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so, their Quality Complaint is the reason can't use them ....

Posted By: that's BS you know. Use your expander. n/m on 2009-08-25
In Reply to: Forbidden to use expanders, macros, etc! SM - IC MT


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It's quality is NOT the reason those companies...sm
chose to use MTs from your country - IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEAP AND SO ARE YOU!
They offshore, sound quality not great, quality
of work coming back from India is bad and they don't pay enough for editing it. 
you spelled quality qualitily maybe that is why you have quality issues.
Sorry, but even spell check misses stuff. You have to at least be able to spell to do this job. Well, you don't have to know English if you are Indian, but us Americans have to spell!
BBB complaint
I don't know why, but I remember a few years ago that they added a fee to place a complaint - at least in Texas.
was there any complaint
posted here,,it was a questions.  Managements perhaps, guilty perhaps.  How can you interpret asking a question as a complaint? 
I am not sure what the complaint was...and please
don't let your 10-year-old on the forum. Your child just said thumbs up to all the thumb suckers.
You can file a complaint with the
distrinct attorney in the city in which they are located and this should put an end to this nonsense.  Rubber checks are illegal all over the country.  Then file a case in small claim court and include ALL expenses you incurred from late charges, etc., as a result of this check 
How do you file a complaint in CA?
Who would you file a complaint with if the company who is not paying is in California? The California Labor Board, Attorney General's office, and Better Business Bureau?
I don't understand the complaint either. sm
Maybe she has another cushy gig lined up and that's why she isn't mad.
Really, not one single complaint??
That was my complaint as well. You waste sm
a lot of time filling in demos. I tried it for about 6 months, but I just could not seem to up my count whatsoever due to that. I will say I never had any ESL docs.
file a complaint with the
Better Business Bureau in your area as well as the area the owner of the MT company lives.  This does not take but a few minutes of your time.  Consider calling the police to ask what can do?  It is illegal to bounce checks........ Good luck!
another way to post complaint...
against those companies that steal our services by not paying or paying with bad checks etc. Like D&L in PA. All corporations file with Dunn and Bradstreet - they assist these small companies grow their business - send them an e-mail informing them of the companies practice so it goes in their files - anyone searching them out for business should know how they treat their independent contractors and employees. If all credit reporting agencies can do this - why not the people actually getting shafted.
Complaint filed
I think we all should go online and fill out the complaint form and mail it in along with a copy of all the complaints on this site.  I would love to see that disrespectful SOB do some jail time.  
My complaint is different QA people all telling me something different. nm
If you only complaint is QA telling you something different, then show them !!
However, you said the account was too difficult for you. So, I assumed you could not handle it. If the QA dept is incorrect, point it out to them and show them where they are giving you wrong info. Simple as that, if that is really all it is.
Why would it cost to make a complaint? -sm
If they start charging, no one will ever make any complaints.
You can file a complaint online at www.bbb.org
I didn't even say it was a complaint, just true
it is nice to get the information you need as an MT, and some places give you nothing, but it was an incredible amount of books, I've never gotten that many before,and I truly did not have room for them all, not a complaint, just a statement.
My only real complaint is that the medical ins
has really deteriorated this year. There is always lots of work and they are good about giving PTO at least my supervisor is. Sometimes I have to jump around to different accounts but they are the same accounts all the time so I can pretty much get used to them. Hope that helps you.
Tell her to file a complaint with Dept SM
of Labor and let them tell the Dept. of Labor that.
Dictators who don't know what a Chief Complaint is. (sm)
Here are some chief complaints: Chest pain. Shortness of breath. Back pain. Type that and now you have some context and you're ready for the history of present illness. But so many dictators want to include all sorts of patient information, like age and details of what happened. That is not a chief complaint guys. Comprehend the headings and let them help you save time! Grrrr.
No sweat from my behind. I have not one complaint about this chair. nm
I did file an SS8 complaint and you are correct - snm

Yes, you will have to refile your taxes if you are found to be a an employee and not an IC.  You will not be assessed penalties and interest on anything you may owe.  Remember some of the things you deduct as an IC are no longer deductible or fully deductible as an employee.  Your employer will be hit with back taxes, pentalties and interest. 

I've heard people say the won a huge amount of money when they did this and you know what, they are lying.  The company will not owe you anything directly.  Any changes that take place are between you and the IRS and the company and the IRS.  There really are no winners.

Depending on  your tax situation, you may owe or you may get some money back.  In my case, I broken even, but I had some extenuating tax circumstances.  I had to deal with an IRS rep and I was panicked because for one year I owed a huge chunk of change and for another they owed and I was afraid that I was going to have to pay up to get back if you know what I mean.  This is the IRS afterall, but after final review and analysis with the IRS rep, we just called it even (even though it was not exactly so) and the IRS signed off on it. 

Was a huge eye opener for me  The entire process probably took 18 months from the time I filed my complaint.

Quality is quality, and really should have nothing to do with getting new accounts.
MQ isn't scheming against the MTs regarding QA. They just want a quality finished product.  Heck, half the slams on this board about MQ are the garbage work the MTs put out.  Talk about a no win situation! Getting used to a new account should not lower your quality by any real degree if you are a good MT.  Even getting used to new dictators or ESLs. Good MTs still produce quality work, and should not have to fret over QA. 
Shortage of work has been a MAJOR complaint....
with all 4 MTs that I know who work at MDI.  We are all trying to stay loyal to them, but it seems as though no one is listening and they just keep hiring!!  If you have work, you should be counting your blessings, but it is only fair to let those people seeking employment at MDI to know what a lot of us are experiencing. 
File a Complaint with Labor Board
File a complaint with labor board in their state and familiarize yourself with the complaint form for retaliation in case they try to penalize you.
Do a DQS search here. Several places use it and the same complaint is heard. nm
Anyone filed a complaint after not receiving a paycheck? sm
Stopped working at Breitner 3 months ago.  I never received my last paycheck, and the one before that was short by $100.  They owe me about $1,000 total.  I am not counting the 30% trimmed off my line counts for 8 straight weeks in Extext to cover headers and footers when it really only equals 5 to 8 lines.  Has anyone ever filed with the labor board on them?  Just asking because I have read posts on here that they threaten & just want to see what I am in for if I do file. 
If there is anyone higher up, send them a copy with a complaint.
If the person who sent it is the last buck in that company, send a reply along with the original message telling them to cease an desist harassing you and that if anything else like that happens again you will be taking appropriate action to ensure it will not happen again. Print out/save your copies. Then, call the office and tell them the same either to their face or the next person in line. Tell them you are making a note of the call, who you talked to, what was said and why. Do not partake in any harassment in return, do not sink to their level. Plainly tell them to stop or steps will be taken. Doesn't really matter to anyone here what was said or why. If you feel you are being harassed you need to handle the situation calmly and promptly.

Good luck.
so, your complaint is too much work, can't get your line count up?
Four Seasons Transcription: How To File A Complaint
If you would like to file a complaint with the BBB regarding payment not received from Robin Hall and Four Seasons Transcription, you can do it online at http://vabbb.org/newindex.html.  This is the Virginia branch of the BBB.  Any information such as a phone number of Four Seasons, you can find on her website at www.fourseasonstranscription.com.  I have already filed a complaint.  This is the first step I'm taking to get my payments for the last 6 weeks.  WARNING:  DO not work for Robin Hall.  Any complaints you hear here are true!  She uses fuzzy words to tell you when your payment is coming.  She DOES NOT pay or DOES NOT pay regularly or on time. 
Call JACHO and make a complaint
As I posted earlier I have a friend who asked me to review his medical records. For his initial ER visit which was for a vasovagal episode, it was found that he had low heart rate so they scheduled him for an emergent pacemaker. He's 90. Anyway, as I was reading the ER report with lots of errors BTW (they went to VR 8 months earlier), I found that part of the ER report was on something called a T system in the ER and it wasn't sent to him on his initial request from med records. So I called med records and asked them why the ER course was on the T system and why it wasn't sent with the record. They didn't have an explanation and said they would forward the rest of the report to my friend. So here we have an ER report in 2 parts and one doesn't seem to get merged with the other. I wondered why JACHO allowed that to happen so I called them and they told me to file a complaint. Well, I will ask my friend if he wants to do that but I will strongly recommend that he does. Then we can point out all the mistakes that the editors at the hospital missed. That might make them sit up and take notice. At least I hope.
That's pretty hateful. From what I have read the complaint is not just VR but a sm

lack of work, and a seeming lack of caring on the part of mangement regarding what the MTs are facing.  I hate VR, but I was not one of those who hated the advent of WP or anything new -- quite the opposite.  I love new things and new technology!  But VR benefits no one but the company and MTs who do not type fast.  I could type the report myself much faster than I could edit the garbage put in front of me.  So ... great ... I could spend the same amount of time and get half the money.  And you wonder why they are upset?

Fortunately, I no longer work there, although my work at KS has dried up so much I wonder what is happening there.  Fortunately, I have a couple of other jobs, but everything makes me nervous nowadays.

make complaint to your state attorney general sm

google.com you particular state attorney general and read up a bit. Here in California I know I have read things in the newspaper where Jerry Brown was investigating this or that and taking action, scams was one thing.  Type up the problem encountered, find the website and send an email with all the facts (complete) so that enables a proper investigation.  If nobody complains, they get away with it.  They depend on people not knowing what to do, or feel, what is the use.

Here is a link for my state, can click the titles, they open


You can be fired for any reason or no reason at all.
No one HAS to employ you. No one MUST keep you in employment.

As an IC, your unemployment isn't coming from the account of your contracts! It comes from YOUR tax payments!

Stop the mudslinging crap about all companies. If you have a legitimate complaint and

can BACK IT UP, then feel free to post, however if all you want to do is consistently mudsling with no real facts, take it somewhere else.

And your complaint is? Do you expect a house call and group hugs?
That was not a complaint - just a statement. Can't figure out the companies workflow problems.
Go to your State Labor Board & for a few bucks, file a complaint.
Of course quality is quality sm
but all this bouncing has slowed me down so much that I cannot make a good wage. I would never cut corners, but I can see where work quality will suffer in this scenario. I am sick and tired of bouncing around to all kinds of accounts!
They give you a 60-day probation and pay you a guaranteed rate of $10 an hour to give you the chance to learn your account, the preferences, and get your speed up. They are sticklers on grammar, AAMT BOS rules, etc. They mentor you to the degree they have time, then if it is just not a good fit, they let you go. It is acute care. Some people have learned some very bad habits working for small companies on clinic notes, etc., and it's hard to re-learn the correct way of doing things. I think the company is very fair and almost everyone is very family-oriented and willing to help each other out. In the end, they have a company to run and do look for the cream of the crop or at least people who learn quickly enough and don't keep making the same mistakes over and over. The only other thing I could guess is it was just a personality conflict, degree of professionalism, or something. The company has approximately 400 MTs working from home, some who have been there for 10+ years, so they are doing something right!
Also was outsourced and work went to CBay. Our facility had to bring most of it back in house after less than 3 months. What I don't get is how they continue to get positive press without anyone telling the other side of the story. For our facility it was a disaster. The same old story, they got what they paid for and in the end it cost them a bundle.
Don't you want quality?
$14/hour is just not enough to live comfortably these days, in my opinion.  It's esp. not enough for a hardworking transcriptionist/editor like me.  If you truly want quality editors, compensate them according to current standard-of-living - I'd say at least $20/hr.
Nothing to do with quality.


This had nothing to do with quality or job performance...it was simply a way to move out those QAs hired at a rate they currently no longer want to pay and fill those slots with those who will work for a wage that is barely livable, forgetting that they ultimately will get what they pay for..  This is happening a lot these days and I believe it will come back to haunt them, but for now it seems to me that is what is happening. 

I think it was probably due to quality.
Yeah --- the company I work for cares a lot about qualit; but they care more about the bottom line. To solve both problems, they strip off all of the easiest work to send to vendors, sticking the the Americans with worst of the worst; they try to make us feel good about this by telling us that we should feel honored and it is a privilege for them to trust us with the crap work that cuts our income in half. And it is not necessity, we are frequently out of work; but they saved money by screwing us over in order to pay less to the foreigners.

Some of these companies just always have an angle.
None of us were born with good qualities, but we deleveop it through education and experience! Quality can be achieved by hardwork.

Perhaps, if the output was that bad, as you feel, then companies like nuance, spheris, spi would not have opened their branches in our country.

It's very sad, but in today's world, everything is about the almighty dollar. We don't get paid 1/100th of what we're worth to the hospitals and the docs. Without us, they'd be a really big world of hurt. In fact, aside from having our hands directly on the patient's, we may as well be physicians... we have to know everything they know just to transcribe a report. That just frosts my cookies. How about yours? Don't get me wrong.. I love, love, love what I do, but just want to know for a moment that we are appreciated for bringing in the majority of ALL the revenue in the medical field. As I have said many times before on this post, I have 25+ years experience and still make starting pay of .0825 cents a line. That, to me, stinks. Having owned my own business, I know what the MTSOs charge the hospitals. We are being ripped off royally every day.
you get what you pay for and quality
Yes, it frosts my cookies!!  Remember the days when MTs didn't just THINK they were prima donnas, they WERE prima donnas?  We've gone from prima donnas to typing monkeys.  It isn't just MTs.  I posted above about the nurses who were demonstrating outside the local hospital because they had been fired to make way for new graduate nurses who would work for lower wages? They weren't old hags either, most appeared to be between mid 30s and mid 40s.  It isn't just  MTs, it's all workers in every field.  Employers don't want experience, they want cheap!  Not getting into politics here but no matter which candidates are elected in November, it is only going to get worse.  News flash:  There is no change going to Washington D.C.  Well, maybe worse change.  Nothing will change until the American people wake up and say ENOUGH. 
How is the quality for the MTs. I am not sure about getting a job with them. I
would appreciate if you would elaborate a little further if you wouldnt mind.  I was just also wondering if the accounts are loaded with ESLs.