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Posted By: Misha on 2006-02-16
In Reply to: Ya know... - NCMT

QLDB is a wonderful book.  You need to get some Post-It tabs to mark the different sections.  I often used the section that listed the symptom and then listed the drugs for that problem.  I had a tab for the migraine section, antidepressant section, etc.  If memory serves (I do radiology now), there is no section for just antibiotics.  Instead it would list some under, say, pneumonia and others under whatever bacterial problem they were supposed to treat.  So I put a tab on each of those sections in case I just needed to figure out an antibiotic name but didn't know what it was for.  I think there was a section for drug-type abbreviations, one for units of measure, all sorts of stuff. 

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I'm sticking with QLDB then. Thanks.
I have QLDB 2007

there is not much difference between that and 2006.  the big difference between 05 and 06 was the search function.  06 would not let you search starting with an asterisk for a wildcard.  07 is the same.  but i just tried searching for part of a word without a wildcard and it brought up words that had that part in the middle.  so it seems you do not need the asterisk at the beginning of a search.

to be honest, i rarely use my electronic references.  i mostly use the net and sometimes will double check a finding with an electronic ref. 

i update my references on CD for the tax credit.  and as a backup.

Me, too. I get both QLDB & Saunders new
I vote for QLDB..nm
Anyone here using QLDB 2008? (sm)

Can you do wildcard searches for drugs if you don't know the first letter?  For example, can you use *s*ax to search for "Fosamax"?  I have QLDB 2005 and I have not upgraded because someone said you can no longer do wildcard searches without the first letter (which you can do in the 2005 version). If this is so, I won't upgrade because this is a feature I really need sometimes.  I wonder if there are any other electronic drug references besides QLDB. 


i use QLDB 2007 - sm

I just tried using a wildcard search starting with *...and it would not let me.  It will only let me start with a letter, then add the wildcards.  Hope that helps!



I like using the books and just get the QLDB and the Saunders every Feb. when they come out. nm
Anyone else really disappointed with the 2006 QLDB?

This latest version seems like a beta version.  Could it be more time consuming with all the clicking, scrolling, and tabs required to click on?  Even the new search feature stinks as it does not bring what you typed in to the top, it just leaves it on the bottom and you must scroll to bring it up.  This one is definitely NOT built for production.  Has anyone figured out how to import things from previous versions of their drug book into this one?  I cannot figure it out with this version and my e-mails to them for help have gone unanswered thus far.

Is it faster than paging through a book?  Yes.  Is it up to the standards of their previous QLDBs?  Not in my opinion and I have been very happy with the electronic version since 1999. 

QLDB 2004 & Spellchecker are taken (sm)
but I have lots of electronic drug refs, Stedman's electronic dictionary, etc., free to anyone who wants them. I'll send them media mail, glad that someone can use them, since I'm participating in the Stedman's boycott (over their new software reg policy).
It won't minimize so you can see Word in one and QLDB in another, and won't cut and paste. SM

There's nothing "wrong" with my CD, it's just that this edition (2007) doesn't have some of the functions of earlier versions.  It's not something you would find out unless you bought it and installed it.  If you don't care about those functions, go ahead and spend your money.  But for just the wild card or fuzzy search function there are other places on the web, that do not charge, and where you can minimize and cut and paste. 

This was discussed on a couple of other MT boards, with the same conclusion and disappointment as above. 

You decide. 


I bought the QLDB 2007 CD a couple of weeks ago...sm..
It seems fine.  It's the first electronic version I've ever had so I don't have anything to compare it to.  It was highly recommended over the Drake & Drake electronic version so I went with it. 
OOPS! I meant QLDB 2007 (please read above)
I agree, don't like the QLDB but I do like Saunders Pharmaceutical Word Book
That is one book I purchase yearly.

Sted's Ortho & Rehab Words and QLDB for the drugs by