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yellow marker=flame=hot thread

Posted By: sm on 2007-05-06
In Reply to: simple question but here goes... - infomiss

It's supposed to be a flame meaning it is a hot topic receiving a lot of views. You were so close to the answer. =)

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What marker key are you using sm
for expansion? I forced myself to use the IT suggested markers instead of the spacebar, and I had the hang of IT in the first week. Could not do without it.
If you can't get used to the marker keys, then
right click on Phrases, go to Options, Marker Keys and pick the ones you want to use. I used the space bar for a long time and maybe this option gave me the comfort to use what I knew. Use what you know for now so you can get used to it. IT really is a great program. I like the single and multiple file compilations too as IT then picks out the terms and phrases that you use a lot for you. Keep trying, it's worth the trip.
I too am trying to understand what a marker is. Thank you for your help.

Inscribe help... QA marker and fields
On my acct I am supposed to put brackets and put the time of the marker inside [1.12] for QA to review.

When I put this in and continue, my typing jumps to that field and erases over and over.

Can someone tell me how to prevent this??? It is driving me insane.
Hardest thing was marker keys
But after about a week, I got the hang of them. Actually, that is THE thing that makes IT worthwhile for all the other features. Just choose keys that are easy for you to use.

Also, I used the expansions I had at the time from the old Expander and created a glossary from those, so my familiar expansions were already there. Once I got the hang of the marker keys, then I started utilizing more of the features.

I love my IT!
You'd be even more productive if you used marker keys instead of the spacebar. Using the spaceba
I rarely have expander blips now that I use marker keys.
Good idea although you really wouldn't be able to "feel" the marker but you would feel a st

Sometimes find decals for this in office supplies. OW, just use Magic Marker. nm
Yellow pages

Since my phone is listed under my business name I get a free listing and have gotten quite a few one-time only jobs, seminars, interviews, etc. that really pay well and not needing a 24 TAT and it has worked for me.   Also no 1099's with then as it is a one time job.   Last year got a 10 tape seminiar on pet therapy and it was almost $2,000 for the seminar done in our spare time over 2 weeks.   Just my 2 cents worth. 

that little yellow thing
Can anyone tell me what that little yellow moving thing in front of some messages means please?
Try Resolve, the regular kind, got out permenant black marker from my carpet - worth a shot! - nm
A 3yo yellow lab and a 2yo golden retriever. sm
Believe me, they keep me busy! The yellow lab is a freak about his rubber ball - has to have it with him every second or he goes crazy. The golden retriever is still very much a baby but is getting better. Both of these breeds are considered a "puppy" until they 3yo, so I'm patiently biding my time til they leave the puppy stage. I love them to death, tho, and can't imagine life w/o them. The lab is the absolute best dog I've ever had. Great with the kids, good protectors.
German shorthair (11) & Yellow Lab (7) nm
I have SBC DSL and I use the yellow Ethernet cable.
I'm not much on techie stuff.
red and yellow, black and white--OK
Type as dictated. Oriental male and black male are both acceptable phrases.
Oriental, Caucasian, Filipino, Hispanic, Latino, etc., are all names of peoples/races and should be capitalized.
Color designations of race and ethnicity are not capitalized: black, white.

See BOS 2nd Edition for more information: pgs 366-367, 202, 70.
It's that yellow hair that makes Brad look old.
Horse Whisperer.  He and Newman both are classics that will ALWAYS be hunks in my eyes!
Go through your local yellow pages and call
companies who advertise they offer health insurance.  Call several companies as the premiums can vary widely, although the coverage will be the same.   I did this and called 6 different companies and the premiums varied as much as $200.00/mo for the same exact insurance.   Celtic was the company that had the best rate for us, but that was nearly 4 years ago.   If you have no pre-existing conditions you can get a temporary insurance through Fortis for 6 months to a year depending on your state, provided that you have not been without coverage for greater than 45 (I think) days.   You can also go on-line to einsurance.com and get an idea of rates, though I still suggest you call local agencies.  
Try the top Search link, in light yellow box, between
Go through you local yellow pages and call
companies that offer health insurance and get a quote.  Call several because the premiums can vary significantly.  BCBS may have a low rate, but they are a pain in the rear to deal with and deny more claims than they pay. 
I did my office is yellow-gold with brown
tones and then with thinned brown craft paint ragged on using an old T-shirt.  Turned out great and elegant.   I also did my bathroom in green tones. People think its wall paper. This technique also hides any flaws you may have in your wall because it sort of gives it a 2D effect.
Sunny (yellow Lab) and Paddy (Scotty)...nm
Could be the yellow hair but his eyes are puffy too, like Tom Cruise.
Bring back the old fun loving Brad and Tom. 
Try Yahoo yellow pages in the area the doctor
12 x 10 light yellow walls, blue ceiling
Desk with hutch and pullout drawer and keyboard shelf, on top of desk and in hutch two transcription units, a clock so I can watch time fly (haha), lots of miscellaneous reference books, most outdated but can't give up, plus large filing cabing, small filing cabinet, two printer stands that match wooden desk and hutch, loaded with more important stuff (yeah, right), one of those organizing paper holders (two stacked on top of each other) with 16 slots for different clients' letterhead, a laser printer (HP of course! LOL), the dozen roses DH bought me for Valentines, dried and looking pretty in the vase, DH's desk and hutch, with his two printers, a shelving system with a bunch of candle and soapmaking supplies (mmm, it smells good in here!), and .... of course! .... my TV. Geez, I can't live without it!
The yellow cable plugs into the back of your computer and (sm)
the other end into the modem. If only one computer is being hooked up, plug it into the slot labeled E1, otherwise you may experience an occasional error message of: "network connection has become unplugged." I hear your frustration regarding ESL "help" technicians -- Vonage is full of them!
Why do some posts have yellow icons by the left side?
my office is mainly a cheery yellow with large windows along 2 walls (sm)
hardwood floors with a throw rug for my dog and plants, plants, plants. The lighting in here is perfect and I feel peaceful when I work, like I was in the midst of a garden.
Grilled beef fajitas with yellow, green, and peppers, red onions,

forget the yellow hair and puffy eyes, his entire face is falling

No flame from me.....
I agree.  Kids need to learn to seek out the proper people on  their own, with guidance  of course.  If the parents only allows controlled hand picked social contacts, how do you learn that skill?  People who homeschool for religious  reasons are the worst for this.  They only let their kids associated with like-minded people.  Unfortunately the world isn't like that.  I believe that the way to raise well-rounded children is to give them plenty of attention and supervision  at  home, train them about morals and make your expectations clear.  Then as they grow, they venture forth a little more as they get older, slowly separating from being under the  parental wing.  I think teenagers need a parent in the home almost more than little ones,and that is why I work at home.  A good education can be had  in almost any school.   It's there for the taking.  The real world doesn't cater to you, your  needs, your desires, or  your preferences.  A full-time job isn't finished in 3 hours (like the abbreviated day many homeschoolers boast about).   It's about being there on time, sticking to it even though you  may not feel like it, and  getting along with people  you may not care for, and avoiding those who are not good  for you.   Just my 2 cents.
Please do not take this as a flame, but
talking about 65-character count lines, and I believe hospital transcription. If I am not mistaken, you have said before that you count gross lines and clinic transcription, which is a whole different ball game. I too transcribe clinic dictation and count gross lines, and would much rather do this as it is much easier to produce and make money in this environment.
No flame taken
I have often tipped my hat to these guys, was just trying to put a little humor into things today.   I took one road and they took the other.  Have done the hosptital, teaching hospital and realize the complexity of it.  But I have worked hard to get my accounts and keep them also. 
What does the really (looks like a yellow flame) mean by the postings?
A flame happens
after a post has been looked at a certain number of times. I has nothing to do with the types of responses you get to your post. It's all about the number.
No flame here...
You should file a complaint with Animal Control in your county, even if you already filed with the police. Animal control can give summons (tickets), and also can get you a court date. I forgot what kind of court it is, but it deals with animals and trashy yards (environmental). If your hands and wrists are sore, you should tell the judge you couldn't type as fast and you work on production.
You should get some sort of compensation. The leash law is in place for a reason (your attack for example), and it doesn't matter if the owner is right there on their own property with their dog. If the owner could not restrain his dog, then the leash law was broken. I know this because I live in the country and my beagle was doing his business in my yard by my garage and Animal Control happened to drive by and stopped (what luck!). The officer said that I must have my dog on a leash, even though there wasn't another house in sight, and the beagle was too old and lazy to run anywhere!

I really feel for you; this should not be allowed to happen! You could also have been bitten. You need to report it to Animal Control so it doesn't happen to someone else! Animal Control is serious about enforcing the leash law. Good Luck!
What is the FLAME?
What does it mean when there is a flame next to your post?
What does it mean when messages have a yellow flame at the beginning of a message?  At first I thought it was because there were so many added posts after the first post, but I posted a message yesterday that I got no answers to, and this morning there is a flame in front of my post.  Does anyone know what this means?  Thanks.
the littel flame
okay, so I am new at all of this. what does the little "flame", blinking yellow signal mean.
Stone/flame me too
I believe the reason this was created is because all the newbies were whining that they cannot find jobs because you need experience and they couldn't get anyone to give them a break. This will be a false sense of an MTs ability if a company hires based on it. And just my opinion.