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people should treat others the way they want to be treated. nm

Posted By: never rude on 2007-12-14
In Reply to: Do you know me? - Why are you asking?


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FN is a great company full of wonderful people who treat you with respect. SM.
But they only want to pay 4.5 cpl for SR, 5.5 for heme/onc. Can you believe that? Also, workload has been very, very low for a very long time.
I'm still not over the way they treated me
I am excellent and highly experienced and I was given voice recordings that were re recorded and impossible to hear, I was yelled at. I'd rather scrub toilets than work for them. They were like the sweatshops of olden days, but mostly I resent the way I was treated and not appreciated at all... a no blanks account. It's been quite a while and I still cringe to think of them.
Treated like IC
No, I'm treated like an IC now, work whatever hours I want. I've enjoyed working for Focus, I like my primary account a lot - not too many ESLs. I just don't want to be forced to be employee status.
Sorry you were treated that way
I have been with the company quite awhile, and while they are generally nice, they do tend to push a bit and can be short on empathy. They do pay on time and have decent benefits, but the TR platform is designed to make more money for the company (I'm certain), as that silly drop down menu for headers slows you down. The supervisors are generally nice, but all business. Very Sorry about your father.
If that is how they treat their new MTs,
then just imagine how they must treat their MTs on average or for the long run! Gee Willikers! I doubt you'd have much positive to look forward to if you stayed. For that person to treat you that way so quickly -- she must both be used to doing so to others and gets away with it from the company. That gives her a lot of power to make other people miserable. I would let that place take a hike. I sure hope I don't run into her on my job search.

Good luck to you in whatever you decide.
Yes, when you treat the MT like....

I have to say if the MTs weren't  treated like they are in sweat shops and constantly hounded about their production and could get paid a decent wage, then maybe the quality could get better.  But, when you are paid on production and someone just out of school has yet to build up speed, and they are being hounded as to why they are not producing their line count, then they feel rushed and yes, making careless mistakes.  I have been MTing for 3 years, and I surely do wish I would have chosen another field.  I am currently getting myself ready to go back to school and get into diagnostic medical sonography.  The only thing I will miss is being able to work from home and be more available to my family.  Sorry in advance for any typos or punctuation errors. 

YES! Exactly! If we want to be treated like mature
Have a little integrity.
I am surprised you were treated this way after only ONE day of being ill.
HA! Totally! That is exactly how she treated me!
ICs treated like employees

I absolutely agree.  I've turned down several IC jobs this year simply because the contract made it sound too much like an employee situation.  One company even referred to themselves as the employer and me as the IC. 

I also don't like being treated like rented equipment when an employee.  I can't believe my own high level of gullibility in being drawn into situations that never turn out as good as the prospective employer made them sound. 

There is one company that I work for as an IC.  They said that they want 20 hours per week, but I've never received any complaints when I've only worked 10 hours.  Also, they do send out SOS emails, but I only read their emails (separate email address just for them) when I'm actually working.  I've repeatedly thanked them for keeping me informed of the status of the account on my days off.

Unfortunately, I have no real solutions to offer.  But, as a relative newbie to this career, I am still shocked at the way that MTs have allowed companies and/or dictators to abuse them with bad dictations, for one thing.  The way it goes is that we stress and strain and send to QA, ask for samples, etc, when IMHO the report should go back to the sender to be fixed, period.  Also, IMHO, every report should be proofread for accuracy before any signatures are placed on it.  Whether proofread or not, the dictator should assume full responsibility for the accuracy of the report; electronic signatures are not good.  My opinion. 


And MTs don't stay if they don't like how they are treated.
An IC can only be treated as an employee if she
Treated best during the recruitment
I would say, 95% of the time, whenever I've interviewed and accepted a new job, looking back, I would not that the best treatment I ever received from anyone in that company was during the recruitment process.  It was the same with my two late husbands.  During the dating and engagement period, they treated me the best that I was ever treated.  After I made the commitment to them, they didn't try as hard to be so nice.  So, if the recruitment process is anything but tolerable, I can generally expect that the rest of my experience with that company will be worse.  I'm sure there are exceptions, but this scenario has been true for me most frequently.
They have a low pay scale. They treat you like
The owner is nice enough, but she does not like to pay until her client pays her and she will make you sign a paper stating you agree to that.  Just be careful what you sign.  You might like it if you like EMDAT.  There is no training.  You train yourself through a website she gives you for EMDAT.  Again pay is low.
I don't agree-because Men treat U the way U..NM

But they are!! Treat employees very well
If you treat your employees well, why

would you make the statement all but 1 would turn on you if someone offered something better?  Most MTs I know are thankful to work for someone who treats them well, something that is no longer the norm in this business, and generally stick it out for the long haul, until the MTSO offshores or there is no work or not enough work to feed our families.  Somehow it has been lost that an employee well treated and well paid is an asset, not a liability.  I don't know about you, but I appreciate respect for the work I do and the knowledge I bring to the table and that respect comes in many forms, most notably a living wage.  You can be darn sure that in these economic times and with the depressed wages we have had to settle for because MTSOs, large and small, offshore or live high and mighty off the backs of us MT slaves, I'm looking out for #1.  Loyalty and respect are earned.  Very few companies today exhibit business and/or moral practices that earn them either. 


I like my company. They treat me well.
industry's *standard* pay.

BUT ------ Thanks to AAMT/AHDI, greedy hospital CEO's who want more money & more management, at the expense of less of everything else (including patient care), and MTSO's without the backbone to stand by a rate that means they can pay their MT's a living wage, even *the industry's best* pay just isn't cutting it. Not as a single person, anyway.

Changing jobs would just make my situation worse. But if the payscale doesn't go up soon, I'll have no choice but to get out. I already cant ever retire, thanks to the Wall Street pigs. And thanks to greedy people buying into the MT industry to make a fast, easy buck, just makeing ends meet is getting near-impossible. I could understand it if I had no education and no skills. But as a person who is pretty much at the top of their game in MT, I'm so disappointed that my work, my hours, and my knowledge aren't paid what they're worth. A very respected doctor/professor once told me that MTs are *one of the doctors' strongest lines of defense against mistakes, malpractice, and lawsuits*. He used to thank me personally every year, even though the rest of the hospital didn't seem to give a crap, for catching those tiny dictation errors that ALL doctors make, and for bringing things that seemed questionable to his attention. As a result, we both learned continually, and quality was job-one for him, as well as for me.

Now, it's just a numbers game. Crank out those lines. Cut those corners. Someday that continual haste is going to cost a lot (if it hasn't already). A life. A job. A medical licensure. A few million in a lawsuit. We used to be important players in the quality of medical care documentation. Now, we're just *expendable* cogs in the wheel.
They treat their employees VERY well.
I have been there for over 2 years and don't plan on going anywhere else. They will go out of their way to do anything they can for you if you are a hard working employee. I have never been with a company who treats their employees this well.
They don't treat you well on the CM side
You may not think it makes a difference, but it's like working for a different company. I think the staff is very abusive and disrespectful to the MTs and each other. Webmedx needs to go in there and clean house from the supervisors down.

Read ChartMatrix MT's post below. The culture really does make a difference. Apparently, she doesn't have work, either. Bad on both counts.
And that they will treat you like FAMILY, too.
Can't argue that one. I guess like most of MY family, these yahoos would never pay me what they owed me, either.

I cannot believe they still have the audacity to advertise here.

Search...there are much better companies, as far as how you will be treated...nm
I have been treated with the utmost courtesy
and consideration since I started. I have had some trouble hitting my line count, and I have not been harrassed or threatened once. I'm getting my lines now, and I'm glad that everyone hung in there with me. I'm part-time, and don't miss the nights or weekends at all. No place works for everyone, but Amphion is definitely worth considering. I've never had an equipment problem, they pay on time, and they leave you alone during the day to work. So far, so good.
Not exactly. Agree with post below. If you like being treated like...
Loyal to HTS - they've treated me well
I have no concern as to your credentials. I speak solely of my experience with HTS.
Let me address some of your facts. You state: Not enough tech support (not available evenings or weekends My experience: They have been available to me 24/7 for ten years. You state: No raises. My experience: Frequent raises. You state: ..their hands are tied. My experience: What does this even mean? I have never experienced anything along these lines. If there is a problem, they resolve it. Period. You state: Many people in this organization are related to the current owner (red flag). My experience: Again, what?? I know many of them, and of those I know none are related to one another, let alone the owner. Spare us your red flag. You state: The current owner makes it a habit to bash the prior owner, tell you all sorts of dirty laundry, goes on and on about how she cannot afford to give raises, yet she's managed to dwindle down this pay off mighty quick. It's an attitude thing. My experience: One of the nicest women I have every worked with/for. Very considerate of her MTs and their personal needs as well as professional. It IS an attitude thing. On both sides of the equation. You state: There is not always work. My experience: Never, ever have I not been able to work in ten years. Never. They accommodate me around every turn. If my main account is low, I can request another account and that request is fulfilled immediately. You state: (re: tech guys)..their hands are tied based on minimal programs and/or education. My experience: I should be so lucky as to have a fraction of their knowledge. You state: The owner wanted me to stay. My response: Why? No MT is indispensible. You state: The problems with HyperType are solely due to how the company is run. My experience: No clue what this refers to - not enough work? not enough money earned? tech? no embroidered golf shirts? To posters Looking and Leigh - I wish you the same success I have had with HTS. There are many MT companies out there, obviously, offering many different packages that may or may not suit your needs. Hypertype is a well-run company that has never come up short in any regard in my experience. Rest assured that if you chose to work with HTS and keep up your end of the deal in terms of providing quality transcription, you will be appropriately compensated and have the pleasure of dealing with some really great people.

meant to say the way U DEMAND 2 b treated..NM

Treated badly? Wow! That narrows it down
Me too, similar experience and was not treated well. nm
Why do you guys stick around to be treated like this? sm
How awful! Come to Webmedx where people are nice and answer your questions!
If they would have treated past employees better
they would not have to be in such a bad position. Just shows that for MTSOs as well as everyone else, what goes around comes around.
If you wanted to be treated worse
than crap, constantly lose accounts and have no work then go for it; otherwise run quickly the other way. I agree, I would not work for them again if they were the last company on earth!
They're going to treat you the same as all other employees
and you'll not get your way by threatening and stomping your feet. You hold no more weight than the rest of us with them. Just how expensive is it for YOU to type for MQ who is PAYING YOU? LOL
?? I don't see how you can say that... I love MDI and they treat their employees well.
I have never had a bad experience with them and I certainly would not call them nasty.
And why do MTSOs treat ICs as employees? nm
Well, just don't go to work for Focus. They don't treat
their staff very well, they are all Indian including your leads, and there is at least one guy there who is very male chauvenistic. 
I work for 2 companies and both treat me very well. sm
Contented MTs generally don't come to these boards to complain, so our side is not represented well.

There are some very good companies out there. I've managed to find 2!

BTW, we're not nickeled and dimed. We're pennied, or ha'pennied!

Unlike government employees, we're paid on production, so lots of work gets done.


As companies being allowed to treat their MT's like this.

If TT and the other companies who do not pay for downtimr/no work to their at-home MT's when they log on and there is NO WORK, then these companies would assuredly be more careful about letting us run out of work. 

Discussion was about having to stick to a schedule when they want us to, but in no work situations, mgmt will forget about a schedule then and request us not to  call the office, nor email on those days, and we are allowed to be flexible with our schedules (at their convenience).  These companies who run out of work need to be paying for downtime/no work situations, and they will be more careful about surprising us with no work days when we log into the system.

 This began as a discussion about sticking to a schedule, not about $$$ saved up. 

This is misleading. They have all ICs, so it cannot be said that they treat their employees well.
I had a rude awakening about being an IC and will never go that route again!
That sure is a RUDE way to treat a co-worker.
Actions like that usually do.
They hire you as an IC and treat you as an employee. nm
I'll bet the Saudis will treat you...
a whole lot better than Transcend does.  Arabs are known for being extremely generous, unlike many of these 'American' transcription companies.
was treated like dirt... and shoved out the door. don't do it.
and if you can be satisfied with being treated like a piece of crap
PS is very very personable. Your treated as an associate which is wonderful, not an like an MT and
talked down to ever. Wonderful people, great place to work. Always lots of work. Can't say anything good or bad about the other company, don't know enough about them or anyone who I know who would say much. So that in itself says something, so read between the lines.
I once worked in place where we were treated like dirt - sm
365 days a year, INCLUDING during MT week. Yeh, they gave us trinkets or sometimes a pizza party, but still jumped on our @$$es as soon as the party was over, about how far behind we'd fallen on our work. I'd rather get NO trinkets, NO week, and no public recognition, and simply a decent living wage and a little professionaal respect.
Teehee!!!! HAHA LOL! I feel like I am treated that way sometimes. sm

As for how I know my accuracy...

I have QA bonuses.  You have to pull up 99% or better on audit to get it AND send under a certain percentage to QA in full.

NO I am NOT the only OP specialist we have.  If you don't see OPs it is probably because they go to us first and if we finish, you don't have any of them in the general pools.

I didn't hear you describe being treated

like dirt.  If there are other things she did that were horrible, feel free to share.  You agreed to 6 cpl and meeting the courier.  If you are the employee with the least seniority and perhaps the least experience, it makes sense that you would get the most inconvenient work setup.  It's called paying your dues.  No need to call a successful businesswoman greeeeeeeeedy. 

So what did she do that was so awful? 

I do NOT feel that I am treated disrespectfully! Quite the opposite, really. sm

ALL of the support people I have dealt with have been extremely polite and helpful.  I hear please and thank you all of the time.  You do not get that too much anywhere nowadays, it seems.

Granted, I would have been happy if I had been like the one poster and had been paid this Saturday, which is what the original post was abuot, it seems, but I always know that I WILL be paid. It is not like some of these MTSOs I read about who write bad checks, give excuses about paying late, cheat you on your pay, etc.  They are very honest people and I never worry about that end.  In fact, they have shown me kindness in the past where others would not have cared at all. 

There are problems with all companies, and this company is not perfect, but then again I have not found any company that IS perfect.  Admittedly, when I was first told that the company was in India, I was a bit taken aback as I had always viewed them as the enemy.  However, all of the transcription is done in the US, and the work is sent to India to be pasted into the GEMMS platform. How it works out to be cost effective for them I do not know, but anything that saves me having to type directly into that nasty platform (GEMMS) is a blessing.  I now have a couple of other jobs, but that is only because I wanted to be an employee with benefits.

I feel bad that this whole thing has turned into a bashing of the company and especially Tonya.  It is true that she has gotten busy, but I always know that I can email her or call her and she will get back with me.  There are times that the work dried up for me and I was not happy, especially when I saw ads for more MTs, but I also blame myself for not talking to the right people about it.  Most issues can be worked out if you just deal directly with the people who can help you and not just come anonymously on a message board and complain.  In fact, I wrote to Tonya about the paycheck issue, and she confirmed for me that they had my invoice and the funds had been issued, so that was that.

Bottom line, the pay is decent, the work is easy, and the people are great.  People could find far worse places to work.

I apologize for the long post, but when I saw that post, it really annoyed me.  Thanks for letting me vent. 

Good luck. I was treated this way and I'm still out my money SM
And so is everyone else. Basically you will never see the money unless you HAVE money to hire an attorney and take her to court. Karma will take care of her for taking advantage of u.
I agree with all the above. Know how to treat transcriptionists, and I don't just mean on holida
Been there. My company didn't treat me horribly
but because I could do the very worst ESLs I got dumped on.  Work is assigned by the company and there isn't supposed to be cherry-picking, but there obviously was.  I could do the dictation, but it slowed me down considerably.  On top of the bad dictator it seemed the sound quality was also bad.  I would be stressed at the end of the day and end up with a headache.  If I were getting paid by the hour I would have still be a bit stressed, but not as much because I didn't have to worry about producing lines.  My MTSO has told me a couple of stories too.  I have looked for another position a couple of times, but every company that offered me a position didn't want to pay me what I was currently making, didn't allow me the flexibility that I have, didn't have the friendly platform that I currently have, and I had to be connected to the internet to work the whole time.  I like to get outside when the weather is nice and with my current job I download my work and then I can get off-line.  I can take my laptop outside and work.   I still read the job boards on occasion, but I have decided I can't do any better anywhere else, so I'll just accept whatever issues there are and deal with them.