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Every job I applied to has. Tell them I dont

Posted By: want to waste their time if job not what I want. on 2007-10-12
In Reply to: Meant rate of pay. - Sorry.


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Why dont you stop coming in and agitating everyone under all your different names. Dont you work.
Dont you think MQ will just keep hiring new people who dont know they lost lines because they are

new. I betcha.

If you dont try to fill in blank or research, dont
The way I understand it if you dont keep below 10 to 15% QA you dont get the bonus even if your QA
score remains above 98% so you see as the other poster said you are between a rock and a hard place and I expect this is MQ way of getting out of paying a bonus to people. I see it this way anyhow. I plan to continue to send unclear things to QA and that is the way it is. I expect depending on the new pay scale on top of this they will be losing a lot of MTs anyhow as they continue to miser everyone out of money.
Do you honestly think they do. I dont. I dont think some of them can even understand some of the

 reports they listen to quite frankly.

If you dont want to read a thread, then dont.
wow, i have never applied...
with a company that even questioned my background. ive probably seen conviction questions on a couple of applications, but i was never even asked about my background during an interview.

keep looking, keep applying; their out there.
i applied also
They did send me a response, however.  They said that the position had been filled but they would like to keep my resume on file for a future position.
Never applied; do not need JLG.
I saw the ad too and applied
I did not hear back from them, but I do feel like they were paying that because they were looking for someone for the three days only, although they may pay that for stats all the time and were just in a pinch with Thanksgiving coming up. My experience is that most companies do not pay extra for stats, but I am rarely asked to do them. I know that they exist though (as you obviously know too, what with having a friend who is actually living it).
When I was job hunting, I applied
and was offered a job, declined.  Now I am so glad, I will not work for a company that wants to put MTs out of business in this country.  I would never, ever work for Spheris.
I applied 2 different times
The first time it took awhile and I finally gave up on them (around a year ago),but this time they didn't take long at all. I have been there only a couple weeks, but they seem to make the effort to give their current employees the work they want and try not to overhire. I know that some people on here have just been hired so they may be busy with training to. Hang in there!
Have you applied to National co's and getting
ditto! I have applied
I have applied at hotels, and clerical jobs outside of MT work, because this is a dying profession. It's all turning into a joke now. Where are all the good jobs? I used to be at the top of my game and make great $$$$.

BEWARE OF THE SCAM MT COMPANIES! I had put in a lot of hours for one company!
I too applied for an out of home (sm)
position as a unit clerk at the hospital.  Figured with 20 years in the medical field doing front office as well as transcription, I'd at least get an interview.  Nada.  Not sure if it's the at-home stigma or what.  Keep sending in applications and resumes.  That's what I'm doing.  Good luck.
I believe that this was applied to transcription
is so the record would be more "consistent" all the way through.
I applied for a job at a very well-known hospital. SM

The person that called me kept telling me I had to come in and take a typing test.  I kept telling her I was a CMT and she kept saying she understood that I had a certificate from an MT school.  This will never change.  Those that have no clue are the ones that are put in leadership positions.  And if you're lucky to have a cousin already in you may have a chance, otherwise forget it. 

actually applied this week
took about two hours - testing includes Excel, Word, basic grammar, basic filing, and typing test. Got all fired up, they were going to fax my resume "right now" and I would hear back "tomorrow at the latest"...still waiting. Be prepared to give out a lot of information (SS number, at least 3 professional references, entire work history including any gaps) etc. I know I aced the Word/spelling/grammar tests (and I suck at Excel but told them that up front and the position did not require Excel), know I passed the criminal/background check, and yet I wait. Sigh. Good luck to you though; maybe you will score!
Most Dr. dont care and dont know how they get
Since dont know of any cars that dont use
I know AMS (Applied Medical) has ER reports. However,
...not sure if they offer the money you are used to. I think pay depends on experience, but call them or e-mail them. You may be offered a different pay rate with your experince level.

Trying to help.:) Good luck.
Applied at a hospital for a clerk

20 years later, I'm an MT with three of my own accounts and IC for a company on-line.

I applied at the hospital and told them I had done transcription in high school for my medical secretary certificate, and the recruiter asked me if I'd like to work in Radiology as an MT.  I said I wasn't very good at it and she said it pays $2.00 more an hour, and I said "Well then, let me give it a whirl!"  I passed the typing test and have never looked back.  I built up my knowledge by working for 17 years in a hospital in different departments.  I went from Radiology to the Cath Lab to a diagnostics area. 

I loved the challenge.  The medical terms and stories interested me so much that I even wanted to be on the procedures so I could learn more.  So, yes I wore lead and went in as an observer.  If you ever want to gain experience, that is the best way!  Be right there for the show!  LOL

Thank you to the 2 who e-mailed me! I've applied.
Anyone else to lazy to take tests..LOL. I applied for a job
but I swear when I opened up the testing and it was 6 reports including discharge summaries, right then and there, I just thought to my "NO way." I guess I just don't have the drive or energy to do testing for a job that takes a hour or more.  Part of me realizes that they need this information, but the other part, just thinks it's ridiculous to expect people to spend so much time on a test. Trust me, most of the time, when you see one report, it's quite apparent if the person has any skills or not. Sooooo, I guess I'm lazy because I'm NOT doing this test. Anyone else get these feelings...Maybe I'll regret it and maybe not. Time will test because a lot of other people were sent the same test so I'll wait for their report LOL
Indian MT said he applied to co. with fake
Venkat applied to cos. with resume not his,
Last summer I applied to 2 companies and sm
was offered positions at 9 and 9.5, which is basically what I asked; I think I indicated I wanted 10 but didn't push it because I was in the same boat as you. I have less experience than you but am a skilled transcriptionist. BTW, I accepted the lower one because it came with a good production bonus schedule that makes my actual pay routinely between 10 and 11 and a good platform that helps me achieve a pretty high line count.
I applied with them some time back.

I was interviewed and asked to test. The test recordings were so full of static and hard to hear that I decided the tests weren't worth the time or frustration. I sent the recruiter an email regarding the poor quality of the recordings and never heard another word from her. Has anyone else had the same experience with their test recordings?

I applied a couple of months ago
They are a not-so-small U.S. Company who only hire U.S. MTs and does not do offshoring!!!!  They have different branches of the company that you apply to.  The account I applied for was out of the Maine office.  The recruiter was exceptionally nice.  She told me that for each job posted, they get literally hundreds of resumes/applications so list your experience in detail - type of OP notes, type of experience in specialties, ER, Discharge, Ortho testing, neuro testing, etc., and even the type of equipment you have.  The less questions they have to ask you - the better - so make sure it is all on your resume.  That is what they are looking for.  She interviews you, and perhaps others, and narrows it down before you go through a second phase of the interview process.  I was not hired but they were certainly nice enough to e mail me and let me know.  I was disappointed at the time but I do like the job I took elsehwere better than they one they were offering.  Sorry I can't tell you more because I did not get very far, but they were very nice and respectful.  I would apply there again. 
Applied to Medical Records Dept ...
... second shift position.
But isn't the increased incentive JUST on whatever is over 300 lines? Not applied to the first 3
CardioScribes is a MediScribes "branch," so maybe if you applied
husband once applied/sister worked there
my sister worked there and only got a discount of 10%.  that is in TX, don't know if it differs elsewhere.  my husband also applied once when he was unemployed about 4 years ago and they were going to start him out at $7.50/hr and if you need benefits they're horrible.  for our family, it was going to cost about $450 a month.  he turned it down, needless to say.  with all that said, my BIL still works there as a manager and he loves it - although i don't think he makes much more than $45000 a year and that's after working there for 10+ years and half as a manager.
Applied to tons of companies and hear nothing!
Anyone else applied to lots of places and never hear anything?  I have 5 years experience and a good resume so I don't understand. 
Also applied 2 months ago. Think it was 8 cpl for 1200 lpd, going up in 1/4-cent increments, and U
Certainly, I applied to that ad, and received 2 phone calls back.
I had no knowledge of them either. So, I asked if they are US based and what their plan entails. He told me they have a base in the Philippines and plan to send all of the transcription overseas. If I had a problem with that to tell him now. Of course, as candid as I am, I told I absolutely have a HUGE problem with that. I also told him that I am not the candidate for him!

What led me to believe it was an overseas operation was that I put that phone number in reverse look up and an Indian name came up, not the "American Name" that was listed. So, that was a huge red flag. I outright asked him what is his "real name".
Has she applied through Social Services or is she talking to the landlord on her own? nm
considering I've applied for 52 jobs in the last 10 days and only got 1 reply for 5 cpl..I wonder
I totally agree.. Hey, I think I've applied to that company ..LOL

It means you have special formatting applied to those paragraphs sm
like keep lines together or keep with next. You can turn those squares off with the show/hide button on the toolbar or hit Ctrl+Shift +8 to toggle marks on or off -- that's probably what you hit to turn them on.
This also happened to a friend of mine who applied to be a state trooper and ... sm
also to my husband when he applied for grants to college.
is there an adapter that can be applied to make regular single prong headphones (sm)
(the kind of prong that would fit into computer speakers or an IPOD) fit into the two-prong outlet of a Dictaphone machine?  What I would like to do is use my Bose noise-cancelling headphones with my Dictaphone C-phone.  Could someone point in my the right direction of finding such an adapter?  TIA
Finally steady money. whew. Applied and got job at Dept of Law Enforcement entering

They started me way above minimum because of my experience.  I was shocked and happy all at the same time. 

And of course I'm esctatic to not be wondering how much money I would be getting each pay check.  Working on production in transcription now is like playing Russian Roulette.

There's good benes where I going, retirement, sick days, no games with my health insurance.  I should have done this long ago.

Associate in Applied Medical Science, Bachelor's in Liberal arts with emphasis on Psychology
and looking for a way to get out of MT before voice rec takes over!

Kids are grown and gone and I no longer need to be home all day. The cats don't need as much supervision as the kids did.
I dont know. I didnt care then and I dont care now.
Just me

Two associates--health science, radiography; and applied science, medical transcription. NT

When I applied looking for acute care, Jane told me it's 70% clinic and 30% acute. nm
Hello....YOU dont get it!
She is 18.  She is an adult.  Her parents didn't "send" her there.  She went with her friends.  Her parents, I am sure, instilled values in her.  But she, like most peoples young teenage children, probably was acting like all the other young teenagers there and having fun.  No one said she had no values.  She made a bad decision.  Your children could do the same, no matter how you have raised them.  Should you be persecuted because of it?  I think you don't have a clue. 
I dont know
I do not carry it now with the company I am an IC for, but I am new in the field so I rely on asking you guys
I dont believe you
I really doubt you transcribe that many lines in an 8 hour day five days a week. You must do a single ESL dictator. You must be one of the lucky ones who gets to use all of those "normal" reports. Since I moved to DQS all I get is ESL dictators and NO use of normals or canned reports.
Still dont believe ya
If you are doing straight typing and not using normals, let us in on your secret. I concentrate! I have a positive attitude! I can also type 120 words a minute! You must type 300+ words a minute. Well, just stay happy because soon you will not be getting the same type of work and you will be in ESL h-e-double toothpicks! Enjoy it while you can.