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P.S. Those dates should be 2006, not 2005 nm

Posted By: Frustrated on 2007-04-22
In Reply to: I blame my employer... - Frustrated


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2005-$12K, 2006 expect to make about $21K - sm
2005 --I would have made more but when my daughter got sick in 3/05 I could not work much with her going to chemo and just dealing with everything, so that hurt my income big time. Have 2 PT jobs, 1 is a small MTSO and the other is my own account. My goal for 2007 is $24K...would like to eventually get up to $30K.
Spellex Corporation is proud to announce International Spellex Week (Dec. 5, 2005 - Dec. 11th, 2005)
Spellex Corporation is proud to announce International Spellex Week (Dec. 5, 2005 - Dec. 11th, 2005).

Please visit http://www.spellex.com all this week and save 10% on any of our popular software products.
IRS dates are 1/15, 3/15, 6/15 & 9/15
Sorry, but astrology pre-dates
began in the Renaissance, with Galileo being one of the first astronomers. Astrology pre-dates Christianity. As to whether astrology is incompatible with God, I respectfully disagree.
BOS rules for dates-help!
My mind has blanked--what is the current rule for doing dates in dictation?  Isn't it to write out the dates as October 21, 2006, rather than 10/21/2006??  Thanks!
Shorthand. Can someone please help me set up dates..sm

I need to set up an entry for each day's current date in the form 01/04/2007, as well as an entry for the date of the previous day and I do not know how to set it up.  Please help!  Thanks.

when to use in and on with dates that are incomplete


1099's info from IRS - dates etc.

I am doing a 1099 C to my ex-husband and I have received my four from my accounts and so here are the instructions regarding them from the IRS forms sitting in front of me -- Both as a recepient and as a reporter

DUE DATES:  Furnish Copy B of this form to the recipent by January 31, 2007.  File copy to the IRS by Februuary 28th.  I have to file my "Intent to File a 1099 by Februaru 15th".

On the back of my 1099 (Misc Income) received from my accounts it states "If your net income from self employmnt is $400 or more, you must file a return and compute you SE on Schedule SE (Form 1040) -- this is social security.  

It does not say from all 1099's but simply on the back of this one.  Now if someone files a 1099 with under 400 on it and others are filed with higher amounts, the IRS might wonder but I doubt that they would audit for 400 as that does not increase your tax and is only 60 SS.  Not worth their time.  But if you were to get several of these they might. 

Now some will not send you a 1099.  Plumbers, electricians, painters etc. that work on houses as sub-contracters do not get 1099's from their contractors.   I have several neighbors/friends who have small business and use manual labor and do not provide 1099's.   Then you have to decide whether or not it is worth including in case you get audited and how honest you wish to be. 

As for the employee vs IC or subcontractor - would you get anymore benefits as an employee - perhaps the 0.75 SS that they pay but they would take that out of your pay so you are not ahead.  As for having to set hours, when I was offered that before I decided stay and forge forward with my own accounts - I simply said "No thank you".  But I understand where they are coming from after having my own small 5 accounts.  I do give my gals some leeway but I do need the work back in a certain amount of hours and I prefer that they work when they are rested, not rushed, have no interruptions or squeezing me in between basketball or soccer as it certainly shows in their work.  It is hard keeping an even flow as I have no control of when docs are off or work is light or when suddenly someone decides  not to work. In the 18 years I have been doing this the hardest part is keeping a regular flow of work going to keep everyone happy.   As unemployement goes up, we go down.  But anyway just thought I would let you know what the 1099's say. 

What are the dates quarterly taxes are due?
By dates. Find a time when you SM
are relaxed. Then go back, starting from course completion or first job. Just go date by date until current. Funny you mentioned this, since I was just reviewing mine. It's not easy when you're tired, so if you are a Nightowl, try it in the morning or any quiet time. I don't believe you need to put exact dates, just the year and any person who was your supervisor or anyone you want as referral. There are also sites online that might help, but not with your dates. :)

Example: (Basic)
MT course completion: 1990.
Smith Hospital 1991.
MQ 1991-Fall 1991.
Jones Hospital 1992.
MQ 1992-1993.

List all types of work done. All of them.

Don't give dates. Just summarize your experience. I'm perfectly comfortable with this.
Heading out of town, you guys all have fun while I'm gone!
My husband forgets important dates though the kids help to remind him - sm
He has never forgotten Valentine's but all we do is cards usually. Granted I am sure for a little while it was not a favorite date of his as his first wife left him on Valentines day....guess she wanted to make a statement/impression. He came home with some things for her to an Dear John letter and an empty house.
When I copy my resume to the ads on the job board it gets all messed up, dates on the wrong line,
and I have to straighten it all back out again, so that the name of the hospital that I worked at is on the first line, then the dates worked there, etc.  My question is, do I need to straighten this out or does it just mess it up more for the person who is trying to print it out who receives it.  It is perfect when I copy it from MSword, but then when I paste it, it is messed up.  Should I straighten it out to look right because the place that is hiring will read it from that place that I copied it to or should I leave it the way it was originally because they will open it to a larger screen and it will appear normal again?!  I'm not sure which I should be doing so that the person on the other end gets a normal appearing resume!  Thanks for your help!
2005 was a good year for me. While I realize many people suffered through Hurricane Katrina and many families lost loved ones in Iraq or Afghanistan, their losses have given me the ability to teach my son about life, its ups and downs, its joys and sorrows. I leave 2005 behind with memories of hugging and laughing with my loved ones and being thankful that we are all still here. I have a job, a son, a wonderful husband-to-be, a dog, and the rest of my family. Yes, I've lost loved ones this year and faced what I consider to be "hard times" though not as hard as what others have faced. But I still see the lesson to be learned; not to take anything, or anyone, for granted. To say what I want to say to my loved ones, and do what I want to do for them. I may not have another chance.

I only have the 2005 BOS and it says:

On page 146 that those are legit but it looks like q.4h is typed out in the book as q.4 h. (with a space in between the 4 and the h). 

There is a list of abbreviations that have been since classified as dangerous and q.d. was one of them and is now supposed to be typed as "daily."  You can do a search on that thread, I think, and it should come up. 

The BOS book says to find dangerous abbreviations in the list from "Institute for Safe Medication Practices."  I'll have to check that out...the only list I have access to is from a site I had to join through owning of a piece of software and i tried to post that link once and I couldn't due to password protection :( 

I think it's still $5.15 in FL until 2006...sm

it's going up to $6.15 in Florida this year I read......still not nearly enough in my opinion.....*tsk tsk*

But happy that the states may be taking it over....*S*

Reality and how it is in 2005 and my
being able to "deal" with that is not the problem. What others seem to have a problem with is that they believe they are stuck with that reality for the future. You should only be that lucky. The one thing that is sure for the future for MT is that it is not going to be is static. If you think it can't get worse, think again. It absolutely can. And if you think it can't get better, you are wrong there too.

I didn't say there was a "code of ethics" in any particular company. What I said was that the above-mentioned practice was unethical by higher codes of ethics such as what is right and what is wrong. I don't know of anyone who would argue that the majority of MT services are the epitome of ethical practices or even have ethical codes.

The fight I am referring to? For one, the fight against unethical practices by MT services. The MTs that would unite to fight that? Certainly not all of them, but you would be surprised how few it would take.

I think it is time for MTs to start organizing to form their own destiny, not be pathetic sheep following the heard that AAMT is trying to shepherd us into as they walk us off a cliff, or slaves to the whims of service owners who are used to being able to take advantage of us and get by with it.

The one thing I am sure of is that it isn't a fight I expect to lose.

Closing 09/01/2005
MeDiCaLeSe 2005. - nm

Mine is a 2005
so that's only a year newer than yours. Sorry, I don't know what to tell you to try! Maybe try some tech person. Maybe they would have some ideas
I like the 2005 version, old I know, (sm)
but I didn't like the fact that you couldn't get it on the toolbar and it did not seem as user friendly as 2005.
No kidding. I was going to buy a 2006. nm
MTme on 2006-05-02
I don't expect anybody to read anybody else's mind for me?  Unless maybe you know how to read minds??
2006 Saturn Ion
Will say it this way, seventies. Not 2006.
Class of 2006
Who said 0.00 because its just a high school graduation?  My middle son just graduated this year and we did give him a huge graduation party with a buffet, cake, ice cream, balloons, napkins imprinted with his name and "Class of 2006" on them, etc.  We did the party here in our home on a Sunday afternoon and invited family, close friends and a few teachers he had kept in touch with through the years.  Yes, it was his job to earn the diploma and such was expected of him; however, the party was our reward to him for a job well done.  He did receive lots of gifts -- some were money, some were things for college, etc.  The monetary gifts ranged from $5 to $200.  My son was just as grateful for the $5 gifts as he was for the $200 (grandparents).  He also received only cards from a few people who attended, and he was still grateful for their sharing his special day.  One of the gifts he was most excited about was a gift card to a bookstore.  He spent a couple of hours wandering around trying to decide what books he wanted to purchase.  Another gift he cherishes to this day is "A Book of Prayers for the Graduate."  Don't give more than you can afford.  If a card is the best one can do, then its enough because they're acknowledging an accomplishment and milestone in a young adult's life.
The 5th edition was put out in 2006. Definitely
Not able to see 2006 posts
How do I get to see posts from 2006?  The archives seem to show me 2004 and 2005.  Sorry if this is an obvious answer, but I am not seeing it. 
Sorry meant to say 2006.....- nm
$35K in 2006, PT. Last year sm
Argh! Probably about $28 to $30K. Took a job that kept running out of work. I have a full time job now and a PT IC. I think I will break $40K for 2008. I HOPE I do anyway.
Right, retired in 2006...sm
Due to medical problems, and I am certainly not up on the latest technology or who is getting what type of work. When I retired, V/R was just becoming widespread and I never was involved in it. I just loved the ESLs, but maybe they have gotten worse/more careless/truly don't GAS. My sister had one that I could hardly understand either.
CMT 1992-2006. sm
Don't worry about the test. Like Iowan said, just register and take it. I had to drop mine when I retired, but I enjoyed having it when I was working. :)
2005 Payroll Schedule

The payroll schedule for MedQuist states PayDate as 07/11/05 (Monday). 

td = 10/13/2005. in IT I just keeping adding them as td.
Thanks, it has been a rough 2005 for many reasons - sm
but Jen is doing well now. Her hair grew back quick (3 different colors currently, quite interesting), looks like a little elf now and everyone thinks she is so cute (those that don't think she is a boy, get that a lot now since her hair is so short). Almost 10 months cancer-free so far and things look very good for her. She looks so different and healthy now that she is done chemo. Her 6th birthday present will probably be being told her Port-A-Cath is coming out--Dr. appt. day before her birthday, due to come out a year or so after the initial surgery. But I am so thrilled that she was eligible for a wish. She got exactly what she wanted and it was a trip of a lifetime I don't think any of us will ever forget. I am very grateful to everyone who contributes to Make-A-Wish, it is really amazing what they do for sick kids and their families. I hope everyone here had a good 2006!
some info on spheris...from nov 2005...
If you go to the site, check out the picture of the India facility (how nice it is), and the 1500 employees to be hired there, if not already, as this was from Nov 2005.

What a company, huh? It is like it is there GOAL to take over all transcription, and ship it to India for cheap labor. They are the 'walmart' of MT...

Friday, 11/25/05
Spheris hopes boomers help it become tops in industry

Medical transcription company adding second office in India to help with expected work increase. By TODD PACK

Staff Writer

Taking note of the aging population's need for more health care and a marketplace that is wildly fragmented, Spheris Inc. is taking aim at becoming the country's largest medical transcription company.

With the oldest wave of baby boomers about to turn 60, the number of checkups, outpatient surgeries and hospital stays is going to rise steadily over the next few years, so there's likely to be more doctors' notes to transcribe, said Steve Simpson, president and chief executive of the privately held company.

Doctors often need their recorded notes written out in a matter of hours, even in the middle of the night, so last month the Franklin-based company said it would increase the size of its work force by about a third.

Of the 1,700 people it planned to hire, 700 would be based in a new office in the southern India city of Coimbatore. It already has offices in the larger city of Bangalore.

Simpson said recently that the decision to open a second facility in India was more about making it easier for Spheris to offer its services 24 hours a day and less about saving any money on salaries. When it's midnight in Williamson County, for example, it's 11:30 a.m. in Bangalore.

"The goal, really, is just to lead the market," Simpson said.

Spheris wouldn't disclose earnings, but Inc. magazine this month named Spheris the country's fastest-growing health-care IT company, listing its revenue as $152.7 million. Spheris was 16th on the magazine's overall list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies, with three-year growth of 2,710.8%.

Created two years ago when Total eMed, a Franklin-based provider of electronic medical transcription services, bought the larger EDiX, based in St. Petersburg, Fla., Spheris is the country's second-largest medical transcription company after Medquist Inc., a publicly traded company whose shares are held mostly by the Dutch electronics giant Philips.

MedQuist hasn't reported earnings in more than two years because of a probe into its billing practices. It reported 2002 revenue of $486 million.

"In the medical transcription industry, you could range (in size) from David to Goliath," but there aren't many companies approaching the size of MedQuist and Spheris, said Elaine Olson, executive director of the Medical Transcription Industry Association, based in Chicago.

Last year, Spheris bought one of its closest competitors, Avicis Inc., for an undisclosed sum, but executives said the company doesn't plan to grow by buying smaller rivals.

Rather, it intends to grow one client at a time.

"Clearly, the best opportunity for us to grow is to grow organically," said Jim Panoff, Spheris' executive vice president. "We're telling our story, which is a story of partnership, which is a story of balancing service and technology to create a solution."

Doctors dictate their medical notes by phone or computer. Spheris employees download a recording of the notes from a secure Web site and transcribe the notes, which can then be printed out or added to a patient's electronic medical record.

Simpson said there's no shortage of potential customers. He estimates that companies such as Spheris provide only about 48% of all medical transcriptions, while most are still done in-house by someone on the payroll of a doctors' office, surgery center or hospital.

"I think the decision to outsource is the easiest part, because that's usually being driven by pure economics," Panoff said. "It comes down to (health-care providers asking themselves), 'Do we have the ability internally to continue to provide this service? The dollars we're spending, are they going up or going down?' "

When competing for a big hospital's business, there are usually only a handful of companies large enough to handle the account, but because so many different departments have a say in the final decision, it can take months to win a contract and weeks longer to close the deal, Panoff said.

With sales expected to keep growing, Simpson is considering taking Spheris public in a year or two.

"The focus really isn't going public," he said. "I just see that as a vehicle to really help offset some of the debt the company has incurred in its acquisition and recapitalization and give it currency for growth if acquisitions were to come up on the technology side or even the work force side."

In November 2004, two private equity investors, Warburg Pincus and Soros Private Equity, acquired ownership of the company from Parthenon Capital. Simpson and other Spheris executives also invested in the recapitalized company.

Simpson said, "There's plenty of opportunity for a company that can meet the customers' expectations and continue to improve service and turn-around time and quality."
Since you mentioned Ford, I have a 2005
and so far, I love it! I really can't think of too much that I don't like about it, other than wishing I had gotten a few options that I didn't think I would need until after the fact. We actually went to the dealership looking for an Escape, but it was just too small for us. My 12-yo could barely fit in the back seat, so I knew he'd grow out of it too quickly, and we do drive some long distances in our vehicles so comfort is of the utmost importance.

It runs well and seats 5 comfortably and also has another back seat that seats 3 more, though we haven't used that much except for adults, only for kids (one 12-yo) and they are comfy back there -- there are actually wells that go under the front seats to provide additional foot room and never had any complaints so far. It's my first 4x4 and I'm loving that in the snow. I also like that it maneuvers very well in parking lots. It has a real tight steering range and I can get out of just about any parking space even if it's crowded.

I have known a lot of people how had problem with Fords, but we decided to go for it because we got it when they were offering employee pricing plus a $4,000 rebate. Just couldn't beat the price! I think Ford fixed a few of the bugs from the earlier models with the 2005 and up, namely the addition of the stability control, which provides better stability and traction to prevent rollovers.

I've owned a lot of GM vehicles before this and I had trouble with every single one. I had a Dodge Caravan prior to my Explorer and I loved it. Never had a problem with it and had it for 5-1/2 years. If Dodge had been offering the pricing discounts, we probably would've opted for a Durango, but I have to say that I am extremely happy so far with my Explorer, though I have only had it for about 9 months now.
I have a 2005 Dodge Durango...nm
2005 Toyota Camry

Love it!

2005 Nissan Altima. NM
I have the 2005 version of QLED (sm)
and can copy and paste from QLED (Quick Look Drug Reference) into Word. Alt tab switches me from that program back to Word. Is this the same program you are speaking of? I don't bother to update my references too often as I find the internet the most useful tool, but sometimes there are programs that do some things I can't get the internet to do for me. In QLED I can search using a wildcard feature. This tool has saved me from leaving a blank a few times. Anyway, I just wanted to say that QLED does have the copy/paste option and I can switch from Word to QLED by using the alt tab. If this is the same program you are referring to, maybe something is wrong with your program? Ingore me if you're referring to another program! lol
I have Microsoft Windows XP 2005
Several posts back in 2005....
There are posts back in 2005 saying the same thing, no pay, unorganized,etc., even that they were taken to court and won but IC still didn't get paid. How do they stay in business if this is an ongoing thing??!!
Happy New Year 2006 to you! ...nm
NEWS = DISINFORMATION 2006!!! very sad...nm
Anyone else really disappointed with the 2006 QLDB?

This latest version seems like a beta version.  Could it be more time consuming with all the clicking, scrolling, and tabs required to click on?  Even the new search feature stinks as it does not bring what you typed in to the top, it just leaves it on the bottom and you must scroll to bring it up.  This one is definitely NOT built for production.  Has anyone figured out how to import things from previous versions of their drug book into this one?  I cannot figure it out with this version and my e-mails to them for help have gone unanswered thus far.

Is it faster than paging through a book?  Yes.  Is it up to the standards of their previous QLDBs?  Not in my opinion and I have been very happy with the electronic version since 1999. 

2006 Honda Civic
I'm seeing posts on different boards from 2006. Need
Take a screen shot of this: $150 in 2006

I am making in 2005 what I earned in 1995

Like you and so many others, I have watched my wages as both an IC and an employee go down, down, down.  I worked for a company owned by an MT.  She paid very good wages but sold the company to an Indian company, who got rid of all the Americans except for a few who would accept very low pay.  It's funny...clients want 100% accuracy but they don't want to pay for it.  They agree that they can't just randomly pluck people off the street to do MT, that they have to hire experienced or trained people.  But they don't want to pay us for our experience or our training.  I am doing my last MT job. I have my bachelor degree almost completed and I'm outta here.  The lack of respect for MTs, from employers, other MTs, from offshore companies, from clients, from AAMT, is so disheartening.

Anybody started their 2005 taxes yet? How many W-2s or 1099s
will you be getting?  Seven for me.  I hope they're all here within a reasonable amount of time.  My taxes are going to be difficult to do this year as we have a lot of itemized deductions we can take.