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AHDI (formerly AAMT) group disability insurance plan ... sm

Posted By: sm on 2008-04-21
In Reply to:

I'm in the process of trying to find an affordable individual disability insurance plan. I was browsing through AHDI's website and found that they've made arrangements for members to participate in a group plan for this! The cost of membership to the organization might be worth it for me to take advantage of this.

Has anyone here participated in this plan? If so, what was your experience?

Thanks in advance.

LINK/URL: AHDI's (formerly AAMT) group disability insurance plan

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Insurance - disability
Does anyone have any ideas on disability insurance for the self-employed medical transcriptionist?  I am always afraid of needing surgery or having an accident or something and being out of work  and needing a replacement income insurance for a period of time, hopefully short-term.... Thanks
Wow! Just Disability or health insurance too? nm
does anyone know anything about long-term disability insurance?(sm)
How long is considered "long term"?  If you get some sort of disability that takes you out of the work force for years, does long-term disability cover that?  TIA
Disability, Sickness, & Hospital Insurance

Warning to everyone if you have separate health disability and or sickness policies bought through insurance companies.  Please read your policies carefully and check with your insurance company BEFORE you need to submit any claims and especially find out how long it takes for the money to be sent to you.

Our disability insurance will pay a maximum of $900 a month. No problem even though it's only 1/3 of what he earns but it's better than nothing.  NO WHERE in the policy does it state we need to send tax returns in for the last year....yet yesterday received a letter that we must do that...plus they DO NOT PAY the first 30 days of disability. 

My husband was disabled from the beginning of June until 2 weeks ago, and really shouldn't be back to work yet, but it was necessary. The disability policy will pay a whole month, not 2. Over the years, I paid over $7,000 to this company for this coverage for a lousy $900? So now that we waited over a month for a check, we get this letter, and now it will be another month until he receives anything...again. And, to make matters worse, they do NOT pay the full amount if you have other coverage.  I just don't need to wait 3 months for one lousy sentence they could have put in their policy in the very beginning.

I called them and of course got a less-than-perfect English customer service rep (of course!)and told her I wanted to talk to someone higher up after I asked why for some of these requirements and she gave me the same canned answers as in the beginning of the conversation.  Do you think I'll get the call back? I doubt it. I will be calling again today.

Hubby was right. Insurance is a rip-off. You better believe I will be dropping quite a few policies after this is all over and may take a health savings plan instead if we survive this go-round. They just get you coming and going. Is there any company you can count on being above board, safe and reliable these days?

Check with AARP, They might have a group plan.
I agree about being IC. If you take an appointment with a company and you do not stay to schedule, it will be stressful for you and unfair to them. This happened to me. Decided to go IC with 2 places (both part-time) so I never have a set schedule, but I do work most weekends (my choice). My husband provides health insurance though. I know there are groups you can buy into though. If you go to the AARP web site, they may have a number of someone you can call who can make suggestions. Good luck!
Group insurance for IC sm

Are there any companies that have group rates for self- employed?  Just curious.

This has nothing to do with AAMT/AHDI.
This has to do with a gal going out and taking a difficult test and passing it and wanting a tiny bit of validation from her peers. I am a nurse and lived through globalization with nurses coming into our country from everywhere .. transcription has been left alone for a long time and because it is us, we all scream like crazy. Did you care when it was nurses, or auto workers or garment workers or is it all about you? I am a nurse who came into this grind by choice .. can hear the grass grow and know how to punctuate and create a sentence. I read my account specifics and I follow the rules and make a very good living. Let your politicians fix what they have destroyed. Exercise your arm and vote for people who will not solicit money and gain off the backs of the constituency and turn their backs. Don't beat up a gal who is proud of an accomplishment .. this is part of the reason our industry is a mess, we cannot support each other first and throw out even a crumb of kindness. Stop feeling entitled .. nobody owes us a bloody thing.
AHDI is the new name for the AAMT.
it's AHDI now, not AAMT.....sm

because they became an organization NOT for the American MT - and over the years, many of us griped about it and so FINALLY they changed their name (last year) to AHDI............since they have promoted offshoring for the past 15-20 years...........


BOS is just one more AHDI/AAMT rip-off. -sm
Just a bunch of busywork, and needless 'rules'. There may be one or two things that make sense safety-wise, such as 'daily' instead of q.d., but REALLY...

All the nit-picking the BOS spawns just takes the focus away from the main point of MT -- to type a readable and correct medical record.
Since when has AHDI/AAMT cared about anything
where US MTs are concerned? 
AAMT/AHDI is what is sending all US MT's to
Anyone a member of AHDI/AAMT? (sm)
I'm interested to find out what benefits you actually get and use for your money, and if any employers are at all interested in the fact that you are a member etc. It's not a inexpensive prospect to become a member, that is why I wonder if the benefits are worthwhile to the working MT.

AAMT/AHDI - Crooks, that is what they are!
I am one of the oldtimers who took the MT certification test in 1983. It only cost $75.00 back then. I had such high hopes that this industry was going to be a wonderful career move. But AAMT, now AHDI got GREEDY and tried to suck as much money as possible out of their MTs and never stood up for us. Money is all they cared about. And YES, the board members do receive a substantial salary. Who do you think is paying their salaries? Anyone who is idiotic enough to become a member. They lure in the newly graduated transcriptionists with their lies. I have been a Transcriptionist since 1980, and I have NEVER been without work. I only wish that I had not remained a member for 13 years. I regret that immensely. That money would have been better off in my pockets. I think they definitely be investigated and persecuted for their deceitfulness. They never intended to help the MT. They are a scam organization and only interested in stealing our lowly income. I hope they rot for their sins!
Then the unions would be in bed with AHDI (AAMT) huh!! sm
Don't we already have that going on anyway?
AAMT/AHDI is an organization that should be

AAMT/AHDI is the the same organization, and it -
has played the largest part in lowering MT standards and MT pay. They claim it's been 'raised' by their attempts at standardizing all MT work, and by offering bogus 'CMT' credentials, but all it's done is backfire for the American MT. We paid our US Dollars for these credentials, (at a higher rate than the Indians, I might add). AAMT/AHDI's power grew stronger as the duped more and more medical establishments to do things their way, due to the cut rates they were getting from national MTSO's who were in bed with AAMT/AHDI, and sending more and more of their work to India. That in turn has decimated American MT wages. I know of few (if ANY) other companies, other than those who are facing bankruptcy, that are paying workers less and less each year. The MT business is alive, well and growing, but each year its workers see less and less in the way of compensation for a job well done. It can't go on forever. Eventually they're going to hit the zero-point. Then what? Maybe we'll pay THEM for the 'privilege of doing MT work?

It's imperative that MTs start getting in touch with each other. Their co-workers, MTs they meet online, MTs who work at other companies. It's time to start comparing notes, and start coming up with a plan. Regardless of whether it's a walkout, a sickout, a letter-writing or phone campaign, posters, flyers, radio time, or an ad in the newspaper, the more people that contribute, even a tiny contribution in the way of time, skill, or just their own voice, the better our chances are of still turning this thing around before we all become extinct.
So go hang with the dogs at the AAMT/AHDI...
Fit right in
CMTer, AAMT/AHDI has done really nothing for me. I tried to see the forest that you
thanks to the way AAMT (now AHDI) has caved on US MTs over the years.  It is my professional opinion (and after 24 long years, yes, I consider myself a professional in this industry), I believe taking the CMT is a waste of time and money.  If you call my opinion a grudge, so be it, however to this end, it is my opinion based on many, many years of experience.
The only thing AAMT/AHDI "did their best" on was
I think it's a company that the Feds should consider investigating. What happened to US MTs is probably just the tip of the iceberg.
AAMT (now AHDI) destroyed our profession by
convincing the hospitals to outsource to services to save money. I have 25+ years experience too and remember when this profession could hold its head high. The numerous MT schools making unrealistic promises lured students into thinking this was going to be a dream job and easy money to work at home. All of us old timers know the sweat and long hours it takes to be a successful MT. The hositals are to blame also for being greedy. Most MTSOs cannot bid high on jobs because the hospitals want more quantity for less quality these days, and then in turn must pay their MTs lower wages.
Don't get sucked into joining AHDI (formerly AAMT)

My husband just signed up for group life insurance with work which will give him 10x his salary if

he dies which will leave the kids and I with almost a million bucks if he dies.  Of course I would much rather have him here more than anything.  He had just 150,000 in insurance but for some reason just opted for this group thingie.  When talking last night I asked him if he died if I could marry again and this man got so upset with me I thought he was going to cry!  He told me absolutely, positively NOT that I could not remarry ( am 31!).  He is 35.  LOL

Poor guy.  Leaving me all this money and I supose the thought of me sharing his wealth with someone else makes him sick!!

I told him he could go ahead and marry if I should happen to die.  I want my kiddies to have a great mom and person who loves them very much. Wouldn't you agree?

How do you feel about your spouse or partner remarrying if you or he dies??


Best recommendation is chooosing an AAMT/AHDI approved course
AAMT/AHDI is run by and for the management of companies that offshore!
I too used be a member and an officer in the local chapter.  I too attended all the activities.  I have since let my CMT lapse.  Never once has being a CMT earned me a better job or more money, it's all about the experience and the quality of work you can produce, not whether or not you're a CMT!
didn't you ask this last week? We told you, AAMT is now AHDI. sm
It's the SAME organization, but they changed their name over a year ago, hence the change in website. Look up the AHDI website.
No offense, but you were unaware of the history of AAMT/AHDI
I would suggest that you learn more about the history and realities of these subjects before calling for a big strike or walkout. Credibility is an issue here.
that doesn't sound like insurance, sounds like a discount plan:
q. re short-term disability vs state disability

my short-term disability insurance coverage option says it pays when there is no state disability plan.  How does one find out if the state she resides in has such a plan? 

Insurances seem like such a racket.  Seems they should not be allowed to take your $ if they are not required to pay-out in the event of a disability.

Thanks for any help.

Can somone recommend a good health insurance plan for my son who is in college? *sm*
He needed one more class for his bachelor's degree and because he is not considered full-time, he is no longer covered on my plan.  Thanks.
Anyone tried AAMT's health insurance?
Just wondering if anyone had checked out the health insurance premiums that are supposed to be discounted for AAMT members.  Really need to get some coverage for myself and family.
I think we should form a group alright, but no support group!!
How about a group of MTs forming their own transcription company?! We don't need some yahoo with an MBA who only cares about the bottom line and doesn't realize there would be NO bottom line if not for the MTs. We do this work on a daily basis, we know what to do and how to do it and most of us have dealt with doctors one on one. I am so disgusted with these companies and from reading this board, so are alot of others.
You're confusing the new QA plan with the new pay plan. New pay plan is still completely under wr
I am talking about the QA plan I dont know what the new pay plan is.
MT disability?
I have often wondered how CTS plays into a broader claim of disability. In my case, MT ince 1974, progressive back problems since 1990 (now with multiple sites of DJD, DDD and cervical/lumbar stenosis), clinical depression under treatment, high blood pressure and recently, CTS.

In combination, these conditions have made it difficult to sustain line count requirements over time (which I still could do before CTS). I am wondering what criteria they use for my "burden of proof" in a disability claim.

Going on disability. Not able to do


I have a few of the conditions above plus something much worse, but even with stagnating or falling MT wages, it's still more money than a disability check would be - that would not even be enough for the rent.

I bet other insurance carriers have insurance for their employees. Why not Wal-Mart? nm

#1.  How did these people even know about her return to college?  I would have her check with the financial aid office of the colllege to see IF they notified anyone in order to get grants for her, as in state grants, Americans with Disability Act, etc.  Someone had to tell these people and if the college is selling names to marketers, then they should be called on the carpet by the atty gen.

#2.  My biggest concern is that these people now have access to her checking account and if she has her SSD check deposited monthly, whose to stop them from deducting all they want?

Very scary and I would make sure this is looked into immediately.  Hoping for the best of this situation.

You get paid only if you have ST disability
and then it is only a fraction of your salary.  I'm not sure how they calculate pay when you are on production.  My DH's work will pay $150.00/week for ST disability.  It is better than nothing but you can't pay your bills on it. 
Government disability and doing MT
Does anyone here collect government disability and also work part time doing MT?  I have a severe immune disorder and was considering filing for permanent disability. Anyone know if you are allowed to work part time?
Disability insuran ce

Does anybody have any reccomen dations on disability insurance for short term in the event you have to have some surgery or accident or something.  My husband has health insurance coverage but this won't replace by income if I am sick or disable for a time period. Any suggestions?


Disability/PPI rating for retraining

Possibly with bona fide proof of this having been your livelihood, maybe you could check out a retraining program for people with disabilities, in our state it's called Voc Rehab, these programs are state funded.  They may also offer you some assistance for some treatment or surgery.  They actually insist in many cases that while they're paying for retraining that do get treatment and help for the disability to bring you up to a functional capacity.  These programs are there to rehab you and get you back to working in a capacity that serves you. You could also try a local unemployment offices for possibly getting retraining help.  If you can't use a mouse and type you can't hardly think it's going to get better.  Better to get retrained when you can't work in your chosen field.   You could get retrained say in coding if you wanted to stay within this field.  Maybe even consider SSI for a disability rating to get some income while being retrained.   Sometimes it's really okay to crash and ask for help.  You brought up a little bit of reality today.  Best to you.

If you have a short-term disability

policy (from your company or if you happen to have one on yourself) you should be covered.  If not, you are probably out of luck as far as disability goes.

I'm not sure what type of disability you're asking about.  If you mean long-term disability you'd have to have a policy in place for that also and I think it kicks in 6 months after your disability date.

If you meant Soc Security disability, I can safely say you wouldn't be covered.  You have to be permanently disabled for that.

you are speaking of SS Disability, which is an entirely different program
it is NOT the SS benefits for retirement. Altogether differnt.
You can usually purchase short-term disability from
your employer if they offer long-term disability. When it is offered, you usually choose the reimbursement rate, typically up to 70% of your pay.

Savings. LOL That's the way you'll make up the difference. Sadly, disability insurance (LT or ST) has never covered 100% of missing pay.
I wish I could be on disability for something mental that is controlled with medication.

I'm just sorry I'm paying for people to stay home and not work while my husband and I have to work. It's bad enough that this man doesn't help you around the house, but he's sucking off the government (us taxpayers) while we support him. He can't do ANYTHING? Whatever...

Man, what a country.

From what I have heard about disability, the SSA always rejects the first time - sm
as standard procedure. I am sure in some circumstances they cannot as it is obvious the person needs it, but in your mom's case she probably (in their eyes) still work doing something. Get a lawyer who specializes in SS disability. They will make sure it goes through on try #2 providing you have the doctor records, etc. to prove your case. If she does not go to the doctor much you might have some trouble though. As for the house, I'd sue the guy, small claims court if need be, then you'd at least get back $5k and maybe you can get someone honest to fix it up. See if there are any services in your area that help disabled seniors, etc. in your area that maybe can help lessen the load on you. See if your mom can maybe start moving about more and maybe do her own shopping, it may take her a while but it will get her out and possibly help her feel better; find out from her doctor exactly what he/she thinks she is capable of physically and maybe she can help to start strengthening herself and in the long-term become more able to take care of herself without relying so heavily on you. I see no mention of your family (husband and son) and how they feel about all of this. Do they resent the time and money you put into your mom; do you get to see enough of your son and husband. Don't sacrifice your family for the sake of your mom; if you have nothing left at the end of the day for them, they cannot be feeling too happy about the situation eihter. As for the rest of your family, they just don't care and even if they do they see you taking care of everything so they don't feel the need (or want to) to do anything. Even if you stopped, I doubt they'd pick up the slack since only 1 of the 3 helps and that is under duress as it is. You need to take care of you first, then your family, then your mom.
My hubbie is disabled and on permanent disability...sm
and he absolutely cannot make any money other than his disability if you want the full benefits. I think you can work part-time and get part-time benefits, but you will have to check on that. My understanding was they deduct any amount of money you make from your benefits and you would get what was left. But, again, the best thing is to go to the agency or call them and make sure before you do anything, as the rules seem to change constantly, but for full benefits you cannot make any money under your name.
Aren't you people confusing SS with disability?

I was under the impression that there was no limit on income when your retire on SS.  But, there is a limit if you are on SS disability.  And I believe that amount is around $900.  However, if you are on disability, they also count how many hours you work.   If you are making $900 or less, but working more than part-time hours (something like more than 16-20 hours), that could still disqualify you for disability.  So, I'm confused on this too.   But back to the SS retirement discussion, I thought back in the Clinton Administration, they passed legislation that made it more profitable for retirees to work once they started receiving their SS retirement.  I was glad to hear this as many retirees want to work and they shouldn't be penalized.  After all, the income taxe and SS taxe and Medicare tax goes into the big government kitty, so working retirees benefit everyone.  I'm a believer in keeping retirees busy and bringing in income if they so wish. Well, Doxie, I am on your side.  You asked a simple question and why some are beating up on you is puzzling to me.  You asked a legitimate question. But if you really need to keep it at $900 or less, just divide your line rate into $900, take that answer and divide by four, and that will be the amount of lines you want to stay under per week.  -