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I suspect you're NOT out of the loop

Posted By: Just the opposite on 2009-08-27
In Reply to: You cover for each other in times of crisis? sm - tj

I suspect you just hit a suspected nail right on the head.

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I suspect you're NOT out of the loop
I suspect you just hit a suspected nail right on the head.
You're definitely out of the loop (sm)
they have never outsourced to another service that I know of.  I agree on missing J.  He was great.  An email went out about that, tho.
Man you are out of the loop. I'm sure there are
some out there that pay that, but you'll be hard pressed to find them.  You're going to feel insulted when a company offers you 9 cpl as an employee with 20 years of experience. 
You have obviously been out of the loop SM
and are not a member of the organization, or you would have known that the name changed quite some time ago.  If you are not a member, why are you looking to them to serve you?
You bet it does. Apparently, you have been out of the loop sm
for a long time. Go work in a hospital office and see the brown nosers there. How about an insurance company? All sorts there. Better yet, go to a bank. How about some of the major corporate offices? They kiss butt all the time and even do "other things" to get to the top. Get real and get used to it. This is life. I like to come to this board and see your "holier than thou" and "poor me" attitudes and make total idiots of yourselves. It makes for great entertainment. I definitely would NOT want to work alongside the likes of you. No wonder your job didn't work out. Nobody likes catty transcriptionists. Pull in your claws.
E-mail loop says
they are offshoring work now! Just FYI.
I am completely out of the loop.

I think the new payroll company keeps overlooking me, and often I have to ask for information that seems to be sent to everyone else (For example, my benefits paperwork wasn't sent until I asked for it.) I will have to ask again to have the 401k info sent to me. I have no paperwork on this. Did you get anything yet? What is the deadline for cashing out? TT hasn't given us info yet on their match, have they?
out of loop - how hard????
I've been on medical leave and can return to work only to do
VR. How hard is the platform and to get the lines? Training? What are they paying on the VR stuff? Does anyone know if the ML (PA) account or the SR (AZ) accounts have a lot of VR?
Well I still feel out of the loop
I never even heard any rumors to call and ask about.
I guess I am out of the email loop, too !
No email regarding ANY backlog -- just no work this a.m.
you lost me at loop hole.
Sorry, my brain is fried since I only had 3 hours sleep and was up at 4 am to work my 8 hour shift. Could you please explain this so a dumb ol' hillbilly could understand?
You have to be suspect of this one!
Nothing in the whole thing is unusually great -- the only time we sit up and do something like is when there is a big plus out of the ordinary - seems like we could find this anywhere, lol
I suspect you are the same poster from sm

yesterday with all the anger and craziness in all your posts.  What you just posted is SUPER passive-aggressive.  You really do need to get professional help--maybe not with that poster's ex-husband, but with someone.

Typical of mentally ill - they focus on something completely irrelevant when someone asks them to get help.

I suspect you are correct about
not all VR platforms are created equal just like all platforms for straight MT are not created equal.  My guess would be that either the platform you mention as being the best will take over the marketplace or the others will manage to get their platforms up to par.  Once that happens though I could venture a guess as to what will come next.
What is a keylogger? And how what makes you suspect this?
Makes me suspect an MTSO who wants to
know who may be job hunting, so strongly recommend a disposable e-mail address for reply.
What is KS? If it is who i suspect..let me know and I"ll infomr you.
no message
I you work for my company, which I suspect you might, this seems
account and I am talking for a couple of years, adn did not need to ask for more work. Then slowly the work started being less and less for that particular account, and in fact, 2 of the work types were completely taken out of the pool - OPs that I did and never, never ran low on for one. I have had 7 new ones since October, now it seems to be settling into just 2 or 3 per week. If you want to work, there is no limit to how many you should do. It is confusing though and mistakes are being made I am sure of it, me included.
I suspect you hit the nail on the head
Years ago when I entered the field (more than I care to admit), the MT was a commodity. Training programs were few and far between (my hospital was training their own since they couldn't find bodies). Now, not only do we have the Indians and other foreign entities and VR, but we also have MT schools on the back of matchbooks, late night TV commercials, and spam mail in our inboxes. Suddenly, millions of people are doing it which, as we all know, not only limits the work each person can get but also drives down the wage, as those of us who have been here a while can verily attest.

I don't think the MTSOs even staff in particular for TAT. I think that's just a bonus. It's much cheaper to pay two or three people part-time hours than have to pay one person benefits.
I suspect the owner of the MTSO felt

it was a good time to retire.  If you Google Transcription Stat and Sausalito (where the MTSO at the root of the whole affair was located--interesting because the office used to be in downtown San Francisco and Sausalito was where Kim lived.  Wonder if she was running it out of her home at the time the whole thing went down...), all you get is references to the UCSF affair so I suspect she is no longer in business.  Didn't one article say her UCSF work totally dried up after that?  That was her main account, as far as I know. 

I'm beginning to suspect it's the Xanax Express n/m
with 16 years I would suspect you to know the diff. between wave and waive?!?!?
I would suspect that with the name Global in the title, its probably India...dunno though.
Sorry, but truly suspect it's like wondering which'll keep delivering milk by horse-drawn wago
Hope you're enjoying those slave wages you're earning.
So you guys feel you're getting paid what you're worth with VR?
I'm not trying to be snarky. I've never done VR, so I'm trying to understand.

You're happy with your paycheck with VR? Do you find the files to be as bad as the original post implied?
So you're telling me, basically, they're bad news?
They offered me 0.095/line and you know - it sounded too good to be true, but I SWEAR the recruiter told me they do not outsource. Oh brother... I just wish they'd be honest. I really don't know what to do.
Not the OP, but they're supposed to take out all the other taxes as you're an employee with th
No, they're not losing money....they're gaining!
If a company charges their clients by the line, I'm sure that line rate does not go down even though the MTs pay does.

ASR pays about 2/3 normal line rate to its MTs. Their ultimate goal is to have the MTs do twice as much work. Therefore, the client is getting their work faster, but paying their normal rate, while corporate gets that money and the MTs get the lower line rate.

Whether the newbies want to realize it or not, MTSOs have not increased MTs' salaries in the past 10 years. They still start out at the same pay as the last century!

This used to be a very lucrative profession. Nowadays, most MTs are considered to be paid at the poverty level. You don't believe me, look it up!
Hey, you're in luck then. They're hiring! (nm)
If they're in Nebraska, they're www.medigrafix.com nm
If you're an IC, you pay all your taxes. Otherwise you're an SE or employee. nm
If you're PT you're required to work

8 of your hours in one weekend day.  There's no extra pay for it though. 

The face we're wising up is exactly why they're
We're not 'so scared' of it. We're trying to help
you to not make a huge mistake, but I guess you're determined to learn the hard way, so good luck with that.
If you're in the 37% tax bracket, you're making over
100K per year. Quit complaining.
You're right on it! They're just trying to cause panic.
How can you KNOW what you're doing without THINKING you know what you're doing?
If you're not doing your job, then you're not earning anything, therefore
they're desperate because they're sm
driving away all their employees with the horrible new changes they're implementing.  It's a mass exodus, and they couldn't keep up with their work load before all the departures. 
We're glad you're gone too.
The more people that quit, the more work left for me. I love it when people say they can't take doing MT anymore.
Well, i hate to tell ya, but if you're an IC, you're
I think they're new. nm
now we're getting somewhere....
Great qualities... absolutely. Can you be more specific. What type of communication do you think works? What doesn't? Concern is also important. But how far should it go. Certainly a company needs to be understanding if an MT has some problems, but remembering it is not the company's job to take care of someone, what about when the MT is not producing or working when scheduled? How long do you let it go on? What if the MT has chronic problems. What is the company's role here?

I can say my boss was ALWAYS flexible with my schedule, but I also made sure that I made up the time and the lines. I didn't abuse it.
You're better off
Someone else will appreciate your abilities.
You're welcome; here's what I can tell you ...
Spheris' family insurance is with United Healthcare and the premium for family coverage is about $180 per payperiod (2-weeks).

As far as PTO with Spheris, as a FT employee, you would earn 10 days a year for your first 5 years of service, then it goes up from there.

I hope that gives you a guideline to go by.
If you're looking for
and to be treated well, then you will like TT. They really are the best company I've ever worked, for and I've worked for more than a few. In this business of never meeting who you work for and not knowing what you're getting in to until it's too late, they are a breath of fresh air. They always pay on time, pay what they say they will pay, are very kind and honest. Good luck.
you're right...sm
when I was in school, for MA, not MT, my instructor said the ones taking the MT class were just waisting their time. I worked as an MA until I got pregnant, then worked as an MT after my son was born. I'm gonna ride it out as long as it's available. Then, hopefully I won't be too old to do something else!
Is it possible that you're having another
I may be an old biddy but when I was 17 it wasn't a computer that was sitting in front of me on Friday night, loser.
Oh, if you're asking me -- I don't know. I wish I could
tell you, but I have no idea.

They're far from going under.

They're securing new accounts all the time because they're a good company with a fair, honest owner and a wonderful support staff and QA, etc.

I hear there are one or two bitter ex-employees out there who do nothing but trash the company, and it's totally unwarranted.