on the company and hospital. I have never been slow this time
Slow time is usually in September when everyone is back to work/school from the summer months.

Been doing this 24 years and never slow this time of year. Actually, I am drowning in work - can't keep up.
How naive you are
Unethical practices effect all of us MTs!!! The higher management wages for not a decent days work, the lower wages for us lowly MTs. Anyone who does not work on production can get away with anything working remotely. Does that not make sense to you??? Companies do not care? Oh I think they very much do care. You are obviously defending your own poor work ethic.
You are very naive.
Don't be so naive...
at least look around for another job in case what people think is going to happen happens.
How naive.
Ask the people living in Gaza if they would agree with you. As the 4 million Iraqis in exile. Ask some Holocaust survivors.

You've got an awful lot of growing up to do.
Wow. Naive. nm
Please don't call me naive...you don't know me
I was just making an addition to what I've been reading. That's why I put I just read... jeesh
you are very naive (but in a nice way)

The Indians who are poor WILL REMAIN SO and will not get a job as an MT.  There is no concept of Welfare in India either.  They will starve on the side of the road while the Indians with offshored jobs buy more clothes, cellphones, cars, etc.

The reason is that it is very difficult to get a PRIMARY EDUCATION in India.  Most Indians are TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY ILLITERATE IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE, LET ALONE ENGLISH.  To send your kid to primary schools that will actually teach them something, costs money and the poor in India don't have it.  It is the opposite of our country, which has a free education up to high school for all.  Then we have to pay for college ourselves.  In India, the colleges are free or very cheap, but the primary education is hard to get.

The person who is taking a job as an MT in India is NOT a poor soul crying thanks to the heavens that s/he can now feed their children.  Much to the contrary.  The people getting the MT jobs over there are of the upper middle class.  They are overeducated and underemployed and end up doing MT because they can't live off their parents forever OR they are older and want to slow down.  In India, MTs get paid either 1/2 or 1/3 of what call center workers get.  It is considered lowly to be an MT (strictly a typist one step above the office peon and yes there is a job category in India called a peon) and the call center workers are called executives.  MTs in India are failures in their chosen fields and/or could not hack it at a call center.

How do I know all this?  EASY.  I have family in INDIA.  I have seen the classified ads for jobs there.  They are so desperate for MTs that they will train anyone for free.  Notice in the USA they only want EXPERIENCED MTs and then the companies cry about how THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH MTs.  Crying with a loaf under each arm.

In short, sending MT jobs in India does nothing for the poor except possibly make a household servant job (pay is usually equivalent to $US 25 a MONTH) available.

Please: you're either very new or very naive
OK say she was naive like her team

Please tell us exactly what emails you are referring to that TOLD us our jobs are GONE!?!   I've been RIGHT HERE trying to get work and answers - you must have been part of the golden inner circle that GOT answers - not me!

So you are embarrassed. You are also extremely naive.
with all due respect, your response is somewhat naive..sm
how easy do you think it is for a company to say our MTs are all U.S. based? Sweetness, it's called the internet. I can't believe some buy into this. If I were a doctor and assured that my dictation was being typed by all U.S. MT's, do you think I would buy that - no. Especially when they can hire overseas MTs and pay them half the wages. Pleae get with reality here. Have a great evening! Also, DRC has no say so now; remember, they were bought out.
No, Amphion takes what they can get, the naive MTs.
Wow, you are a naive little thing, aren't you?

Yes, I am sure TT will get it all straightened out.  It has all been just a bad dream.  We will all wake up and this silly VR CRAP will have been just a nightmare.  They won't be trying to RIP US OFF while trying to sweet talk us at the same time (sounds like some guys I've dated!). 

About that gift...  Not to sound 2 years old but, really, what else do we get in this biz?  MT Week is about the only thing left and TT just ignored it.  Nice.  Very nice...  TT Management, you can take that sweetie crap and...  well, you get the picture. 

Now, you go back to watching the Disney network.  They have nice stories too that always have happy endings.  Seems like something you can handle. 

a little naive to think the 'suits' don't come here wouldn't you say? nm
"NN" means 'NOT NAIVE'
Can you spell naive? See if you can answer this question..
What do you suppose happens once these people are trained to do YOUR job at less than HALF of what YOU ARE making?

get it yet?

and no, most of the time there are not plenty of jobs to go around.

I cannot believe anyone is this naive - you have an agenda perhaps?
In the dark, naive, have blinders on. ER is going down fast. nm
no msg.
You are correct: A naive person. Better jobs out there.
If you think I'M a bully you're incredibly naive
There's nothing remotely bullying about my post. I stated my opinion. You post on here asking for opinions and I gave you one. It just wasn't the self-serving opinion you were seeking assuring you that you did the right thing.

Yes, perhaps you did the right thing for you by turning that job down; but if you're so happy where you're at, why are you wasting the time of MTSOs and perhaps pushing other MTs out of the running so they can spin their wheels with you? Also, about 98% of these posts on the job seekers board indicate when a weekend day will be required; you should have known going in when you applied apparently just out of curiosity that a weekend day would be required.

Sorry, but I'll leave you to your God and your family and your ability to pick and choose 'wonderful' job offers.

I'm just glad another MT will get a shot at this job who realizes people do indeed need reports transcribed on the weekend, and I certainly hope your God is on standby if a loved one ever needs a critical care transport and all reports transcribed and ready to go, because if the staff is a bunch of MTs refusing to work weekends, it could be a real inconvenience to have to wait until Monday for the official transcribed documents to be completed and faxed.

I'm done here...
Yup. Wonder if they are getting desperate?
Silly...silly company
They have to be desperate, noone
if they have any smarts whatsoever. Their sign-on bonus is nothing more than a joke. Noone will ever work for them long enough to collect.
She must be getting desperate.

If it's who I'm thinking it is (same initials), people are probably starting to catch on that this company (which used to be somewhat good a few years ago) now stinks.

Almost desperate to get out...

I hate transcription. It is mind-numbingly boring. Every day I have to work I get depressed. I have to force myself to do anything. I have been doing this for over 25 years. I worked six months as an editor. I loved that job, but unfortunately it was for a truly awful company - Interpro - and they crapped on us and I left. There is an ad on the job board for an Editor at - can you believe it - 8 dollars an hour. How insulting! I am going to try to hang in there for another four years until I can retire at age 62. I have one idea that I am going to try on a part-time basis and if that works out maybe I can cut my hours. From my lips (or fingers) to God's ears. I am glad I didn't know when I was 45 or 50 that I would still be doing this work at this age.

Because they are desperate for MTs
Good Luck and the door closes on its own.
They probably know how desperate and
They probably know how desperate and
... but I would NEVER be desperate enough to move to a country that treats its women as *property*.
Save a penny post is not slanderous. Not only are you naive,
Transcend seems desperate
They have been advertizing like crazy, but why are they so picky?  You must work this......can't work that.....on and on, their ads drive me crazy!  Do they nit-pick their MTs too?
They're desperate. nm
Cause some people are so desperate sm
for work that the companies can bully them into working whatever hours they want. Sorry that happened to you!
Define desperate
I think it depends on how desperate you are for the experience.    I worked for a company out of North Carolina at an extraordinarily low line rate, but they were the only company who would hire me with no practical experience whatsoever. I knew I had to suck it up and deal with less than minimum wage for a while and just put my time in. Fortunately I had backup money so my mortgage did not go unpaid during this time frame.   If you are just trying to get anyone to hire you, then you might want to take it at least for a while.  Horrible is better than nothing, sometimes.
How about if I am desperate for experience?
I am only in the application and testing process, and I have been thinking that I should just take any job I can get.  Are you saying that you advise against SS under all circumstances?
Call me Desperate! What would you do.
I have 30 years experience as an MT specializing in Ops, very unhappy with the National I just started wtih this month.  The pay is 9 cpl but there have been so many variables, I have not been able to make any money.  I've been working part-time for this small MTSO as an IC at 9 cpl where I can easily achieve 300 lph.  I have been offered a position as an employee at 8.25 cpl, only benefits health and life insurance.  I initially declined saying I could take no less than 9 cpl, but now having second thoughts because of not making any money with the National who has excellent benefits.  What would you do.  Input pleeeeez.
I would like to get some feedback on whether or not I should give my current employer two weeks notice or just quit, effective immediately. Ordinarily I would always give two weeks but this situation is, I think, a bit different, so let me explain.

I've worked for this company for a number of years. For some time now I feel that the company has been trying to get me to quit (rather than firing me where they would have to pay unemployment). I know this sounds crazy, but I believe this is because I am too high a producer and they do not like paying me so much in terms of my benefits that are predicated on my daily production average. So, after a number of years of trying to slow me down by various means they tried the following: Rather than letting me type in the pool they began assigning me all the crappy, difficult jobs. When I asked about this they lied to me and told me they were not assigning my work but I know they are. Then when I still produced a lot, the person who runs the company started personally reviewing my work and picking it apart. I have always had 98+% on QA so my quality has always been there. Now I am getting nasty e-mails about some truly inconsequential mistake I made or telling me that I'm doing something the wrong way when, in fact, I had been instructed to do it this way, by this same person, for many years. I have been told that now, after so many years, all my work is being reviewed on a daily basis so that I do not continue to do these things. This has become a truly personal attack on me.

If I work for the two weeks after I give my notice, I doubt that I will see any of the money I make during this time. Over the summer I took, with their permission, some vacation in advance of accruing the time (they let people do that), so if I quit I would owe that money back. I have no problem with that, as that is only fair to them, but I have already worked enough this pay period so that they could just take this money I've already earned and we would be about even. If I work beyond this time I doubt I'd ever see the rest of the money.

I can't bear the thought of continuing to be subjected to this insulting person but want to do the right thing as an employee. I would never be able to go back to work there if I needed to, but I also cannot imaging ever wanting to with the way I have been treated. If I just quit, and did not work for the two weeks (assuming they would even want me to), I know I would be burning a bridge (probably already burned), but I would like to hear what others would do in my situation. It helps to get a fresh perspective, and I'm tired of agonizing over this.

I have two job offers and was thinking about trying one or both of them out, if possible, while I continued to work here, just doing the minimum I needed to do, until I decided what company to go with, since I realize it's not a good idea to leave a job until you have another one lined up. But even if these two other jobs were not right for me, they're making me so miserable that I don't think I could stay anyway. That being the case, I've thought about just quitting and then trying out the two other companies which would be a lot easier for me.

The options: 1) Give two weeks notice, but try out one or both of the other companies, and hope they pay me for the money I make in this period (minus what I owe them of course).
2) Quit effective immediately and try out one or both of the other companies.

What's the right thing to do????? Any thoughts appreciated.

I don't want to seem too pushy or to desperate (even though I am, lol) also another ? sm
I have an interview with another company tomorrow, I would like to wait on WebMedx, but how long can I ask the recruiter to wait on an answer 24-48 hours?

More Desperate Individuals
Diskriter is getting pretty desperate -
they are offshoring faster than your hands can type. They have lost a LOOOOAAADDD of transcribers and staff the past few months. Seems kind of odd that they are now willing to hire part timers.
spell: desperate ... desperado ...
Well, they must have mistaken me for a person who was desperate
I told them no thanks.  You would think that once they found an experienced MT, they would try to keep them instead of handing them crap.  Apparently, they cannot find anyone else because they have been calling me for weeks, but I was not available.  I decided to give them a try and look what they try to stiff me with.  Good grief.  Glad to be rid of this headache.  On to my next 4 job offers.
I am desperate for work, but I won't even touch that. nm
Unfortunately there are new grads out there desperate for a break and some may take it. :( nm
And just what question, pray tell, are you ever so desperate to ask?
That million dollar question that the MDI-MD posters are preventing you from asking?

You have our attention now.

You're in the limelight.

Fire away!!!

Honestly, sometimes the posters on this board are worse than toddlers tugging at their mothers' skirts for attention, lol!!!
Desperate seeking Rapidtext employee(s)
Please, if anyone out there is currently working for Rapidtext out of Newport Beach, CA, please, please contact me at mtmaven@yahoo.com. 
Wow, they sound like a bunch of desperate stalkers!
Glad I don't work for them!