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computer vision syndrome

Posted By: SM please on 2007-03-05
In Reply to:

My eyes have gone downhill big time since starting in this field (around 3 years ago).  I have always had near perfect vision, and this is about the only thing I can attribute it to. 

I have nearly all of the symptoms of this when researching (in all 3 categories; vision problems, eye problems, and general discomfort) - then again, I found that some doctors are skeptical about this.  I have an eye appointment on Thursday and I am hoping that my doctor will take me seriously.  I am at my wits end with this. 

Was anyone told they have this, or does anyone have any suggestions for me? 

Thank you!  

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Apparently my vision is gone after

looking at a computer monitor all day.  There is supposed to be a MQ board with a link to the left???  Would someone have mercy on me and tell me if they see it because I sure don't see it.  Thanks!

Maybe they have vision problems; otherwise it's just bad
Vision problems
Get a flat screen monitor if you do not already have one. When I made the switch it helped me out tremendously. Not nearly as many bad headaches.
OMG - LMAO at that vision!

I just saw myself sitting on one of those balls and trying to type, then seeing me move my foot forward to hit the pedal and the ball shooting out from behind me.  I've never tried typing while sitting on one of those, but I can only imagine considering the trouble I have had just trying to exercise on one of those balls.  I guess it would be for the more coordinated (which I'm not). 

Thanks for the laugh - I needed that!!

Poor vision
That is funny!!!!
some people have tunnel vision and don't see the
hahahaha, I just have a vision of grating Velveeta!
Obviously the poster has a tunnel-vision one-sided view of Walmart.
Facts confuse and confound Walmart haters. They watch a piece on TV and think they know it all. Sad really because they think they can change the world with bias with their little news groups and posts that are so illogical and not thought out at all to present an reasonable argument.

Bottom line is most retail stores hire part time. They import goods from outside the US. They avoid paying benefits by hiring part time. They pay minimum wage or close to minimu wage. They hire unskilled workers with very little education or people who are retired or trying to make a little extra to supplement another income.

I see no unhappy people at any Walmart I have shopped at, workers or shoppers.
I had it - all 3 big problems - horrible vision, large pupils and astigmatism and it is GREAT!
I now have 20/15 vision (and am 45...still no reading glasses yet LOL). It is so incredibly amazing to be able to see everything without slapping on glasses or bothering with contacts - it is AWESOME! I had the B&L wavefront if I remember correctly 3 years ago.
Restless leg syndrome
I have read in the paper comments by  a doctor that a bar of soap underneath the sheet near the legs will alleviate RLS.  Many people have used this method and they say it works.  Use anything but Dove soap, do not know why. 
I had a doc once with Napoleon syndrome
(little man disease) who told me that a monkey could do my job!!! He referred to me as a "typist." AAAHHHH!!!
Toaster syndrome, LOL!
Sorry I can't help. I am in the same exact spot.
toaster syndrome
I thought it was just me.
Mosse's sign (or syndrome)..

I must have Tourette's thought syndrome too! (nm)
carpal tunnel syndrome...nm

Deer in headlight syndrome...
As a poster stated below, I, too, would probably freeze up big time with an oral test. Here is something that I observed while talking to other people about the mttest testing. I took this test for Career Step and then for a large national. Both times, I took the MAXIMUM time allowed, even 'sleeping on it' and looking it over in the morning. I did very well. Some people I talked to did not want to bother taking extra time to be assured of a good grade. They just rushed through it even though I encouraged them NOT to, and failed.

I was hired by the large national, and seem to do very well. High QA scores, and rarely hear from QA...have never had any major mistake. That is because I take extra time, since I am new, to look up EVERYTHING! No, I am not getting rich, but I am learning. And to top it off, I recently discovered that they accidentally? placed me at the advanced level of reports from the get-go. I thought ALL newbies did ops and procedures!

My theory is that the people that would not take the time to do well on the mttest also would not take time to proofread their reports or look things up!

I am sure I would have failed your oral test even if I DID know the answers! Oh well, everyone is different. Besides, you are obviously looking for the well-seasoned MT as is your right.
She will tire of this soon. It's just "newbie syndrome". nm
Anyone have Raynaud's syndrome from typing? SM
Just since January my hands have been ice cold. Sometimes just one hand. Sometimes just the fingertips. I figured these weren't typical carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, because I have no pain. So I did a little googling and came up Raynaud's. It is getting super annoying. No pain, just freezing hands. Anyone else? Thanks!
I call it Numbutt Syndrome LOL

I bought this chair from Office Max (link below) when I started working at home. I can work in it comfortably for several hours at a time.

I also do "glute crunches" - tense one side for about five seconds, release, tense the other side, release, repeat several times.

PTSIO Syndrome - Please Read

Moms, are you suffering from PTSIO Syndrome?

This is "Post Traumatic School Is Out" Syndrome.

Symptoms include:

* Loss of balance due to tripping over piles of leftover school
supplies, end of year projects, extra gym shoes and paint shirts.

* Headaches due to sudden loss of any personal time during the day
as well as loss of late evening personal time. they are staying up
later than you now that it's summer!

* Feeling of chaos due to house a disaster 24/7 (used to at least be
clean a few hours while kids at school.

* Earaches due to loud begging from children for sleepovers with
friends, as well as pleas for setting up the pool, and/or going to
the pool.

* Dizziness due to increased shuttling to and from friends' houses,
swimming lessons, summer camps, baseball and other sports.

* Ringing in ears due to phone and doorbell constantly ringing with
friends wanting to play.

* Pain in the neck due to husband's annoying: What did you do today honey?

(DUH! The kids are home!)

*Sudden weight gain and bad hair days due to Mom's inability to go
to the gym, get a hair cut/color caused by kids' constant presence.

*Feelings of claustrophobia due to kids hanging on you, causing
inability to accomplish simple tasks like going to grocery store.

Length of PTSIO Syndrome:

Usually about 90 days (June-August)

Remedies include: Locking yourself in the bathroom for the next 90 days
and/or stocking up on beer, wine and other alcoholic consumables as coping
mechanisms. Other possible remedies include taping therapeutic Oprah
episodes and watching late night. (Lord knows you can't watch it during the day - "their shows are on!)

Prognosis: While PTSIO Syndrome is not fatal, some mothers have been driven to
the brink of insanity, but thankfully almost all regain their faculties by early September.

I have a preference for Dead in Bed syndrome myself
Just for your info.. this 30-year MT is NOT adding s to Down syndrome
so that is not what the problem is... I don't care HOW long you've been transcribing a split infinitive is a split infinitive!  and verb tenses haven't changed, as far as I know... so don't act like 30-year MTs just aren't "with it" cause this one is!
I thought that was rectocranial inversion syndrome?
I'm outta here.  Y'all have fun now.
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
My best guess. 
male Turner's syndrome...? please see inside first.

is this a child? sometimes symptoms are skeletal deformities...?
Sounds like irritable bowel syndrome ...sm
if you go to webmd.com you can read up on it as well as some things to do to help alleviate symptoms.
There is a disordered called Wilson's Syndrome
I believe.  The TFTs will be normal, but there is still a problem and being put on low-dose thyroid replacement helps.  I don't remember all the specifics now, but when through testing with my primary physician who had an interest in this. 
Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome.
I have the above, and neurologist told me that at all times to keep my wrists turned outwards and not bent inwards. This, along with wrist splints, have helped me tremendously and I have no need for surgical intervention.
Me, too. I also have what I call 'phantom word syndrome' - sm
where I heard a word (or words), and was SURE I typed them, only to go back and proofread, and find a mysterious gap where I left it (them) out. Must be those 'word-gremlins' coming in and erasing them!
Sounds like cubital tunnel syndrome (sm)
which is like carpal tunnel of the elbow.

I've been told to bend my elbows as little as possible, and wear knee braces on my elbows in bed to keep my arms straight (or else tie a scarf around my waist and tie my hands to my waist - but that sounded too kinky to me LOL)
I think you can get cortisone injections in there if necessary, which is easier than surgery.
what are the specific symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (sm)
Anyone know the specific symptoms of carpal tunnel? My right top of my arm feels sort of numb, like my forearm and my wrist aches.  Also, my shoulder hurts.  Is this typical for carpal tunnel or maybe something else?
be careful all of you - you could be pushing yourself into repetitive use syndrome formerly carpal t
and then your ability to earn an income is jeopardized.... I know because I have walked in those shoes.
And don't forget avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome! nm
I should try this. Posttraumatic stress syndrome is what I have from a childhood filled with neglec
I am afraid of everything. It is exhausting being in a state of fight or flight. I have isolated myself and refused to have children as my own childhood was so terrifying. Did not help that we moved numerous times during school years. Thank goodness for a few sensitive teachers and the parents of a friend. With MT, at least I know what is expected of me. There is no guessing games like there are in my mind when I am in the midst of people.
Cold fingers often - diagnosed with Raynaud syndrome many years ago.
I usually try warm water first - if that doesn't help, I have these little packets, normally found in the camping section of stores called hand warmers. One is called Hothands-2(up to 10 hrs of heat), another one called MEGA warmer(12+ hours). One you shake to activate, the other just expose to air - then place them in a pocket or glove. I wear sweats with pockets - put them in my pockets and warm up my hands.

Found these several years ago as we go camping; however, hubby loves going out in late Sept & I'll swear would go all winter if he could. When he's comfortable, I'm turning blue!! He found these for me - and, they also have foot warmers (6 hrs heat), which sometimes I will use in the winter if I'm wearing my moccasins - with socks - while transcribing!!

I heard from a non-MT source that the use of excessive saccharin in the diet could cause CT syndrome
Would anyone have documentation of such?
Depends on which fingers it is. Guyon's canal syndrome is another possibility.nm
May-Thurner syndrome is compression of the left iliac vein by the artery crossing over it.
Is it their computer? Why are they installing a firewall and autocorrect on your computer? That sm
is usually the responsibility of the transcriptionist, especially if an IC or SE.  Which company?
Question about transfering computer into to another computer.. sm

I have a dumb question - Just bought a new computer and someone told me to get a flash drive to transfer all my info.  But I'm assuming that ExText that I work off of and Escription will have to be downloaded again by the tech people onto my new computer.  I can tranfer these can I?


How does one find out the computer specs on my computer?

I should know this, but I just don't remember how to do this.  I am hoping I have enough RAM, or whatever, to load work platform on my own computer and begin working on it, rather than paying *rent* on the company-furnished computer.  Thanks so much.

A computer is a computer, whether it be laptop or desktop.
I have both and use both and I bought both of mine...most companies do not provide computers...
Computer Generated Image or Computer graphic image

Computer help, please - sm

I know this should be easy BUT, tell me how to find the version of Windows that I have.  I can't find where it says this. 



New Computer?
I have only ever had Dell computers, but like you said, I'm tired of getting someone named Bobby, who can't speak English. I quit buying from them and went to my local computer place and had one built. Now, when I have a problem, I get someone who speaks English. IF you live in a big town, check around. I live in a small town and it was easy to find out what was what. I would still rather have a Dell, but I don't do anything off shore anymore. The price of a small place is not that much different than buying from the places you mentioned and is a lot less wear and tear on the nerves.
First computer
The first computer I ever used was a Rayethon (think that is the spelling) computer.  It was enormous, took up my whole desk, LOL.  Nothing like nowadays.  Wonder whatever happened to Rayethon?
I tried it and mine did the same as yours.
MQ computer
I got to use one of their computers free while I was training and continued until I was off probation.  Then the fee started coming off my checks.  But, the repeating theme seems to be all the offices are different.
I have two HPs. I think I will do the same.
it's not the computer
You need a little stereo adaptor that you can buy from radio shack. It costs a few dollars. I'm presuming you have a a cord that connects into the computer. Okay, now, you plug the adaptor into the cord and your headset into the adaptor.