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AHDI Board Salaries?

Posted By: go ahead & research it on 2008-10-13
In Reply to: This is looking like a McCain-Palin ralley. SM - MsIndigo

This is from the AHDI website. There are links to a "BOD packet," and to a financial statement, which they are calling "privileged" i.e., you have to be a member to access these.


I'm not a member, but if you are, have a look. Maybe their salaries are listed? Or maybe in the financials link?

I would bet a lot that no one on the AHDI board is driving a 1986 Honda.

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AHDI Board Members Salary Info
Unless things have changed, I don't believe the board members are paid.  They do receive reimbursement for travel and a food allowance.  They go to board meetings every month or so at different places around the country and stay in the nice hotels.  
This also involves AHDI, so I think it should be discussed here on the Main Board, not just MQ's
Could you just share the name of the platform you work on? Thanks.
LPN salaries
They start at around $15/hr. here in north Florida. Ex-daughter-in-law just called and so I asked her; she is a CNA on the waiting list for nursing school and earns $13 an hour (but CNAs generally start at around $8.50 here).

Radiology technician is a 2-year degree with a starting salary of over $50,000 per year (at least here). As in anything else, salaries will likely vary with demand locally.
For average salaries, hello?
YOU make no sense.  Are you a transcriptionist?  I did not say ESLs, I said bad dictators.  Try reading the post or do a search as the average has been posted here before.  YOU are a troll.
Oregon salaries
I am tired of being called a liar that I embelish my income, etc.  So I just called 10 MT's out here in Oregon that I have known for quite a while and they all hit between 45 and 60K this year.   Of course we do all the accounts that you a lot of you don't like to do which involve pick-up, delivery, printing, the smaller one to two doctor offices, being friendly and interactive with the staff.  And we keep our line charge lower that a lot of you like and some of you have told me that I am bringing the MT world down by working for this amount -- we all charge between 10.5 to 12.5 cpl using Sylcount.  Through all of this, and none of us work more than 45 hours per week -- me I am the highest, most work 30 to 35 hours, we have made the money and so I guess we are doing something right.  To those that say we are padding our incomes --I think you are all jealous and just don't have the umph to go out and do it.  And yes, we have ESL's and some work  hospital overflow, surgical center, Wound Clinic, clinics, psych reports.   There are other niches out there --ya gotta have the drive and the umph to go and get them.   
Uh-oh ... well, I do not want to get any trouble for broadcasting salaries sm

and then others in the company maybe find out they are not making that and be upset.  Not trying to be coy or anything, and I wish I could share.  Back in the YOG days, I was making 0.0975 cpl and was patting myself on the back ... then found out another MT I knew was making 10.  I didn't jump off a bridge or anything (ha), but probably would have been happier if I didn't know.   Of course, when MQ (formerly known as The Squid) took over, I left.

However, for what it is worth, it used to be somewhat "public knowledge" that MDI-MD paid up to 11 cpl, but then I saw a post not too long ago saying that they had changed their max to 10 cpl or something.  And I'm told that Futurenet pays 11 cpl for some accounts but I have no personal knowledge of that.   Same for JLG -- used to pay 9 or 10 cpl by the gross line, but I do not know what they pay now.

I'd say, keep a close eye on the jobs advertised here, MT Jobs, MT Desk, etc., and there are still a few MTSOs willing to pay top dollar for top dollar.  It is a disgrace that most big companies want the best MT with tons of experience, and then offer something insulting like 8 cpl.   


If I could get the top level salaries at MQ, I would consider it. I have not seen $400K EVER.nm
Some advice about disclosing salaries
Here is a post from craigslist in Austin, TX about disclosing salaries.

"Never reveal your salary. As a former hr director, and now a career counselor, the best thing to do is to tell them your 5 year compensation. For instance, at my last corporate job, I told the hiring manager...

"Over the past 5 years, my compensation has ranged from 65K to 115K not necessarily in that order. I'm sure that you have researched the salary range for this position and that you are well within it.”


Some people have personally suggested that you should apply for a job even if you don't want to tell them your current salary. Apply and just NOT include that information.

People I know have said not to be specific about salary. Just say that the salary you've received in the past has depended on the job and its requirements. Also say a similar thing when they ask you specifically about what salary you want. Say it depends on the scope of work and the responsibilities, and what is expected of you. You can also say that you know they must have a range of what they would pay and that your salary requirements most likely fall within that range. Hopefully, they'll tell you the range and then you can say that you're interested in the high end ... lol. If the high end of the range is too low for you, tell them that. You can always ask them if they would reconsider that range because of your experience.

All mealy-mouth words, but that's what you have to do. You're both trying to get the information - they want to pay you as low as possible and you want to be paid as well as possible.

I must say that the information I'm giving is not based on MT jobs. It is based on technical writing and editing jobs and several other similar jobs. However, I think the information applies to most jobs.

Good luck!

They just had this on the news about trucker salaries taking a big hit and
that a lot of truckers were foreigners too.
shopping, beachin' it?? who can afford to do those on our salaries, LOL!! nm
Annual salaries of full time transcriptionists
For the veteran's out there- What is your average annual salary (working from home). Also, the companies that offer full time transcriptionists benefits, are the benefits any good?
I had been a member of AHDI, but when I had a problem with a MTSO not paying I contacted them. The reason I contacted them was to ask in their assistance, not in my instance, but to protect their membership from this type of company. They completely ignored the context of my letter and referred me to local agencies. My thought was that with this industry being so new and unprotected online, that they should take an interest in have legislation passed... went right over their heads. Thus, I did not renew my membership.
SO well-said! I think AHDI should be
what is AHDI and sm
why are only 1/4th of them medical transcriptionists?

Wouldn't you think they all would be?


I started a thread below about the government stepping in and making the MTSO companies step up to the plate and conform to a standard form of counting lines for US based medical transcriptionists and to perhaps have a baseline pay so that MTs are not sitting all day long waiting on one more report to try to make a count that is making the MTSOs richer. While not everybody agreed with my points, let me say that there are probably far more MTs in this country who are not independent contractors and who are trying to support themselves than not. ICs would almost be classified as (mini) MTSOs. Not everybody has the luxury of negotiating what they will work for. That whole conversation is moot when we are talking about the industry as a whole. ADHI has spoken for years that they support standardization but when they were recently asked about "policing" the MTSOs methods of counting lines, they dropped the ball. This is just my opinion, but there definitely needs to be an accountability to the U.S. worker concerning this industry. While on one hand we are described as highly skilled workers with a wide base of knowledge, we are then described as home-based, bunny-slippered, pajama mamas.  It cannot be both ways. We are highly skilled and do have a wide base of knowledge and we need to band together. I do like the name United States Medical Transcription Association. Works for me. 


I am not sure it matters who is behind ADHI or their corporate sponsors. The reality is that the U.S. based MTs need to quit taking a knee jerk reaction to them. ADHI started small. Your comment about the displaced workers just proves my point that the government and the Dept of Labor do need to be involved in the restructuring of the MT Industry.  When a major MTSO company can initiate a program whereby it cuts the salaries of thousands of it's employees for its own gain, there is a problem there. In the area where I work, there was an article in the newspaper about the outsourcing of the radiology dept on weekends to Australia so that coverage was 24/7. This is a U.S. owned company who employs radiologists from Australia. I am betting those doctors over there do not make less than their counterparts over here. So, it is up to us, the MTs of the U.S. to start to organize in order to reinstate the true value of the work we are entrusted to perform day in and day out.

Completely with you. making almost minimum wage for over 30 years of work. mostly because of account specifics, slow platform, always blaming it on the Internet, awful audio.
AHDI: BOS...............
Yes, it is:
For instance:

AHDI tells us:

5cc's was injected.


1. Why has there to be an apostrophe cc's? It is just only the plural of cc, css is right, like MTs, the 70s, etc.....

Why 'was' injected; ccs is plural, consequently 'were', this is the right grammar.

But, AHDI says:
'NO, you have to look at it as a UNIT, 5ccs, is a UNIT, so you have to type 'was'. BS!

And there are a lot of these examples.

Yes, but AHDI is quite the
wishy-washy change horses in midstream type - maybe they will smell conflict coming and hop on the no-outsourcing bandwagon if too many MTs lose interest in AHDI membership.  At any rate, it will be fun to see what happens.

I have been reading the posts here for many months and I agree with everything said above regarding AHDI.  I resigned as treasurer of a student chapter after realizing they seemed to care more about foreign MTs than us here in the US.

Now all US transcriptionists have an option.  There is a new organization "American Transcription Association", ATA.  The mission of this organization is to bring to the forefront the situation here for out MTs and all the off shoring to India and elsewhere.  This organization will only accept US transcriptionists.

Check it out at www.ataus.org

Maybe we can make a difference!


This has nothing to do with AAMT/AHDI.
This has to do with a gal going out and taking a difficult test and passing it and wanting a tiny bit of validation from her peers. I am a nurse and lived through globalization with nurses coming into our country from everywhere .. transcription has been left alone for a long time and because it is us, we all scream like crazy. Did you care when it was nurses, or auto workers or garment workers or is it all about you? I am a nurse who came into this grind by choice .. can hear the grass grow and know how to punctuate and create a sentence. I read my account specifics and I follow the rules and make a very good living. Let your politicians fix what they have destroyed. Exercise your arm and vote for people who will not solicit money and gain off the backs of the constituency and turn their backs. Don't beat up a gal who is proud of an accomplishment .. this is part of the reason our industry is a mess, we cannot support each other first and throw out even a crumb of kindness. Stop feeling entitled .. nobody owes us a bloody thing.
AHDI is the new name for the AAMT.
it's AHDI now, not AAMT.....sm

because they became an organization NOT for the American MT - and over the years, many of us griped about it and so FINALLY they changed their name (last year) to AHDI............since they have promoted offshoring for the past 15-20 years...........


AHDI allows scammer because THEY are
as long as it has nothing to do with AHDI or whatever - nm
AHDI members.

Did you know there is a corporate member of the AHDI that is known to be a scam? I am not allowed to post the name on this board evidently as it keeps refusing my post when I try to post the name saying it is a “bad word,” but it is a company that will train you for free, have you pay $400 for software, and then tells you they will hire you and pay you once you are up to their standards.  However, somehow, the MTs they train can never live up to their standards.  How do you feel about this company being a member of your organization?  Who exactly does AHDI represent?  Why do they allow a company that is known to scam MTs and is a complete ripoff to be a member of their organization? Will this company soon be an "approved" school? LOL.  Any thoughts on this?  Please share.

CE's Online at OA-AHDI
You can get many CEs online through the Online ASsociation of AHDI. They offer live webinars monthly and they are all preapproved for CE credits from AHDI.

You are also able to purcahse downloads of previous presentations and view them at your leisure.

Visit www.oa-ahdi.org and you will find some information there.
No, and I'm am more of an AHDI/BOS-2 supporter.
There are few changes in it and the ones that are there are ridiculous, in my opinion. Makes us (as MTs) look like idiots for following:

No more periods after abbreviated personal and courtesy titles! WHAT? So, now you should write Mr and Mrs Happy (not Mr. and Mrs. Happy).

No more commas to separate names from titles with roman numerals! WHAT? So, now you write Harry Happy II (not Harry Happy, II).

No more hyphens between numbers and their units, even if it is a compouned modifier! WHAT? So, that means you would write ... close the 2 cm incision (not .... closed the 2-cm incision).

Just nitpicking crap to make us look bad and make them more money.

Use the BOS-2, it's much smarter. Use the AHDI for its good stuff and leave the bad stuff alone (i.e., if it benefits you, use it...and BTW, you would just periods with that latin abbreviation any longer, lol).

BTW, the BOS-3 won't be available electronically. Have to buy a book or pay a monthly fee to have web access.

Better stop my rant now. LOL
MTIA **is** AHDI
see "driving directions" in post below.
AHDI Misunderstood?
I do not thnk AHDI is misunderstood at all. I think it is very apparent what they are doing. They are embracing the global atmosphere to make more money for themselves just like the big MTSOs. I personally believe it is time that the Dept. Of Labor get involved with the way American MTs are paid in this country and institute a standardized method of counting lines for all MTSO companie which would include using the same software for all of them.  I think that MTs who are paid by the line should have a baseline line pay that is in dollars and cents just like factory workers do who are paid doing piecework. I would bet there are many many MTs in this country who are working for less than minimum wage for these MTSO companies because they pay so little and expect so much.
Why I despise AHDI
see link.
Dropping AHDI and CMT - anyone else?
It took me several years to make up my mind - I decided this year to drop my AHDI membership as well as not do my CEUs for my CMT (due this past January). I've been an MT for over 23 years. I joined AAMT 18 years ago and was thrilled to be part of it including in my local chapter for a long long time. I passed my CMT in 1994 - 15 years ago. I have never been paid any extra for my CMT.

I worked for MQ from 1997 to 2006 and finally found the guts to leave and have been happier for it. I don't make any more money. In fact, I'm making the same cpl that I was in 1997 now - that is no raise in 12 years. That is in spite of my CMT, in spite of taking on every new and difficult account I could, etc., etc.

I will leave AHDI and the certification process because I am finally admitting to myself my thorough disgust with the connection between MQ and AHDI - that started well before this so-called settlement. I sure wish I had checked in here before now, I didn't take note that there was a deadline to send in objections.

Most of my coworkers, with more experience than me and with similar hard-working, transcription loving ethics, long ago left AAMT in disgust at how they were not doing a thing for us to raise wages and how they paid more attention to MTSOs, hospitals, etc... and then, the whole offshore thing.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my 2 cents. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with their thoughts. I've been reading and listening to pro-AAMT stuff trying to wade through and made my decision. My final bottom line was that I listened to my gut, my instincts, and and accepted that I know in my heart and head that for AHDI to still pretend they are for us MTs is a sham - and shameful - and their getting anywhere NEAR a company like Medquist says all that any of us should need to hear. Or, rather, that I need to hear.

AHDI should be investigated by the gov't. - sm
because they've defrauded MTs by leading them to believe they represented THEM. If they can be dishonest in one way, chances are very good that other misrepresentations are taking place. (Such as with the IRS? Labor board?) There's most likely a lot more to this shifty bunch of people than meets the eye.
Not anti-AHDI but pro-US MTs
So, does anyone have any experience starting up groups such as this? Please contact me via email? I work full-time and then some - and don't have oodles of time, but my guess is we are all in this same boat (not having extra time). I would be willing to try to create something for us.

On a tangent - I really struggled over the years about the whole U.S. MTs versus "them." I truly believe we are such a melting pot and feel strong about not excluding anyone. I do not think the us VS them viewpoint is very positive. That being said, I do believe that one of the biggest problems in our economy today is that govt (both sides) let our jobs (of all kinds) go overseas so the corporations could make more money. This left Americans without jobs or having to retrain, etc. I have finally come to conclusion that I am not being exclusionary OR protectionist to want our government AND groups like AAMT to advocate for US first, for those of us who live here, create this economy, and who keep this country going.

In bringing up the idea of having a new group for MTs, I think it is important that we are FOR something (us) and not against something (AHDI, MTSOs, overseas MTs). This is only my opinion. Even though feel angry and disillusioned about what AHDI has allowed to happen, I prefer to find a more positive way to help ourselves. I'm not sure exactly what that is...but eventually it likely will require for us to be proactive and take steps.

Suggestions on how to get the tea party started? I'm willing if others are. Even if just a few of us brainstorming - the point is to set into motion something that gives us hope. Something that will eventually grow and help each other. MT Stars does this in its own way, by providing the avenue to be real and share the good and the not so great about our profession.

Please email me, let me know what you think. Or post here.

The tea party opens...

dropping AHDI
I will also not renew membership to AHDI this year. Haven't been paying that much attention, but now that I have lost my job to VR after 14 years, I am paying attention and don't like what I see. I will not continue to support an association that is supposed to represent me, a hard working U.S. MT, that promotes MTSOs who offshore. I'm just sorry that I didn't realize that fact years ago as I would have dropped membership sooner.
You might want to read more about CMT & AHDI --
You won't earn a dime more in income, and your test fees and membership fees will go to support a group that is in large part responsible for offshored work and falling MT wages. Your money is better spent on just about ANYthing else than a CMT.
You do not have to be AHDI member sm
you only renew CMT credential every 3 years and CE credits are free.  The renewal is $50, so that amounts to $16.66 every year.  Exam was reimbursed by my employer 100%.
If AHDI had a CMT flag, I would definitely
BOS is just one more AHDI/AAMT rip-off. -sm
Just a bunch of busywork, and needless 'rules'. There may be one or two things that make sense safety-wise, such as 'daily' instead of q.d., but REALLY...

All the nit-picking the BOS spawns just takes the focus away from the main point of MT -- to type a readable and correct medical record.
and with AHDI on our side
we can soon to expect to make LESS than the average McD's worker.  B-e-a-utiful!
and with AHDI on our side
and vigilantly watching out for all MTs, we can soon to expect to make LESS than the average McD's worker.  B-e-a-utiful!
Well now, according to the AHDI site,
this would seem to say that they wouldn't turn down a typing cat:

"Eligibility Requirements

The CMT exam targets an experienced medical Transcriptionist with Professional Level 2 skills and knowledge as defined in the "Medical Transcriptionist Job Descriptions". Although any candidate is “eligible” and granted permission to take the CMT certification examination, two years of transcription experience in the acute care (or equivalent) setting is strongly suggested for success on the exam. Acute care is defined as incorporating medical center dictation to include many dictators including multiple ESL dictators, many formats and report types, and all the major specialties, including and especially surgery dictation of all types, and some minor specialties."

The application also only asks for your demographics and your $10 application fee. They can "recommend" all they want, but if I want to plunk down my money, it looks like I get to take the test, acute care experience or not.

So, I received notification to recert my RMT on May 7, 2009:

“Your recertification deadline is June 30, 2009. You must complete the RMT Recertification course no later than September 30, 2009.”

Interestingly enough, I did not receive my RMT until October 2009. Now I see they say recert is due June 2009 but have graciously extended it to September 2009.

No respone to email and this is not right. You want us to value the cert, but give only 3 months to take a new course and exam at a cost that may not be possible in this economy with such short notice. This recert course is a year overdue and now you want us to do it under AHDI timeframe.

“The cost of the RMT Recredentialing Course is $100. RMTs can take the RMT Recredentialing Course any month after receiving their 6 month reminder but must complete the course before their deadline”

I did not recieve a 6 month reminder. Shame!

Is "Advance" in any way associated with AHDI?
Or is that why one post in the Comments section advocated ATA joining up with AHDI?

We should all distance ourselves from AHDI in every way, shape and form possible. I refuse to get a CMT. I refuse to support that scam outfit in any way. I recently found out my MTSO is pretty closely involved with AHDI, so you can bet I'm looking at other job opportunities, and will leave ASAP.

Please tell us that ATA is in NO WAY affiliated with AHDI! Please, please, please...
No, no - ATA is NOT affiliated with AHDI
ATA was formed because AHDI and MTIA were not meeting the needs of the every day, down in the trenches, MTs. They more represented big business' interests.

Advance is a magazine for Health Care Professionals. You can access it online at http://health-information.advanceweb.com/Editorial/Tools/HandsOnHelp.aspx
Since when has AHDI/AAMT cared about anything
where US MTs are concerned? 
If you belong to AHDI, you take the exam
Indian MTs make sooooooooo little money, the $25 difference probably doesn't help them at all.

That's because AHDI's ulterior motive is to
So obviously they'll need more Indian/Pakistani/Filipino/Chinese MTs.
AAMT/AHDI is what is sending all US MT's to
Anyone a member of AHDI/AAMT? (sm)
I'm interested to find out what benefits you actually get and use for your money, and if any employers are at all interested in the fact that you are a member etc. It's not a inexpensive prospect to become a member, that is why I wonder if the benefits are worthwhile to the working MT.