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Here's the scoop on the RMT and CMT exams...

Posted By: SM on 2006-05-27
In Reply to:

From what I understand, the RMT is an entry level test which means nothing basically.  My employer doesn't pay anything for it.  However, we get a dollar an hour raise for passing the CMT, which is worth roughly 2000 dollars a year for me, so as useless as people like to say it is, would you take 2000 dollars or say "no thanks."  I know many employers pay nothing for it, in which case I wouldn't pursue it, but since mine does, I will probably try to pass it in the next year or so.  I hear the pass rate is abysmally low, which makes me wonder what is up with that. 

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This came from an email from Andy, the owner, last December to the employees:

"Whether we think offshore labor is right or wrong, it has become a fact we cannot escape from. OSi will not actively pursue offshore labor contracts, but we have made the decision to experiment with using some offshore labor to save this large OSi client from going elsewhere. We believe this is the best decision for our employees assigned to this account and the company because this account is growing and we can assign the offshore part to the future increases and not have to reassign any OSi MTs. OSi is committed to continue using US MTs for the majority of their work and we will continue to resist going offshore."

He is talking about Ochsner, and I was told that they STILL offshore to them and also to Sarasota and Mayo.

The problem is that they LIED AND DENIED AND LIED AND DENIED this for years. They got caught when the then-QA manager, SD, mistakenly forwarded an email from the Indian company to the company employees. Of course, she was demoted, so they hired NP to replace her. However, FA pitched a hissy and threatened to go on strike because she was overlooked, so they kissed her a$$ and moved NP to another position. Not surprisingly, that department has gone straight to the toilet, and almost everyone has either quit or gotten fired, in addition to the mass exodus of employees since this came to light, because she is incompetent, inexperienced, and daffy as hell and is the most irresponsible, nonproductive person in a management position.

Be careful. If you are not in THE circle and kiss a$$, you are so dispensable that it is not even funny.

Any company that repeatedly lies about offshoring, promotes incapacitated people on power trips, and sends the work offshore in the first place, is ruthless and cannot be trusted.

Look elsewhere. It will only get worse!
Here is the scoop!

Bo and Hope's little boy, Zack, was killed by Chelsae (Bo and Billy's girl).  The all lied to Hope to cover up the fact that Chelsae did it....even Bo lied!  Needless to say, Hope found out everyone lied to her....including Bo!  She kicked Bo out of the house...UGH!  For me personally, that is the main topic. 



Here's the scoop....sm

Last week Simon told Katharine that she wasn't as good as Whitney and Katharine started crying.  Overall I agreed 100% with what he and Randy said on her - that she goofed up the song and wasn't good.  Well, on the results show Ryan asked Simon if there was something he wanted to say and he said yes, then went on and apologized to her and said that on reviewing the tape that it wasn't that bad.  I know many other people that don't believe for a nannosecond that he honestly felt that - Simon has never retracted what he has said and it makes us wonder if she has some family or friend in high powers at Fox that  put pressure on him to apologize for making her cry. 

Personally even though she has a nice voice I can't envision ever wanting to buy her  CDs as she's not that great.  She is the type of singer you'd see on a cruise ship or broadway type of show - not a top pop star.   She also flirts so much that it makes me almost nauseated to watch her.  

Here's the scoop on being an IC...
When you're an IC you're contracting yourself out to the company you're working for. This means that you work out the days/times/terms for your work. You don't "have" to work certain days and times but if you refuse to work when they need you then they can terminate your relationship. Since you're an IC labor laws don't apply and therefore if you work more than 40 hours that is by your own choosing and it's paid at your regular rate unless you get the company to agree ahead of time to pay you extra.
then what is the scoop on mtstars.. net t????
is that Sherrie (Sheerrrii was a bad word) or not? (MTStars. nettt was considered a bad word, makes you wonder, don't it?) Is she still running this site? Not according to the other site, this was was taken back by the former owner who happens to be in Pakistan. So I would presume this is going to be an offshore site from now on.
I buy decaf and caffeinated, and mix one scoop of each. It tastes really good too! nm
Rad exams
I have heard of these 100+ reports in an 8-hr day. I work on 2 different a/c's with 2 different methods of calculating lines. I do many MRI/CTs that are 40-50 lines or more. Interventionals are 100+ lines. 70-80 reports constitutes about 1700-1800 gross lines. No one on the a/c's I work on types more than 100 reports in a day - and these are top-notch MTs. I am waiting to work on an a/c where people type 150 reports a day - simply because I want to see what these reports are like.
Might want to scoop some into a Baggie and take them to the local nursery/garden center to ID. nm
Exams Dictated But Not Done
I transcribe for a local multispecialty clinic and have seen many of my own reports. It just gripes my butt when the doctor dictates a standard physical exam and I know for a fact that he/she hasn't even touched me. Did not check my heart, lungs, abdomen, neuro, extremities, etc. The only things that are legit are the vital signs. It's like if I come in for a sore throat he looks at my throat but nothing else. My fibromyalgia clinic NP only talks to me - no exam at all - yet she dictates an exam, review of systems (that we didn't even talk about). She will say conjunctivae and lids are clear; PERLA, etc., and she hasn't even gotten within 6 feet of my eyes. This just doesn't seem right. And when you have labs or other tests, they NEVER call you back with the results. My PCP never suggests any preventive testing - I have to ask for it myself. I know they're not all like that but my eyes are opened much wider than they used to be. It's all about getting it done in under 15 minutes and on to the patient in the next room. 
Does the state pay for exams, or is
this out of your pocket???
I read that about the college exams! sm

I don't think my son will have a problem. He wants to be a pharmacist. I've tried to talk him out of it and have tried to have him concentrate on his writing.

He has written several stories that have won awards.

Pharmacists are being held up at gunpoint for OxyContin. Scares the jeez out of me!

Oh well, you gotta let them choose what they want to do for a career unless they decide to deal drugs instead of dispense them legally.

5-10 of each a day with 2 others on acct doing 350-400 exams daily
Works out good if you are paid by exam which I hope you are.
We have three tiers, after 700 exams a week. 1.46/exam
We are happy with this, at least I am.
Don't have a favorite but HATE opthalmology. Everything about it, exams, ops, just everything! nm
The first thing I think of is independent medical exams. NM
Physical fitness exams DO NOT require
breast exams. We are required to have them for school before certain grades in our state, and never do they do breast or GYN exams on kids.
Well, was thinking people were not going to doctor's appt or scheduling exams.
foreign med school gradutes take separate board exams..nm
which are different than American med school grads. There was an article in The NY Times indicating that new regulations are being pushed that would require foreign med school graduates to take a two-part board exam to practice medicine here, with one part of the exam being English proficiency. Hmmm..that should be interesting. I don't think you have all of your facts straight.
What's up with the CMT part A and part B exams?
I thought it was all one test.  How can a half a test last 6-1/2 hours?  If anyone knows, please share your info!  Thanks!