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Anyone work 7 days a week with shorter work

Posted By: days? See message. on 2008-02-25
In Reply to:

I have arthritis in a couple of places, and I'm having a lot of trouble making it rhrough 8-hour days, even with split shifts, and I end up working most weekends anyway to make up for my decreasing production durng the longer days. I'm wondering if I should just commit to seven 5-1/2 hours days and be done with it.

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I prefer working a shorter shift 6 to 7 days a week. SM
I work hard when I work to put out a lot of lines per hour, which is very tiring. Also, my company has a work flow/volume problem, and this allows me to schedule my hours for those times when work is most likely to be available.

Regarding having a life, in a 24-hour day, subtracting say 8 hours for sleep leaves 16 hours, and subtracting 6 hours for work leaves 10 hours every day for "life," a luxuriance of time if you don't have young children or other heavy responsibilities filling them with other work.

The trick (sometimes it is a trick!) is be firm with yourself, and others, and get the work out of the way briskly and on schedule, such as those early-morning or evening and split schedules, and not drag it out through the entire day, sandwiched in between TV shows, phone chats, family duties, and so on.
I work 7 days a week because I work 3 jobs.
Workaholic here who would seek counseling if I had the time. hahaha
I work 6 days a week- only 1 of these has - sm
weekend work and that is by choice - so I could have the weekend off too. Generally though I work Sunday; Saturday is the day we do things together; and Sunday mornings we usually go out and do something. So I have most of the weekend free to recharge and have fun.
I work 6 days a week....

I posted this before, but it got deleted somehow, so I'm sorry if this shows up twice. I work 6 days a week for about 4 hours a day. Sometimes it is 5 hours a day if the dictators are bad. I have found that since I have switched to this schedule, I am more productive since I am not so worn out, and I produce more per hour than I did when I was working an 8-hour day. But I must have at least 1 day off. I couldn't imagine working EVERY SINGLE DAY. Good luck!

How many days a week does your manager work? sm
Do you hear from them 7 days a week, 6 days a week, 5 days or what? 
I work 7 days a week -- see message
I work 7 days a week. I work 30 hours Monday through Friday and 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday. I start at 3 a.m. through the week. Weekends are my time to sleep in -- LOL. I don't start until 5 a.m. My production is way up. I just can't do 8 hour days. I felt like I spent my 2 days off running errands and cleaning.

I have 2 kids who are school age. When I finish my shift, I go back to bed for a couple hours, get up, shower, and eat lunch. Three days a week I go to the gym for an hour and get home just in time for them to start getting home from school. The other days I use to clean house and run errands. It just seems I get more accomplished and have more time to do the things I enjoy with this schedule.

On the weekends, by the time I finish up everyone is just beginning to get up, so I don't feel like I miss out on any weekend time with my family.
I work 6 days a week every other week

Due to my company's payroll (it runs Sun-Sat), I'm able to work a rotating schedule with every other weekend off. Week 1 I work Sunday through Thursday with Fri, Sat, Sun off.  Week 2 I work Monday through Friday with Saturday only off.  Then I'm back to week 1 and get that following weekend off.

I've found that I'm more productive with shorter shifts and I have kids in school anyway, so I work a lot of split shifts during the week.  If possible, you might want to consider cutting back your hours to 30 hours and just work five 6-hour days in split shifts, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. 

And then consider when you work 9 hours a day 7 days a week...that adds up to way TOO much!

I have work...16 hours' worth every day, 6 days a week no less. nm
You mean they work OUR holidays. They just had a big one that lasted 5 days and WE had work for a w

You think Indians don't get sick?  They have to be constantly sick in that disgusting place. 

30 hours divided by four days equals seven-hour days. Most of us have to work pretty much every day
You can "make a living" if you work 16-hr days, 7 days
and if you rarely buy anything but food and the barest essentials in clothing. My balancing act is so precarious that all it'll take is one of life's little disasters (rent increase, sick pet, major car repair) to pull the rug out from under me. Not a good feeling at all.
Working 6/hour days, 5 days/week I make
$42,000.00, but the work is there to make more if I want to.  I'm in the southeast. 
I can see days when work is there..sm
I can understand a company saying "this is when we get the work." Especially if clinic. Docs see patients on Monday, dictate, and work is there to do on Tuesday. That could certainly be possible in a certain scenario. However, as an IC, you should have a TAT and be able to work whatever hours you want within that TAT. You shouldn't HAVE to go to employee status to get the hours you want. I don't think you asked any questions that were out of line. Sounds like it's not the right fit for you. There are plenty of jobs out there for someone with your experience so don't settle if you feel uncomfortable!
Let's do all our work for the month in 4 days. (sm)

Anyone else out there with this problem.  Just when you think the work is flowing fine, all of a sudden it's slow, no work, the doctors are on vacation.  Then they come back and whammo!  Your plans are shattered to continuously sit at the desk for 4 days straight.

I'm ready to quit and make hair bows for a living.

 Rah, rah for hair bows.  No stress and if I work this hard, I could probably make more money.

MQ has no work. Hasn't had for many days. What are you being

There are requirements for insurance if you are FT

There are requirements for certain equipment if SE

I can't seem to get anything in writing from them, the rules are fluid.

What are you all being told?

Tuesday off -- work other 6 days /nm
If MTs want to work 10+ hour days
...more power to them.  Not me - I'm gettin' tired of this.  They're lucky if they get 6 hours out of me.  I worked 10+ hours a day and weekends when I first started.  Now, I could care less.  I may not perform 1200+ lines a day, but I have excellent QA. 
I personally do not want to work on my days off..
and work more than 40 hours/week you are due

compensation.  If your company requires you to work 7 days a week I'd find a new job.  They may ASK you to work extra as workload dictates but by no means should you be required too.  Many companies require 1 weekend/month or every other weekend, but there are off days during the week, unless you WANT to work.

If you are an IC you work what you commit to.  If a company can get you to work as an IC by holding over your head you dictate the hours you work, versus working a set schedule, why not.   With having to compete with companies offshoring they have to cut expenses where they can and cutting benefits, etc. is where they do it.  I don't like it, but in order to stay in business they have to, but they also can't require you to work 7 days/week either.  




Within a week or two, you will have more work than you can handle


I don't work for MQ. I got out of there after one week because I didn't like them.

I rarely whine, unless I'm PMSing.  (Which I'm not.)  I just think you're being rather harsh.  I ignore the MQ posts because it doesn't pertain to me.  I can do that.  I can rise above it.  Yes, I do think this board has been swallowed up with negativity lately.  And I'm tired of it, too.  There are very few positive posts, so those posts are the ones I focus on.

You can't sweepingly brush everyone into one pot.  You can't call everyone whiners and losers without getting some backlash.  For that matter, take your proactive messages to a blog.  I'm really tired of your attitude.  Life is not cut and dry or black and white.  It's not all or nothing.  Most people can't just quit a job, move to another town, or just walk away from a situation.  It's more complicated than that.  That's where you're being judgmental.

Nope, cause I only work 32 hrs a week.
adding 5 a week would not work well IMO

I currently have over 1500 entries in my mail abbreviation program file.  If I had built this by adding 5 entries a week, it would have taken 300 weeks, or almost 6 years to build my main file.  I have an additional 6 other files with varying numbers of entries built specifically for different purposes - one for medications - one to correct misspelled words in my current MTSO's spellcheck - and one for each of the different accounts I work (mostly entire op notes and templates).

I believe the one on ShortHand's site is a good start.  Once you get familiar (or even while you get familiar) with it's pattern, you can add your own.  I constantly add to my main file.  Sometimes when I come across something I haven't seen in a while and don't know for sure it is in the file, I follow the pattern, and voile'...there it is and I don't have to guess at the spelling or look it up.   

In addition, if you activate the prompt screen of available entries on your screen, you do not necessarily have to memorize all the entries.  You get to chose from a selection of 9 entries to help jog your memory if needed.  I am a firm believer in the use of expansion software, even though the first one made me dizzy for 2 weeks

Manager work week
I am a transcription manager for a 3 hospital system.  I work in house Mon-Fri 8 to 4:30.   I am on call Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues evening.  My coordinator takes call on Mon/Tues/Wed evenings.  We both have access from home to the backlog and all other applications and keep in close contact from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 at night with staff working from both home and in house.  I also cover a couple of the holidays either in house or from home during the year.  If I had no in house coverage I would be responsible for coming in house to work at any given time. I think it is important the manager/supervisor stay in contact.
I work evenings throughout the week
so I have no plans on adding weekends to my schedule. Times are tough but I would never see my family. I am starting to pick up some overtime on the weekends here and there if my schedule is open but I'm afraid to commit to anything more and lose my weekends altogether. I hear having weekends off are less and less common.
I work 40 hours a week and more
if there is work and I don't slack off and barely take a break. I do acute care and seldom leave a blank. According to my Expander stats, I am saving myself 23 hours of work and do 22% of the total in expanders. My pay has actually gone down especially this year and I am using more Expanders every day. That's my story.
Week Day Time Work Only

Has anyone heard of MT work that can be done during the daytime hours only.  I am currently being hassled/bullied into working nights, my sole reason for leaving a hospital job and working from home for a national company.  I may just have to send out 1,000 resumes to see if any local doctors/MTSO need such a position, but I am really beginning to doubt.  What about you?  Do you all work nights, weekends?  TIA.

Little to no work for the past week.
Where have all the dictators gone? I have been idle for the past week without work and QAs say that doctors are on vacation. Does this make any sense?

Pls help!
Computer crashed, cannot work for two days.
How do you prepare for something like this???  I wonder if the big "S" has compensation for this type of thing.  Hard drive needed replaced.  Egads.  And I cannot work off my schedule as I would be, you know, cheating.   This is a major financial hit.
scheduled days, I work 'em.....nm
1. He works nights. 2. I work days
Ah, but the weekends. . . ..
Give her the same amount of work on the days
near the end of the pay period that she seems to be doing the rest of the days. I worked for a friend's niece, and if she did not think you were going to get the work done, she would yank it from you even if you were frantically trying to get it done.  She has a TAT to meet, and good accounts are hard to come by. 
No. I work four 10-hour days. I'm really fast, really
occasions, about every other month, I might do 8-10 hours overtime.

I work on my days off, but mainly because I haven't gotten 40 hours in for the
week and if I feel like working I am able to do so. Not working extra or anything, just have not gotten in a full week.
I went back to work when babies were 9 days old
And yes, you can transcribe with TWO babies on your lap. It's a royal pain getting spit-up out of the keyboard though!

And before anybody starts a flame war on me, the boys are 10 years old now and now I get to work while they're asleep.... ;)
I currently work 70 hours a week and three jobs...
so it is physically possible to work that many hours. I am going down to 50 hours a week in two weeks, but you do what you have to do.
Ad for new hires 2 weeks ago, no work last week or this :(

No work for basically 2 weeks on either my main account or backup.  Can't help but wonder how many new hires have plenty.  I've been sitting here with absolutely nothin' for nearly 10 days and even tried on the weekend.  I love the account, but a girl's gotta eat!

Anybody else, or just my accounts?

No one could pay me a big enough salary to work 80 hours per week

Hired to work 40 hour week, 9-5 and then...
Then your computer goes down or you have a doctor's appt or a responsibility taking you away from the keyboard. The other two MTs on your acct have to work like crazy to keep up with a 3 MT work load and they do so like champs. Then, back you come and grab work off your schedule. This means the two MTs who covered you while you were off are not going to be compensated for working strenuously but instead, end up sharing their shifts work with you.

This is soooo frustrating.
Anyone else having an unusually slow work week? (nm)
Disagree. I work 48 hours a week for $65K.
If you can't make a living, it probably isn't the job for you.

Not everyone can do this work successfully.

Of cours. I only work 48 hours a week. ?
I work 5 days a week. Have plenty of time in the evenings and all weekend with my family, my friends and to go out of town, etc.

What kind of quesiton is that?! LOL

I'm no Olympiad but I do workout. Do YOU? LOL

Trendy. Had one for a week but didn't work out.
Maybe I could have given it more time, but I was not happy with it.
Any companies out there that allow you to work 5-10 hours a week?

I posted this on the company board, but didn't get any responses, so I'm hoping there will be some help here.  work full time outside the home and I am looking for something for just 5-8 hours a week to supplement my income.  I worked for MQ for 6 years, but certain things led me to quit.  Is there a good company out there where I can work 5-8 hours?  Back at the Q I think now you have to commit to 24 hours and I just can't swing that.  Is there such an option out there anywhere?  Any input would be very much appreciated.



I beg to differ. I work 35-40 hours a week
FT and have an IC job I work maybe 3 evenings a week for 3-4 hours. I easily make over 50K a year. There are good jobs out there that pay wages one can live on.
Bare amount of work for two days. They say the server is down.
Thank goodness I have a PT job or I'd be a mental case. This is not a good time to not be making an income, when the economy is in such a vulnerable state. I have just disconnected my second telephone line. Now, am going to buy a cord of wood to keep warm this winter as I doubt I'll be able to heat the house with natural gas from what they are describing the bills to be like ($800-$1000 per month).
DId NOT work. Had to pound the keys -- took it back in 2 days. nm
How? By working 12-hr days 7 days/week?
I work for a small MTSO about 25-30 hours a week
There were in-house parties, donuts, 40 work week.