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Serving Over 20,000 US Medical Transcriptionists

The Transcend article has to be accurate as it is part of their SEC filing. sm

Posted By: HMMMM on 2009-08-28
In Reply to: Please answer this. How do you explain in the articles posted BY Transcend then - Hard to believe

Unless of course they are pulling a Medquist!

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Do they use part-timers? Is their software friendly and accurate? Thx. nm
Tried to get article about outsourcing from Transcend
today from the newspaper. I have to call back tomorrow, the department closed today. That might be true what you are saying but what do you think about the statement that not enough MTs in the US to do the work. I find that kind of odd because I see people on here saying they are out of work.
I wish I had kept the article out of the paper on Transcend outsourcing
The home office located (as you might know) close to Atlanta and it was listed as a top company for Georgia but was I surprised when the person speaking made no bones about their outsourcing and the reason they STATED for it, lack of American MTs. Well, ladies, who do you feel about that? I am sure someone posting on MTstars has this article because they did last time. Hopefully they can quote word for word.
Did TTS just become a part of Transcend...
I was interested in TTS until I thought they were acquired by Transcend (not a place for me)... am I mistaken and is it another company with similar initials? Confused, would like to know either way. Tx.
TRANSCEND - PART 3 - did not fit on 2nd post

The Company may not be able to recruit and hire a sufficient number of new or replacement medical language specialists to sustain or grow the current level of revenue.

The Company cannot provide transcription services to customers within contracted delivery standards without an adequate supply of qualified medical language specialists. Medical language specialists are in short supply. The Company relies upon in-house recruiters to hire a sufficient number of qualified medical language specialists to meet current and projected needs. The Company attempts to attract and retain medical language specialists by offering competitive pay and benefits and the opportunity to work from home utilizing the Company’s Internet-based system. The Company is transitioning a significant portion of the business from transcribing (typing) to editing, which allows the Company to increase the productivity of existing personnel and attract a new supply of medical language specialists. Nonetheless, there can be no assurance that the Company will be able to hire and retain a sufficient number of medical language specialists to meet demand. Failure to do so could have a material adverse effect on the ability to undertake additional business or to complete projects in a timely manner, which could adversely affect operating results and financial condition.

The Company’s reliance on key third-party software could affect the ability to operate competitively.

Portions of the BeyondTXT technology were provided to us by Multimodal Technologies, Inc. under an agreement originally entered into on September 28, 2004. The original agreement was replaced by a new agreement, commencing September 1, 2006, that provides for a one-year, non-exclusive license that is renewable for up to four successive one-year periods at the Company’s option (the last such option period ending August 31,2011 and additional successive one-year periods if mutually agreed to by both parties. The inability to maintain the relationship with Multimodal Technologies, Inc. or find a suitable replacement for the technology at favorable prices or at all would adversely affect the ability to operate competitively and to meet the workload demands of the existing customer base.


Transcend’s operations depend on access to reliable voice and data networks and dictation capture systems. Any failure of more than one of these networks or systems, even for a short time, could harm the business.

The majority of the Company’s customers depend on the BeyondTXT platform, data networks and dictation capture systems being able to process voice and data files 24 hours per day, seven days per week. If voice and data networks or dictation capture systems are unavailable, the ability to transcribe documents for customers is severely limited. The Company is heavily dependent on third parties such as telecommunications providers and dictation system vendors. Although there is redundancy across these providers and systems, any failure of more than one of these networks or systems, even for a short time, could delay the ability to provide transcription services to customers. Because the timely delivery of transcription services is vital to customers, any such delay could harm the business.

The Company operates in a highly competitive market and can make no assurance that it will be able to compete successfully against current or future competitors.

The medical transcription services market is highly fragmented and competitive, with several thousand local, regional and national companies competing in the United States alone. In addition, the medical transcription industry in the United States has experienced competition from overseas competitors. While the Company attempts to compete on the basis of fast, predictable turnaround times and consistently high accuracy and document quality, there can be no assurance that the Company will be able to compete effectively, if at all, against competitors. These competitive forces could result in loss of market share, lower margins and/or increased technology investments.

The Company operates in an environment with competitive pricing pressure and can make no assurance that it will be able to compete successfully against current or future competitors on the basis of price.

Some competitors have lower cost structures than the Company does, particularly if they are small firms or operate primarily offshore. Other competitors may be willing to accept less profitable business in order to grow revenue. It is common for competitors to offer lower prices than Transcend’s. The Company attempts to position itself in the industry as a high quality provider at a mid-level price point. Accordingly, the Company may lose business on the basis of price or be forced to lower prices to win new business. There can be no assurance that the Company will be able to compete effectively, if at all, against competitors on the basis of price. Competitive pricing pressure could result in loss of market share and lower margins.

The use of offshore medical dictation subcontracting firms exposes the Company to operational and financial risks not inherent in the United States.

As of December 31, 2008, approximately 19% of the Company’s transcription volume was subcontracted to offshore providers. As the Company increases reliance on these offshore providers, there will be increasing exposure to operational and financial risks not inherent in its United States operations. These risks include political, economic and social instability, unexpected changes in the regulatory environment, currency fluctuations (although our contracts are in U.S. dollars) and the possibility that offshore providers will be acquired by a competitor and discontinue their relationship with the Company.



 Year Ended December 31, 2008 Compared to Year Ended December 31, 2007

Revenue increased $6.2 million, or 15%, to $48.7 million in 2008, compared to revenue of $42.5 million in 2007. The $6.2 million increase in revenue consisted of increased revenue from existing customers of $4.8 million, revenue from new customers of $3.0 million, partially offset by decreases in revenue of $1.6 million from customers who cancelled their contracts in 2008.

Direct costs increased $2.1 million, or 7%, to $30.9 million in 2008, compared to $28.8 million in 2007. Direct costs include costs attributable to compensation for transcriptionists, recruiting, management, customer service, technical support for operations, fees paid for speech recognition processing, telephone expenses and implementation of transcription services. Transcription compensation is a variable cost based on lines transcribed or edited multiplied by specified per-line pay rates that vary by individual as well as type of work. Speech recognition processing is a variable cost based on the minutes of dictation processed. All other direct costs referred to above are semi-variable production infrastructure costs that periodically change in anticipation of or in response to the overall level of production activity.

As a percentage of revenue, direct costs decreased to 63% in 2008 from 68% in 2007. The decrease in costs as a percentage of revenue is due primarily to cost savings that resulted from an increase in the use of the Company’s speech recognition-enabled BeyondTXT platform, growth of semi-variable direct costs of operations at a slower rate than the rate of revenue growth and the use of increased offshore transcription resources. Approximately 19% of the Company’s transcription work was performed offshore during 2008, compared to 14% during 2007. During 2008, approximately 30% of the Company’s volume was edited using speech recognition technology on the BeyondTXT platform, compared to 24% during 2007. Gross profit increased $4.1 million, or 31%, to $17.8 million in 2008, compared to $13.7 million in 2007. Gross profit as a percentage of revenue increased to 37% in 2008 compared to 32% in 2007. 


DCOA Promissory Note

On April 6, 2005, the Company fulfilled the prerequisites for receiving the proceeds under a Promissory Note dated March 1, 2005 payable to the Development Corporation of Abilene, Inc. (“DCOA”) in the principal amount of $1.0 million (the “Promissory Note”). Transcend received $850,000 under the Promissory Note on April 7, 2005 and was pre-funded $150,000 under the Promissory Note on March 31, 2005. The Promissory Note was initially secured by a $150,000 letter of credit from a bank and certain furniture and equipment. The letter of credit was released December 7, 2005 and the remaining collateral shall be released as the principal balance of the Promissory Note is reduced.

The Promissory Note relates to the Agreement for Financial Assistance by and between DCOA and Transcend effective as of March 1, 2005 that was approved by DCOA on March 4, 2005 and amended on June 6, 2006 (collectively, the “Agreement”). Under the terms of the Agreement, DCOA agreed to provide up to $2 million of interest-free, secured loans to Transcend (the “Loans”). In return, Transcend agreed to recruit, hire and train up to 208 medical transcription professionals, the majority of whom shall be recruited from Abilene or the area surrounding Abilene, as defined in the Agreement. DCOA offered the Loans to Transcend in two increments of $1 million each in return for Transcend recruiting, hiring and training up to 104 medical transcription professionals for each Loan. The Promissory Note is the first such Loan. During 2007, the Company was informed by the DCOA that the second $1 million loan is no longer available.

Transcend and DCOA intend for the Promissory Note to be paid by Transcend using quarterly training credits and annual job creation/retention incentive credits provided to Transcend by DCOA as defined in the Agreement. Principal reductions of the Promissory Note were effected through quarterly training credits and annual earned job creation incentive credits, not cash, as follows: (1) $25,000 per month for the first six months of the Agreement provided that 15 employees were hired by Transcend during that period; (2) a quarterly training credit equal to 50% of the total wages paid to newly hired Medical Language Specialists (“MLS”) during their probationary period (not to exceed $4,000 per MLS); and (3) an annual job creation incentive credit of between 10% and 12% of compensation for the year for each full time equivalent employee (FTE), with cumulative per FTE credits capped at 30% to 35% of the FTE’s annual compensation (depending on the FTE’s compensation band) for FTEs hired on or before March 31, 2010 including compensation paid through March 31, 2012.

Transcend had earned credits of $23,000, $77,000, and $99,000 for the years ended December 31, 2008, 2007 and 2006. These credits are reported as reductions of direct operating costs. On December 1, 2008,

Transcend entered into a new agreement with the DCOA whereby the DCOA reduced the loan principal by $101,000 in exchange for agreement by Transcend to retire the debt three years earlier than agreed and the cancellation of potential future credits earned through training and job creation. This reduction was booked to direct costs as were previous job credits earned. Transcend will pay DCOA six quarterly payments of $92,000 commencing January 1, 2009 with the final payment due April 1, 2010 to satisfy the remaining principal amount. The note will continue to carry a zero interest rate. The principal balance on the Promissory Note is $550,000 at December 31, 2008.


The Company maintains a 401(k) retirement plan that covers all eligible employees. Employees are eligible to contribute amounts to the plan subject to certain minimum and maximum limitations. The Company matches employee contributions on a discretionary basis as determined by the Company’s Board of Directors. The Company made $156,000 and $134,000 of matching cash contributions in 2008 and 2007, respectively, and no matching contributions in 2006.

Going forward, the Company intends to continue matching 50% of the first 4% of employee’s compensation contributed to the plan, subject to the financial performance of the Company.


Revenue attributable to one contract with Providence Health System—Washington for four hospitals totaled $3,728,000 $3,269,000 and $3,017,000 or 7.7 %, 7.7% and 9.2% of total revenue for 2008, 2007 and 2006, respectively. In addition, the Company had revenue under separate agreements with approximately 44 customers who are owned by Health Management Associates, Inc., a single healthcare enterprise. Revenue attributable to Health Management Associates, Inc. comprised $10,267,000 or 21.1%, $9,611,000 or 22.7%, and $8,473,000 or 25.9% of the Company’s total revenue for 2008, 2007 and 2006 respectively.

On January 1, 2009, the Company purchased certain assets of DeVenture Global Partners, Inc. and acquired approximately 30 customers with this transaction.


as part of the MDI to Transcend team,
can you tell me about how long you've worked for Transcend? Do they know you've been unable to make your lines due to lack of work? I'm really getting concerned hearing this.
Transcend part-time status

Can any current Transcend employees please tell me how their part-time status works?  Minimum requirements/hours? 


Thanks so much.

If filing

taxes using personal legal name and Social Security number, and not a corporation name using an EIN, you are not a business. 

Assess your work duties, instructions, schedule, quota, equipment, programs or instructions provided by MTSO to carry out work during your time there.  If  you meet employee criteria (and most do), you qualify to collect retroactive benefits from the first day you were given explicit instructions, training, equipment, strict schedule.  Legally, you are considered an employee from that ponit on and you are due cash reimbursement for outside medical insurance paid out-of-pocket, for unpaid employer Social Security contributions, for vacation time not paid. 

Believe me, filing this lawsuit sm

has damaged their reputation FAR more than whatever was said in the post that prompted it.

Had they just left things as they were, it had already blown over.  Now, they have actually seen to it that anyone who wants to work for a company with any decency will stay far, far away.


Anyone gotten their Keystrokes tax info for filing
out taxes yet??
I know my filing triggered an audit - sm

for this company and yes, they did in fact then go back and look at one other person that I am aware of and created, unfortunately, a backlash for that poor person, as she then had to refile her taxes.  The company was hit with huge back taxes, interest and penalties.  I worked for a small MTSO.

I am filing a small claims action this week.

Have one doctor that I had problems with and only typed for him foer three months.  He was unethical but then he felt that I should not charge for anything that was not actually typed, i.e. if he did a normal exam, etc.  So we had a falling out and he owes me $200 and he has threatened fraud against me, etc.  But I told him he could not bully me and that we would leg small claims court settle the matter.  Am giving him a three day notices sent in a signed reeturn receipt and if he does not pay I will go to court.   So if you are an IC that is your course of action.  I work directly for the doctor, if you are with a service and you know the docs that you are typing for, can tell your MTSO you are informing them that they do not pay their IC's and you will not longer be able to work or provide services, but that depends if you signed a contract and stated you would not have any contact with the accounts.  My first suggestion, write a last demand letter and outline that you will file small claims court proceedings and send a copy of that to their accounts. 

Good luck. 

Form an LLC (limited liability corporation) if you are an IC by filing legal paperwork SM
that way no one can sue your personal assets away, only those of your business entity, even if it is only your IC company in your name. This can be done through a lawyer or at companies such as legalzoom. this limits your liability and protects your personal assets. otherwise, they can take away all your assets, including your joint assets of your spouse.
It's more accurate......nm
But it is not accurate!
not accurate
They have never said I needed to complete my shift.  I make my 1600 goal before my 8 hour shift is over.  They care about production, not hours.  You do need to put on your time sheet FT hours though and not go over 40 but I think FT is 35 if I remember correct.  They have never chased me down after I am done for the day!!
not accurate
its not strange
it happens all the time at these companies
the whole teams let go where houly QC people getting paid too much
No, that's not entirely accurate.
What they require is 100 lph unless you are full time with full benefits and then it is 150 lph. It will depend on the number of hours in a day you work as to how many lines that day you need. And it will depend on where the payperiod falls as to how many payperiod lines that is.

You're on the losing end and don't even understand your own requirements if you think it is a flat 1200 lines a day and 12K lines a payperiod.

You are 100% accurate, VR on my end
has everyone on it, no exceptions. We have tons of ESLs with English. I know of no one who is exempt from being on there. I read others here who say their company does not allow this or that dictator to be on, not on this end, all the same and the ESLs, thank goodness, are on there, I am not pulling out the few hairs on my head I have left because does a really good job.
Do you want quick or accurate?
Why go to a board like this for a question to do with your company's benefits? Actually, you would probably get a pretty quick answer by e-mailing your HR rep, and it would have a much higher probability of being correct!
Accurate Transcription -
Any info anyone?
IS accurate with my company
Very accurate post
I work for another national company, but you are absolutely correct. I, too, am always willing to help wherever I can. Too many days, though, I find myself working 9 or 10 hours just to get my minimum daily line requirement in. Looking up new drugs, procedures, etc., as well as having no templates to work with, I find my hourly line rate zooming down to 100-125 lines an hour. The worst of it is, as the poster correctly stated, we are seeing a decrease in pay for helping on these other accounts, so to what benefit is it to us?

Good post, and valid points!
more accurate info here

The letter stated they will ALWAYS need MTs to do transcription, VR can't do everything.  They also stated that the are evaluating the line rates for when we are on full VR accounts.  Honestly, do you expect to make the same to sit and read through these reports and make a few changes and send on their way as you do to type the whole thing?  I've seen a few VR jobs personally and the software doesn't miss much, so we should be able to pump these jobs out like crazy so a difference in like rate for editing is going to be offset by the fact that we can edit more jobs in a day than we can transcribe.  Industry is going this way and we all have to quit complaining or move on, this isn't new news has been happening over the years with all the bigger companies.

You can't get accurate OSI info
The accurate info is so damaging that is always deleted, you will have to depend on the archives if there are any left that have not been deleted.
Well said. I find this to be accurate. nm
Really, you find this accurate? SM
There is no deduction in pay if you do not hit bonus or minimum numbers. Platform is much better than it was 2 or 3 years ago, faster with every upgrade. You do not spend 2 weeks on 100% QA review, I think it is 2 days to a week if you need it.
Mine is actually very accurate
I have compared my own line counts to the ones in ExText, and they have always been accurate. It may have something to do with how the company counts your lines, but I have never had a problem with it.
I do not think there is an accurate answer (sm)
to this question.  I generally transcribe 70-90 minutes daily, and I average 2,000+ lines per day from those minutes.
she is totally accurate on MDI. I just
got emailed for an interview and was told when I had to work. I was blown away because I told her that I needed M-F which is what I have always gotten. I need M-F for personal reasons but still would not work weekends anyway! They are no longer flexible which is insane when they are SE and IC. I also felt C was condescending after I had told her that I had wanted to work there for quite a long time. They USED TO seem like a great place to work. I have decided I am going back to a small MTSO and maybe even taking less to do clinic work instead of AC. I was happy and made good money back then but the 2 companies I had worked for had most of their accounts taken by the large MTSOs! I can't even imagine still being a single mother of 2 now. I supported them and had a mortgage, made 42-47K a year. Thank God I am remarried or I would have lost my home on the scraps I make now! I am only talking about 4 years ago on back! I could go on and on about how this field has gone to pot!
The above info is either old or not accurate. sm
I work there currently and do not find any of this to be true. We are not penalized for sending any blanks to QA.

Pay is a little on the lower side but I have no ESLs on my account at all. I believe it is 0.07 per 65-character with spaces employee or 0.08 as IC. Pay has always been on time and I have been there 4 months. I am on Scribe platform, which I have no complaints about. I know not all accounts are on this platform though so I can only speak from my experience. Feel free to email me if you would like more details.

I'll tell you right now that's not very accurate way to sm
guess-timate the revenue. Webmedx may have *800 employees* but not even close to that number are MTs, so 47K as revenue per MT would not be correct. Webmedx also sells its platform to radiology clients and technology client, so some of that money is from them.

Just an FYI.
Rochester Business Journal - August or Sept 2005.   And it wasn't all 15 years ago.... charges still pending in 1999 -- but read the article for accurate information on the convictions and judge for yourself. 
I saw that article too
They pay their MTs the equivalent of about $135/month US, which for the year is more than 3 times their national average of about $500/year US.  My electric bill is over $135/month.
Here is the article


If they delete this link, email me; I have the article saved.

Maybe so, but it was right on the money accurate nonetheless!

Most news flashes are accurate.

Granted maybe "many" people can make more while editing, but you explained it quite well in your post about the money you earned straight transcribing to the money you make editing.  I'm left wondering if you are new to the field of medical transcription.  There was a time (a year ago) when I could make $22 an hour straight transcribing.  Even on a bad day with lots of interruptions and a queue full of difficult ESLs I was averaging $18 an hour.  Until VR came along. After a year of working on VR, my earnings then dropped from $22 to $9 an hour, and finally averaged at $14 an hour with VR.  That isn't even mentioning the quality of the reports and what we were told to overlook and let go through so that we weren't "over-editing".   I also know that I am not the only one this has happened to. While the money you may make pays YOUR bills a lot faster, it isn't the same for everyone, and that's what we've been saying.

You're also not thinking through your comment about the copier and the PC.  Although we no longer have to do carbon copies manually anymore when the copier came along, WE still made the copies.  The same with the PC.  We may not have had to use the Selectric typewriter anymore, but WE still had to enter the data and text into the PC and produce a professional document from scratch.  WE are not doing that with the VR.  If you want to use an illustration, at least use one that is more accurate.  The more accurate picture is to have the invention of a copier that did absolutely everything and a PC that needed no data entry.  The only manual job left in that office is the cleaning lady.   THAT's how the field has changed.  So why wouldn't some be upset to go from a medical Transcriptionist that took years and years of developing skill and educating to cleaning up after a machine?  After all these years of college, on-the-job training, and continuing education why should I feel happy in my job as a "cleaning lady" at half my wages to the copier that does everything and the PC that can run the office itself?  Just to make those with fewer skills and less experience happy because THEY don't have to work as hard and they're happy being the "cleaning ladies"? 

It's funny you should mention "not fussing" over using expanders.  Even the entries that go into the expanders were created by us, manually programmed by us, and implemented by us.  Someone may have invented the software, but all the data in it for future use was developed by US.  Do you know how long it takes to develop, maintain, and remember tens of thousands of shortcut entries?  It doesn't happen overnight.  So while we may use the expander that doesn't actually "type" each and every entry we now use, we DID type those and did a whole lot more into our expander software.  Furthermore, carpenters use electric nailers now.  Painters use electric air-painters now.  They still get paid the same amount for their work.  Why are we any different?  You use the expanders as a means to bolster your opinion, but just as in the big picture of VR, you haven't quite thought things through to completion.  I have more pride in my profession and my skills to be relegated "cleaning lady" with a false title of editor.  Truthfully if you look at the big picture, if not for VR you wouldn't even have the qualifications of Editor if you're only making $12 an hour straight typing.  THAT's why so many people are upset about what you feel is the future of this profession.  It isn't the technology, it's the fact that those relatively new to the field and lacking the skills will be turning out unprofessional, sloppy, and often incorrect medical documents that will effect EVERY medical transcriptionist and the field as a whole and thinking they've won the jackpot because they're making $13.50 an hour. There was a time when a minimum of 5 years' in-house experience was required to be considered for at-home medical transcription.  Now apparently all it takes is a willingness to be a "cleaning lady".


Just because someone posts that VR is the wave of the future doesn't mean they're in management - they're just being realistic about what is happening in this industry (just as they referred to the copier and PCs).  

Of course if you think it's really going to hurt you to do VR then perhaps you should go back to an IBM typewriter and get your own accounts.  After all - using a PC and expanders is helping you get paid for work you're not actually transcribing (yup, think about those expanders - I bet you're not fussing over getting paid to have those kick in instead of having to type out those words, or consider the header information that blows in for you from an ADT feed that you're not having to manually type). 

These boards should be for accurate information
and not for speculation.  Zylomed did at one point, several years ago, offshore a small amount of work to Indian because they could not find American MTs who could/would do the very difficult doctors.  This work was eventually ALL given to American MTs - I know because I trained the MTs to do this work.  Zylomed DOES NOT outsource any work.
Which ones? I really want an accurate list before I start looking. nm
Accurate line count
I just did a quick report and checked the lines 3 ways. In Word it was 23.99, in iChart 23.87 and in session statistics it was 27.57. Not a big discrepancy. The thing is, Transtech is not going to cheat their MTs who make them what they are. It just doesn't make sense.
if you are fast and accurate, @ 10 cpl, you will make sm
way more than $17 per hour! Not a bad thing.
Anyone working for Accurate Transcription out of TX?
Thanks for any info
Line counts are accurate - SM
A previous poster was erroneous in stating how AcuSuite users were paid.

FACT: US Santa Clara AcuSuite MTs transcribing US Santa Clara accounts are paid for ALL spaces, ALL visual black characters, and input demographic information. US Santa Clara MTs transcribing non-Santa Clara accounts are compensated for platform differences.

If any US Acusis MT has any questions at all they can contact the transcription managers, editing managers, or trainers with any questions. We all stand behind the above statement. We are all working with this platform with our MTs best interests in mind.

My personal opinion of the new platform is that is different but not more difficult than what we are coming from. There are advantages to the new platform. The disadvantages are few, in my opinion, and not too difficult to work around. While this transition may be difficult, as always, we are here to help you with your questions and make your transition as smooth as possible.

Allison Hillyer
Trans. Mgr., QA/QI, Trainer

But are your 2000 lines per day ACCURATE?
If you expect to work at TT and shoot off 2000 lines per day that have a lot of errors you have just moved to the wrong company. You will be admonished about that. And you should be. Flying fingers don't cut it at TT unless the work is accurate. If you have a lot of Expanders and produce a lot of quality work you will be an asset. I have never made 2000 lines a day at TT but my work is accurate and they are a great company.
right, regarding VR, because I guess that to create accurate
VR draft documents for MTing is the most demanding on the VR systems as it has the most difficult vocabulary and terminology.
The vocabulary of general and legal transcription is MUCH easier than the MTing's.

But I am not so sure that the EMR system would work well for legal transcription as each case is really unique and the usage of EMR (templates and macros etc...)would not be quite practical.
Maybe more for the demographics.

I guess EMR is most fitting for coding and billing.
Accurate Word Counts
I would like to know how to check my line counts independently, to make sure that I am getting paid accurately for all lines, spaces, characters, etc. Currently I use Medrite and have always taken my line count from the system as it gives it to me. It runs with Microsoft Word 2003.

Since I am a high producer, after reading comments from others, I think even minor differences could make a substantial difference in my paycheck. An upgrade might be coming at the end of the year, and I wonder if this could affect counts in their favor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

OH - I thought part transcription, part escription, but don't know for sure
Very interesting article.
Sadly, the wave of the future, I suppose. I'm glad to see some of the transcriptionists spoke up, but unfortunately, people who don't understand transcription are always the ones making the decisions! Thanks again for sharing.
This was a great article.


did any other HISers see this article? sm
I saw the article...AND the CEO's pay. Yowza. nm