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Anyone REALLY familiar with GFR/kidney tests?

Posted By: Renee on 2008-01-23
In Reply to:

     This is a personal question, not exactly related to work.  I am going in circles with at least 2 doctors now (and several unrelated specialists) who are not concerned about my lab values, but from what I have looked up, it seems they should be doing something, even if it is just explaining what is going on and why.

Since August last year, my GFR has been 55-59, and from what I've read, that means kidney damage.  I am still on indomethacin, which I believe can contribute to kidney damage.  I don't know what else could be contributing or what might make things better, or if like they say, it's "within normal limits" and "nothing to worry about".

Any input?

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Anybody donated a kidney? sm
My sister has renal failure and is on dialysis.  She was admitted to the hospital with myxedema coma (severe hypothyroidism) back in March, being hospitalized into the middle of June.  She made a miraculous recovery considering she started out on life support in the ICU of a major medical center.  She's now home and doing terrific, but she's been left with the RF.  She is starting the paperwork for a transplant, and I am considering possible kidney donation.  Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it?  I'd appreciate any info.  I've done a little investigating on the net and it goes without saying it's a big decision and a lot involved.  Appreciate any input for sure and thanks!
May be "pole of the right kidney"
Pole of the right kidney
Now you are in the ballpark!! Go back and listen yet again.
kidney surgery
I am facing kidney surgery in the very near future to cut out a urethral stricture from my single kidney (congenital).  My doctor informed me this is a relatively common procedure but that it is not a surgery one can just bounce right back from.  I'm just curious if anyone can tell me whether you've had this surgery or know someone who has, and know their recovery rate and prognosis.  He also told me there is a 2% to 3% chance this could not take and the surgery might have to be repeated.  My doctor told me one month after the surgery I will have to have a second surgery to remove a stent that he will temporarily place.  He said I will be in the hospital overnight (for the initial surgery) and then probably won't feel like doing my regular activities for at least two weeks.  Thanks for any information.
My son's best friend is in need of a kidney transplant.
He is such a smart, sweet, good kid.  He's only 15 years old, but he's trying to help raise some of the money for his transplant by operating an Internet store because his family has had hard times and the insurance company bailed on him.  He's not yet on dialysis, so Medicare won't cover it.  The high school refused to work with him on his absences because they thought he was making it all up.  Never mind the fact that his mother and doctor also called the school to explain.  He sleeps a lot because he's so sick and tired.  He has been off the charts on all of the state's standardized tests, so you know he could just walk in and pass the GED exam.  Anyway, his older brother will be the living donor because there are no compatible cadaver donated organs out there.  A person ought to be able to depend on their family when nobody else can help.  I have kidney problems myself.  I only hope that if it came to it, someone would be there for me.
OT-Anyone have polycystic kidney disease?

I have just recently learned I have polycystic kidney disease (my mother died of kidney failure) and the cysts are on my right kidney, adrenal gland and on recent CT, (only two months from my first one), I have now developed cysts on my liver too. The kidney cysts are bleeding. :( I have daily right-sided aching and back pain. My right kidney is deformed and I have reflux on the right as well as kidney damage from childhood.

My whole illness started out about eight months ago as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and it was horrible with nausea, anorexia due to that, and significant weight loss. I had two Epley maneuvers that corrected the vertigo. A CT of the abdomen and pelvis was done and that is when the first cysts on the kidney were discovered which I was told were not concerning in someone in their 50s. In the meantime, I had started eliminating a couple of my Rx meds and the nausea stopped, and so I felt they were the cause of my nausea which in a sense I feel could still be true but perhaps more due to not metabolizing the meds appropriately due to kidney and/or liver problems but I do not know that yet. I do not see a urologist until 09/07 and will find out more then.

It is my understanding that this is a hereditary/genetic disorder and there is no cure and progression to kidney failure is quite high by the time you are 60 and I am 52.

I was just wondering if anyone else has this or knows someone who does and what info they may be willing to share. 

Thanks so very much. :)

My step-father got a kidney transplant

He was extremely happy to be off the dialysis and looked quite a bit healthier for a span of time (kidneys do things the plastic tubing just can't), but he only lived an extra 3 years and had to take lots of antirejection meds in the meantime, was in and out of the hospital a lot.

I agree with the person who posted below about talking to a physician about the downsides. Find out exactly what quality of life most transplant recipients have and how many extra years most of them receive. This is a big decision. It will change your life and probably in ways you can't fathom yet.

Wish I could give you better answers. It's so hard to watch people we love suffer.

Yep, my son's doc charged 111.00 for a 3 minute visit to tell him he had a kidney stone.
And to think the insurance paid it. Hmmm.
The first question I would ask myself is, "why would I NOT give my sister a kidney?"
Yes, it's an enormous decision. Good luck to you both.
exophrenic..can't document this word but I know it means outside the kidney..sm
Is it spelled right? Thanks.
ask yourself how you would feel if she died needing a kidney and you didn't save her with yours t
You let me know when you pass a kidney stone the size of a golfball without anesthetic and THEN
we can talk about the pain of being a man vs. a woman!
I can't believe how bad some of the tests are!
Some test where you put commas (for which there are few real-world rules) and other BOS nonsense. Some count off if you didn't transcribe the patient's name and other private information (that you'll send to them via e-mail). Few actually test the skills required to be successful at real-world MT. Many tests only answer one question: "Have you memorized all the personal preferences found in the BOS or not?"
tests are different
I've taken them that take as little as half an hour to as much as 4 hours. I think they are a good idea.
Please no more tests - sm
Any company that doesn't test? There has to be a better way than wasting all this time.
Just have the employee perform the expected tasks.  If the person cannot do so...then good-bye... It's very simple....
Lab tests
Does anyone know of a good website that lists lab test reference ranges.  The one I have has in depth information about the test, but not reference ranges.  Thanks!
Here's one of the very best for lab tests...


Just click on what the lab test starts with, and it gives you tons of information.

I love this one for finding docs:


I agree on the tests. Right now I don't have a foot pedal because mine were always furnished before. I won't buy one until I know it is compatible with any given company. Ever try the test with the foot pedal. Takes hours. I just refuse to try it any mroe.
Anyone testing/tested with Transolutions? Why is it that the first of four transcription tests are easy breezy? The remaining tests have me backed in a corner. If/when I actually get a job, I hope the transmission is better.
also, most docs won't do certain tests (sm)

without your consent, if they are not considered standard and will probably have to be paid for by the patient out of pocket, unless the patient agrees to pay either up front or if the charge is denied.  At least that's been my experience! Good luck, I hate insurance companies, too!

Isn't she cute? 

these tests are standard for this age and despite what sm
poster below said; they are usually done with routine pap smears and sometimes no mention is ever made from doc about what they are doing. fight ins company.
I always have to check that one.

this one is good for lab tests...
NCLB and tests.
I am in Alabama and my husband works for the school system. Not only is the school rated in many ways by how well the students do on the tests, but the individual teachers are as well. I agree that there should be a way to evaluate teachers/schools, but NCLB has really burdened the system. Also, teachers cannot simply teach. They have an ungodly amount of evaluation material they have to complete and report to the various agencies involved. This is on computer, and last I heard they are not supposed to take it home. I have actually seen some of this "paperwork" and it goes way past ridiculous. I know there are bad teachers out there, but considering what they make and what they have to deal with, there is on way I would be one. Consider also that there are students who simply refuse to be taught, and others who even the best teachers cannot reach. Their scores count just as much as the students who really want to learn. Do the teachers "teach the tests"? Of course they do. If your entire livelihood was based on how well you knew the Book of Style, what would MT schools be teaching?
I took tests with footpedal. If using

Windows Media Player, have to keep hitting the play and rewind buttons with the mouse.  Very time consuming but doable.  Good Luck on your test!! 

Transcription Tests

Has anyone tested for any companies, passed their test and was never contacted after the initial email stating that you had passed their test?  I wonder why we bother to take hours out of our day to take tests and then never get contacted.  I recently took a test, which the company had informed me that I had passed.  However, two emails later I am still waiting to be contacted by them.  They keep telling me shortly.  This was two weeks ago.  Anyone else with this dilemma?

Transcription Tests
Here's the thing--there ARE other companies out there looking for transcriptionists, lots of them. I always try to followup ASAP on people who apply because they've usually applied other places too and if I don't grab them somebody else will. I wouldn't bother following up any more, find another company. There are lots of us who are looking for conscientious transcriptionists.
Lab Tests Online
I remember seeing on here somewhere where someone had put a link to a good website with normal values for lab counts. Does anyone know that link?  Thanks
These tests are absurd.
Blanks in tests


I am looking for an opinion please. I have been taking my very first at-home test(hoping to come home and leave the politics behind). I was wondering if it would be counted against you if there was a blank in the one of the trascrption samples. My current employer prefers blanks to guesses but then again they are familiar with their employees' strenghts and weaknesses.

Any advice welcome.

Sometimes those giving the tests

deliberately give you a difficult dictator or bad-quality dictation to see what you will do.  When in doubt, leave a blank.  It's not such a big deal, as you will become familiar with the dictator/account & will have samples to go by.  I'm always curious though if I leave a blank and will ask and either say, "oh that's what it was," or "I'd have never gotten than in a million years, what in the world?."  Good luck on your test!

Exactly! Because you got familiar with VR....
It is difficult to switch from stRaight to editing, Back an forth, back and forth, this is so TRUE!

And all the various accounts with the different clients' specifics.
The problem w/ the digital tests is that...

you cannot read them manually, i.e., the faint line after you pop the stick off the reader.  Those lines don't mean the same thing as the standard tests that shows lines for pregnant or not pregnant.  I would take another test first thing in the morning and see what the results say.

Breathalyzer tests for docs

Sometimes don't you wonder if they should take this test before they begin dictating???

I just finished a long total knee arthroplasty and it sounds like this doc had a few cocktails before he began dictating.  Slurring his words and changing his mind several hundred times.  Don't ya just hate that?

Just had to vent cause I have him again.  I am ready for a cocktail or 2 myself now.

psychology terms and tests
anyone know of a good website to get some basic psych. terms, tests, etc?  I am soon to start a new psych account, and have done very few psych reports of any kind....thanks for any input!
Tests, cannot pass typing
part and yet I have been tested (not under pressure) at 140 per minute. I failed another typing (yes, thatís right) test when I had my hands off the home keys and it all came out garbage. I do lots of lines per day in transcription but it is just me and my kitties here.
Here is list of psych tests

This may be helpful if you'd like a list without having to search every time, then you can look up terms for results, etc., based on the test. Scroll down to bottom, there's an alphabetized list. 


Anyone else to lazy to take tests..LOL. I applied for a job
but I swear when I opened up the testing and it was 6 reports including discharge summaries, right then and there, I just thought to my "NO way." I guess I just don't have the drive or energy to do testing for a job that takes a hour or more.  Part of me realizes that they need this information, but the other part, just thinks it's ridiculous to expect people to spend so much time on a test. Trust me, most of the time, when you see one report, it's quite apparent if the person has any skills or not. Sooooo, I guess I'm lazy because I'm NOT doing this test. Anyone else get these feelings...Maybe I'll regret it and maybe not. Time will test because a lot of other people were sent the same test so I'll wait for their report LOL
lots of weird tests
I liked it but it took me a lot of time to learn all the labs. Good learning experience though.
Male friend age 73 had some tests done and x-ray

and doctor was amazed when he saw a blockage of the intestine.  The friend is very "eccentric" and not knowledgeable about his health, so that is all I know as of today.  When the doctor saw this blockage, he immediately called an ambulance (hospital just across the street), and he refused to go in an ambulance.  Then he drove himself to the ER at the hospital and took all papers and x-rays.  The ER was very busy with broken bones, etc., and he got tired of waiting and left, leaving his papers and everything on the desk.  He told the doctor he would come back Monday, and he said "you may not live until Monday."

Can you help with what you would think could be this problem with his intestine.  He is doing 3-day smear for blood now and to return them.  Thank you for any information you may have.  I am very worried about him.

OOPS, didn't see that he had tests ... (SM)
if the doctor is that concerned that he called an ambulance, you need to convince him to go back! 
question about pre-employment tests

I'm a long-time IC, but new to applying to jobs from a forum like this and am hitting the employment trail! I've applied to jobs that I see on the Job Seekers forum just by submitting my resume on the board. When I visit their own websites, they often have pre-employment tests too. Do I go ahead and take these tests or am I supposed to be "invited" to test for them, like I hear people talking about on these forums? I don't want to take the test if I'm not supposed to yet, but I figure if it's on their main website it must not be private.

Any advice for this new job hunter? Thanks.

Allergy tests reference?
Does anyone know of any good online reference I can use to look up allergy tests? Specifically looking for something where I can look up different types of weed, grass, tree pollens that may be tested with prick test or intradermal tests. 
I don't capitalize orthopedic tests themselves, but if there's

Not familiar with a dropdown box . . .
Are you referring to F9 to get line count?
If you are familiar with this forum at all
then you should have enough insight to realize that posting such vague information without any shred of credibility will get you a less-than-desired response.

Either way, even if it IS true - what kind of friend shares such an important secret? What kind of employee leaks information?

Hmm...sounds familiar sm
Is this company out of Texas, perhaps. 
Sounds familiar.
Feast or famine.
sounds familiar
I'm drowning in paper. I have piles everywhere, including my bedroom floor and dresser. I used to be very organized and couldn't stand clutter, I don't know what happened. I live with three other "messies", husband and two of three children. I think I just gave up. I usually can find things, but it bugs me a lot. Can't seem to get myself to clean it up. This has a psychological basis I'm sure. I'm not lazy, otherwise I keep a really neat, clean house. Stressed out maybe the reason, just don't know where to start first when I do have some time to myself. It's always something.
sounds so familiar!!
I guess most office atmospheres are like that...it sounds so similar to what I had worked with until I went home...and boy am I glad I did!!! I am a social person, but absolutely do not miss the office crud!!! Now I have been doing home repairs and "fixing" up my new "office" as well as getting out a couple of nights a week. Also spending more time focusing on my needs, i.e. pampering myself more!