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AHDI Board Members Salary Info

Posted By: ExCMTtoo on 2008-10-13
In Reply to: AHDI Board Salaries? - go ahead & research it

Unless things have changed, I don't believe the board members are paid.  They do receive reimbursement for travel and a food allowance.  They go to board meetings every month or so at different places around the country and stay in the nice hotels.  

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AHDI members.

Did you know there is a corporate member of the AHDI that is known to be a scam? I am not allowed to post the name on this board evidently as it keeps refusing my post when I try to post the name saying it is a “bad word,” but it is a company that will train you for free, have you pay $400 for software, and then tells you they will hire you and pay you once you are up to their standards.  However, somehow, the MTs they train can never live up to their standards.  How do you feel about this company being a member of your organization?  Who exactly does AHDI represent?  Why do they allow a company that is known to scam MTs and is a complete ripoff to be a member of their organization? Will this company soon be an "approved" school? LOL.  Any thoughts on this?  Please share.

Also looking for salary info for NW Washington, Silverdale area sm

Hospital employee hourly rate or annual salary range.  Thanks for any help!!

Calif is attempting to revoke the "employee shares salary info with another employee" penalty.
AHDI Board Salaries?
This is from the AHDI website. There are links to a "BOD packet," and to a financial statement, which they are calling "privileged" i.e., you have to be a member to access these.


I'm not a member, but if you are, have a look. Maybe their salaries are listed? Or maybe in the financials link?

I would bet a lot that no one on the AHDI board is driving a 1986 Honda.
This also involves AHDI, so I think it should be discussed here on the Main Board, not just MQ's
$72 is not their salary, it is their salary and benefits package
including wages,insurance, retirement pension, COLA fund, etc.
Looking for info on Execuscribe on company board
Any information on this company? Interviewed yesterday but i'm just wondering what the feedback on them is from others...
you might find more info through the company board here.
or did you try that? I'm not awake, tring to help, tho.

Interesting info on Offshore Concerns board
OSI offshores and that is why they can't keep quality MTs

In Reply to: Today, I landed a client that was using and Indian service. They said the service - Kansas MTSO sm

The MTs they do keep are basically no more accurate than the Indians. The QA department is a joke because they hire people fresh out of MT school. It is a sad company and is destined to fail if they don't start thinking more about quality than keeping the brownnosers happy. This could be true for other companies that offshore as well.

try a search on company board-lots of info there
Search on the Companies or New Student board for course info. Jobs are available all over the US and
If you so a search on this board you'll find lots of info.

Basically, you've got it right. However, voice files can be large and email may reject large file attachments. Also, there's the security aspect that you didn't mention. Basically, the voice file and finished document need to be encrypted to be secure.

You said you don't have the time/didn't take the time to do the research. Lots of people have and have shared their findings time and again on this board. I, for one, am not willing to reinvent the wheel every time someone is looking for this information but doesn't want to take the time to do the legwork. No offense meant but please do take the time to educate yourself. If you really don't have the time or don't want to take that time, then be prepared to pay for that information in the form of a consultant.

Do an archive search on this board and you'll find lots of info. NM
Asked on the drug board...ever heard of a T-Teck Pack for pneumonia? Cant find any info on it. Help!

$85 on each kid, $15 on other family members, nothing for DH and I.
10 members of DH's family (by drawing), 6 members of my family, 3 kids.  About $500 total on gifts, then Christmas dinner, postage, and other stuff.  I wish we didn't participate in the big family gifts because it's always just an exchange of things nobody wants or needs.  I can only use so much bubble bath and scented candles in a year.
me either ... 2 fam members are PO empl's
The carriers sort their own mail according to their route.
Yes, and his team members were supportive, which will help. sm

I've been trying to think of where I saw Kelly LeBrock before -- wasn't she the one who did those commercials for the shampoo, saying "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful?"   I might be thinking of someone else.  I guess I'm showing my age, just by mentioning that commercial ... oops. 

Not myself, but 3 family members had it done and absolutely
recommend it to anyone. They all had wonderful results with no problems.
ATTN: AARP members

Are your military members fighting for your
Was there an objection by any family members to the use of restraints?
Terry has lied to 4 jury members

Terry told his team (Sally, Austin, ...?) when they merged that he would give them the immunity idol if they were voted off, but when the time came he did not give them the idol so that they could keep the numbers on their side.  Well, last night he did it again.  He told Danielle that he would give her the idol so that she would not be voted off and did it, nope, he didn't give it to her.  So, thats 4 people on the jury that Terry has lied to and I would bet that there are several other on that jury who do not like him either.  So anyone in the final 2 with Terry (if he makes that far) should win the big $$$$$.   

I felt bad for Shane getting the axe because I think that him and his son could have really used that money.


It is cheaper for members. Only one test but 2 parts.
I signed up too...1st 500 members free, I was 303...hurry! .sm
I did sign up since it was free. I didn't have much time to peruse the entire website. Other than having a 20% discount in their store, what are the other advantages that justify a $99 membership fee??
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all MTStars members! Have a great day!
It is amazing how pets really become real members of the family, isn't it?
Gotta lov'em! :-)
Well, it sounds like your unfortunate family members need to help YOU out for a change.
No offense, but family are supposed to help each other out it trying times.
you sound arrogant to me. "unfortunate family members?"
like they can't take care of themselves without your noble gifts. Maybe you should be reading some books on codependence.
My in-laws invite nonfamily members to our holiday get togethers.
The more, the merrier. Besides, most of the other people have nowhere else to go because their families are all out of state or dead. The holiday season is about family AND friends.

As for getting drunk, are they really polishing off several bottles of liquor, or is it just a glass of wine or a beer or two? My family is the type that only drinks on the holidays, but we drink slowly and eat plenty of food so we do not get drunk.

It sounds to me as if you have some issues with your sister. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying your feelings are not valid. I am saying that you need to draw some boundaries and detach yourself from her. Maybe she resents having to host every year. I know I do. We spend way more than everyone else does even though it's supposed to be buffet, parents don't watch their small kids, I spend several days cooking and cleaning with not a thank you in sight.

Start some new traditions of your own. Go to church. Volunteer with people who truly have nothing.

We know of some people who turn every family occasion into a drunken brawl complete with injuries, fights and police intervention. Be thankful your life isn't worse! I sure am.
Yes, been there. I borrowed from my family members. Luckily, they had it to give me. Doing great
It's 18 pregnant staff members, not students (see link inside)
I was thinking more like Oklahoma, midwest, etc. Tons there and have plenty of family members who wo
I've had docs give family members' full names.
privacy.  It is informative to anyone reading the report.
NO, this sounds like good training. Dogs are low rank pack members of any family,
60,000+ last year
Two years go, I made $67,000.00.  Last year approximately $40,000.00 but I had an illness to deal with and Im still dealing with it, so probably this year, the best I will make is $25,000.00.  However, Im feeling stronger, my illness is getting under control so Im aiming for next year at least $50,000.00.
@.10/line I average $45,000 to 53,000 depending on how many days per week I work.
I charge $60 per audio hour or $1 per minute for my general transcription work and understand this to be the going rate. There is plenty of work out there but it is not easy to find. I am currently enrolled in a good MT program, but am going to keep doing my general work on the side even after I get work as an MT, because it really concerns me that some MTSOs hire people whom they do not fully employ. It seems like a lot of MTs post here and elsewhere that they don't get enough work to do. How can anyone project their income if they don't know if they will get any work to do or not?
Worked in rural hospital at low end of #1 for 6 six years.
MT salary
What is the average salary of someone starting out being a MT, and what type of raises do you get. Is it a good career for someone young to get into?
MT salary

Greeting everyone!

There was a recent post form someone inquiring about salary etc. Many replied you may even start below minimum wage. I can confirm that because that is what I am making.  I am not complaining........few expenses involved and my family situation forces me to be home, which I am blessed to be able to do.  The company I am with has also been great up until this point but now getting stricter. (Do not blame them.)

How long does it usually take to get up to say 150 lph? On pirmary account dictators are the same. On secondary acoout you may get dermatology, ortho, psych, neuro, OB etc. Enjoy the variety but hard to develop speed.


Thanks for any and all advice!

My salary PT...
I work 7 days a week... part time during the week and full time/on call on the weekends. At that I make about $400 every two weeks from my job during the week and $200 a weekend from the hospital I cover for. So about $1600 a month I guess.

I signed on part time because I plan on going back to school in January and I wasn't sure if they would let me drop down to PT if I started FT. Plus I can always work more if needed to make extra, just no benefits. But hopefully hubby will hear good news next week and we will get state benefits and I can go to the doctor finally! :-D

If I worked FT at my company I would probably make around $700 every two weeks so that would be $2200 a month with the other place. Hope this helps!

(I thank God that I live in an area that is dirt cheap for mortgage, etc!)
Salary ... sm
The point of a salaried position is to compensate for a job that does have a fair amount of extended hours. The salary takes into account a certain amount of overtime - that is why salaries are usually higher than what you would make with just an hourly wage or production rate.

At the same time, you'll also be paid that same amount even if you just work 8 hours a day.

No doubt, you will have some longer workweeks. However, having worked on salary, it is a nice relief to know exactly how much will be in the bank every single time.

If you really are not wanting to work more than 8 hours a day, you'll be quickly looking for another job.

How does anyone expect a person to survive on $20,000 a year (rent, food, utilities, etc.), not to mention if you are head of household with children? This is really shameful. It is almost as though they are trying to force American Transcriptionist out of the market.
and we do pay their salary so who needs their approval. They need ours.
I would love to subject managers/supervisors to QA and have their salary based upon their performance.   Which begs the question, what do supervisors do all day but generate e-mails?  We do the hard work to bring money into the company so a supervisor can e-mail us and what else?
are you paid salary?
isn't salary taboo to ask someone
salary taboo?
Most people on this board are using an alias.  If you post your annual salary -nobody knows who you are. People are all over this board bashing transcription companies and naming names, yet when you ask for salary info they have nothing to say.
Yeah right, on this salary? :)
I wish.
The beginning salary for (sm)
a GS-0640-5 is $24677. Top end at that grade is $32084. Some localities have a higher pay scale, depending on the local economy. It's likely there will be no chance of promotion unless your supervisor quits, retires, or dies and you happen to be selected for the position. You must work to age 65 or 20 years of service, which ever comes later. Search
for all federal job postings. If you decide to apply for a govt job, be sure to read the qualifications for the position. When you write your resume, use the exact terminology (keywords) as the job description. Some clerk who has never transcribed anything in her life will be the one to look at your resume and decide if you are qualified. The only thing she has to go on is the qualifications listed for the position. When you fill out your paperwork for your security clearance, do not lie about anything. They don't care what you've done in the past, they are looking for any secrets you might have. If you have secrets you can be blackmailed!
They want to deduct your salary from their
business expenses - so if they have NOT paid you, do not cooperate. Send them a registered letter stating simply the total $ owed, and enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for their convenience - ha - and hold out signing any forms until YOU GET PAID!! What nerve they have!