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Agree with poster... it takes 2-3 years from graduating from a program sm

Posted By: KD on 2005-09-29
In Reply to: Don't listen to the old sour apples... - See Msg

to start to make any decent wage.  I personally love this job.  Where else can you get a job that requires no college degree that you can make 40,000-50,000 per year??? 

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...when you've had a few years of experience. Graduating
to the poster with the "home typist" typwriter sound program....

...the program that makes typewriter sounds.  The typewriter sounds are cool, but how do you hear your dictator over the sound? I have turned the volume down, but still can't hear the dictator over the typewriter sounds. I was hoping this program would help increase my speed (rhythm).

that it takes years to learn,
and that you can seldom start off working at home and be successful. But if i see they are still interested, i do all i can to help steer them in the right direction.
I am worth that...not home course training or ESL..takes years to achieve
I agree with you. It takes time to get the

kind of help in there. They have one road open. Everything is flooded. There is no airport to land at. Gas is scarce. 90% of the gas that came from that area is no longer functioning. Cars are being stolen from places just to get out. Thugs are shooting at helicopters trying to evacuate critically ill patients. You've got groups of thugs shooting everything up and steeling anything and everything, but they don't realize mostly everything they take will have to be left behind.  Everyone wants help now but it takes time to put together a plan of these proportions. Nobody was prepared for this because they didn't think it would happen. You have people commandering vehicles with guns for their own use that are being brought in to help evacuate. The only boats you see are very small ones because the big ones can't come in and work. The water is not deep enough.

 A lot of people stuck there are making the situation worse for everyone else because they are helping to put off rescues that can happen by shooting at vehicles, shooting at police officers, setting intentional fires just to get the police over to the fire so they don't come chase them for looting or terrorizing others. You have idiots walking around with AK-47s down Canal Street.

Shephard Smith described itbest the other day. Made me think too since I live in Fla. The day after a hurricane you hear chain saws going, you have people cleaning up, you get out there and assess the damage. They could not do that because for them in NO it was not over. The floods were getting worse and rising. There were no people assessing damage, no chain saws cutting down trees, no power trucks checking out downed power lines just because they couldn't get into the city. Everything is blocked. The closest city to them that has power is 90 miles away. That means no gas for them. Yes, they're bringing buses and stuff but it's very slow going. Trying to figure out how to do everything and coordinate everything w/o communication to others is very hard.

One of the guys in the news conferences said yesterday that he spent 18 months at ground zero. They are looking at being in NO much longer because that is much more damage than what he saw at ground zero.

Agree with pat..takes too long

I'm a member of NFO and after about three months I have about 970 points, and you need 1,000 points for just $10.  I only receive about two invites a week for surveys, don't know how to get anymore than that.  I'm also a MyPoints member.  I usually just get the 5 points for reading the message and never buy anything, so it takes a long time to get points added up for me.  Maybe once a year I do redeem them for about $20 worth of gift cards. 

The people who advertise that you can do the surveys in your spare time and make all this extra money make it sound like you can just log on to a site and they are sitting there waiting for you, and you can do as many as you want, all day long, for as much money as you want to make.  Wouldn't that be nice! 

I have never heard of or seen the car advertising thing except on cabs and public transportation, oh, and of course delivery trucks and cars. 

I agree. It takes way more than most ever realize.
I have to agree that cherrypickers will be out of work when VR takes over, since the harder reports
Even when I worked inhouse and had the opportunity to cherrypick, I didn't. Even now, I am finding out that ESLs are probably easier than than some of the American doctors in the long run, because they get down to business and dictate their report. Most times, they say the same thing over and over. Learn the doc, know his quirks and bang, you are done.
I have been doing this for 30+ years, like the poster below, starting in 1975 sm

in high school, trained on the job.  I have no idea what radiology pays, but with your experience, you should be able to get at least 9 cpl as an employee doing acute care, more as an IC.  There are still companies that pay semi-decent wages, but they are getting harder to find.  Sad to say, I made 10 cpl GROSS line back in 1986 -- cannot say that today.

Good luck!

Agree! I hate Daylight Savings Time. It takes me a good two weeks
to get myself and everybody in the household adjusted to the time change every six months. If the farmers need to get up earlier, let 'em! That doesn't mean I should have to, also! DST has definitely outlived its usefulness. I stay up later and get up earlier in the summer, but go to bed earlier and sleep later in the winter. It's like my mind and body are tied to the sun, not the clock. I never got an extra hour of sleep last night anyways because the neighbor's stupid dog barked from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.
I agree with the above poster. When
you are used to an account, you know who the good and bad dictators are, and you are used to getting a balance of the two... then, suddenly, you see less and less of the good, clear-speaking dictation and more of the mumblers, speed-demons, heavy accents, and/or combinations of the above. When that situation occurs, it mostly likely means the client or the service is starting to cherry pick the good dictation to go either offshore or to voice recognition.

In some senses there is nothing wrong with routing dictation appropriately for the skill level of the transcriptionist.

What is unethical is when the services start doing this without communicating with the transcriptionists that this is happening, expecting them not to notice or to to just live with tougher dictation at the same low rate they are used to.

Services may get some cost benefit from using VR or offshore, but part of the expense of using offshore or VR is that you need higher-paid, higer-experienced transcriptionists to do the rest of the dictation.

And you can bet that in many cases, the services are not planning for the fact there are cost increases offsetting the benefit of cost decreases with regard to VR and offshore. They figure MTs are used to constantly having to get paid less and less for doing more and more and are planning to keep the cherry picking a secret and pay their transcriptionists the same low line rate as before, when the difficulty level was less. Just add this to the list of other ways services have effected the lowering of the compensation of transcriptionists over the years, and if we let them get buy with it, they will continue to do it.

I agree 100% with poster. I went to a doc who used this sm
i totally felt he wasn't listening to me at all and was more concerned with typing it all into the computer right; then he read it back to me to make sure he had it correct, which he didn't and had to redo it all. out if 15 min visit, i would say 10 min was typing, other 5 listening to chest, etc. i HATED it and felt i was paying him to type up my info that i could do myself.
I agree with poster below....
Do some checking. Make a list of some major hospitals within say, a 2 hour driving distance or however far you would like to drive (consider meetings, etc). Then look that hospital up on the Internet and see if they have an employment board. That is what I did and LO and BEHOLD! I got a job with a hospital that is a Level 1 trauma hospital about one hour away from me in a major city. The pay is excellent with all the benefits. It is radiology of which I have some experience in. So far, so good! GOOD luck to you and CONGRATS! (I am a mommy of a 1 and 2 year old girl and boy)
I agree with you. The poster

should give the name of the company.  It's not fair to make such a statement that may blanket other companies who are not under investigation. 

To the person who made the origian post:   Please give the name of the company !

I agree with poster above AND below.
If I absolutely HAD to, I would go with OSi over Transcend in a heartbeat.  But, I would exhaust every avenue out there before I had to chose between either.  I'd even try to get out of transcription (even though it's all I've known for years) before I'd go back to Transcend. 
Have to agree with this poster. sm

My husband works out of town and is gone for weeks at a time, but I can go and visit him at any time, I have a key to the apartment that he gave me.  One weekend he decided he wanted to hang out with the guys instead of coming home to see me and our daughter (Labor day weekend).  I automatically became suspicious.  He was adamant about me not coming and it was nothing to the weekend, just boys weekend.  I took my daughter to my mother's house and headed to the town where he was.  I was the one who truly got the surprise.  There was nothing going on but the boys really having a weekend.  I felt bad because I did not trust my husband and I felt low for sneaking around because he had never given me reason not to trust him. 

Just be careful.  You could be in search of something that is not really there.  My husband also works long hours and several days straight.  I see the evidence of it when we are together and he wants to take a whole day and just sleep and relax.  Don't let your mind play tricks on you.  One day goes by extremely fast when that is all you have to recuperate and start over again. 


I agree with the other poster...sm

I had a phone interview also with Amphion, which was informative and painless! The woman I spoke with was very, very nice and answered all of my questions. It's mainly just a get-to-know-you thing, I think. Don''t fret about it, you'll be fine...BTW where in GA are you? I'm about 40 miles west of Atl...peachy!!!

I agree with this poster
I would think a casual summer dress and sandals would be good or dress slacks in a soft summer color with a blouse would be fine. :-)
Sorry, I agree with the above poster. This is still very
I agree with above poster.
Renters such as these, who are so late that it is improbable they will come up with the cash, may try to wait until the locks are changed so do what has been suggested.

I just watched a neighbor sit in a house for seven months without paying a thing. She waited out the mtg co who foreclosed on her and saved herself a ton of money by doing so. People actually think this way.

Don't take chances with your hard earned money.
I do not agree with POSTER who says 12 cpl..
typo - sorry, I omitted the er on post(er) *g*
I agree with the other poster, but he could get his
own insurance.  BC/BS advertises individual coverage for a reasonable amount, though I can't remember what the $$ amount is now.  You can also call local insurance companies and get quotes for an individual policy. 
I agree with above poster...
If your employer/MTSO is on the up and up they will be very willing to simply tell you how they are counting your lines.  I had this happen to me recently; I was getting a higher line count (with a new account/first-time check), and I asked the supervisor about it.  She uses a line counting software (as do I), but our settings were different, (i.e., spaces, versus spaces, tabs, returns, versus headers/footers, etc.).
Agree with below poster
In addition to the website the below poster gave is www.revolutionhealth.com. The webmd is kind of aggravating because you have to authenticate yourself every time you do a search and also if you do a search and you are browsing through the names, it will make you authenticate over again. Revolution health does not make you authenticate which is great if you are in a hurry.
I agree with the other poster - not

not worth the headache and expense involved.  A few years ago probably was a better idea but now with all the VR coming into play it's just not worth the hassle.  I think the biggest obstacle now is you won't be able to charge a high enough rate to break even after your expenses and your salary on top of that. 

You might consider starting with a few local physicians and trying it out though.  Plan on working 24/7 though if you do take it on.  Vacation?  Forget about it.  When all is said and done you might have more control being on your own but I think the hassle isn't worth that perk.


I agree with above poster (sm).
The ethical and legal requirement is to maintain patient confidentiality, period. There are circumstances that would require an MT to transcribe reports on acquaintances, friends and family members, and the responsibility lies in keeping one's mouth shut.
Agree with other poster (sm)

You statement "I don't have capital..." sends up a huge red flag.  You want to take on work to distribute to your "group of MTs."  How do you intend to be able to pay them?  I'd hate to see that group of MTs on here 30 days down the road announcing they haven't been paid by you, their MTSO. 



I agree with this poster...sm

and like the idea of a shipping company.  I believe they help with packing your items.  Also, I don't know how much it would cost now, but I had rented a medium(?)-sized U-Haul truck and towed the car behind us to go cross country.  Good luck!

I agree with the other poster.
I don't post the name of my company either. I do not want to be responsible for all the resumes of people who are not qualified that will flood HR. I happen to like the people I work for and wouldn't do that to them.

It is always assumed that if an MT posts that they are doing well then we must be lying. The decent MTSOs are out there but you have to do the research and find the best fit for you. It took me 3 lousy jobs after I left MQ to find my present job, which is the perfect fit for me.

There are recent posts of companies that are good to work for on this board. There are recent posts from MTs that have recently been hired and seem to be very happy. These may be helpful to you in your search. Good luck to you!
I agree with the other poster
What does typing it have to do with your morals? That's like saying the anchor people on the news are responsible for the crimes they report.

Are these reports regarding the acutal procedure details? If so, I can see why it would be very upsetting, but you should not feel responsible in any way.
I agree with the other poster who suggested
finding an hourly MT at home job.  I worked at home for our local hospital during my first several years.  There are still MTSOs and hospitals that hire people at an hourly rate at home.  Good luck with it.
I agree with the poster regarding spyware.

I agree. I am the original poster
working as an IC for a service.
Agree with other poster. A true
friend would not ask you to do such a thing. She must know she is not very good and you are. Take it as a compliment and be grateful you found out what kind of friend he/she was!!!
Also depends on what you get. I agree with poster below. sm

I was told (also 20+ years ago) that I needed to learn how to type. Hated it, hated it, hated it.

I expand everything whenever possible. I had a doc the other day that I just fly through and found I did over 300 lines in one hour. Unfortunately, he disappeared after that. :(

Then I got a huge file with a page flipping mumbling sigher who would do the finger drumming while looking stuff up and I did 85 lines with that report and it took me a half hour. Talk about minimum wage. :)

I guess I was one of the lucky ones as far as speed was concerned. That's just something that will come with time. As far as required work for typing class, I think I ranked somewhere below an "F".


I have to agree with original poster though
I have gotten blanket emails from someone in my company recently who did not work with me or any of the rest on my account until the time of the email. She sent out an email addressing everyone when in reality there were a few of us that did what we were told and felt very offended to read it addressed and worded for all of us. I used to be a store manager in retail for years. One thing that I learned was if not everyone was doing wrong you should not address everyone as it makes makes those who did no wrong feel bad and can lead to decreased morale. You should address only those doing wrong. I have always agreed with this. I have read it in management books and been taught it. I have seen the negative effect of it when I did it in a store meeting. From then on I always addressed people individually.
I agree with other poster -- it's your day and you should be comfortable and do exactly what you
want -- You could go with a simple headpiece with no veil.  I have seen one woman married in a very simple tiara which was beautiful. 
Have to agree with this poster. Nothing special! (nt)

AGE DISCRIMINATION - agree w/ poster below. nm
I agree with this poster 100%. Learn as much as you can. (sm)
Not too many in this field get the opportunity to do that anymore. 
Count me among those who agree with this poster.
It is just ridiculous to keep reading from the same message: "Give me more money." Stop whining and begin to conduct yourself like a professional. If you want to make more money, obtain your own accounts and become accountable for all that you are, good and bad.
Agree with poster below. I do not answer
the phone unless school or work, or maybe my mom. If the kids are home, they are able to answer their own phone calls, so I don't answer it for them, they can read the caller ID just like I can. Also, I have told my kids that just because I am at home working does not mean I am at home.
Agree with poster below, do it this ONE time,
but after that, redictations are paid at the cpl rate you have set, and let them know this.
I totally agree with above poster...sm
that thing is not worth the paper it is printed on....and don't waste your time OR money.
I agree with the above poster, love VR
I have done for some years now and never want to totally straight transcribe again. I have no idea about working for page pay, never did it that way so cannot state any ideas on that. VR certainly is not as taxing on me as in the past. I can make (do a little straight still) on part time work around $500 a week.
The above poster is right. Sadly, I've been on Escription for four years and my line counts
were going down. Apparently, the hospital decided we were being overpaid so they manipulated the way were paid i.e. footers, headers etc. They could change it to whatever they wanted and the MTSO did nothing as they wanted to keep the contract.  So we had to suck up and take the reduction, along with the fact that all of our work was/is being sent to India so it's slim pickens most days unless you want the crappy accounts.  I would ask a lot of questions, but as a whole, Escription accounts and the companies who have it rarely like to pay a decent livable cpl. JMO
I agree with the below poster...here is an easier way to deal with it...
I work from home and I am the volunteer coordinator for the school. Therefore, I am there before and after and sometimes during school. I grade papers and do many, many things...this way, I KNOW exactly what is going on with my kids!!!
Now that wasn't nice and actually I agree with the above poster........
She's a riot!
Got cut off, but I agree with the above poster. As I said, good luck. nm
Agree with poster below - BOS2 says x2 no space, but the way your
supervisor wants it is the way to go ALWAYS, be it right or wrong, or how you have done it in the past. After all, if you are not doing it the way the client/supervisor/QA says, you can be dismissed for not following instructions.
I agree with the above poster. I think someone else was being rude not the adminstrator.
I also answered but it never showed up. My answer was A by the way LOL