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5-10 of each a day with 2 others on acct doing 350-400 exams daily

Posted By: Passing through on 2007-02-10
In Reply to: mammos and chest x-rays - radmtalso

Works out good if you are paid by exam which I hope you are.

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Rad exams
I have heard of these 100+ reports in an 8-hr day. I work on 2 different a/c's with 2 different methods of calculating lines. I do many MRI/CTs that are 40-50 lines or more. Interventionals are 100+ lines. 70-80 reports constitutes about 1700-1800 gross lines. No one on the a/c's I work on types more than 100 reports in a day - and these are top-notch MTs. I am waiting to work on an a/c where people type 150 reports a day - simply because I want to see what these reports are like.
Here's the scoop on the RMT and CMT exams...
From what I understand, the RMT is an entry level test which means nothing basically.  My employer doesn't pay anything for it.  However, we get a dollar an hour raise for passing the CMT, which is worth roughly 2000 dollars a year for me, so as useless as people like to say it is, would you take 2000 dollars or say "no thanks."  I know many employers pay nothing for it, in which case I wouldn't pursue it, but since mine does, I will probably try to pass it in the next year or so.  I hear the pass rate is abysmally low, which makes me wonder what is up with that. 
Exams Dictated But Not Done
I transcribe for a local multispecialty clinic and have seen many of my own reports. It just gripes my butt when the doctor dictates a standard physical exam and I know for a fact that he/she hasn't even touched me. Did not check my heart, lungs, abdomen, neuro, extremities, etc. The only things that are legit are the vital signs. It's like if I come in for a sore throat he looks at my throat but nothing else. My fibromyalgia clinic NP only talks to me - no exam at all - yet she dictates an exam, review of systems (that we didn't even talk about). She will say conjunctivae and lids are clear; PERLA, etc., and she hasn't even gotten within 6 feet of my eyes. This just doesn't seem right. And when you have labs or other tests, they NEVER call you back with the results. My PCP never suggests any preventive testing - I have to ask for it myself. I know they're not all like that but my eyes are opened much wider than they used to be. It's all about getting it done in under 15 minutes and on to the patient in the next room. 
Does the state pay for exams, or is
this out of your pocket???
I read that about the college exams! sm

I don't think my son will have a problem. He wants to be a pharmacist. I've tried to talk him out of it and have tried to have him concentrate on his writing.

He has written several stories that have won awards.

Pharmacists are being held up at gunpoint for OxyContin. Scares the jeez out of me!

Oh well, you gotta let them choose what they want to do for a career unless they decide to deal drugs instead of dispense them legally.

We have three tiers, after 700 exams a week. 1.46/exam
We are happy with this, at least I am.
Don't have a favorite but HATE opthalmology. Everything about it, exams, ops, just everything! nm
The first thing I think of is independent medical exams. NM
Physical fitness exams DO NOT require
breast exams. We are required to have them for school before certain grades in our state, and never do they do breast or GYN exams on kids.
Well, was thinking people were not going to doctor's appt or scheduling exams.
foreign med school gradutes take separate board exams..nm
which are different than American med school grads. There was an article in The NY Times indicating that new regulations are being pushed that would require foreign med school graduates to take a two-part board exam to practice medicine here, with one part of the exam being English proficiency. Hmmm..that should be interesting. I don't think you have all of your facts straight.
MOre than one acct

The above is a good recommendation.  I have a binder with the account specifics and when I first started with them I would bring it out, review what their specifics were and so on to refresh my memory.  Now after years of managing five accounts it is an automatic switch of font, margins, set-ups, etc.   After a time you will be doing the same but until then, just make a binder, cards or folder and prior to starting the account bring it out and refresh your memory and keep it handy to refer to when needed.   Good luck.  


I get 9 cpl on two accts using ADAC/MARS, 2.00 report for mammos and 1.50 report using Meditech
I got my own account by actually being a patient there. They actually gave me a rate they were looking to pay and worked from there. Also, I do not print or pick up/drop off. I speak with the office manager if there are any problems. They also have a few other Transcriptionist so we try to send the files to each other if we get stuck but if not it just gets left blank for the doc to fill it in. I have a TAT of 2-4 days.
Need Help to set up an acct.

my aunt just asked me if i'd be interested in doing some work for the doc she works for.  i currently work for somebody else, so all of that legwork is done for me.  i simply download from her system, type and return. 

how do i go about setting up something so a doc can dictate digitally and get it to me.  i don't know the first thing about it or where to start!  he currently does not do digital, but is considering looking into it, so i can't really turn to them for help on this one!

suggestions greatly appreciated!

No I do better job. On acct 1 yr. nn
How much do you want this acct?
You could stand up for yourself and say you want XX more per line or you arent interesting in doing acct. It would be a headache for MTSO to find another MT to do this acct as well as you, but it wouldnt be impossible. Also MTSO would have time tied up in training new MT. MTSO MIGHT decide giving you a raise is worth it to her or she might decide to invest in someone else. You may have some insight as to which route she would go, but beware, you could lose acct.  Again, how much do you want this acct?  If you dont want to take a chance on losing it, you can hardly gripe about what MTSO is making on it.
I used to have an acct like that...
I could do 1000-1200 lines in three to four hours. I mostly did one doctor who said the exact same thing over and over, so I had a template for his entire transcription and just had to plug in specifics. Sadly that job went to India :(
If acct is on ASR, what is left for MTs
is the worst of the dictators that have always and will always be a problem. The best speakers are put on ASR to the machine can under stand it. They've got you. It is no faster that using expansions. There is no production increase, so there should be no decrease in MT/ME pay. THAT WAS THE DEAL! I will go back to cut and paste an old post that says what happens.
Get a local acct (sm)
The middle man is making money on your work. Cut out the middle man and you'll make more than $15 an hour.
hospital acct
A little more info would be helful. Medical Records? Acute care? Full time? Benefits? Large hospital? Days/evenings? Where are you (what state)?
i am on verb acct,
and there are very very few reports that actually go out word-for-word verbatim. I do keep it as close as possible within reason and common sense.
I was removed off an acct. after one day -sm
as the client requested I be removed. I don't remember being given any samples (several years ago). It was an ESL, a new acct. etc. So I did have blanks here and there, the MTSO had told me not to worry, they'd QA all the work. For some reason or other they did not, hence the work went through as I had left it. Needless to say the client was not happy, so I was removed from the account. I did not lose my job though, but I was peeved for sure about the whole thing. We eventually parted ways and I have not had that problem since.
Tell MTSO you want off this acct. ;

MTSOs are always complaining about the shortage of good MTs.  Your MTSO, I am sure, would rather have you working for her on all your other accrts than risk losing you because of one bad dictator.  A good MT is worth more than the sum of lines of one bad dictator. She knows he is bad and to this point, she knows you will muddle through with him.  Put a stop to it. She will not quit giving you work over one doctor. I have been in similar positions and have always been taken of acct/dictator that I requested because I could not make money. MTSO is it this for money, she shouldnt expect any different from you.

Unless this is your only acct, worth more for
If IC, you CAN choose to do or not do an acct.
losing acct

Hello Patty,

I lost an acct about two yrs ago and it hurt, but I wasn't backing down.  The OM of one clinic knew the OM of another clinic I typed for and they mentioned to each other how much they were paying me per line.  The OM from the higher paying clinic called me and asked why I was charging her clinic more.  I told her first of all it wasn't really any of her business, but the other acct I had had for 10 yrs and I billed them 50,000 lines/mth, plus I picked up tapes every day.  Her particular clinic I only had about 6 mth., billed about 3000 - 5000 lines/mth, and didn't get tapes every day.  Needless to say, I never picked up another tape from that clinic, but that's the way it goes sometimes. 

No. You said verbatim acct. Maybe that is why
Start looking for another acct and when has
On my acct are 2 drs. that all know are horrible.
to just do our best and email acct manager the job number so she can alert the facility.  Facility knows the work of those 2 are going to have more than the allowed amount of blanks and we just have to let them know when those jobs are coming through. 
This is what I use daily


This site lets you type in three or more letters of the drug, and it pulls up everything with those letters.  It's great for when you only hear part of the drug.


Daily work is exactly what the word DAILY means --> work that comes in on a daily basis.  No days pass by without an empty queue.

I must be with the wrong companies then.

Do acct coordinators have the power to....
knock you off the server so you lose whatever work is downloaded to you and, if so, is this pretty standard practice when they want the work to go to their favorites instead???
Maybe they haven't set you up with an e-mail acct

yet.  My company assigns us an e-mail but in 5 years I've never used it and don't even remember what it is.  Some MTs choose to use it.  

As far as the e-mails sent only to you, maybe they are just updating you with all the info, or you could be doing something incorrectly and they have these e-mails in a file and pull them up and send as appropriate.

Maybe they have their e-mail setup so that it sends to each person on the list separately.  I don't know how this is done if even it could be done.  I get e-mails from my company that don't show any addresses in the To: section that go out to every MT on my account.  I like it this way so my e-mail addy (my personal one) isn't being published.  I don't have anything to hide, just don't like my e-mail on forwards for everyone to see and possibly harvest. 

Call your supervisor or the tech department if you have concerns instead of worrying about something that really is no big deal. 


Depends on the acct and how much editing (sm)
on a good account, you can do 400-600 lph, more editing takes more time.
having own acct charge question

Just curious.  I have had this account for almost 4 years and have never gone up on my charge to them.  Is it appropriate to go up for standard "cost of living" increases in medical transcription?  I don't have to do anything except email their work to them when I'm finished with it, but used to print it out and deliver it, but recently finally got them to accepting it via email.  What is the standard procedure for charging a bit of a higher rate as time goes by?  Thanks very much for any advice.

Depends on what your acct. allows. Many don't follow
Anyone ever had a local acct & had to deal

How did you deal with it?  I mean the docs like your work and insist on giving you work, but the in house MT who coordinates your work is a Wicked Witch of the West and blocks the docs' attempts.  I'm talking small $ here.

If acct pays for spaces, do 2. Every little bit
Ask you acct for samples to look at. And get the Dorland's
MIght be getting own acct. What line count
I have requested taken off acct cause cant make
Instead, if I had $345, I'd put it in a money-market acct. - sm
and watch it grow, rather than putting it towards a bunch of fake 'certification' letters after my name, and seeing that money fly away and earn me nothing.
Why stay with a difficulty acct? Ask to be off it.
What was your QA score for acct?How long did
Only thing to keep me on bad acct is +$. MTSO
Or making $36 ph on acct that only dictates 1/2
I have acct that pays $28 hour. Too bad they
Could be the acct and/or lack of specs.

I also think it is important to start off with people who know the account, follow the specs for the VR to learn the specs correctly.  In time with everybody on the same page it should improve, but if you are using all the shortcuts and have experience in the account I can't help but wonder if it may be worth looking into another account.  My line count is actually down now from the account that made me really start like the Escription platform.  I had a mostly ER account with other basic 4 reports in it that would allow me up to almost consistently 800 lines edited lines per hour.  The work was very inconsistent and the company was not reliable so I moved on making less money but much less stress.  The accounts do make a difference but until you try another account you may not know what your potential really is. 

In answering the other question regarding hot keys, I learned just like mentioned above.  Learn them one at a time.  Start with Alt k, then Alt Shift K, Alt ., Alt ,, Alt :, etc.  Use you jump keys, which are very easy to learn and you'll use them all the time, ctrl arrows, ctrl shift arrow, ctrl backspace, etc.  All of them used together really are a time saver.  Get in the habit of using alt 2 and alt 1 too to adjust speed of playback.  For the nice easy ones go ahead and alt 2 to your content and get the report knocked out, for the tougher ones alt 1 and slow down.  I do this throughout the reports as I find it easier to listen quickly to some parts, and slower with others that need more changes.  Any bit of time saved makes a difference. 

Also, in my first report I mentioned working with kids, etc.  This is a biggy for me.  Working 3rd allows me to actually work without distractions.  Small distractions make big difference. 

Sounds like an acct I just left, LOL! sm
I think if you are ultimately seeing major errors in medical content, I would file a complaint to the medical board in their state to open their eyes and evaluate but again only being the MT you may not have a leg to stand out but at least it may put a bug in their ear and definitely keep track of the documentation if you do in case they ever get in trouble and you are called in. Either that are go to whomever is over you or office manager.
By chance is this MT Daily?