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how horrible but Acusis/DRC outsources to India, just what Spheris will do with that easy account. n

Posted By: Me on 2007-10-31
In Reply to: Acusis/DRC - devastated


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been with spheris 4.5 years, easy platform, good clinic account
spheris outsources also nm..


About India and Acusis...
I do want to add that while I was at Acusis, I ended up working on an account where I had many interactions with India (QA, transcription supervisors, technical support, etc.) and never felt any ill will towards them. I think the venom aimed at the India workers is misdirected...it's the U.S. MANAGEMENT that would tick me off.
No, Acusis is the company that started in India, and
Or maybe Spheris will buy Acusis -- you never know! nm
MD-IT, Spheris, Acusis ???


i too would like to hear anything anyone knows about these companies....anyone??




Acusis - Spheris
I worked for both companies - Spheris is terrible - always some new policy that results in you making less money, inconsistent workload and they now outsource to India, a real schlock company. Acusis also outsources to India and treats MTs with very little respect. I would avoid both companies if you have a choice.
Maybe Acusis will end up buying Spheris, too.
After all, they bought DRC, and are looking for more.
Recruiter really meant India gets the EASY accts
Didn't Spheris buy a co called Acusis? Now I see
Yes, they got an MQ account, a horrible one. nm

Someone still has to do that horrible account
MDI-FL Radiology Meditech account is HORRIBLE. Try a different sm
company that specializes in Radiology like Keystrokes or Execuscribe.
You obviously are on an easy account sm
Not everyone is quite that lucky. Some really have to struggle to make their lines due to tough dictators and voice quality issues.
An easy account; I see, you don't

have to put any effort or pride into your work. Typical of those who bite the hand that feeds them. B**ch and complain, moan and groan, oh poor me, I'm taken advantage of, boo hoo. You have to come here and be anonymous to do your complaining. You have probably never had the guts to talk to your account manager or lead about your concerns with the company. Go back to the easy as pie work and stay stagnant, like a moldy pond.

Spheris is now offshoring to India for sure. They have an office there. I think it is a shame that they cannot treat the US MTs with the respect that they deserve, leaving us to wonder how to feed our family and pay the bills and the next thing you know...WHAM!! you find out they are in India!! WHAT A LOSER COMPANY!!!
Just went to look at Spheris India and it seems they

Spheris, India, etc. sm
They have really stepped up sending the work to India. I noted it slowly happening last year. At first, when you asked where a certain account went, they would lie to you and then find out later it went to India. As the year went on, they really became blatant with it. I quit in December because I couldn't make a living on the crap I was having to work on and sometimes, I was lucky to get the crap!

I'm sure the major changes will include a pay cut. They're good for that. Worked there for 6 years and there was at least 3 big pay cuts across the board, not including losing the good accounts.

I left them a scathing exit survey and they still sent me a letter wanting me to be rehired!
does this have something to do with Spheris India? nm
I make that on an easy rad account
I had the same experience. Horrible account, nonexistent communication. What's wrong with these
These are cardiac procedure notes that will only be 1-liners or 2 on a horrible new account.
That does not even begin to compensate the MT for the demo fill-ins and the time that it takes to type those short reports.  But hope some TT MT makes money on these reports this weekend.
Please notice the OP was SPHERIS INDIA and NOT
On the US Spheris' web site for application of an MT position, notice this at the bottom of the page:

***Spheris adheres to the requirements above as we strive to maintain consistency and fair hiring practices***

If you bother loading in all the Flash players on Spheris India, you will see THAT is where the age restrictions are given.

No intelligent person could ever believe the US side would blantly violate US hiring laws as to put such a restriction on the US company's web site.

I have nothing to do with the company. I am just amazed at what people will contrive others into believing by not paying attention or investigating the issue at hand.
I was down about the account last week but now love it. It was easy to get used to. The first sm
day was really rough, the second was a just as bad but 2 weeks into it and I really like it. My counts are good too, averaging right around 1400 lines a day, which is good for these old fingers. Docuscribe is great, but I have worked on it before for the big Q.
Agree about Oncology, not easy account . sm
to learn, especially the medications, about half of which are experimental and not on the FDA-approved marked yet - thus, limited lookup and references on them.  I did Oncology FT for 3.5 years at the Q for MD Anderson and was quite a challenging account/specialty that had to be slowly learned.
Unbelievable! So you have an easy account and make a

decent living, yet you come on this board and trash TT all the time! That really is two-faced. You don't deserve to work for TT!


Your account went to India?
During my interview with Landmark, I was told they do not offshore. Do they?
Yes, my account went to India.
No, Landmark does not offshore but a client at any time can decide to take away an account and that's what happened here. Client called and decided to give India a try. Poof, the whole account gone in 1 day.
cbay is spheris' India company...
claim they have over 4000 employees, but the MTs are in India...

that was reported in the advance health magazine.
Spheris India. See Message Inside.

Coimbatore has the potential to become one of the largest Medical Transcription (MT) centres outside the US due to the advantages of a large number of student population and health care knowledge available in the city, according to Mr Suresh Nair, CEO and Managing Director, Spheris India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, and President, the Indian Medical Transcription Industry Association (IMTIA).

The Industry, which now largely depends on business from the health care institutions in the US, could also expect to secure greater business from the hospitals in India in the coming years as the health insurance business that drives the growth of the MT industry is set to gain greater acceptance among the people here, he said.

Addressing the media here, he said the MT industry in India currently employs around 20,000 people and compared with other BPO activities such as call centre jobs, the attrition rate in MT sector was less. The size of the business generated by the MT industry annually in India was estimated at $250 million that was a fraction of the global MT industry's business volume of $12 billion. In India, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi were prominent centres for the MT industry but now the business is seen shifting to smaller cities such as Pune, Kochi and Coimbatore. The industry is witnessing a 50 per cent annual growth in the country.

He said though the US health care sector generated the largest volume of business for the MT industry in India, other countries such as Australia, the UK, West Asia and Singapore offered good potential. He said more than 50 per cent of the medical transcription work was done inhouse by hospitals in the US and this offered more opportunity for growth.

Mr Nair clarified that the medical transcription work was moving from the US to India not because of any cost advantage but because of the growing shortage in the availability of medical transcription personnel in the US. There was an estimated 10 per cent annual decline in transcriptionists capacity every year in the US because of retirement and inadequate number of new recruits joining the profession there.

He said it was estimated that India requires addition of 10,000 transcriptionists every year to cope with the demand. Apart from the Philippines that had traditionally competed with India for this work, others such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan have joined the race to get their share of the outsourcing pie. There are signs of South American nations and countries in the West Indies setting up capabilities in this field.

He said there has been a gradual migration of companies in the industry from larger cities such as Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad to smaller cities such as Pune, Coimbatore and Kochi in the last two or three years. In the last twelve months, three or four MT companies have moved to Coimbatore from Bangalore. Powered by the growth in broadband connectivity, there was also growing trend of transcriptionists working from home that offered tremendous employment potential to women.

Mr Nair expected Coimbatore to have 5,000 medical transciptionists in the next 18 months. Asked about the safeguards the MT companies have put in place to get their fee for the work done from clients abroad and to pay their employees here promptly, Mr T.P. Prabhakaran, CEO of Pradot Technologies Private Ltd, Bangalore, which also has a unit here, said the companies entered into contracts directly with the hospitals and also obtained part of the payment in advance. The MT companies have established their presence in the business and have strong relationship with their clients.

Mr Nair said a trained MT could earn up to Rs 10,000-Rs 12,000 a month, and this could go up to Rs 15,000-Rs 20,000 after two years of experience.

© Copyright 2000 - 2006 The Hindu Business Line

Spheris sends most work to India. SM
They are most certainly NOT a company to work for, if you are a single mom.
I have an easy account and make a decent living.

And while you are at it, TT Management,

BITE ME!!!  You were fools to file this lawsuit.  $294.50 to lose all credibility in the MT World.  Sad, truly sad...

And many thought you were one of the good guys.

Horrible, horrible, horrible place. Unlike the other poster
I actually worked there.   Sound quality is horrendous.  The account I had was the worst ESL I've ever had and I do 85% ESL so I have no problems doing ESL.   Frequent management turnover.   When I was doing QA the work was so bad that I pretty much had to redo every report.  I hear about how well they pay, but they don't pay that well and certainly not enough to compensate for all the other stuff. 
if I remember correctly, isn't that Spheris' India department?
Supposedly over 4000 employees, JUST for that India account, according to Advance Health Magazine...
just resigned because India took over my account
OSI also has this account & definitely offshores it to India
Article in local paper about Spheris and outsourcing to India
Franklin-based Spheris Near Top of Medical Transcription Business

In today’s world of Palm Pilots and voice-recognition software, you might think the need for medical transcriptionists is waning. You would be wrong. Franklin-based Spheris employs more than 5,000 medical transcriptionists worldwide and is looking to hire more as its service to more than 200,000 physicians at health systems, hospitals and doctor groups continues to grow.

The world is changing because the demand for electronic medical records … is very high. Certainly there are some technologies being tried and adopted, such as speech-recognition technology or systems where the physician is required to key in his or her own information. Those are still in their infancy and hold some promise in the distant future. But for right now the work-flow habits of physicians and hospitals and the need to see many more patients and process them more efficiently is driving the demand for what we do to its highest levels, explains Harry Shaw, Spheris investor relations.

In July, Spheris was named No. 7 among the nation’s fastest-growing healthcare information technology companies. The designation was by the publication Healthcare Informatics, which also ranked Spheris 28th for total revenue. The company is the second largest in the medical transcription industry.

Spheris’ growth is in no small measure due to its December 2004 acquisition of HealthScribe (also known briefly as Avicis), which was No. 3 in the field. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, Spheris gained a workforce of more than 1,800 transcriptionists. About 1,500 of those employees work at a centralized facility in Bangalore, India. Thus, says Shaw, the transaction gave Spheris a much-needed global perspective.

To service this increased demand that’s out there, having enough medical transcriptionists to do the work is a real challenge to the industry in general. One way to tackle that increased demand is to tap the resources that are available globally, he says. One of the neat things about having an operation based in India is that a lot of dictation is done at the end of the day after hours. So we get a lot of volume that comes in late in the evening, and if you follow the sun, that’s the morning time for India. They’re just starting their business day, so we can route a lot of volume that we get late in the day to India when transcriptionists are just coming to work.

Shaw says the fact that Spheris owns its international facility and employs its workers rather than subcontracting differentiates the company from similar businesses. In addition, all Spheris’ medical transcriptionists in the United States are either full-time or part-time employees of the company.

With more than 3,500 employees and additional sites in St. Petersburg, Fla., and Sterling, Va., Spheris depends on high-tech global systems to quickly turnaround client transcription. Here’s how the technology works: Spheris provides clients with a server and whatever voice-capture system the client prefers. That might be a hand-held device or it might be a phone number the client calls. Shaw says fulfillment shops ensure that the client — as well as transcriptionists — have the hardware and software necessary to do the job. Following a patient encounter, physicians and other healthcare providers dictate details such as patient history, diagnosis and medications prescribed. The voice files are sent to a data center in either Franklin, St. Petersburg or Sterling, then passed out to transcriptionists.

The technology play is critical for a company of our size, and it’s one of the advantages that we offer in terms of cost savings, he says. He acknowledges, however, the continued existence of sneaker net, with some physicians continuing to speak into a tape recorder; then tapes are picked up at the office for delivery to Spheris.

Most of Spheris’ U.S. transcriptionists work out of their homes, where they usually receive digitized voice files over the Internet. Spheris offers the client a variety of templates, or the client may have its own format. Turnaround time is 12 to 24 hours, Shaw says, although stat service is available.

As it is known today, Spheris is the result of a small Franklin company called Total eMed, which purchased the much larger EDiX from IDX Systems in June 2003. The resulting company was branded as Spheris. In November 2004, the company completed a recapitalization in which two private equity investors, Warburg Pincus and Soros Private Equity (now known as TowerBrook Capital Partners), acquired ownership. The management team, led by President and CEO Steven E. Simpson, also invested and continues to lead company operations.

Asked if an IPO is in Spheris’ future, Shaw says the company will take a cautious approach to that. We want to make sure that we stay disciplined around the acquisition of HealthScribe, making sure that we’re fully integrating all aspects of that. … We do have a growth strategy in mind, and that certainly is an option down the road.
LOL, I have to laugh, as I just lost my acct to Spheris Global (India). nm
I hated it there, they sent good accts to India (spheris global). nm
probably because they OUTSOURCE OVERSEAS...perhaps that number is reserved for the India account...?
Good luck to you...
Part of your issue may be that your account manager is in India and there is a time zone difference.
It seems like it is just the opposite of us. Day here, night there etc..All I can say ... Good luck!!!
My account went to India, have been struggling to make any money for the last month, crappy work. nm
Worked there 2 years ago..horrible, horrible, horrible.
Would totally avoid them at all costs.
Spheris' "Big Account"
Would that big account be some CHS hospitals?

Spheris will most likely assign you another account.
Spheris has Indian MTs working on every account. This should
SoftScript is the worst - horrible accounts, horrible management, don't go there! nm
horrible, horrible contact person! Worst experience ever. SM
Turned it down because of the arrogance and attitude.

That was not long ago. Ads run every 2 - 3 months.
Spheris? Word has it one more account was totally outsourced. Sigh

Horrible accounts, horrible sound quality, etc
The only time SoftScript would not be wonderful is if you aren't doing your job. They are an extremely professional company. Sounds like someone may not have lived up to their standards.
Horrible, horrible place. Lots in the archives.