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And don't forget avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome! nm

Posted By: Ella (retired) on 2009-04-27
In Reply to: It can be profitable if you have - sm


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carpal tunnel syndrome...nm

Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome.
I have the above, and neurologist told me that at all times to keep my wrists turned outwards and not bent inwards. This, along with wrist splints, have helped me tremendously and I have no need for surgical intervention.
what are the specific symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (sm)
Anyone know the specific symptoms of carpal tunnel? My right top of my arm feels sort of numb, like my forearm and my wrist aches.  Also, my shoulder hurts.  Is this typical for carpal tunnel or maybe something else?
Don't forget Carpal Tunnel Lane! nm
Thanks! At least I don't have carpal tunnel (yet)! nm
Carpal tunnel
I had carpal tunnel surgery about 10 years ago in Nashville, the chief of ortho told me I would never be able to transcribe again - went back to work transcribing 10 days later and have been transcribing every since without problems.
carpal tunnel
My wrists were just starting to hurt after almost 8 years of transcribing and I was thinking oh no, not surgery. I bought a pair of little stretchy "gloves" with the fingers cut out and an adjustable strap that goes around the wrist at Walmart for about $8.00 and they have really helped. Found them in the section where they have assorted splints and braces.
Carpal tunnel
I just had the carpal tunnel release done. It was quick, relatively painless and I was able to work again almost immediately.  Before considering a complete career overhaul, consider having the CT release surgery.
Carpal Tunnel
I was having terrible symptoms of wrist pain, hand pain, forearm and shoulder pain.  A couple of years ago I switched to an ergonomic keyboard and the pain went away.  It took me about a week to get used to the keyboard, but it was well worth it.  The only problem is that now I can't type on a regular keyboard.  My friend, who has been an MT for 20+ years and was about ready to retire due to the pain, did the same and it helped her also.  There are a lot of ergonomic keyboards on the market, but my favorite is the Microsoft Natural.  Hope this helps.
Carpal tunnel
Have been doing this for 20+ years and I had more problems when working as an Admin Assistant for department heads at a hospital.  In fact had CT surgery when working as a secretary and answering phones for 12 social workers.  Since I have been doing this, have not had any problems except for that which comes with older age.  I do get up and move about, have a movable keyboard rest and work in several positions but type up to 10 hours a day sometimes and no problems.  I do walk, exercise and do yoga and take time for myself and feel that helps. 
Carpal Tunnel
I began experiencing problems with carpal tunnel about 3 or 4 months ago. It wasn't so much during the day that I hurt. My first symptom was that I was waking up at night with my hands having numbness with a sharp tingling sensation. My thumb, and first two fingers were slightly numb during the day, but not enough that I really noticed it very much.

I went to the doctor for the pain that I was having at night because I thought that I had something wrong with my circulation.

His advice to me was to wear supportive wrist braces at night--and only at night--to keep me from bending my wrists while I sleep (which is what most people do, I guess). He said that I had inflammation of my carpal tunnel due to the amount of time that I spent on my keyboard (though I blame ASR for the necessary repetitive motions back and forth between the arrow keys and 'home row'). However, wearing a brace during the day would only cause my handsd to have to move in 'unnatural' ways and would only make the problem worse. He said that I needed to keep my wrists straight while I slept at night, as this would be when my wrists would receive their best 'healing time.' He also prescribed daily NSAIDs.

I noticed a difference after just one night!! I still had to wear the braces for about a month to completely get rid of the symptoms, but I am currently symptom-free!!

I can't say anything about how to relieve exhaustion WHILE ACTUALLY TYPING. I mean, the best thing to do is to take frequent breaks--but if you can't, then you can't!

I fortunately now have an account that has no ASR and allows me to work for a couple hours in the morning, a few hours in the afternoon, and a coulple of hours in the evening. This breaks up the monotony and gives my hands a break.
carpal tunnel
I never had the surgery itself, but I worked with a coworker when I was in-house who had both hands done, but not at the same time. She was back to work within a couple of days. She did find that an "ergonically correct" keyboard (hope spelling is correct)was helpful. It took her a while to get used to it, but it really helped her.
Sounds like cubital tunnel syndrome (sm)
which is like carpal tunnel of the elbow.

I've been told to bend my elbows as little as possible, and wear knee braces on my elbows in bed to keep my arms straight (or else tie a scarf around my waist and tie my hands to my waist - but that sounded too kinky to me LOL)
I think you can get cortisone injections in there if necessary, which is easier than surgery.
The dreaded carpal tunnel

My doctor (neurosurgeon) thinks I need carpal tunnel surgery.  I went to him for back pain and during neuro checks, he said my thumbs were "dead."  He is sending me for an EMG.  The only thing I have noticed is that I wake up in the night with "numb wrists."  I don't have any finger/hand symptoms at all.  I have always knocked on wood when anybody said "carpal tunnel." 

Has anybody out there had carpal tunnel surgery? And how did it turn out?  BTW, I am 51 and have been an MT since 1984. 

yes, CTS, (carpal tunnel) sorry guys

Don't you worry about getting carpal tunnel
or worse yet a blood clot from all that sitting? I used to work those kinds of hours about 8 years ago when we were swamped and they constantly asked us to put in more time. Now, I am suffering the consequences. I was diagnosed with RSD, repetitive stress disorder. My forearms start to ache and my neck and shoulders burn like heck. I messed myself up good so now can only work about 4 hours straight and then have to take a big break. Sure, it's possibe, but it will take its toll eventually.
well at least im not alone. its probably sign of carpal tunnel,..
something to do with blood flow or something. its stinks and it hurts. i run my hands under hot burning water when i just cant take it any more.
Carpal tunnel--what works for me
1. Vitamin B6,50 mg a day. No more than 50 mg per day, as per my neurologist. (i.e. if you take more than that, you can burn the nerves and cause pain). I have taken B-6 50mg a day, more or less, for 10+ years.

2. Watch what program you are typing on. I have much less problem with Microsoft Word 97, no experience with newer versions of Word, BUT, WP5.1 and other programs like ChartScript really, really caused MAJOR CT symptoms after even a week. So, I'm sticking with Word for now.

3. Do the exercise where you really stretch the wrist back (up) a long way. Seems to help. You can search Google for other exercises.

The B6 and being on Word instead of Word Perfect have really helped me. If I was still on Word Perfect, I don't know if I'd still be doing this. Hope you get help. I had one hand operated on 16 years ago by an excellent orthopod, and have never had to have the other one done.

Is it possible for carpal tunnel syndrome to cause a slight tingling feeling in the face as well as the arms and hands?  I have had just the slightest of tingling in my face for the last two weeks.  No other symptoms at all...just a slight tingling.  I have also had, for a longer period of time, pins and needles in both arms, more on the right.  I've been a steady MT for about 14 years, and I'm wondering if it's catching up with me?  I sorta ruled out a stroke since I figured I'd be dead by now and there are no other symptoms!  Any advice/help is greatly appreciated. 

you are confusing RSI with carpal tunnel
I'm not having a problem with my wrists. It's all the tendons in my fingers. Funny thing, I posted the message after having gone to Best Buy and clickey-clacking through all their keyboards. They are all stiff too. I am looking for something that you can just barely touch the keys so my tendons aren't so strained.
Carpal tunnel surgery??

Has anyone had the surgery on both hands?  I just got done with the left hand and now will have the right hand done next week.  Just wondering if you are right handed if that hand takes longer to heal.  My left healed enough for me to type in about three weeks. I am hoping my right does too.  I want to change companies, but cannot really apply for any jobs or even test if I do not know when I can start. 

Thanks for any help.  I am new here and it has been a wealth of info for me. 


right carpal tunnel surgery - sm
I had my right carpal tunnel surgery about 10 years ago, and I would say I was fairly well healed by three weeks, but I took the whole six weeks that I was allowed as my job paid for the leave. IF I had to have it done now, I would have to go back to work at three weeks, cannot afford to stay out for six weeks. I found that squeezing a small rubber ball really helped. Good luck.
carpal tunnel symptoms
Well, it has finally happened.  After 18 years of transcription, I'm starting to have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.  It has come on very suddenly, over the course of just a week.  What I would like to know is if it is possible to turn this around, since it's just coming on?  I have bought wrist supports, which help immensely, as does naproxen.  I'm taking frequent breaks also.  Can somebody give me hope that I won't end up needing surgery? 
Symptom of carpal tunnel
one of the first things some people experience is excruciating elbow pain.
Carpal Tunnel recovery

Hey All,

I have been putting off surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, and am wondering if any of you have had carpal tunnel surgery.  How long was it before you could return to full-time transcription?  How much releif did the surgery give?  I also have developed a nodule on the inside of my right thumb,  right where it hits the spacebar and am having to hold my wrists up higher, like I am playing the piano, so I don't hit that spot on my thumb, and that makes my arms get numb faster than they usually do.  What a mess!

I just can't keep going much longer, but I am scared of the financial loss of not working for any period of time


Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

Tinnitus and carpal tunnel....
....plus a rotten and distrustful attitude toward the industry. Man, I'm so grateful to be old and retired!
be careful all of you - you could be pushing yourself into repetitive use syndrome formerly carpal t
and then your ability to earn an income is jeopardized.... I know because I have walked in those shoes.
Wrist splints for carpal tunnel....
Go to your local drug store and purchase the best pair available and then wear them nightly faithfully.  They help tremendously!  (At least me, but everyone's different...)  
Carpal tunnel - know I saw post about vitamins...
or such that helped carpal tunnel without surgery or such.  I am really having problems with my right wrist and it is majorly affecting my production.  I do not want surgery or such, so was going to try vitamins or exercise first, any suggestions?  Thanks. 
Duh! Should be carpal tunnel. I really should proof before I hit send. nm
Burn-out, carpal tunnel, RSI, obesity,
blood clots in the legs, very high stress to produce fast and still 100% accuracy, years of training... we are waaaay underpaid.
those of you with hand pain, carpal tunnel, tendinitis

How long had you been in the business before the onset of the symptoms, how fast did they progress, and what steps did you take to keep the symptoms at bay, without surgery.  Even those who have had surgery, you may reply whether or not it helped.

For me, my symptoms began after seven years, just aching.  I then switched keyboards to split.  That worked for a few months, then the joint pains in fingers.  I typed softer, really concentrated on not BANGING the keys out.  Those two things helped another six months.  Last year about this time, pain again caught up.  I got splints..started B6, magnesium, muscle relaxers, took sugar and pasta out of diet (most), and coffee, carpal tunnel exercises.  If I deviate off this diet for even one day, I get the inflammation in the wrists.  The night splint worked for exactly one year.  Here we are, i'm now on the same boring diet, and have resorted to wearing the splints during the day as well.  I believe this is my last year as an MT.  I need to get a dif job and do this part time or find an editing job which seems impossible.

Could some of you share your time lines so I know how severe mine is in comparison?  Also anything I have not tried, if you could share.  Thanks. 

does workman's compensation cover us for carpal tunnel? nm
Isolation, backaches, carpal tunnel, eyestrain sm
neck pain, sensitivity to noise, others think you're "nuts" because you know so much; yet they call you first for every little thing. On the positive side, being able to perform a task not many can, even doctors! Pride in profession, even though in today's world the pay stinks! It used to pay well, sorry for those who have wasted 2 years of college on something that is going the way of the horse and buggy. Sorry to be so negative, it's sad and I get even madder if anyone calls us "a dying breed" - we are special people. Love it, hate to see what's happening all around me - worth the pain to me though, not sorry about any of it. No flaming please, its sad enough, bordering on depression but refuse to go there, I take a nice hot bath instead and hope for the best.
My left thumb is the only "finger" I don't use, carpal tunnel is bad enough already.nm
so its not a common typing symptom? like carpal tunnel maybe? i am the only one here who suffers...
from chronic cold fingers? only while typing.
Probably something to do with carpal tunnel - The rare times mine acts up - sm
my thumbs get weird and trembly (?). I suspect that is your problem. Try changing your keyboard position, if you have it raised, make it flat, and visa versa. On my backup computer I have to have the keyboard raised but on my everyday PC I have it flat, and my CTS does not bother me now that I have my keyboards situated well for me.
...to prevent carpal tunnel and other repetative stress injury. nm
I've been avoiding T-day discussions.
I've hosted T-day, Christmas Eve and Easter for the past several years. I'm tired of it. I spend two days cleaning, shopping and cooking. Relatives tell me they'll show up but don't. I have to plan on 32 or more people per year. We shell out a ton of money each time for food and beverages. I wind up cleaning for at least another day afterwards because the nieces and nephews drag everything out of the closets and off the shelves, and their parents don't even ask them to pick up. One of the young ones in potty training invariably pees on the carpet because their parents can't be bothered to put vinyl pants over their training underwear or use Pullups. The younger kids take food into the bedrooms, which my own kids aren't allowed to eat in the bedrooms, then I find nasty rotten food in the toyboxes or dressers or ground into the carpet. Ew, I can't stand letting toddlers run around the house with food and uncovered cloth underpants. Somebody always shows up sick and spreads their germs to all of us. Nothing like sharing your stomach flu! My neighbors get mad at me for my relatives parking in front of their house and threaten to call the cops, which the cops said nobody owns a public street and we can park wherever we want to. I'm the one that always gets "appointed" to host because I work fewer hours than the other women in the family and our living room is bigger. They've got fewer kids than I do and more time off. Maybe we can just cancel it this year and stay home without having anybody over.
I'm totally avoiding the mall...FOREVER

People are crazy this time of year.  Hello chronic anxiety.

Restless leg syndrome
I have read in the paper comments by  a doctor that a bar of soap underneath the sheet near the legs will alleviate RLS.  Many people have used this method and they say it works.  Use anything but Dove soap, do not know why. 
I had a doc once with Napoleon syndrome
(little man disease) who told me that a monkey could do my job!!! He referred to me as a "typist." AAAHHHH!!!
Toaster syndrome, LOL!
Sorry I can't help. I am in the same exact spot.
toaster syndrome
I thought it was just me.
Mosse's sign (or syndrome)..

I must have Tourette's thought syndrome too! (nm)
Deer in headlight syndrome...
As a poster stated below, I, too, would probably freeze up big time with an oral test. Here is something that I observed while talking to other people about the mttest testing. I took this test for Career Step and then for a large national. Both times, I took the MAXIMUM time allowed, even 'sleeping on it' and looking it over in the morning. I did very well. Some people I talked to did not want to bother taking extra time to be assured of a good grade. They just rushed through it even though I encouraged them NOT to, and failed.

I was hired by the large national, and seem to do very well. High QA scores, and rarely hear from QA...have never had any major mistake. That is because I take extra time, since I am new, to look up EVERYTHING! No, I am not getting rich, but I am learning. And to top it off, I recently discovered that they accidentally? placed me at the advanced level of reports from the get-go. I thought ALL newbies did ops and procedures!

My theory is that the people that would not take the time to do well on the mttest also would not take time to proofread their reports or look things up!

I am sure I would have failed your oral test even if I DID know the answers! Oh well, everyone is different. Besides, you are obviously looking for the well-seasoned MT as is your right.
She will tire of this soon. It's just "newbie syndrome". nm
computer vision syndrome

My eyes have gone downhill big time since starting in this field (around 3 years ago).  I have always had near perfect vision, and this is about the only thing I can attribute it to. 

I have nearly all of the symptoms of this when researching (in all 3 categories; vision problems, eye problems, and general discomfort) - then again, I found that some doctors are skeptical about this.  I have an eye appointment on Thursday and I am hoping that my doctor will take me seriously.  I am at my wits end with this. 

Was anyone told they have this, or does anyone have any suggestions for me? 

Thank you!  

Anyone have Raynaud's syndrome from typing? SM
Just since January my hands have been ice cold. Sometimes just one hand. Sometimes just the fingertips. I figured these weren't typical carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, because I have no pain. So I did a little googling and came up Raynaud's. It is getting super annoying. No pain, just freezing hands. Anyone else? Thanks!
I call it Numbutt Syndrome LOL

I bought this chair from Office Max (link below) when I started working at home. I can work in it comfortably for several hours at a time.

I also do "glute crunches" - tense one side for about five seconds, release, tense the other side, release, repeat several times.