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My step-father got a kidney transplant

Posted By: darwin on 2005-08-22
In Reply to: Anybody donated a kidney? sm - Jaxie

He was extremely happy to be off the dialysis and looked quite a bit healthier for a span of time (kidneys do things the plastic tubing just can't), but he only lived an extra 3 years and had to take lots of antirejection meds in the meantime, was in and out of the hospital a lot.

I agree with the person who posted below about talking to a physician about the downsides. Find out exactly what quality of life most transplant recipients have and how many extra years most of them receive. This is a big decision. It will change your life and probably in ways you can't fathom yet.

Wish I could give you better answers. It's so hard to watch people we love suffer.

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My son's best friend is in need of a kidney transplant.
He is such a smart, sweet, good kid.  He's only 15 years old, but he's trying to help raise some of the money for his transplant by operating an Internet store because his family has had hard times and the insurance company bailed on him.  He's not yet on dialysis, so Medicare won't cover it.  The high school refused to work with him on his absences because they thought he was making it all up.  Never mind the fact that his mother and doctor also called the school to explain.  He sleeps a lot because he's so sick and tired.  He has been off the charts on all of the state's standardized tests, so you know he could just walk in and pass the GED exam.  Anyway, his older brother will be the living donor because there are no compatible cadaver donated organs out there.  A person ought to be able to depend on their family when nobody else can help.  I have kidney problems myself.  I only hope that if it came to it, someone would be there for me.
I need step-by-step instructions to make a macro in word that aligns automatic numbered list to the
HELP!!!!! Thanks in advance.
One small step for MTs, one giant step for the US! -nm
Follow his directions step-by-step.

Once the Macro is in place, you can add it to your toolbar by right clicking on the toolbar you want it to appear on. Choose customize (bottom of menu). Click on the Command tab and choose Macros from the left-hand side of the box. Find Normal.NewMacros.GetLineStrictCount from the right-hand side of the box. Left mouse click on that macro one time and hold the button down. Drag the command to the toolbar in the location where you want it to be. You should now see a large box with the entire name of the macro inside. Right click on that box for the drop-down menu to change the appearance of that button and you're in business.

Face transplant lady has news conference.. see link


Check out the slideshow under her picture.  Amazing.

Oh i was, but I'm involved in a real life heart transplant story.
hits me twice as hard.
Better to take a step up than a step backwards.
Help! I need step-by-step instructions for MS
When the dictator says "same" for the postop diagnosis, do I have to highlight, copy, and paste from the preop diagnosis, or is there a simple one-step keystone that can be done to automatically copy (hope that makes sense).
Anybody donated a kidney? sm
My sister has renal failure and is on dialysis.  She was admitted to the hospital with myxedema coma (severe hypothyroidism) back in March, being hospitalized into the middle of June.  She made a miraculous recovery considering she started out on life support in the ICU of a major medical center.  She's now home and doing terrific, but she's been left with the RF.  She is starting the paperwork for a transplant, and I am considering possible kidney donation.  Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it?  I'd appreciate any info.  I've done a little investigating on the net and it goes without saying it's a big decision and a lot involved.  Appreciate any input for sure and thanks!
May be "pole of the right kidney"
Pole of the right kidney
Now you are in the ballpark!! Go back and listen yet again.
kidney surgery
I am facing kidney surgery in the very near future to cut out a urethral stricture from my single kidney (congenital).  My doctor informed me this is a relatively common procedure but that it is not a surgery one can just bounce right back from.  I'm just curious if anyone can tell me whether you've had this surgery or know someone who has, and know their recovery rate and prognosis.  He also told me there is a 2% to 3% chance this could not take and the surgery might have to be repeated.  My doctor told me one month after the surgery I will have to have a second surgery to remove a stent that he will temporarily place.  He said I will be in the hospital overnight (for the initial surgery) and then probably won't feel like doing my regular activities for at least two weeks.  Thanks for any information.
OT-Anyone have polycystic kidney disease?

I have just recently learned I have polycystic kidney disease (my mother died of kidney failure) and the cysts are on my right kidney, adrenal gland and on recent CT, (only two months from my first one), I have now developed cysts on my liver too. The kidney cysts are bleeding. :( I have daily right-sided aching and back pain. My right kidney is deformed and I have reflux on the right as well as kidney damage from childhood.

My whole illness started out about eight months ago as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and it was horrible with nausea, anorexia due to that, and significant weight loss. I had two Epley maneuvers that corrected the vertigo. A CT of the abdomen and pelvis was done and that is when the first cysts on the kidney were discovered which I was told were not concerning in someone in their 50s. In the meantime, I had started eliminating a couple of my Rx meds and the nausea stopped, and so I felt they were the cause of my nausea which in a sense I feel could still be true but perhaps more due to not metabolizing the meds appropriately due to kidney and/or liver problems but I do not know that yet. I do not see a urologist until 09/07 and will find out more then.

It is my understanding that this is a hereditary/genetic disorder and there is no cure and progression to kidney failure is quite high by the time you are 60 and I am 52.

I was just wondering if anyone else has this or knows someone who does and what info they may be willing to share. 

Thanks so very much. :)

Anyone REALLY familiar with GFR/kidney tests?

     This is a personal question, not exactly related to work.  I am going in circles with at least 2 doctors now (and several unrelated specialists) who are not concerned about my lab values, but from what I have looked up, it seems they should be doing something, even if it is just explaining what is going on and why.

Since August last year, my GFR has been 55-59, and from what I've read, that means kidney damage.  I am still on indomethacin, which I believe can contribute to kidney damage.  I don't know what else could be contributing or what might make things better, or if like they say, it's "within normal limits" and "nothing to worry about".

Any input?

Yep, my son's doc charged 111.00 for a 3 minute visit to tell him he had a kidney stone.
And to think the insurance paid it. Hmmm.
The first question I would ask myself is, "why would I NOT give my sister a kidney?"
Yes, it's an enormous decision. Good luck to you both.
exophrenic..can't document this word but I know it means outside the kidney..sm
Is it spelled right? Thanks.
ask yourself how you would feel if she died needing a kidney and you didn't save her with yours t
You let me know when you pass a kidney stone the size of a golfball without anesthetic and THEN
we can talk about the pain of being a man vs. a woman!
I think I do now, but it used to his father - sm
If I would try to make plans, he would always say he had to see what his father was doing first because he might need help doing something on the family farm.  And this was BEFORE his mother passed away and I never understood it.  I know WHY he did it - loyalty and I think a sense of obligation - but I could never understand.  My feelings were in shreds on more than one occassion.  But things are much better now.  He's still there to help is father, but I don't feel like I'm running a distant second to him anymore.
my father tried it

My father signed up there but they wanted him to pay $2000 for food. I think it was for some kind of power bar or granola bar and they wanted him to buy $2000 worth. He said he did not want to buy them but they charged his card the $2000 anyway. Needless to say, he immediately withdrew his membership.

He went to Weight Watchers and so far, so good.

My father....

was in many ways a man before his time... My parents' marriage started out very traditional with my dad earning all the money and my mother at home having and caring for the babies.  However, my dad was the type who LOVED babies and little ones and would come home and feed or sit up all night with a sick child.  Slowly, the tables began to turn.  He encouraged my mom to get an education and she eventually began working (as an MT I might add) when I was about 12 (I was the baby).  By the time I was 19 of 20 my father was laid off at age 58 and my mother had become a department supervisor and made all the money.  My mother had private accounts and actually taught my father to transcribe, which he did until he died about 12 years later.  He did the paperwork and billing and delivering too.  That made him feel useful.  He would shop and cook and do the laundry and have dinner ready for my mom when she got home from work.  Talk about a complete 180 degree in a marriage.  My father was not perfect, but he was steady and dependable and you always knew that he loved you.  My husband is very much the same.

my father uses WW
He has diabetes and a heart condition so it is critical that he maintains his diet & a healthy body weight. So far, he has been really happy with WW and it really has been helping him reach his dietary goals. Good luck to you.
it sounds like Father, May I.....*tsk tsk*..nm
Loss of father
To wimt: I lost both parents within 7 days of each other. I cried off and on for a couple of years. It takes time to heal and everyone is different. It always helps to surround yourself with people you feel comfortable with and you feel give you support. Plus, grief counseling never hurts--only helps. Good luck to you.
Katharine's Father
I was thinking the same thing about Katharine's father. They'll probably have to hold him up. All he does is cry whenever she sings. Imagine if she wins?
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you men
out there!
I took care of my father
for last two years of his life. I barely had time to work because it became so time consuming taking care of him and two little kids. It was very difficult to get any help, and social services can only do so much.

I would think long and hard before making the move. How will you care for your mother if you are working full time, perhaps have to travel across town to see her, take her to doctor visits, and still take care of two kids? My Dad lived on the other side of my duplex so I was right there and it was still incredibly difficult.

If anything, I would advise moving in with her or maybe she could move to Georgia. Good luck whatever you decide.
The father was brought in for report of him saying this and now he is
released. I guess the "report" of the "report" did not pan out enough to keep him in jail. The prosecutor is not at liberty to disclose anything and has said so repeatedly. No professional has ever quoted one of the suspects directly and you know that. A report of a report of this man having said this is all I heard from a reporter.
I have both and even had a father; I love them all dearly!!!!

***  I just knew someone would have to be negative.  Everyone, everywhere has something negative to say about most anything.  I, quite frankly, enjoy life.  Guess what?  I even laugh at "women" jokes!!!!  I know my father, who died 35 years ago, would have found this very funny.  My brother is laughing with me now.  My son, who is a Marine, will have to wait until his return home to see it but, unlike some people, he does have a sense of humor and will enjoy it as it was meant to be. 

Do you ever watch any comedies on television or anything like that??  It is quite common to see "man versus woman" schtick" (spelling?) all the time.  Seems it has not been banned due to "political incorrectness".  Anyway, I certainly did not mean to offend you; that I stated before I actually wrote the 15 pieces of advice.  Thank you. 

Reminds me of my late father-in-law....
He totally controlled the money (he figured he earned it all, so why not) and doled out "household money" to my MIL like Ricky and Lucy Ricardo did.  This continued until he died 18 MO ago, so I'm not talking about a by-gone time.  Meanwhile, up until he quit smoking, he was buying 3 to 4 packs a day plus stopping at the bar every day on the way home from work.  He never did stop drinking and I can only imagine the money he spent on that over their 40 yr marriage, while she's trying to run the house on her "allowance" and she could never take a dime out without his permission beyond the money he gave her.  Sheeesh (eyes rolling).  Thank God it didn't rub off on their son or I'd be a single woman by now.
My 4 year old also behaves better than his father.

what are you going to do

please give your Father an ATTABOY....nm

Happy Father's Day to ALL including...nm

yes, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! (nm)
The father just bought her a cell
and sent her a text message. She was able to send a message back saying, "I love you guys." I cannot even imagine the pain that family is going through or the other girl's family who was victimized.

The sheriff was even emotional and crying after it happened. It's really sad. I don't know if I could deal with that.

I spoke to the girl's father -
He then contacted the school but I haven't talked to him since then to find out what they told him.

I think the father of the killer should be shamed publically
instead of Natalee's mother.  The father of the boy is a lawyer.  He is arrested because why????????  That isn't normal if there is no evidence, nothing going on.  He says no body/no crime.  What kind of father would say that?  He is obviously not right in the head nor is his son.  They don't keep people in jail without some kind of evidence either.  And if my daughter was missing and the father of the suspect was saying things like no body no crime, I might get a little crazy too.  I would probably be over there kicking some ***, not just talking about it on TV.  Believe me, she is handling great compared to some. 
We had a weird happening after my father died...
He died in August and when we went to visit his grave just before Christmas, the grass was still growing back over the plot.  The grass had grown in the shape of a Christmas tree inside the rectangular plot of dirt over the grave.  We got some bulbs and decorations and laid them in the grass and took pictures.  Guess what, the pictures didn't turn out.  "dodo do do" (twilight zone tune)
My father is no longer living, but he was never a part

of my life.  He worked and worked and worked, and worked some more.  When he came home he sat, read the paper, watched TV and fell asleep in his recliner.  He NEVER told me he loved me until he was in advanced stages of Alzheimer's disease.   We did not get along at all and my mother always said we were so much alike that we clashed, but I don't agree with that at all.   My father was not a bad father, just wasn't a good one.   I am #4 out of 5 and I always felt I was the only one he didn't love, though I don't know he really knew how to love and probably did the best he knew how - wasn't good enough though. 

My DH on the other hand is everything my father wasn't.  

What about mudder and fodder for mother and father?
The boy's father was released after a short period of time.
So were the others who were thought to be involved.  You have very little knowledge of this case as does Mrs. Twitty.  Maybe you should just calm down and educate yourself on Aruban law and justice. 
My father left us when I was 3. Busy, I always wanted a family like yours. nm
We're trying to get my father home due to health issues

My father has been at a federal prison camp for a little over a year now.  He's been sent to a local hospital six times due to heart troubles.  Before going in he had two heart attacks, stents placed, treatment for prostate cancer.  He's now also having trouble with his kidneys.  We are at our wit's end trying to get him home on house arrest.  It was a money/bribery charge (federal).  No prior record.  Can any one PLEASE help? 


Yes, our father's were both truckers and knew each other. I know Terri & her sisters
quite well.  We also went to nearby schools. I've been to the zoo once and Australia is just gorgeous. If I ever lived anywhere else it would be Australia. Terri took us around to places that I would have never seen otherwise.  She is a lady in the fullest sense of the word.  Sadly, I never got the chance to meet Terri's hubby as he was away when we visited. It blows my mind that they were married 14 years. Time really flies and it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that they got married.   
I can't imagine any father not wanting to make sure his flesh and blood
My uneducated but street-wise father had a term for people like that--"Smart Dummy"
step outside the box?
I'm looking at your samples and asking myself, "How would I ever remmember that?"
To the moderator - you need to step up
and block this flamer from the board. We come here to chat nicely because we have isolating jobs and don't get out much. There is absolutely no need for someone to make these kind of statements to a mother. If her purpose is just to cause upset, then clearly she has no place here. Do the right thing.
Career Step
Hi - have any of you received your training from Career Step?  If so, would you recommend the program?  Thanks for you feedback.
Well, that's a step in the right direction!!!
Level the playing field a bit!

Thx for sharing!