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Anyone else really disappointed with the 2006 QLDB?

Posted By: mandy on 2006-08-16
In Reply to:

This latest version seems like a beta version.  Could it be more time consuming with all the clicking, scrolling, and tabs required to click on?  Even the new search feature stinks as it does not bring what you typed in to the top, it just leaves it on the bottom and you must scroll to bring it up.  This one is definitely NOT built for production.  Has anyone figured out how to import things from previous versions of their drug book into this one?  I cannot figure it out with this version and my e-mails to them for help have gone unanswered thus far.

Is it faster than paging through a book?  Yes.  Is it up to the standards of their previous QLDBs?  Not in my opinion and I have been very happy with the electronic version since 1999. 

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I was disappointed...sm
I wanted Eric back. Something about that Kaysar I can't stand, but can't put my finger on it. I think he reminds me of a RUDE convenience store owner that I used to know here and I just could not stand him.
My question is WHY the check problem? For crying out loud, don't they have multiple accts over multiple states? Aren't the accts paying us? Aren't you considered contractor status, so therein that is where your income comes from--the accts??? Try applying with Spheris. Can't guarantee there is work, but they are pretty nice to work for; editors, some entry level accts. This career is very frustrating! We work quite hard! Best wishes to you!
I'm just disappointed that
people who become MTs use nonsense like "alot" and sometimes "noone."

It's "a lot" and (other posters) "no one."

I think we should all know these are wrong. If you can't remember it when posting, are you sure you're remembering it in a medical report? Sorry, but these are pet peeves.

I have been hearing about MT so frequently lately I thought I'd look into it. I just attended an MT seminar held by At Home Professions and was interested enough to come home and do some research. That research led me to this board. Unfortunately, rather than being inspired by my research into the MT field, I am disappointed and frustrated. The postings here are largely negative and lead a reader to believe that the MT field is 1) Full of schools/ programs that will scam you for your money without providing the training/education you truly need to do the job right and succeed, 2) Open to only a few elite or those lucky enough to become gainfully employed w/ a good company that will pay what your work is worth and 3) A field w/ an uncertain future.

Is there anybody willing to share their MT experience w/out all of the drama?

Just your experience. The good and the bad.

For a "newbie"... Is MT a good investment in my future?




Disappointed with Stedman's
If you mean the big purple "Medical Terms and Phrases" by Stedman's, I'd go with the other one.

I bought this and am rather disappointed with it and have not found it to be helpful on the job.
Disappointed with this field.
I feel the blame is squarely to be placed on our wonderful association. They  have ruined what used to be a good career to have. Now terrible pay, no raises, poor benefits, and you are expected to have perfect work with constantly changing rules so they can sell their book.
yes, you'll be disappointed

If you spend only $20 on a headset. That's like spending $50 on a video card for "super duper" video games.

Bottom line:  SR (speech recognition) is both expensive and time consuming. It's also not for everyone. You could say the same about anything, I suppose. Some people love Instant Text and others don't. Ditto for platforms. YMMV.

I'm not trying to sell the product, but I'm a tad  at so much negativity about the product.

I was disappointed too, especially that they expect me to believe that people who have been at each
other's throats for the last few seasons (mom and George, Keith and David, and now Claire and her new boyfriend) are suddenly going to have all of their relationships work out fine in the end.  I guess why they call it fiction!
Guess you were one of those disappointed folks (nt)

shrug. disappointed but i know u are busy.
maybe the night time folks have more time. will check back.

QLDB is a wonderful book.  You need to get some Post-It tabs to mark the different sections.  I often used the section that listed the symptom and then listed the drugs for that problem.  I had a tab for the migraine section, antidepressant section, etc.  If memory serves (I do radiology now), there is no section for just antibiotics.  Instead it would list some under, say, pneumonia and others under whatever bacterial problem they were supposed to treat.  So I put a tab on each of those sections in case I just needed to figure out an antibiotic name but didn't know what it was for.  I think there was a section for drug-type abbreviations, one for units of measure, all sorts of stuff. 

I'm sticking with QLDB then. Thanks.
I have QLDB 2007

there is not much difference between that and 2006.  the big difference between 05 and 06 was the search function.  06 would not let you search starting with an asterisk for a wildcard.  07 is the same.  but i just tried searching for part of a word without a wildcard and it brought up words that had that part in the middle.  so it seems you do not need the asterisk at the beginning of a search.

to be honest, i rarely use my electronic references.  i mostly use the net and sometimes will double check a finding with an electronic ref. 

i update my references on CD for the tax credit.  and as a backup.

Me, too. I get both QLDB & Saunders new
I vote for QLDB..nm
Anyone here using QLDB 2008? (sm)

Can you do wildcard searches for drugs if you don't know the first letter?  For example, can you use *s*ax to search for "Fosamax"?  I have QLDB 2005 and I have not upgraded because someone said you can no longer do wildcard searches without the first letter (which you can do in the 2005 version). If this is so, I won't upgrade because this is a feature I really need sometimes.  I wonder if there are any other electronic drug references besides QLDB. 


i use QLDB 2007 - sm

I just tried using a wildcard search starting with *...and it would not let me.  It will only let me start with a letter, then add the wildcards.  Hope that helps!



I like using the books and just get the QLDB and the Saunders every Feb. when they come out. nm
QLDB 2004 & Spellchecker are taken (sm)
but I have lots of electronic drug refs, Stedman's electronic dictionary, etc., free to anyone who wants them. I'll send them media mail, glad that someone can use them, since I'm participating in the Stedman's boycott (over their new software reg policy).
It won't minimize so you can see Word in one and QLDB in another, and won't cut and paste. SM

There's nothing "wrong" with my CD, it's just that this edition (2007) doesn't have some of the functions of earlier versions.  It's not something you would find out unless you bought it and installed it.  If you don't care about those functions, go ahead and spend your money.  But for just the wild card or fuzzy search function there are other places on the web, that do not charge, and where you can minimize and cut and paste. 

This was discussed on a couple of other MT boards, with the same conclusion and disappointment as above. 

You decide. 


I bought the QLDB 2007 CD a couple of weeks ago...sm..
It seems fine.  It's the first electronic version I've ever had so I don't have anything to compare it to.  It was highly recommended over the Drake & Drake electronic version so I went with it. 
OOPS! I meant QLDB 2007 (please read above)
I agree, don't like the QLDB but I do like Saunders Pharmaceutical Word Book
That is one book I purchase yearly.

Sted's Ortho & Rehab Words and QLDB for the drugs by
I think it's still $5.15 in FL until 2006...sm

it's going up to $6.15 in Florida this year I read......still not nearly enough in my opinion.....*tsk tsk*

But happy that the states may be taking it over....*S*

No kidding. I was going to buy a 2006. nm
MTme on 2006-05-02
I don't expect anybody to read anybody else's mind for me?  Unless maybe you know how to read minds??
2006 Saturn Ion
Will say it this way, seventies. Not 2006.
Class of 2006
Who said 0.00 because its just a high school graduation?  My middle son just graduated this year and we did give him a huge graduation party with a buffet, cake, ice cream, balloons, napkins imprinted with his name and "Class of 2006" on them, etc.  We did the party here in our home on a Sunday afternoon and invited family, close friends and a few teachers he had kept in touch with through the years.  Yes, it was his job to earn the diploma and such was expected of him; however, the party was our reward to him for a job well done.  He did receive lots of gifts -- some were money, some were things for college, etc.  The monetary gifts ranged from $5 to $200.  My son was just as grateful for the $5 gifts as he was for the $200 (grandparents).  He also received only cards from a few people who attended, and he was still grateful for their sharing his special day.  One of the gifts he was most excited about was a gift card to a bookstore.  He spent a couple of hours wandering around trying to decide what books he wanted to purchase.  Another gift he cherishes to this day is "A Book of Prayers for the Graduate."  Don't give more than you can afford.  If a card is the best one can do, then its enough because they're acknowledging an accomplishment and milestone in a young adult's life.
The 5th edition was put out in 2006. Definitely
Not able to see 2006 posts
How do I get to see posts from 2006?  The archives seem to show me 2004 and 2005.  Sorry if this is an obvious answer, but I am not seeing it. 
Sorry meant to say 2006.....- nm
$35K in 2006, PT. Last year sm
Argh! Probably about $28 to $30K. Took a job that kept running out of work. I have a full time job now and a PT IC. I think I will break $40K for 2008. I HOPE I do anyway.
Right, retired in 2006...sm
Due to medical problems, and I am certainly not up on the latest technology or who is getting what type of work. When I retired, V/R was just becoming widespread and I never was involved in it. I just loved the ESLs, but maybe they have gotten worse/more careless/truly don't GAS. My sister had one that I could hardly understand either.
CMT 1992-2006. sm
Don't worry about the test. Like Iowan said, just register and take it. I had to drop mine when I retired, but I enjoyed having it when I was working. :)
Happy New Year 2006 to you! ...nm
NEWS = DISINFORMATION 2006!!! very sad...nm
2006 Honda Civic
P.S. Those dates should be 2006, not 2005 nm
I'm seeing posts on different boards from 2006. Need
Take a screen shot of this: $150 in 2006

Health Insurance policy for 2006
is now charging a supplement payment for smokers and those that live with smokers. Does anyone else have this policy or getting for the next year? This not through MT companies.
Interesting article about best careers in 2006. sm
I know the Club Med there will not be open until June 2006, if that is of any help. sm

No doubt a travel agent could give you an idea of how things are.  If it was me, I think I'd wait a bit.  They were hit pretty hard, and there is a lot of cleanup, I'm sure.

Wherever you go, have some sun in the fun for me! 

EXText and Stedmans 2006 spellchecker?
Anybody know if they are compatible or if there are any glitches I should be aware of before I plunk down the dough? Thanks!
2005-$12K, 2006 expect to make about $21K - sm
2005 --I would have made more but when my daughter got sick in 3/05 I could not work much with her going to chemo and just dealing with everything, so that hurt my income big time. Have 2 PT jobs, 1 is a small MTSO and the other is my own account. My goal for 2007 is $24K...would like to eventually get up to $30K.
2006 Chevy Cobalt - love it!
2006 Monte Carlo SS (black)
Save your money on the 2006 version - why -
I have used the CD version ever since it has been available and loved it, UNTIL the 2006 version. It is very different from the prior versions. It is far more cumbersome to use, is not designed for speed, and was such a waste of time I went back to using the 2005 version and just adding in the new drugs. My comments and questions to Stedman's about their latest version went unanswered. Like I said, I was very pleased with the prior versions and updated every year, but I will never buy this product again unless it is MT friendly, which the 2006 version is NOT.
Get the April 2006 Consumer Reports magazine...sm
It gives you a rundown on all vehicles as well as which ones have held up well and which ones haven't over the years. It's in the stores now or your local library should have a copy you can look at for free. :o)