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Aquarious here ::twitching::

Posted By: 2/02/ummm on 2006-01-17
In Reply to: So no one here is an Aquarius. MT not a suitable job or Aquarius can't be bothered? - Anybody represent for AcQuarius?


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Numbness, twitching, pain......sm
I have been at this for 30+ years and have just about had it, my poor body, I am ashamed to tell you all the aches and pains I have. In fact, I have been considering trying to file for my disability. Has anybody ever done this and gotten it due to falling apart after many years of transcribing?
I just noticed my right thumb twitching. I tell ya I'm falling apart! Last week my rear end and

left leg were going numb and now my thumb is twitching.  Ya know how you have your thumb poised above the space bar, well whenever I pause my typing my thumb twitches slightly and softly taps the space bar.  I keep rubbing my hand hoping it will stop.  Anybody else have this problem?

Maybe I'm getting to old to be an MT anymore.  Been doing this for almost 14 years and never so much as had a headache.  Now within the last year, I have head, neck and shoulder problems with muscle spasms and tightness, my rear end problems, and now this!  Frustrating to say the least!