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12 x 10 light yellow walls, blue ceiling

Posted By: Bonnie on 2006-03-21
In Reply to: Describe your workspace! - Wall color, surroundings....

Desk with hutch and pullout drawer and keyboard shelf, on top of desk and in hutch two transcription units, a clock so I can watch time fly (haha), lots of miscellaneous reference books, most outdated but can't give up, plus large filing cabing, small filing cabinet, two printer stands that match wooden desk and hutch, loaded with more important stuff (yeah, right), one of those organizing paper holders (two stacked on top of each other) with 16 slots for different clients' letterhead, a laser printer (HP of course! LOL), the dozen roses DH bought me for Valentines, dried and looking pretty in the vase, DH's desk and hutch, with his two printers, a shelving system with a bunch of candle and soapmaking supplies (mmm, it smells good in here!), and .... of course! .... my TV. Geez, I can't live without it!

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I like blue, too. I'd do the walls a light beige or tan.

Our house here was icky when we first moved in.  Each room was a different color of pastel.  The mottled blue/gray/white/brown carpet was nasty because they had cats and dogs that evidently must have been locked in the bedrooms while the adults went to work.  The living room and hallway were blue-gray, the kitchen was yellow, laundry room peach, bathroom pink, and the bedrooms were lavendar, purple, and fuchsia.  Of course, the walls matched the carpet that matched the curtains.  Blechy.  We painted everything just a plain off white before we moved in.

My parents never deviated from plain white walls when I was growing up.  I'm just now learning to go wild with decorating.  In fact, we just got the funds to do our addition today, so we're adding another bedroom, an office for me, and a second bathroom, and enlarging the kitchen and utility rooms.  Fun, fun, fun, more household disruption for the next several months.  I just can't wait for the end result.

Light blue background, with bold blue text.
my office is mainly a cheery yellow with large windows along 2 walls (sm)
hardwood floors with a throw rug for my dog and plants, plants, plants. The lighting in here is perfect and I feel peaceful when I work, like I was in the midst of a garden.
Blue on the walls, textured olive green carpet,

hydrangea sculptured border, olive green curtains I designed and made, 2 office chairs to give the ol' back a break, desk placed just so in order to be able to look out 2 different windows, 1-3 cats who come and stay as they please, and 1 little dog who never leaves the office unless I do.  There are also the necessary things like a bookcase, printer, backup computer, nik-nacks and paddy wacks.

I am so completely blessed cause I have all this AND get paid!  Who wouda thunk??

Try the top Search link, in light yellow box, between
I use light blue - it matches my toolbar in MS Word 2003 nm
Your best bet is your local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield company, depending on where you live

Here in Idaho, we have both companies but a lot of other states have BC/BS combined. Our family has a policy through Regence Blue Shield that is $196 for my husband and three kids. It has a $25 office copay and it is a limited policy, which is 12 office visits a year and lab up to $300. It works great for us because we never got to the doctor, yet we have it if we need it.

I have an individual policy for major medical, $35 office copay, with our local Blue Cross and it is $59 a month for me and it has prescription coverage too. Not a bad deal. I think they are your best bet for decent coverage at a good price.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Mutual of Omaha - Which company pays off claims the best w/o hassle?
I will ceiling at my

hospital in 3 more years, at about $40K not including benefits and raises.  For having to go to work, its not so bad getting on the bus.  Drops me right off outside the door.  We are tucked away, so nothing special re: clothing.  And after reading about agoraphobia as a risk of this kind of work, it helps me get out a bit daily so that if it does set in, it may be kept to a minimum. 

Go with Light or Extra Light Ash Blonde as
Maybe it's cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling?

Don't worry. Modern houses don't have big holes in the floors and walls. NM
My 11-year-old Boxer gets up and paces all night, runs into walls, SM
I have not slept throughout the night since this started. He is not afraid of the dark, but something is wrong. Guess it is old age.
Yellow pages

Since my phone is listed under my business name I get a free listing and have gotten quite a few one-time only jobs, seminars, interviews, etc. that really pay well and not needing a 24 TAT and it has worked for me.   Also no 1099's with then as it is a one time job.   Last year got a 10 tape seminiar on pet therapy and it was almost $2,000 for the seminar done in our spare time over 2 weeks.   Just my 2 cents worth. 

that little yellow thing
Can anyone tell me what that little yellow moving thing in front of some messages means please?
A 3yo yellow lab and a 2yo golden retriever. sm
Believe me, they keep me busy! The yellow lab is a freak about his rubber ball - has to have it with him every second or he goes crazy. The golden retriever is still very much a baby but is getting better. Both of these breeds are considered a "puppy" until they 3yo, so I'm patiently biding my time til they leave the puppy stage. I love them to death, tho, and can't imagine life w/o them. The lab is the absolute best dog I've ever had. Great with the kids, good protectors.
German shorthair (11) & Yellow Lab (7) nm
I have SBC DSL and I use the yellow Ethernet cable.
I'm not much on techie stuff.
red and yellow, black and white--OK
Type as dictated. Oriental male and black male are both acceptable phrases.
Oriental, Caucasian, Filipino, Hispanic, Latino, etc., are all names of peoples/races and should be capitalized.
Color designations of race and ethnicity are not capitalized: black, white.

See BOS 2nd Edition for more information: pgs 366-367, 202, 70.
It's that yellow hair that makes Brad look old.
Horse Whisperer.  He and Newman both are classics that will ALWAYS be hunks in my eyes!
Go through your local yellow pages and call
companies who advertise they offer health insurance.  Call several companies as the premiums can vary widely, although the coverage will be the same.   I did this and called 6 different companies and the premiums varied as much as $200.00/mo for the same exact insurance.   Celtic was the company that had the best rate for us, but that was nearly 4 years ago.   If you have no pre-existing conditions you can get a temporary insurance through Fortis for 6 months to a year depending on your state, provided that you have not been without coverage for greater than 45 (I think) days.   You can also go on-line to einsurance.com and get an idea of rates, though I still suggest you call local agencies.  
Go through you local yellow pages and call
companies that offer health insurance and get a quote.  Call several because the premiums can vary significantly.  BCBS may have a low rate, but they are a pain in the rear to deal with and deny more claims than they pay. 
I did my office is yellow-gold with brown
tones and then with thinned brown craft paint ragged on using an old T-shirt.  Turned out great and elegant.   I also did my bathroom in green tones. People think its wall paper. This technique also hides any flaws you may have in your wall because it sort of gives it a 2D effect.
Sunny (yellow Lab) and Paddy (Scotty)...nm
yellow marker=flame=hot thread
It's supposed to be a flame meaning it is a hot topic receiving a lot of views. You were so close to the answer. =)
Could be the yellow hair but his eyes are puffy too, like Tom Cruise.
Bring back the old fun loving Brad and Tom. 
Try Yahoo yellow pages in the area the doctor
The yellow cable plugs into the back of your computer and (sm)
the other end into the modem. If only one computer is being hooked up, plug it into the slot labeled E1, otherwise you may experience an occasional error message of: "network connection has become unplugged." I hear your frustration regarding ESL "help" technicians -- Vonage is full of them!
Why do some posts have yellow icons by the left side?
Grilled beef fajitas with yellow, green, and peppers, red onions,

forget the yellow hair and puffy eyes, his entire face is falling

See the blue bar
at the top of this message to find the button "Chat Now"

Blue ?

 HELP.  Has anybody heard of, or used a transcription platform called "Blue".....  (something...don't know what...).   I heard  somewhere(?) about this  "Blue..." system and apparently it's supposed to be super ?!!   Anybody have a clue?  .   TY in advance. 

Yes, I have the blue W and
I have typed a few reports using these steps and it does report, and no one is complaining about format so I guess it works.  Thanks a bunch for your help.
why Bud Light?
are you kidding?
Ott light.

I'd give anything for blue!

My carpeting is pink, not rose, but pink.  Apparently the previous owners to the person we bought our house from also had a pink stove and pink refrigerator with horrid looking kitchen wallpaper with big pink roses on it.

If that's not bad enough my bathroom is purple.  Lilacs on the wallpaper, purple tub, flush and sink. My daughter used to call it the "Barney bathroom."

Great neighborhood though.

blue smiley
what do the sad looking blue smiley faces mean beside some of the threads? 
The blue lines don't mean anything on the (sm)
digital tests.  Please visit the site peeonastick.com for more info.  That chick knows her pregnancy tests. 
Did you try right clicking on the blue bar?
There should be a place to check for an address bar.
Raw oysters, Mr. Ed, and Bud Light.
and Mr. Ed IS SO a famous person!!
Hey, I live in IN too. I like having light outside at 8 PM! nm
Hoping they see the light!
I agree with you 100%. I have been in this line of work for over 30 years. (I started off making $3.23 an hour in 1975 (had no experience) and worked with the large belts on a Selectric typewriter. I have always LOVED this profession; however, over the years the stress has increased for me especially in the last three years.

I would like to be able to retire from this job, yet I worry constantly about our profession and my job just going away and what will I do then? I still work in a hospital and the way we are treated even has changed. Pencils only provided, no Kleenex along with the attitude that if we are not typing, we are not working and virtually have problems just getting up to go potty or take a much needed break.

The out-sourcing has really shocked this old gal and I don't really know about the quality of the work returned to comment on it. Does anyone know? I would be curious.

However, I am hoping and praying that one day, our MDs will say "ENOUGH!" Maybe, they will decide that paying for quality work and providing benefits, etc., far outweighs the cost savings benefit of outsourcing to other countries and sadly in companies in the United States also. When I think about the knowledge and dedication we put forth every day to produce quality work, it just really hurts that the hospitals and doctors don't want to pay benefits and pay for the best transcriptionists they can find.

Signed, The Dreamer.

Could you please shed some light?
How do you find that good, fair boss/company? From what I gather through reading posts on various forums and my own experience, it is more likely to experience the bait and switch than being dealt with honestly.
A little light reading

Link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics information on our dwindling profession.  According to them, employment prospects are good for MTs, with many opportunities for advancement.  I think they must be a little out of the loop on what VR and offshoring are doing to us....


I'm planning on getting blue flu that week. nm
The audience would be the blue states,

aka, the ones who voted for Kerry.  I guarantee this movie will flop in the red states.  It's just one more attempt to push the gay agenda down our throats, making it more mainstream and palatable.  Won't happen in my state, Texas.  There is no such thing as a gay cowboy, that's an oxymoron. 

blue screen of death

I'm not sure if he went back to myspace a second time, I'll have to ask him.  Thanks for all the help.  I got it at Best Buy so I think I'll take it back there and see what they have to say also. I just don't want him away at college and have the darn thing crashing all the time.  It's not like you can just keep buying new ones at that price!

It still happens, mostly in blue collar jobs,
jobs,too, but not as much.  The employer tells them they are IC, but there are still many people out there who don't understand what that exactly means.  All they see is the extra money on their paycheck and they figure they'll worry about the taxes later, or don't fully understand the implications of being IC and don't know what a 1099 is.  Rack it up to immaturity or being naive, but it still happens.  The IRS has cracked down in recent years and has it's criteria for IC status, which doesn't apply to everyone (look at real estate agents, who can only work for one broker, but yet be an IC). It is beneficial to the employer because it saves the employer money on the SS 'match', plus savings on work comp insurance, unemployment taxes, liability insurance.  To me, being an IC means I don't have an employer - I have a customer and I must do the work they hired me to do or I will lose that customer to someone else.
And how do you know they weren't cussing up a blue
I second that, Wild Blue works well (sm)
for me. Tried Hughes a few years back and it was awful but maybe they are improved now. Have had Wildblue for 2 years and it works pretty good.