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small town dweller too, but my thinking has

Posted By: evolved in recent years. on 2009-08-27
In Reply to: Small town Missouri girl very happy at Transcend - Ronda Lingerfelt

oh yeah, when I first came out of the hospital systems, started seriously working in a remote way, I saw many posts about shipping our jobs overseas, and esp as regards to MQ doing so. But I thought, hey, they treat me well, pay me decent, give me benefits and I wasn't feeling impacted by this. Over time, observing the world around me vis networking, I began to see the picture differently. It became acutely different when MQ started removing more and more benefits and emphasizing our ILPs (international labor partners) and all the propaganda that came with it. I moved on to MDI and thought I'd be happy the rest of my MTing days. They made promises they have already broken, and I see the same pattern evolving. You can sit in your small town thinking, and I mean this in the metaphorical sense, and deny that there is anything wrong with it. But down the road when it bites you in the behind, and shakes your world, and in the larger sense, when more and more people in the once great USofA are unemployed and the backs of the middle class are hunched over from trying to bear that financial burden of putting so many on the public rolls, YOU TOO may begin to see the damage of shipping work overseas. Not to mention your wages going DOWN to keep your employer competitive.... It WILL eventually touch you too, or your kids or your grandkids, but in some way WILL reach you too.

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I live in a very small town that won't allow chain-
12/cpl, hsi, no travel time, no paper/products. Small town.
Small town Missouri girl very happy at Transcend

I’ve been sitting here in my little corner of Missouri wondering if I could diplomatically address any of your concerns.  At first I was compelled to simply set the record straight and now I’m just compelled to show my support not only for my country…but also my company!  That’s right…bold statement, huh?!  No, I’m not a SUIT, (and BTW neither is Stephanie Campbell) but a humble MLS who was promoted to a TL (Team Leader) and now again to a QAS within MY company.  You see, Transcend loves their MLS and treats them with the respect and the recognition they deserve.  If you want to excel in this industry, Transcend is the only company you should be looking at.  Oh, and by the way, I had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta and meet some of the SUITS of the company and they’re just like me…patriotic, family-loving, hard-working everyday human beings.  AND they care about my opinion; what works for my region and why other things don’t!


I worked for a large hospital facility in Nebraska before coming to Transcend and loved it dearly, but honestly technology-wise I didn’t realize how far behind they were.  Since being with Transcend I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand how they continually upgrade, enhance and automate processes for their MLS; always trying to make things easier and time efficient for their employees.  Who wouldn’t want to be on the leading edge of technology in our industry?


As for sending work overseas…. Transcend does in fact outsource on occasion a very small percentage of it’s volume, but only when there are gaps in turnaround time coverage and ONLY when the customer approves it.  If there are American MLS willing and able to take some of that work from overseas workers, we are more than happy to provide it to them.  That’s why we need your help to keep this company going strong as an AMERICAN company.  Every single day I’m thankful for my job with Transcend and have grown to love the tight-knit family I work with.  Each day we talk and keep each other inspired!  We cover for each other in time of crisis and give each other a pep talk when we need it.  I can confidently say that my life has changed for the better since I came on board.  I really do love it.  Transcend is where it’s at if you want to work at home.


Me in my little corner of Missouri will get off my soap box and let you ponder this:  Perhaps if a small town girl from Missouri can make a CAREER with Transcend maybe you can too?!  The possibilities with Transcend are out there, attainable….you just have to reach for it!

I am in exactly the same boat, 10 miles from small rural town, don't know any local
MTs even after 12 years in this community.  I need to find something with decent pay and the same kind of flexible scheduling.  I too had planned to stay with MDI through retirement and this has really thrown me for a loop.  I would just look for a new career right now if not for the fact my kids are still young enough that I would like to still be at home/available, especially when one has a chronic illness and his needs can change on a dime.
Is Keystrokes a big company or small? I am thinking of applying. Time to leave the Q. nm
The sad thing is that I do not even think they would notice if I left. I am a high producer but not very vocal and they seem to have forgotten about me :(
another Wally World dweller
We know where you don't work...OSI
At first I was thinking that you were being unrealistic, not thinking about taxes, benefits, etc. bu
surprised to find that you are not asking the moon. Let me clarify a few things: Rates charged are not as high as 0.25 per line, but no one that has U.S. employees goes as low as 0.115 or they would not be able to pay their bills. A more realistic range is 0.125-0.165, and that top end is hard to find, most falling at 0.14-0.15 per line.

The rates of pay you propose are very reasonable IF the following is true: These are seasoned MTs who do not need a lot of hand-holding, QA or blanks filled in, unless a very difficult/impossible doctor.

How about a scale based on experience and accuracy of 0.09 - 0.105 per line (acute care), and $1.15-$1.30 per report (radiology)?

The VR one is tough as everyone, MTs and MTSOs and facilities are still feeling their way on this. As an MTSO who was an MT, I feel that VR editing is as difficult to do as regular transcription. I don't think that it should be substantially less pay or charged less as the end product is still the same.

Funny thing here? My company already follows that scale. We should work together, not at odds, to reinforce this industry and bring it back to where it should be, right here in the U.S.A. with a decent paycheck.
The town that I live in is

Stillwell, in Georgia.  The Stillwell is for the town, MTC is Medical Transcriptionist Coder.  :) 

thanks for the info though. 

The town that I live in is

Stillwell, in Georgia.  The Stillwell is for the town, MTC is Medical Transcriptionist Coder.  :) 

thanks for the info though. 

Wow, they have a town named after me! LOL. nm
Get out of town!!Wow how wonderful! I will look you up there.
I am wiseoldowl2000 and have been on there since 1992, though my exhusband had been on since 2000. The night my son was born he overbid on something he already had he was so excited. But I was not yet in the E=bay world. I will definitely look you up. We should have an e bay board here, I don't know about anyone else, but I am more addicted to e bay than I am transcribing! LOL. :)
I do VR for a hospital in my town
My company in another state does work for the hospital. I know the head person over transcription at the hospital and there is absolutely no way this manager at the hospital lets just anything fly through. She has all power and you better believe if you don’t do a decent job, your job is not there. From the company we get memos from the hospital about this or that. I am glad to be on VR and I range in line count on VR anywhere from the high 400s to 700s per hour. I also have intermixed with that straight sometimes.
Town Cryer
Totally agree with you. Just typed a report, pt w/brain glioma, needed surgery but had to postpone because her OUP (out-of-pocket) after insurance kicked in over $100k.

Not ALL work will be offshore. We need better schooling and job placement policies to keep more MT jobs here in good 'ol USA.
Go to the library in your local town. I do.
Webmedx town hall mtg ?? (sm)

This upcoming one is the first I have heard of since I came on board (about 3 months ago).  Used to work for MQ and these were often a prelude to us getting s*&^*^d.  Please tell me this is just an informative type how-do-you-do thing.  So far everything about this company has been great, I just have recurring nightmares about the past couple of years I spent with MQ.  Thanks.

town hall meeting
I agree.  This is very much a listening meeting, basically a pep rally about how great Webmedx is and how they put the employees first.  Unfortunately this is not the case demonstrated by the amount of posts here and the lack of work for those of us who have given so much to this company.  Now we sit with nary a thing to do.
In our town, we have a little local pharmacy or many
I tried to stick with my little local pharmacy, but started having problem with insurance issues, which miraculously didn't happen at CVS.  Something about CareMark is my insurer for meds.  So, I switched to CVS primarily due to these glitchy insurance problems with my scrips. All went well for a month or two, though I felt bad ditching the little local guy. Well, then I started having all sorts of medication errors from CVS - wrong med being given in my bag, wrong dosing, etc. When I started complaining, I realized that CVS and CareMark are basically one and the same - another mass merger thing. So, I believe that CareMark deliberately gave me problems when I used anyone but CVS, and it turns out it was true. I have gone back to my local pharmacy, and he confirmed what I thought had been happening. Its like conspiracy theories everywhere these days.  He said he couldn't say a word, though, as he had been threatened by lawyers not to make the connection for people - we had to figure it out on our own.  Well, me with my big mouth, I'm telling everyone I know!! LOL.  So, no, not impressed with CVS either, and no, they don't care about their mistakes - locally or corporate. We're all humans, after all, though some have jobs that could kill fellow humans.  LOL.
The hospital in the town where my daughter
goes to college sends their x-rays to Australia to be read.
what town are you in? if you don't want to be that specific then maybe county/state info
Just got an E-mail about a Webmedx town hall meeting

Town hall conference call was very impressive. sm

I'm glad to be working for Webmedx. 



Just got an E-mail about a Webmedx town hall meeting coming up. Those are NEVER good news. FYI.
I predict they will announce that, due to tough economic times, they will cut the VR rate. You know it is going to happen.
What do you consider small or big? nm
NOT everyone, some are too small for


Small co
Milner Transcription - Atlanta, Ga
About 50 MTs
If you need one (very small fee)
Yes for a very small fee
Yes for a very small fee that is

Probably a really small co OR the sm

recruiter is temporarily assuming job duties for an account supervisor while they look for someone or maybe a leave.

Put your questions here and we can tell you.

Small MTSO

I am a small MTSO and I have two part timers that work for me.  I try to allow them to make a good living but there are costs of running a business.  I do the pick up and deliveries, I print, I buy the paper, toners, etc.  I do the invoicing.  I do the customer service.  I do the QA, etc.   So when I make 2 to 3 cents a line, that is sometimes barely $5 to $7 an hour after gas, paper, etc.   I keep my line charge reasonable -- 0.11 to 0.12 and that allows me to pay 0.8 cents per line.   But if my gals use their brains to use word expanders, templates, etc. they can make $16 to $24 an hour (200 to 300 lines per hour) which to me is fair.    I pay them on time often first and sometimes wait for the check to come in.    But you guys we do not make a lot when subcontracting out.   But if a document is 400 lines I make $8 to $12 for the report and that is before all my expenses.  So we are not jiving any of you.



Small companies
Please list the names of some small companies. I need to get out of a big national but don't know where to turn. Thanx.
To Small MTSO

No suggestions here except to keep up the great work and appreciation for your team.

I agree, don't waste your time on the ignorant's on this board that think everyone is out to screw the MT...it's a sad fact, but there are some who just have such blackened lenses to see through.  It sounds like you really appreciate your team and there are more employers out there like you, really there are.

OR - sm = small message; nm = no msg NM
oh by the way.....*S* small message...sm

did YOU write the acronym book?  HAHAHAHAHAHA -

Well, I've online over 10 years and on boards/forums and SM means small message versus NM meaning no message versus LM meaning long message.

To each his or her own *S*  It's not etched in blood.....*S*  Hope you have a better 2006.  *S*

Not small, not huge. When I was there it had 350+ MTs.
wow, this is a pretty small
Three small accounts that I do by myself..sm
I do not do any type of billing for the accounts, just do the work like regular work that I download from the company...so I think that would be a good reason for a raise.  But, I don't want to say anything to make them think twice otherwise because these accounts that I have are really good.  Does that make sense? 
Must be a small company
It is a small company. Sorry if you're not impressed with my work. It works for me. I could do over 1,000 if I wanted to, but this suits me. I have another part time job that supplies me with income also.
and that is only a small part of the
problems they have. Communication is nil, rude people to deal with, and total chaos.
Small companies not for me

I have worked for both and I think that small companies are very, very particular. Not that that is a bad thing, but  ZERO room for error (everyone knows perfection is impossible 100% of the time).  So if you can QA at 100% every single time with a national, a small company would be perfect for you.  In all of my experience my lowest QA score was a 99.2 with nationals.  Small company just made me feel extremely inadequate.  That is one thing about communication with a small company, you can start feeling attacked for very (and I mean very) minor things. 



Not MDI-MD - they are a small company
small company
has anyone ever left a national company to work for a small company?  just wondering if its a good choice to make. 
small companies
Anyone give out some names of small good companies?
Small national
Try - www.milnertranscriptionservices.com
maybe ... small MTSOs can go either way .. sm
pay small because they are small ... or pay well, and say they appreciate quality work, and joke with you about other MTs they have on their payroll ..... and then you realize they are probably making the same remarks about you behind your back too.
TO: Small MTSO
see above post, it got posted in the wrong spot somehow.
small companies
Sorry about being so vague. I'm looking for smaller national companies - probably 100-200 MTs (?)
Small MTSOs that I know are not

The only reason they use subs is that the client needs more work done than they can physically do themselves.  Most small MTSOs did not start out wanting to be an MTSO at all, but just having their own accounts.  Then there is too much work and they have to use subs.  And most of the line count is forwarded on to the subcontractor, not kept as profit for the MTSO.

I am just such a small MTSO and I make more money when I don't have subs because I can spend my time typing instead of listening to blanks, setting up templates, explaining format, etc., doing payroll, etc.

They do some ASR but a very small percentage, something like less than 10%
of all their work is ASR. I am not sure what the pay for it, as I only do straight transcription.

They do pay shift differentials. I think it's a half cent for second shift and a penny for third shift.

They are wonderful people to work with and for. Everyone I have ever spoken to has treated me well. Even the President of the co. has been wonderful to me and will take my call anytime I need to speak with her (which has only been twice).

I would go for it. I am so glad I did.
Its a small world

I just put in my application this morning at Webmedx.  I had to go to a doctor's appointment and when I got home I had a message from a recruiter there.  I think it is the same recruiter that I talked to 2 years ago with another company.  They said I did not score high enough on the test to sign on with that that particular company.  The person said I did fine actually until I got to the ESL portion and it looked too much like swish cheese.  I wonder what the chances are that they remember that.

A small company usually can't
afford to lose the people they have, so you might want to speak to your manager about this and see what, if anything, can be done. It can be as easy as removing the MT's ability to reject the jobs they don't want to do. Great way to kill morale.